Tempered Immortal Chapter 1863: Desert and space gap



Author: Lianxin mortal


1. The fog, the fog at the entrance to the island has the effect of restricting the six senses, and Lin Xuan, who has a strong sense of consciousness, and has the eyes of the phoenix and the eyes of the sky, is not affected by this, but this is Lin Xuan. Compared with the giant whale and the holy city, it has an obvious advantage.


Make full use of the environment, or evade pursuit, or attack and assassinate, or fight head-on, it is a good environment for Lin Xuan to take advantage of.


2. Randomly teleporting, Lin Xuan and the four friends of Yanshan separated, haha, in this way, it was cleverly arranged that Lin Xuan could compete with other Dongxuan powerhouses for the conditions of the Heavenly Heart Toad King’s Inner Pill, and he did not have to worry about exposing his original repair. For the sake of not being able to have a heart-to-heart relationship with those four people.


Third, the prohibition is strong. Even Lin Xuan, who is comparable to the strength of the early stage of Dongxuan, is absolutely unwilling to take the lead. With a great chance, I believe that Lin Xuan will have other unexpected gains in this trip other than Tianxin Toad King Stone.


4. People are precious and contented, and greed is a demonic barrier that devours people. If the cultivator in the middle stage of condensing pills is suitable to stop his hand, there may be a good result. However, now, hehe, the crack in the space of more than ten feet can come out. It is expected that it is very likely to be the King of the Heavenly Heart Toad, and this condensate will definitely destroy the sadness…


5. “It was dark and dark inside, bottomless, and there was a faint roaring voice of the Specter in his ears. The cultivator at the condensing stage was stunned, an inexplicable horror arose, and the back was cold. gas.


” Specter roaring? Tianxinchan is a creature from the ghost world of Yinsi? Since Tianxinchan can enter the spiritual world from here, will this trip to the deserted island have a foot in the ghost world?


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