Tempered Immortal Chapter 37: Character?


Originally, Lin Xuan planned to go back to the inn for dinner, but he was caught by a stall on the road and stopped. In fact, it wasn’t just him. There were many people in front of the stall.

What kind of treasure can attract so many cultivators? With curiosity, Lin Xuan walked over.

The stall owner is a naive young man, about twenty-three or four years old, surrounded by so many people, obviously a little nervous, his face flushed red, and there are all kinds of talismans on the stall.

A talisman means that the cultivator seals the spell in a specific talisman paper, so that when facing the enemy, it does not need to consume spiritual power, and it can be cast instantly, the benefits are obvious.

For high-level cultivators, talismans are nothing, but for low-level monks, they are very valuable and useful things, especially against enemies, an extra talisman can sometimes lead to victory The balance is tilted.

But correspondingly, the production of talismans is very complicated, not only requires specific talisman paper, but also consumes a lot of spiritual power, and the success rate is not high. It is a rare and precious thing.

Lin Xuan wandered the market for two hours, but he didn’t see any talismans for sale. He didn’t expect that there were so many in this stall. After a rough count, there were nearly a hundred of them.

No wonder it attracts so many cultivators.

Lin Xuan squeezed to the front, but after seeing the talisman displayed clearly, he was greatly disappointed. The talisman sealed with high-level spells never thought that it could be bought here. Not even one.

The talismans sold are all sealed low-level spells, and even among the low-level spells, they are the lowest-level and most introductory ones, such as Ice Bomb, Fire, Quicksand, Rolling Stone, Thorns There are many kinds of spells, etc., but these spells are low-level monks on the first floor of the agility period, and they can be easily displayed. What’s the use of buying them?

So don’t look at the crowd, but none of the monks were willing to buy it. After a long time, a voice finally said in a mocking tone: “Stall owner, how do you sell these talismans?”

The young man’s face turned even redder and his head lowered. His expression made everyone else anxious: “One low-grade washing pill, two pills.”

“Hmph, this kind of low-level spell can be easily cast, and it’s still so expensive, I’m going crazy thinking about medicine pills.”

The crowd also ridiculed and dispersed. The young man’s face turned even redder, he sighed, and began to clean up the stall. He had been here for two days, but he still hadn’t bought a single talisman.

It’s not that low-level talismans are really useless. In fact, it’s a good self-defense choice for cultivators with low mana. There are two reasons why it’s hard to sell.

First of all, the monks in the Foundation Establishment period will definitely not buy it, because they don’t like this low-level spell at all, and naturally they don’t want to spend spar or medicine pill for nothing. Second, if it is a low-level agility period Cultivators, although they can use the spells in the talisman, they consume spiritual power after all, and the speed is slow. Of course, they want a useful talisman, but the problem is that they are poor and have more than enough energy. Can not eat grapes said grapes are sour.

In other words, this kind of low-level talisman is not wanted by the high-level monks in the foundation-building stage, and can’t afford it in the agile stage, or they feel that it is not worthwhile, so they fall into an embarrassing situation where they are not thankful.

This simple and honest young man is actually a low-level disciple of Daofu Mountain. From the name of the sect, it can be heard that the monks of this sect are good at making talismans.

These talismans are all made by him, but they are limited to low cultivation and can only seal some low-level spells.

The young man actually wants to sell the talisman cheaper, so he can get it quickly, but the problem is that making talismans is not an easy job, not to mention that it needs to consume specific talisman paper, as well as precious blood such as monster blood. material, and the success rate is not high.

These nearly 100 talismans have already cost him all of his net worth. Two talismans and one pill are really not expensive, at the cost price.

But the problem is that this kind of low-level talisman is tasteless and not easy to sell.

The young man came earlier than Lin Xuan. He set up a stall for three days, and there were countless cultivators watching, but none of them were sold.

I was disheartened, and it was time for lunch again, so I closed the stall.

During the whole process, Lin Xuan didn’t say a word, but he had other plans in his heart. He wanted to buy these talismans for no other reason. Although low-level spells were rubbish, as long as there were enough numbers, they would have the same effect. Great power.

For example, if these nearly 100 low-level talismans are used at the same time, even a master in the early stage of foundation building will be in a hurry, and even if they can’t hurt the enemy ~IndoMTL.com~, they can buy enough time for themselves to escape.

Of course, in the cultivation world, apart from Lin Xuan, no one has such luxury. With the ability to purify, Lin Xuan will not be short of medicinal pills if he lacks anything. One or two pills is a very simple matter for him. .

However, Lin Xuan didn’t buy it right away, because taking out fifty pills at a time was too attractive, so Lin Xuan wouldn’t do such a stupid thing that might lead to disaster.

It’s also a little bit secretive if you want to buy.

With such a plan in mind, although Lin Xuan dispersed with the other cultivators, he did not go far, but wandered carelessly in the vicinity. Of course, his mind was all on the stall that made the talismans. .

It didn’t take long for the simple and honest young man to pack his bags in a disheartened manner and prepare to leave the square. Lin Xuan followed behind him calmly.

After leaving the market, there were fewer cultivators around. Lin Xuan saw that no one was paying attention. He quietly hid behind a big tree, and then took a look in his arms. Take out an object from the object bracelet.

This is a thin film-like thing with human facial features painted on it, which is lifelike. This is not a treasure in the world of self-cultivation, but a commonly used thing in the secular martial arts – a mask of disguise.

As the name implies, after wearing it, you can change the appearance of a person, so as to achieve the purpose of confidentiality. Although there are more advanced methods in the world of self-cultivation, some exercises have the effect of changing shape, but helpless With Lin Xuan’s current cultivation level, there is simply no way to learn, so he had to settle for the next best thing.

This mask was purchased by Lin Xuan in the world on his way to Lingyun Sect. This is his first time to go out and participate in the gathering of cultivators. Of course, he must be fully prepared. Facts have also proved that Lin Xuan’s mind is really not. Bai Hua, this disguise mask is about to come in handy.


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