Tempered Immortal Chapter 4: Exorcism



The ice knife cut on his body, the pain was incomparable, and the cold sweat on Lin Xuan’s head was quickly frozen. Enduring the unbearable pain of ordinary people, Lin Xuan practiced hard.


There are dots of light flying in the sky, these are the spiritual energy, but usually, the cultivator can’t see it, only when the spiritual energy is pure to a certain level, can you feel it.


What Lin Xuan has to do is to inhale these light spots of spiritual energy into his body. With such pure spiritual energy, it is easier to refine them into mana.


Since it is visible, it is not difficult to absorb, but the premise is that you must endure the pain of the ice knife.


One after another, the light spots of spiritual energy were inhaled into the body. According to the master’s method, Lin Xuan put them all into his dantian, and then gathered them into a spiritual energy group.


The next thing to do is refining. I saw that the aura was constantly spinning in the dantian, shrinking in size, but the color was getting thicker.


In the end, it finally turned into a spiritual force and radiated into the dantian.


And Lin Xuan’s patience has reached the limit, and he hastily ran out of the illusion.


Falling to the ground, Lin Xuan gasped for breath, not even wanting to move a finger.



This process went on and on, and lasted for several hours. It was only after dark that Lin Xuan walked towards the exit of Lianxinlu.


“Have you heard that the disciple who has no spiritual roots has gone to practice the spiritual path.”


“Well, it is said that Uncle Ma saw it with his own eyes.”


“Hmph, what about perseverance? Ordinary people are destined to fail in the Immortal Dao, and trash is always trash!”



On the way back, Lin Xuan overheard a discussion about him by chance. Even though he also found him, those disciples didn’t care at all, and continued to use a sarcastic tone.


Lin Xuan frowned, but he would not be angry, because it would not help. There is only one way to gain respect from others in the world of self-cultivation, and that is strength. Then continue to practice.


Returning to the residence, Lin Xuan opened the drawer and took out the paper full of cultivation methods.


Expulsion, a spell that uses spiritual power to drive objects through the air, is the most basic, but also one of the most important spells in the world of self-cultivation. Too far, but you can practice this spell.


Use True Essence, concentrate spiritual thoughts, attach consciousness to objects, and make them move.


All afternoon, Lin Xuan practiced over and over again. He had tried it before, but he failed. After practicing for so many days, his spiritual power has also increased, so he has a new attempt.


A few hours passed in the blink of an eye, and he kept staring at the cup in front of him with sore eyes and dizziness. Lin Xuan took a short rest before continuing…


The hard work pays off. Suddenly, the cup moved.


Although it was very slight, it did move. Lin Xuan didn’t stop. He used his spiritual power and continued to practice exorcism. He didn’t go to the chuang to rest until very late.


The next day, Lin Xuan came to Lianxin Road again.


It was foggy and full of ghosts. This time, the hallucination was an underworld. Countless ghosts like Lin Xuan rushed over, but the young man turned a blind eye.


During this period of hard training, not only did his strength increase, but Lin Xuan’s mind became more tenacious and mature, and his stamina also increased significantly. At first, Lin Xuan could only stay in the terrifying illusion for a few minutes. Now, although he went deeper and deeper, and the hallucinations he endured were even more terrifying, he was able to persist for an hour.


Ghosts, and all kinds of terrifying scenes appeared in his mind, and all kinds of devastating negative influences came. Lin Xuan gritted his teeth and endured the pain, trying to absorb spiritual energy to cultivate.



Leaving the sphere of influence of the illusion, Lin Xuan sat cross-legged on the ground, refining the absorbed spiritual energy, and then doing the Zhou Tian cycle.


Through the circulation of the meridians, and finally returning to the dantian, Lin Xuan did it nine times in total. The spiritual power flows in the meridians. Although it can make it grow slowly, it is also a great burden on the body. Generally, disciples only do it three times~IndoMTL. com~ Lin Xuan set himself to do it nine times.


This is close to the limit of the human body. The first three times are fine. After the fourth and fifth times, the meridians are sore and swollen. After the seventh and eight times, it hurts like a knife. It was a pain like purgatory. Lin Xuan’s forehead was covered with beads of sweat, and his body even trembled involuntarily, but he still persisted tenaciously. After a few hours, he finally achieved his goal.


After completing the Great Zhoutian practice, Lin Xuan re-entered the illusion.


In this way, Lin Xuan practiced hard in the process of refining his mind, and he was able to endure the pain that usually a cultivator in the foundation-building stage could endure with tenacious perseverance.


Lin Xuan sat cross-legged on the ground, like an old monk entering meditation. At this time, in his dantian, there was a light blue ball that was constantly twisting and changing. It was formed by the gathering of spiritual power.


A trace of spiritual power is still being injected into the sphere. After a month of training in the spiritual path, Lin Xuan feels that his cultivation has increased a lot, once again like the second in the agility period. layer strikes.


For cultivators, every time their realm rises, their spiritual power will change. Lin Xuan is now at the most critical stage.


Just a little bit!


His consciousness expanded to the entire dantian, trying to search for the remaining spiritual power and injecting them into the ball. Lin Xuan felt like a drained sponge, but he still had to squeeze out a little water.


I’m stabbed…


The spiritual power ball changed again. Lightning bolts appeared on the surface, spiritual energy began to overflow, and the ball was about to collapse.


Lin Xuan did not give up, and tried his best to maintain it, but he had reached the limit, bang, with a soft sound, the blue ball burst, and the gathered spiritual power disintegrated and turned into hair-sized spiritual power, which was evenly distributed in Dantian.



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