Tempered Immortal Chapter 102: 102


Lin Xuan’s face flashed a hint of surprise, but he was relieved immediately.

He is also well-informed among the low-level cultivators, but this is the first time he has seen a spiritual weapon with a defensive property. In a sense, this spiritual weapon is more valuable than an offensive one.

Before you learn to beat people, learn to be beaten first.

These words in the mundane martial arts are also applicable in the world of cultivating the immortals. The fighting method of monks is actually more dangerous.

So before the fight, both sides will arrange layers of restraints, spiritual shields, defensive charms, and more advanced spiritual shields around the body.

Otherwise, no matter how good your cultivation is or how subtle your spells are, if the opponent makes a move, you will not have any protection, and you will not die.

From the perspective of the strength of the defense, the shields formed by the spirit tools are naturally the strongest, which makes the monks flock to them.

Comparatively speaking, defensive spiritual weapons are more difficult to refine, so it is not surprising that Lin Xuan has not seen them before.

But on second thought, this is in Youzhou, which has a high level of self-cultivation, and the other party is also in the spiritual stage of the Great Perfection cultivation base. It seems that it is not too outrageous to have a defensive spiritual tool.

Lin Xuan passed these thoughts like lightning and flint in his mind, but he didn’t stop at all. Seeing that the falling fire rain was blocked by the spiritual weapon, he played a magic formula like a formation.

One is divided into two, the two is divided into four, and the four is transformed into eight. The gossip pattern in the sky began to change, and the body size became smaller, but the number increased exponentially.

The fire rain is no longer pouring out, but a red beam of light is sprayed out.

Tan Ming’s face was a little dark, and he squeezed a magic formula with both hands, and then pointed like a flower cloth on the top of his head, the magic weapon suddenly turned into the shape of a ball, covering him.

At any rate, he is also a cultivator of the Great Perfection in the Spiritual Stage. At this moment, Tan Ming has seen that it is the formation that trapped him. Different from the magic array under the array flag and the array, the energy of the array symbol is much smaller.

According to the current situation, even if the opponent is not at the most critical moment of practice, it is difficult to act, and only a little bit of spiritual power can be used to drive the formation. When the energy of the formation is exhausted, you can kill yourself Take treasure.

His expression. One by one, Lin Xuan used his divine sense to have a panoramic view, and Lin Xuan gave a hand. There is another talisman in the palm.

This talisman is slightly larger than the normal one, with a lifelike bird drawn on it.

Beast Talisman!

The mana of the first-level best-quality spirit beast is equivalent to a cultivator in the Great Perfection Realm of the Spiritual Stage, and the Tianxiang Bird sealed here is an advanced failure, and its power is even better. It should be no problem to destroy this ulterior motive. .

Lin Xuan injected mana into the talisman.

Accompanied by a clear chirping, the Beast Soul Talisman burst into a strong light, and a huge monster bird with three eyes and one claw appeared.

“Go!” Lin Xuan pointed at Tianxiang Bird.

Meanwhile, outside the cave.

Countless red beams of light fell like raindrops, and Tan Ming kept pouring mana into the spiritual tool, struggling to resist. Although it was difficult, his expression seemed to be very proud.

The opponent launched such a violent attack, and if he wanted to destroy himself in one go, he must be guilty. As long as he survived this round of attacks and exhausted the energy of the talisman, he could break the ban and rush into the cave to clean up the mess.

I imagine that the cultivator inside is likely to be a master of the Foundation Establishment period, but because the practice has reached a critical juncture, he can’t do it. He could only let himself be slaughtered, and a malicious pleasure surged in Tan Ming’s heart.

“Just hold on for a while.” Tan Ming said to himself in his heart, sticking out his tongue and licking the corner of his mouth, his eyes radiating vicious and greedy light.

Sassy. A clear chirping sounded into the ear. The darkness of the sky was broken a little, and a huge monster bird with three eyes and one claw rushed towards Tan Ming.

“What is this?” Feel the powerful spiritual wave emanating from the strange bird. Tan Ming’s face changed greatly, this coercion, this momentum, compared with the monks in the early stage of foundation establishment, is also almost the same.

Looking at the frightened expression of the other party, Lin Xuan sneered, and took out a small black flag from his arms. In an instant, the wind was miserable, and dozens of disheveled ghosts poured out from the Hundred Soul Flag.


Lin Xuan pointed at the Specters. In fact, the Yin-Yang Bagua Array and Tianxiang Bird were enough to destroy the opponent. However, the energy of the beast talisman was a little less. There were too many, so he also called out the Specter in the Hundred Soul Banner.

Listening to the shocked and angry voice of the cultivator outside, Lin Xuan’s expression was calm. With his current cultivation base and the treasures in his body, it is not difficult to destroy a cultivator of the same rank.

People die for wealth and birds die for food. Since they are motivated by greed, they must have the consciousness of falling.

Lin Xuan refocused his attention on the medicinal pill, and took out an Earth Fire Talisman from his arms…

Half an hour later.

A refreshing medicinal fragrance began to waft out of the cave, and Lin Xuan’s face showed a hint of joy, but it was quickly replaced by solemnity.

Now is the critical moment of Chengdan. Don’t be careless. After pondering for a while, Lin Xuan also sacrificed Bixuehuan. He continued to inject spiritual power. Soon, a pure white flame appeared in the sky. in the air.

Innate Fire!

It can only be used by masters of the foundation-building stage, but with the top-quality spiritual tool, Lin Xuan can barely use it, but it consumes a lot of mana and can’t last for long.

Compared with the fire of the leylines, the innate fire gathered by the spiritual power is more suitable for alchemy.

Now is the key to the success of the top-grade Xisui Dan, and Lin Xuan naturally wants to give it a shot.

While outputting spiritual power and releasing the innate fire, while holding the heat of the medicinal pill, half an hour later, there was a loud bang, the spiritual energy scattered, and even the lid of the cauldron was blown up.

When this change occurred, Lin Xuan was not worried but happy, and he didn’t care about fatigue. He released a white light from his hand, and the light rolled the cauldron and retracted it.

The room was full of fragrance. Looking at the medicinal pill in front of him, Lin Xuan raised his eyebrows. The color and fragrance were exactly the same as those recorded in the ancient books. Even the surface of the medicinal pill emitted a gleaming white light. The medicinal pill with the effect of defying the sky is indeed extraordinary.

Lin Xuan played with it carefully for a while before carefully putting away the Xisui Dan and the cauldron, and then sat down cross-legged, holding a spar in each hand to replenish his mana.

Different from absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, using spar as a supplement, the speed is extremely fast, but within a quarter of an hour, Lin Xuan’s mana has been replenished.

The two middle grade spar also lost their luster. Lin Xuan smiled slightly and left the cave.

The energy of the Yin-Yang Bagua Array has been consumed by seven or eight out of ten, and the spirit of Tianxiang Bird does not seem to be very good. Lin Xuan is a little surprised. It seems that the strength of the uninvited guest is stronger than he imagined.

But no matter what, he has already fallen, and Tan Ming’s body is on the ground.

Lin Xuan stretched out his finger and tapped it lightly. Suddenly, a translucent soul floated out from the corpse, looking at the smiling young man with horror on his face: “Friend Daoist is merciful, you misunderstood, I really don’t have it. Malicious!”

“Humph, still want to lie?”

“Please, let me go, my body has been destroyed, and there is only a lone soul left, so be pitiful!”

Lin Xuan’s expression was indifferent. No matter how the other party begged, he would not be moved. It was not that he was cruel, but that he cut grass without eradicating the roots.

Lin Xuan doesn’t want to leave any hidden dangers for the future because of his kindness.

He took out the Hundred Soul Banner.


Yin Soul screamed and wanted to escape, but surrounded by Yin-Yang gossip array, he was like a fly in a cage.

The ghost mist escaped from the Hundred Soul Banner, wrapping the ghost…

The black light flashed, and the Yin Qi of the Hundred Soul Banner became stronger. Lin Xuan nodded, adding a cultivator’s soul, and the power of the Hundred Soul Banner would increase a little.

Of course Lin Xuan wouldn’t take the initiative to kill, but he didn’t mind using the enemy’s soul to increase the power of the magic weapon.

According to the records of the magic cultivation technique, this thing is a growth-type magic treasure~IndoMTL.com~ In other words, as the absorption of souls increases, the power will become stronger and stronger.

After cleaning up the mess, Lin Xuan turned to look at Dongfu, it is not suitable to stay here for a long time.

Fortunately, today is a low-level cultivator. If it is a master of the foundation-building stage, the consequences will be disastrous. Although there is no danger, it also sounded the alarm for Lin Xuan. , I want to hit the bottleneck, but also find a safer place.


Lin Xuan stretched out his finger and flew into the sky a little. The ghost of the monster turned into a red talisman and fell into Lin Xuan’s hand. Then he emptied the storage bag of the dead monk, and left the rest. It doesn’t matter. Lin Xuan is not short of spar for the time being, but those few spiritual tools, especially the flower cloth with the defensive attribute, are exactly what he needs.

Then Lin Xuan sacrificed the flying sword, a brilliant light flashed, and with a loud rumbling sound, the entire mountain collapsed and turned into a pile of rubble.

I can no longer see any traces of monks cultivating here, and at the same time buried Tan Ming’s body, Lin Xuan nodded with satisfaction, turned into a ray of blue light, and disappeared in the direction of the horizon. Climbing the ^book^ net, this chapter starts with “”


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