Tempered Immortal Chapter 17: Try Zhongpin Dan



Lin Xuan has already mastered the use of blue light spots, but whether this is the whole secret of it, or just the tip of the iceberg, Lin Xuan decided to continue exploring.


A pill was poured out of the jade bottle. This was not a waste pill, but a high-quality cleansing pill, which was obtained from Zhou Yan.


The waste pills can be purified, so can the lower-grade washing pills be further purified and upgraded?


Lin Xuan wants to give it a try!


It should be known that every kind of elixir in the cultivation world, including Xisui Dan, is divided into four grades: low-grade, middle-grade, high-grade, and top-grade.


The grading of elixir is actually mainly based on the impurities contained in it. There is no difference in the material. The more impurities, the more dispersed the useful essence, and the worse the effect after taking it.


On the contrary, high-grade medicinal herbs have less impurities and concentrated essence, and the effect will be more obvious after taking them.


Of course, the higher the grade of medicinal pills, the more difficult it is to refine.


Generally speaking, if the impurity content exceeds 70%, it is called waste elixir. The impurities in the top grade pills are very few, only 23%.


The cultivation world has been trying to reduce the impurities of medicinal pills for tens of thousands of years. However, countless masters, ingenious people, laborious and hard work, but very few harvests. Nowadays, all kinds of spiritual medicines in the cultivation world are the pills that wash the marrow. , Zhuji Dan, Peiyuan Dan, Jiuzhuan Dan, etc., most of them are of the following grades.


Lin Xuan now wants to try to go a step further. Since Xinghai can purify waste pills into low-grade pills, can they also purify low-grade pills into middle-grade pills?


In theory, it should be possible. Lin Xuan sat down with his knees crossed, holding a snow-white pill in his hand, and the blue light spots in his dantian were gathered.


After more than a month of practice, especially after breaking through the second layer of the agile period, the skill has greatly increased, and the blue light spot is no longer a jerky feeling.


But Lin Xuan was not careless. What he was going to do today was a new attempt. He released all his spiritual consciousness, followed the light spots flowing in the meridians, and then concentrated all of them on the cleansing pill in his hand.


After entering the second floor of the agile period, Lin Xuan’s values ​​in all aspects have increased exponentially. In addition to spiritual power, his consciousness has also been greatly enhanced. Originally, he could only observe the changes on the surface of the Xisui Dan. Then it can penetrate into the inside of the medicine pill.


The Xisui Dan was magnified several times in his mind, and it was completely visible. From the outside, it was completely white, but at this time, Lin Xuan found that there was still a trace of black inside, which was different from the white part. entangled together, that is impurities.


And what to do is to get rid of these useless things.


The blue light passed through the skin and entered the inside of the medicinal pill. Lin Xuan had no way to observe this process before. All he could do was to control the speed of the blue light flow.


Now, with enhanced consciousness, one can enter the medicine pill, and the specific situation of purification can be further studied.


Lin Xuan carefully observed while controlling the speed of the flow of light spots.


After the light point enters the medicinal pill, it flows in it. The white represents the essence, and the black represents the impurities. When it encounters the essence, the blue light will pass directly through without any obstruction, and when it encounters impurities, it will It pushes out a bit, and in the process, blue light also consumes energy.


Lin Xuan saw a black piece of impurity with his own eyes. Every time he encountered a blue light spot, he moved forward a short distance until the medicinal pill was pushed out, so that the impurity was reduced a little.


It turned out that the purification process was like this. Lin Xuan nodded in his heart. He had a deeper understanding and mastery of blue light.


“Since divine consciousness can enter the medicine pill, can it control the blue light spots inside?” Lin Xuan had another idea, because the flow of light spots in the medicine pill is messy, and the purification efficiency is not efficient. High, if you can control and bring them together, then the purification will be easier.


Lin Xuan started to try.


In order to control the light spot that overflows the body, it is necessary to attach the consciousness to it. The principle is not difficult, and it is similar to the exorcism, but it is difficult to do.


Unlike actual objects, the light spot is intangible and invisible. If it is a high-level cultivator, it can be controlled. However, Lin Xuan’s cultivation is only the second level of the agility stage, although his consciousness is stronger than before breaking through the bottleneck. a lot, but still far from enough.


I tried my best to make the blue spot vibrate.


Lin Xuan wisely chose to give up~IndoMTL.com~ It is still too reluctant to try again after his self-cultivation level has improved.


So Lin Xuan refocused his attention and consciousness on controlling the speed of the flow of the sea of ​​stars in his body, and continued to purify it.


This process has not been smooth sailing, and soon encountered new problems. Compared with the waste pill, although the impurities in the low-grade pill are less, they are more closely entangled with the essence. That is to say, if you want to separate out , need to consume more blue light energy.


With the passage of time, an hour later, the sea of ​​stars in the dantian has shrunk to one-third of its original size, close to the warning line, and can no longer output blue light to the outside.


After the blue light stagnated, the impurities that were about to be excreted from the elixir bounced back, returned to their original state, and were more closely integrated with the essence.


The elixir also changed from pure white to light black.


Lin Xuan opened his eyes and looked at the discarded medicinal pill in his hand, with a thoughtful expression on his face. Although this experiment was unsuccessful, it also yielded a lot.


First of all, one’s own consciousness can enter the inside of the medicinal pill, and he has a certain understanding of the purification process, which is of immeasurable benefit for better mastering the blue light.


Second, the blue light that enters the medicine pill can still be controlled, but now his skill is not enough. When the consciousness is strong enough, the flow of blue light in the medicine pill can be controlled, and the purification efficiency will be higher.


The so-called experience is accumulated through experimentation. In addition to practice, it is also necessary to be good at summarizing. Every time Lin Xuan conducts an experiment, whether it succeeds or fails, he will analyze it in depth.


It is precisely because of his attitude, coupled with his boldness and carefulness, that he gradually discovered the secret of the blue light spot from the original ignorance. go deeper and deeper.



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