Technological Supremacy Chapter 258: East Asia Automobile Group’s European strategy!


In this global automobile war, the East Asia Group has risked all its property and attacked Europe frantically.

Among the three major groups, they are the strongest, so they are also the ones to chew on the hardest bones.

In France, the East Asian Group and the French auto giants, Peugeot, Renault, and Citroen fought hand-to-hand, and the offensive was wave after wave.

In Germany, the East Asia Group challenged the invincible Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Porsche, making those old German companies feel like they are sitting on pins and needles.

Across Europe, East Asia Group rapidly expanded the scale of the war with the help of the original Volvo marketing and after-sales system.

From the cold Helsinki to the warm Barcelona, ​​from Paris, the heart of Europe, to St. Petersburg on the edge of Europe, from the Apennines where the Renaissance originated, to the immortal Aegean Sea in Homer’s epic.

The offensive frenzy of the East Asia Group is ubiquitous, and to support this war, in addition to the technology of Star Technology, there are also huge profits!

Enterprises must be able to make money. Someone will do the business of decapitation, and only fools will do the business of losing money.

Make money, R&D, make more money, do more R&D.

This is the virtuous cycle of a company. Any company that sells at low prices is either stupid or bad. Star Technology’s profit margins are sky-high, and no one has ever said that they have no conscience.

Luo Jia not only requires his own business to have high profits, but also requires his partners to implement high pricing strategies outside China. The reason is very simple. If he does not make money, what will Luo Jia use to support the tough guys? What to use to support the Star Research Institute, which burns hundreds of millions every day?

As a group of Chinese companies, if you earn less money in your hometown and give some benefits to your compatriots in your hometown, everyone will love you, and you may be able to leave a name in history in the future.

But if, as someone thought, you desperately exploited the people in your hometown and left the benefits to North America. If the ones in your hometown are extremely expensive, but the ones in North America are super cheap, the people in North America will really be grateful to you?

Isn’t it?

Although businessmen take making money as their mission, businessmen also have their own hometown. People are like leaves, they have roots. No matter how high you climb in the future, the leaves will eventually fall back to the roots. Basically, this is the duty of being a human being.

The prices of the top ten brands under the East Asia Group are actually not low, and they are at the same price as their competitors.

The BMW 5 Series sells for 40,000 Euros in Europe, and Volvo’s 8 Series of the same level also sells for 40,000 Euros.

However, due to the adoption of many new technologies, Dongya Group’s electric vehicles completely abandon the transmission system, saving a lot of cost.

BMW 5 series can earn 5,000 euros for every sold one, while Volvo 8 series can earn 15,000 euros!

This is very scary. Europe is a highly urbanized area. There are not only metropolises such as Paris and London, but also many small and medium-sized cities.

It is difficult for any car company to complete sales coverage in all cities, so doing car business in Europe largely depends on the power of dealers.

Dealers sell cars for you, ultimately to make money. If there is no profit in selling cars, dealers will not have the motivation to sell cars, let alone expect them to treat customers well and do a good job in after-sales service.

The strategy of the East Asia Automobile Group has completely changed the values ​​​​of European dealers, because they suddenly discovered that selling cars for the East Asia Group is a very profitable thing!

It is also a high-end car. If you sell a BMW 5 series, the dealer can get 2,000 euros, but if you sell a Volvo 8 series, you can earn 5,000 euros!

Although the price is the same, East Asia Group can give twice the return!

As a result, European dealers, large and small, tried their best to help them sell their cars, talking wildly, and praised them to the fullest.

There are often many brands of models in the stores of regional dealers, but after learning about the high rebates of Dongya Group, everyone is very unanimous in pushing Dongya Group.

If you go to the dealer’s store and buy a BMW, the dealer will feel very angry, because selling BMW only makes a few dollars, which is much less than selling electric cars of East Asia Group.

Especially those salesmen, they get a commission, of course, which kind of car has a high commission, they will push whichever one, if you ask them if the BMW is good, they will say, let’s make a living, that’s it, why not You look at Volvo, that’s a real good thing.

Who did you learn this routine from the East Asia Group?

OV Group, that is, the marketing level of these two companies is really awesome, and their predecessors are BBK Group.

Thinking back then, the number of companies that made mobile phones has gone to sea. What kind of mobile phone fighter waveguide, the originator of cheap mobile phones, Xiaojiao, these companies all died in the end. OV was the only one among the first batch of mobile phone companies that survived. After that, their history is even longer than Huawei mobile phones.

And OV’s specialty is that the countryside surrounds the cities, providing high profits for dealers in third- and fourth-tier cities, allowing them to turn themselves into **** salesmen and sell OV mobile phones to the masses.

Relying on the high profits of its products, East Asia Group copied this marketing method to Europe, and relied on Luo Jia’s good relationship with mobile phone companies to borrow a large number of experienced middle-level managers from OV Group.

As a result, a trend of dealers trying their best to promote the automobile products of East Asia Group quickly formed in Europe.

In addition, the electric car produced by Huaxia is really good in quality, light in weight, excellent driving experience, powerful in-wheel motor, and full of push back feeling. It is an epoch-making good product.

In addition, the East Asia Group’s promotional campaign is also very They invited various celebrities to endorse and named the most famous variety show in Europe.

To promote electric cars, East Asia Group sponsors European television agencies generously.

In serials and movies, cars are often used. Under the sponsorship of the East Asia Group, when the European people turn on the TV, they will see the interview car of the TV station. It is a product of the East Asia Group. The product.

Looking around, all the handsome and beautiful people on TV are all driving cars made in China, which will have a great demonstration effect on the people.

What’s more, the major flagship stores of East Asia Group have become existences similar to famous tourist attractions. The holographic projection technology creates a dreamlike sense of the future, and the promotional videos are constantly updated every week.

Going to the flagship store once is more real and enjoyable than watching a movie. Every day, there are a large number of people queuing outside the flagship store, and many people even come here from other provinces.

Anyway, the East Asia Group has played a series of wonderful combined punches in Europe, moving China’s top marketing methods to Europe, so that European people who are accustomed to a static life can also experience what is called China’s efficiency and carpets bombing propaganda.

After coming and going, the established European auto companies gradually became overwhelmed, and their sales continued to plummet, creating an unprecedented sense of crisis.

It’s a pity that this nightmare is not over, but has just begun.

After completing a series of ammunition delivery and enhancing the combat effectiveness of its partners, Star Technology is still brewing a new killer!


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