Tempered Immortal Chapter 14: Pill purification



There is no other reason. In the world of self-cultivation, alchemy is a highly skilled job. Even for experienced experts, the success rate is not high. Usually, after refining three pots of elixir, one pot will be scrapped. , And because the content of impurities is too high, the waste pill is not only not beneficial to the cultivation base after taking it, but it will damage the body, so it is usually only reluctant to throw it away.


Since there are few kinds of spiritual herbs, and the difficulty in refining, the success rate is not high, which makes the medicinal herbs even more rare.


This is a headache for cultivators, especially for a small sect like Piaoyungu. Alchemists have limited skills, and the failure rate will be higher. I heard that it is only 50%. The most common and lowest-level pills in the cultivation world can only be given to a few disciples a few times a month.


Pills are rare, and the fact that wolves are more fleshy and less fleshy is the factor that restricts the improvement of cultivators’ skills. Even those with excellent spiritual roots and diligent cultivators can’t do without the help of pills.


However, this is a huge opportunity for Lin Xuan.


Because these mysterious light spots in the body can defy the sky and turn waste into treasure…


Taking Piaoyungu as an example, there are about 300 disciples in the agile stage, each of whom has two pills per month, a total of more than 600 pills, but due to the failure of refining, the waste pills generated will be about this one. number.


Abandoned pills are harmful and useless. They are pure garbage. This is the understanding that has been formed in the cultivation world for tens of thousands of years. Although the failed pills were not discarded at will, their management was very chaotic and no one paid attention, so Lin Xuan called Got the idea of ​​these waste pills.


There are 600 waste pills every month. If you can get your hands on them, then use blue light spots to turn them into useful elixir…


In this way, you can treat the medicinal pill as a sugar pill, and even if you don’t have spiritual roots, your own cultivation speed will be faster than your peers.


The prospects are very bright, but Lin Xuan is not hot-headed. Even at this time, he remains very sober and plans for what he should do next.


The first is to explore the reason, how a waste pill has become a precious elixir, the reason must be clear, what conditions are needed, how to control the blue light spot, and understand the process, otherwise the wonderful idea just now will be It is a mirror, visible, but intangible. In short, the use of blue light points needs to be mastered.


Having determined the target, Lin Xuan put the elixir in front of him and observed it carefully.


There is nothing wrong with the color and fragrance. Except for the last time when Elder Ma made things difficult for him, Lin Xuan has also taken the low-grade Washing Marrow Pill before, so he will never admit his mistake.


To be on the safe side, he also took out a real pill from the storage bracelet. This pill was scraped from Zhou Yan. Compare the two.


Compared with the authentic Xisui Dan, the only difference is that the volume of this pill is slightly smaller, and there is a pile of black powder next to it, which exudes an unpleasant smell, causing the Lin Xuan’s attention.




Of course, Lin Xuan would not let such an important detail go, and he recognized its origin very accurately. The reason why the elixir refined with rare medicinal materials was scrapped was because the elixir contained too much impurities.


In other words, there is not a lot of essence in the waste pill, but the impurity content is too high, which is affected, so it is useless for cultivation.


If the impurities in the waste pills can be removed and the essence can be purified, the waste pills can also be turned into elixir. However, this is only theoretical. Over the years, various sects and masters of loose cultivators have tried many times, but none of them have been successful.


After countless failures, the cultivators gave up, and could only reluctantly discard the waste pills. For tens of thousands of years, the world of self-cultivation has cultivated the understanding that the impurities in the waste pills cannot be removed.


But in front of me, the pile of black powder is obviously impurities!


Lin Xuan pondered for a while, and began to make bold assumptions. Could it be that the function of the blue star sea in the body is to purify, remove impurities, and concentrate the essence, thus turning waste into treasure?


Of course, this is only a guess, and the specific situation needs to be further confirmed by actions.


As soon as he thought about it, Lin Xuan poured out another waste pill from the jade bottle, held it in his hand, and sat down with his knees crossed. After the rest just now, the consumption of Xinghai had recovered. He re-mobilized the blue light point to make it bigger. Weekly cycle.


The process is very difficult, but Lin Xuan has long been used to it. When the light spot reaches his wrist, he concentrates his consciousness and examines it carefully, trying not to miss a single detail.


Under the influence of divine consciousness, the scene in front of me has been enlarged several times~IndoMTL.com~ is clearly reflected in my mind, one by one light spots pass through the skin of the palm, spill out of the body, and then some enter the waste pill Inside, some dissipated in the air.


As the number of light spots entering the waste pill increases, some black powders are differentiated and separated from the pill. These are impurities.


At the same time, the color of the medicinal pill gradually fades, from black to gray, and then to white…


Lin Xuan meticulously wrote down every detail. Looking at the changes in the medicinal pill, it seemed that his guesses should be closely related.


At the same time, he also noticed that not all the light spots entered the waste pill, and some dissipated in the air, which was obviously a waste, so Lin Xuan consciously changed the light spots in his body to gather them more Close, so that the number of light spots entering the waste pill will be more.


Sure enough, the speed of separation of impurities was also faster, but after two or three minutes, with a soft sound, the medicinal pill in the palm of the hand burst open.


Lin Xuan opened his eyes and moved his palms in front of him. The torn elixir lay on it, giving off a burning smell. This attempt ended in failure.


“It seems that the blue light spot can indeed separate impurities, purify the essence, and turn waste into treasure.” Lin Xuan said to himself, without a hint of frustration on his face. Although the experiment just now was unsuccessful, he The harvest is not small, which confirms my conjecture.


The next step is to analyze. First, I sorted out the process of controlling blue light by myself. If there is no error, then the only possible reason for the failure is the speed. Could it be that the speed of the light spot entering the medicine pill is too fast, exceeding its limit? bear?


Lin Xuan made an assumption, and to confirm it, he had to try again, but the volume of the blue star sea in his body was too small to support one purification. It seemed that he had to rest for a while and try again later.



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