Technological Supremacy Chapter 547: Huaxia Standard and the blood-sucking guys lying on Xingchen Technology



The North American authorities thought they were smart and sent the International Civil Aviation Organization to negotiate with Xingchen Technology. However, they never expected that Luo Jia had already dug the hole. Xingchen Bus never admitted that it was an aircraft, but a new type of bus. car.


As a bus manufacturer, there is no reason for Xingchen Technology to negotiate with the International Civil Aviation Organization. It is also an international public transport organization. However, in this world, there does not seem to be an international public transport organization…


In any case, when the time came to mid-June, the ICAO delegation arrived in Shanghai. In addition to ICAO, IATA, the International Transport Aviation Association, also joined in the fun and sent a four-person delegation.


The reason why IATA is to join in the fun, but ICAO must pay attention to it is because the attributes of the two major aviation organizations are different.


IATA International Transport Aviation Association is a non-governmental organization with no official background, while ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization is a serious official organization. The authorities of various countries have paid and sent representatives. The International Civil Aviation Code formulated by ICAO is equivalent to international law , all countries must abide by it.


Our country is also one of the signatories of ICAO and participated in the formulation of the Civil Aviation Code. However, China has a relatively weak voice in this official organization. Even if it wants to prevent ICAO from putting pressure on Xingchen Technology, there is nothing it can do.


In the final analysis, in this world, you still have to rely on your strength. No matter how many ICAO members are, North America and Europe are always the ones who can make a big deal. There is no other reason. There are almost They are all from North America and Europe. In this field, they are awesome.


After a night’s rest, the ICAO delegation rushed to the headquarters of Xingchen Technology in Baoshan District, Shanghai. The process seemed to be going smoothly. Xingchen Technology was very polite. The department was warmly received, and the administrative lady in charge told Mr. Hampton that the boss Luo Jia would come to the scene later.


“That’s about the same.” International Civil Aviation Organization Director General Hampton nodded slightly, expressing his satisfaction that Luo Jia greeted him personally.


Sure enough, Luo Jia appeared in the reception room a few minutes later, wearing a crisp white T-shirt and blue jeans, looking energetic.


Until next month, Luo Jia will only be twenty-seven years old, and he is still young. It is difficult to connect him with the identity of the world’s richest man and the head of the tough guy group. People who don’t know the truth may even regard him as a fresh graduate Not long college students yet.


“Mr. Zhou.”


Luo Jia stepped forward with a smile and greeted the only Chinese member of the delegation. Zhou Tingkun did not expect that Luo Jia would talk to himself first.


International Civil Aviation Organization Huaxia is also a contracting party. It is normal to have Chinese people in the delegation, and it is only natural for Luo Jia to greet his compatriots first.


Director General Hampton frowned slightly and blew his mustache. He seemed a little dissatisfied and felt that he was the most important of the representatives present, while Zhou Tingkun was just an unknown **** in the Civil Aviation Organization.


“Actually, I voted against it.” Zhou Tingkun shrugged helplessly, and said with apology: “Unfortunately, in the aviation field, the companies with the most weight come from the West, and the rules follow Western rules. We don’t have much to say. right.”


Luo Jia smiled, and said lightly: “Understood, it is because Xingchen Technology has no right to speak, so Xingchen Technology decided to play in person. From now on, we will carry the sky of Huaxia.”


Although the words are simple in language, they are so **** domineering!


Zhou Tingkun was stunned for a moment, his eyes looking at Luo Jia became hotter, and the haze in his heart was swept away, as if as long as Xingchen Technology came out, there would be no problems that could not be solved.


The two sides were seated separately, and after some pleasantries, Luo Jia said: “Everyone, what is the purpose of coming to Huaxia this time?”


Isn’t this asking knowingly?


Hampton secretly slandered, sneered and said: “Of course I came for your company.”




Luo Jia pretended to be surprised, “That’s strange, as far as I know, our Star Technology does not seem to have any intersection with the International Civil Aviation Organization.”


Hampton sneered, “Not in the past, but now that you have put into production supersonic aircraft, you are naturally a member of the International Civil Aviation Organization. According to the international civil aviation laws, the sale and export of supersonic aircraft, It must be restricted, not whoever you want to sell to, you can sell to whomever you want.”


“Recently there are rumors that you are going to sell the supersonic aircraft to the Iraqi country. Considering the harmony of the big family of the international community, it is obviously inappropriate for you to do this. We ICAO will refuse to approve this transaction…”


“Wait.” Luo Jia frowned, and interrupted Hampton with his hand, “I have to correct one thing, we put into production a star bus, not an airplane.”


“In other words, we are in the bus business, but we need your international civil aviation approval? How can there be such a reason in the world?”




Looking at Luo Jia’s upright words, Hampton’s complexion changed drastically. He felt as if he had eaten a fly. It’s also really cool. It’s clearly a flying saucer, but it’s called a bus. The person who came up with such a paradoxical idea is definitely a genius.


“But your star bus can fly, and its speed has exceeded Mach 3! There is no flying bus in the world!” Hampton said anxiously.


“Flying and speed don’t prove anything.” Luo Jia said: “Harry Potter’s broom can also fly. According to your logic, don’t magic brooms need to be approved by your international aviation organization?”


Hampton immediately flew into a rage, “Mr. Luo, you are also a person of status! How can you say such irresponsible words? Harry Potter is fiction, but what we are talking about is reality!”


“In the real world, as long as it can fly and carry people, it is an airplane! It must accept the management of our ICAO!”


“Not necessarily.”


Looking at Hampton’s distraught look, Luo Jia suddenly laughed, and the corners of his mouth curled up. He waved his hand and asked the secretary to bring the printed documents and distribute them to everyone.


“In 1903, the Wright Brothers invented the airplane, which has been recorded forever in the annals of history.” Luo Jia stood up and looked out the window with deep eyes, “However, the wheel of history is rolling forward. Today, more than a century later, the rules have changed. changed.”


“What everyone got is an official document issued by the Ministry of Communications of Huaxia this morning. From now on, all non-flying vehicles are not allowed to use the name of bus. From now on , in our country, the bus must have vertical take-off and landing capability, and must be able to fly, otherwise, it can only be called a wheeled vehicle.”


What is the situation! ?


Everyone present was dumbfounded. The national team came forward to support Xingchen Technology and help them rewrite the rules of the game?


From now on, only vehicles that can fly and have the ability to take off and land vertically in Huaxia are eligible to be called buses. As for the speed, it doesn’t matter. No supersonic speed required.


“Awesome! Only those who can fly are eligible to call the bus. Huaxia is going to rewrite the rhythm of the rules!”


“Don’t be unconvinced, if you have the ability, you can also research a flying saucer.”


“That is, the flying saucer was invented by Xingchen Technology. They can call the flying saucer whatever they want!”


“Where is this? With the **** nature of those steel straight men from Star Technology, maybe they invented the starship tomorrow, but insisted that the starship is a carriage!”


“Strong support! The horse-shaped starship is well received!”


“Actually, it doesn’t matter what the name is. The brothers of Xingchen Technology may not care about it. What they really care about is the right to formulate the rules of the game! I said that the flying saucer is a bus, so it is a bus! What they want is this.”


“God, come and see the lunatics in Huaxia, they call the flying saucer a bus, and they plan to call the starship a carriage!”


Compared to the late Hampton team, there has been a lot of quarrels on the Internet. The national team is determined to support Xingchen Technology. Crooked the noses of foreigners.


What’s even more amazing is the wording used in the official announcement, that’s what the officials said.


Because of the different levels of technology, the definition of the bus is always changing. In ancient times, people used ox carts and horse-drawn carts as buses. After the invention of automobiles, cars were used as buses all over the world. Now China has entered the era of flying, so flying saucers are used. There is nothing we can do about being a bus. The level of technology has reached the point where it needs to be updated. According to the Chinese tradition, everything must follow the trend.


This is well-founded, and it really makes people speechless. Thinking about it, Huaxia has already developed to the stage where it can use flying saucers as buses, so there is no reason to stop and wait for others.


Thinking of the first industrial revolution back then, the West did not wait for other countries, but took advantage of the advantages brought by the industrial revolution to colonize the world, burning, killing and looting everywhere.


As the so-called feng shui turns, the law of heaven has reincarnation, and what should come will come sooner or later. As evidenced by the sky, the Chinese nation will definitely return to the status they should have.



After Luo Jia sent away the disheartened Hampton team, it didn’t take long for the news that NATO had lifted the sanction on Xingchen Technology. The source of the news was the general, so there should be no mistake.


So at another regular meeting of the management bureau, Luo Jia told everyone the news, and everyone was not surprised when they heard it, and even Cao Yuan, who was afraid that the world would not be chaotic, complained.


“To tell you the truth, I really want to sell a few Xingchen buses to Yiguo, and open the direct express from Yiguo to Washington, that would be more enjoyable.” Cao Yuan muttered.


“You can pull it down. An Ran smiled and scolded: “I thought you would be more mature when you came to the Administration, why are you still a child who is afraid of chaos in the world? Even if we want to mess with North America, we will We will fight head-on, we will not borrow the hands of rogues like Yi Guo, after all, we are a well-known straight men’s group of steel, and the brothers in the company simply don’t bother to cooperate with Yi Guo. “


Cao Yuan curled his lips, “That’s true. Although everyone doesn’t like North America, those **** countries are even more disgusting. I just play around casually. I’m so bored doing experiments every day. Ever since I received the ion propulsion Fuck, my hair is falling out in handfuls.”


An Ran smiled, “I know you’ve had a hard time, but there’s nothing you can do about it. Now that the company has entered the deep water area, each project is getting more difficult.”


“It’s okay to work **** research and development. Do you know that we are rushing forward desperately, but there are a bunch of **** behind us, lying on us and sucking blood.”


“Who is who?” Cao Yuan slapped the table and said angrily, “Dare to **** the blood of our tough guys? Are you afraid of breaking your teeth?”


An Ran snorted coldly, “Who else could it be? The real estate gang, we are desperately trying to repair the air bus station, and these grandchildren are scraping land around us.”


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