Tempered Immortal Chapter 20: Abandoned pill house



“No, this is your token, take it.”


A low-level cultivator of about forty years old threw a waist card into Lin Xuan’s hand with an indifferent expression. He squinted at the boy who looked a little stunned. There is no oil and water in the position, this young man must have been deceived by Feng Steward.


Lin Xuan pretended not to see the contempt in his eyes. Now that he has a big secret, of course he has to keep a low profile. It’s best to pretend to be stupid.


“Thank you, brother.”


Lin Xuan looked at the waist card in his hand. It was half the size of a palm. It was neither gold nor wood. The three words “Waste Pill Room” were engraved on the front, and “Management” was engraved on the reverse.


This is the token that represents your identity. With it, you can break the restrictions on the first floor of Danxia Mountain, travel unimpeded, and freely enter and exit the abandoned pill room.


Danxia Mountain is an important place for this sect and is divided into three layers.


The second floor contains dozens of alchemy rooms that have introduced the fire of the earth veins, and the third floor stores various finished medicinal pills and medicinal materials, which are all very important. Extremely difficult to enter.


The first floor includes the waste pill room, the reception room, and various chores. There are fewer restrictions. With this waist card, Lin Xuan, as a low-level steward on the periphery of Danxia Mountain, can The first floor is unimpeded.


Holding the waist card, Lin Xuan was happy in his heart, but his face was still blank, like the low-level cultivator saying goodbye.


When he walked out of the room and came to a place where no one was there, Lin Xuan held the waist card in his hand, and the rookie aura that he didn’t understand immediately disappeared without a trace. A mocking smile.


The position of the manager of the Abandoned Pill Room has finally arrived. At the cost of only one spar fragment, he has achieved his goal, which guarantees the future Pill source, and will not arouse everyone’s suspicion at all. Kill two birds with one stone.


After being silent for a while, Lin Xuan took out a jade tube slip from his arms and poured his divine sense into it. It was not a cultivation technique, but a map of the first floor of Danxia Mountain, as well as some precautions, what? Where you can go, no place is allowed to enter.


After browsing for a while, Lin Xuan found the seat of the waste pill storage room from inside, and then walked over with great strides.


“In the eyes of other cultivators, this waste pill is really rubbish. There are more or less restrictions on the way to other places. Only this waste pill storage room has nothing.” Lin Xuan As I walked, I muttered to myself in my heart, but the more like this, the better it would be for me, the waste pill was not taken seriously, and it was more convenient for me to act.


After walking for about a quarter of an hour, Lin Xuan finally came to the waste pill storage room. This is a small courtyard-type building. The largest one is the warehouse, and the others are where the stewards and the boys live.


It is relatively simple, but the area is still spacious. Lin Xuan looked at it, nodded with satisfaction, and then walked directly into the courtyard.


In the yard, several fifteen- and sixteen-year-old boys were basking in the sun boredly. Obviously, no one had come here for a long time, so they were surprised when they saw Lin Xuan, but they could see what Lin Xuan was wearing. After wearing the costumes representing the cultivators of this sect, he immediately showed a respectful expression, ran over, and gave a salute, a boy who looked older and seemed to be the leader respectfully said: “Xianshi, what are you doing here? ?”


“What’s your name?”


“The youngest is called Zhao Ming.” As for Lin Xuan’s answer, the boy was not at all dissatisfied, but said respectfully.


The other boys didn’t even dare to take a sip. This made Lin Xuan fully appreciate the sense of superiority. In the eyes of ordinary people, cultivators are superior. As a superior, this feeling is very comfortable.


“You are their leader?”


“Yes!” Zhao Ming answered truthfully: “Little is the agent here.”


“Deputy steward?” Lin Xuan was startled. Although it was a chorus, the position of steward in the sect has always been held by practitioners. He is an outside disciple…


As if seeing Lin Xuan’s doubts, Zhao Ming said with a wry smile: “Don’t lie to the Immortal Master, the post of steward in the Abandoned Pill Room has been vacant for a long time, because no new Immortal Master has been assigned from above, so the Small temporary.”


“I see.” Lin Xuan nodded. For the other practitioners, there was no oil or water in the waste pill room, so they were unwilling to come.


After thinking about this, Lin Xuan said in a big way: “I am the new steward sent by the sect. From now on, the abandoned pill room is under my control. This is the token waist card, you can see.”


Zhao Ming is not stupid~IndoMTL.com~ obviously expected a little bit, so there was no surprised expression on his face. After taking the waist card and checking it, he led the other boys to salute together: “Disciple see the steward. .”


“That’s it.” Lin Xuan waved his hand: “You can do your own thing!”


The other boys were dismissed, but Zhao Ming was the only one left: “You show me around.”


From now on, this will be his own territory. Of course, Lin Xuan has to clarify the situation first. Zhao Ming nodded and led the way respectfully.




A heavy door opened slowly, and countless dust fell from the top of his head. Lin Xuan’s expression was a little stunned, looking at the piles of bottles and jars in front of him: “This… This is the warehouse where the waste pills are stored? “


“Yes, Immortal.”


“Why does it seem like no one has cleaned it for a long time, and it has not been sorted out, so it’s piled up in a mess. Where is the account sheet? How many waste pills are there?”


“This…” Zhao Ming was stunned, and after a while, he cautiously said: “Xianshi, how many waste pills there are, I don’t know the small ones. The account statement has not been done for a long time.”


“How could this happen, aren’t you the manager here, why don’t you know anything?”


“Immortal Master, it’s like this…” Zhao Ming took a peek at Lin Xuan’s face, carefully choosing his words: “You also know that waste pills contain too much impurities and are useless to practitioners. , it is harmful to the body after taking it. Although it is not discarded, it is really tasteless. When it is piled up here, the management is naturally very chaotic. Who will do the accounting? This has always been the case, and the Piaoyun Valley has a history of thousands of years. The rules of the abandoned pill houses in the past dynasties are like this. Anyway, these discarded pills are garbage, and no one will come to burrow at all. What is it doing?”



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