Tempered Immortal Chapter 10: Blue Star Sea



As a master at the Foundation Establishment stage, Zhang Yu’s net worth is indeed richer. Lin Xuan found a lot of treasures from the storage belt. There are more than 20 low-level spar alone. A huge fortune.


There were also more than a dozen talismans of various kinds. What surprised Lin Xuan was that there were actually two middle-level talismans among them, the fire dragon technique for attacking and the water spirit shield for defense.


In addition, there are several medicinal pills and a top-level spiritual tool.


Touching the white jade ring in Mo’s hand, Lin Xuan, who has always been calm, was full of surprises. You must know that even the uncles and uncles of the foundation-building stage have mostly high-quality spiritual tools. It is available but not available.


After obtaining the treasures of Zhou Yan and Zhang Yu, Lin Xuan’s net worth can be said to be richer than any master of the foundation stage in the valley.


Moreover, in Zhang Yu’s storage belt, he also found something, it was a close-fitting vest. I don’t know what it was made of. It was extremely tough. Of course it was put on without hesitation.


After doing all this, Lin Xuan sat cross-legged and began to check his physical condition. In fact, compared to the storage belt and bracelet he got, the shells in the sandalwood box were the real treasures. Lin Xuan didn’t know what it was used for for the time being, but since Zhou Yan had even murdered his master in order to swallow it for himself, it could be inferred that the shell was precious.


Everything that happened yesterday is still vivid in my mind. The blue light spot in the shell melts into my body, and then the shell weathers and disappears. Then the blue point of view is the key to solving the mystery.


Lin Xuan first took care of all the contexts in his mind. He likes to plan things and then act. Even if he solves the mystery, he can’t smash like a headless fly, and he must be targeted.


First of all, what can be confirmed is that these blue light spots are not harmful to his body, but should be of great benefit. Otherwise, the shell would not be regarded as a treasure. With this understanding, Lin Xuan began to panic. Study slowly without being busy.


On the surface, no abnormality can be seen. Lin Xuan sat cross-legged and performed the technique of inner vision to check the operation of the spiritual power in his dantian and meridians. The operation of the spiritual power was normal, but there was a meaning in the dantian. Unexpected situation…


I saw that in the dantian, in addition to the barely visible spiritual power, there were also some free blue light spots. Those light spots were very beautiful, just like the stars in the sky, and slowly Rotating, like a beautiful sea of ​​stars.


It’s like what I was in the shell I saw yesterday, but the light spots were transferred from the shell to my body.


It was a bit unexpected, but after thinking about it, it was reasonable. Lin Xuan’s expression remained unmoved. First, he concentrated on his consciousness and observed from the side. He saw that every blue light spot was like a sky A star, blinking and blinking, after waiting for a long time, there is no change in the slightest, and the physical condition is as usual.


I couldn’t solve the mystery just by looking at it. Lin Xuan hesitated for a while. Then, according to the method of the teacher, he gathered a little bit of weak spiritual power in his dantian, about the size of an embroidery needle, and carefully touched the blue light. point.


Of course, before doing this, he had already made various plans in his mind to prepare for the situation, but the result was unexpected again. No effect, no reaction whatsoever.


How could this be?


It is different from what he imagined, but Lin Xuan is not arrogant or impetuous. The purpose of these blue light spots is definitely not clear at once. It takes time to slowly explore until you master it. Lin Xuan has long thought about this. very clear.


Ordinary young people may be impetuous, but such a character will never appear in Lin Xuan. Compared with his peers, he looks very mature, and it can even be said that he is a little old.


After the first attempt failed, Lin Xuan stopped, rested for a while, and ate two steamed buns and some dried meat. It was the first time he had eaten since noon yesterday, and high-level cultivators could not eat food. , As long as he absorbs the spiritual energy, he can maintain what he needs for survival, but Lin Xuan does not have that kind of strength yet.


After a short rest, he started his research again, still using inner vision, observing, and trying. However, the secret is not so easy to crack. From morning to dark, Lin Xuan did not make much progress.


Lying on the bed, Lin Xuan carefully considered the details of today’s research. It seemed that it would take more time to crack the secret of the blue light spot.


In the next few days, Lin Xuan started a normal life and practiced the exercises every day. He didn’t want to attract attention, but secretly, he was actively studying the secret of the blue light spot.


In addition to checking the dantian of the meridians, Lin Xuan also carefully paid attention to his physical condition. After inhaling the light spot, there would be some changes over time. The result was disappointing. The speed of his practice ~IndoMTL.com~ was still as slow as usual. Lin Xuan tried various methods, but the blue light spot in his body really seemed to have no effect on him.


Of course, Lin Xuan wasn’t really disappointed. These blips must be secret treasures, but he didn’t grasp the key.


Besides, after the disappearance of Zhou Yan and Zhang Yu, it can be said to have caused an uproar in Piaoyun Valley. Among the disciples of the agile period, Zhou Yan was ranked among the top three masters. The foundation is successful, and her disappearance will naturally attract the attention of the sect. As for Zhang Yu, let alone that, Piaoyungu is only a small faction. Although the elder Zhang in the middle stage of foundation building cannot be said to be a pillar, he is also one of the few masters. , Such a disappearance for no reason can be said to be a shock to the school.


Under the personal intervention of the head master Yunhe, countless disciples were sent out to find the traces of the two during the agile period and the foundation-building period.


However, after seeing the reaction of the sect, Lin Xuan was not worried but happy. On the surface, he seemed to be doing nothing in the past few days, but in fact, he has been quietly paying attention to this matter. From the reaction of the head, it can be seen that he cares about it. It was the life and death of Zhou Yan and Zhang Yu, but there was no clue about the shell treasure.


Let’s think about Zhou Yan’s daring to kill the master and swallow it, not afraid of being discovered by the sect, indicating that they were not following the order of the sect to seize the treasure. The two must have an unknown secret and acted privately.


Combining the information in hand, Lin Xuan came to the above inference, and he was greatly relieved. As long as Piaoyungu did not trace the whereabouts of the shell treasures, it would be fine. As for the bodies of Zhou Yan and Zhang Yu, Lin Xuan believed that he would not Someone will find out, take 10,000 steps back and say, even if they find out, no one will link the death of the two masters of cultivation to his low-level disciple who has no spiritual roots.


You are safe.



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