Technological Supremacy Chapter 159: The era of signing a contract with a power giant and doing research and development alone…



Luo Jia did not expect that he would come to the capital again so soon.


The weather in mid-October is already slightly cool. When Luo Jia got up in the morning, he habitually reached for the hooded sweater that was still on the bedside table, but he thought about it and remembered that today is a special day. Dress formally.


So he shrugged, went into the bathroom to wash up, then put on a brand new gray suit, and stood in front of the huge full-length mirror.


Luo Jia is not a person who cares about appearance. The suit was temporarily bought in a nearby shopping mall, and the tie only cost more than 6,000 yuan. It is just a domestically produced Baoxin Bird brand.


However, when Luo Jia wore this suit, the effect was really amazing. Even the eldest sister who sold the suit praised Luo Jia for her good figure and spirit.


Luo Jia in the mirror is stronger than before, and his upper body presents a perfect inverted triangle shape. Since becoming the successor of an extraterrestrial civilization, the magical beeping sound in his mind has not only changed his knowledge structure, Also changed his physical fitness.


Although he only sleeps for a short time every day, he is still able to experience plenty of energy. He occasionally goes for a run in the gym.


Luo Jia came to the hotel cafeteria. Hong Tao and the others had already arrived ahead of time. After having breakfast together, they set off for the Great Wall Hotel, where the signing ceremony with the power department will be held.


“I heard that many bigwigs will come today.” Hong Tao said excitedly, “The highlight will be the speech after the signing ceremony. It is estimated that after Mr. Luo’s speech is over, the video will appear on the desks of many departments. Maybe it can really play a certain role in promoting our country’s future research and development investment.”


Luo Jia smiled. This is the main reason why he prepared carefully today. The power department proposed that after the signing was completed, Luo Jia would be asked to speak on stage.


The last time he gave a speech at the International Hotel, it is said that it aroused great repercussions from the top management. As a top scientific research enterprise with no other limelight in China, Luo Jia’s opinion is of great reference value to the top management.


In fact, there are many people who want Luo Jia to give a speech.


When Luo Jia first appeared in Fudan, he promised the deans that he would give a speech in the future, and then Luo Jia started his own arduous entrepreneurial journey.


This delay lasted for more than a year. Every time I saw Dean Sha Zhan, when he mentioned this matter, Luo Jia always felt very embarrassed.


However, today’s speech has a special meaning, Luo Jia still agreed, and positioned the topic of the speech as R&D investment, a sensitive and crucial topic.


Shortly after, they arrived at the Great Wall Hotel. Professor Ouyang’s student, Sun Jingtao, and two employees from the power department were waiting outside. After receiving Luo Jia, they led him to the signing venue.


There were not many people, mainly journalists invited by the power department. Judging from the credentials hanging on the journalists, most of them were from the official media.


The process of the signing ceremony is even simpler.


Professor Ouyang and Chief Engineer Ning took Luo Jia to meet some high-level executives of power companies, and then Luo Jia and the high-level power grid came forward to sign their names on the contract that the business department and the legal department had already prepared.


Luo Jia called this process a posing, because how to sit, how to hold a pen, and how to shake hands were reminded by those photographers.


When it comes time to sign a contract, just swipe a pen and just put a name on the document.


The contract has more than two hundred and seventy pages, and it is a thick stack.


Both Star Technology and Power Grid have strong legal teams. The details of patent authorization, ownership of rights, ownership of obligations, references to specific provisions of domestic and international laws, etc. in the contract must be clearly written in the contract.


When the signing ceremony ended, there was warm applause from around.


The power department has obtained the exclusive authorization of the engineering ship, and Xingchen Technology has also become the exclusive supplier of the supercapacitor energy storage center in China.


The contract given by the power department is quite generous, with a profit margin of about 20%. It belongs to the category with low profits among all the projects of Star Technology. It is relatively close to the battery project, but lower than the optical department and the chemical department. , the display department, the profit margin of these business divisions can reach an astonishing forty percent.


The key point is that the two products, the battery and the capacitor, are used in too much quantity, far exceeding the camera produced by Xingchen Technology.


One can’t always think about money. You must know that the contract with Xingchen Technology is the national team, and it is wiser to cut less wool for the national team.


We need to take a long-term view. After all, after the power grid gets the supercapacitor, Luo Jia’s electric cars and motorcycles can be launched in large quantities, which has a close relationship of interests.


Besides, anyone who has done business knows that a 20% profit margin is already very high.


If Comrade Luo Ning’s small plastic bead factory had a 20% profit margin, it wouldn’t have gone bankrupt.


Of course, Comrade Luo Ning’s bankruptcy was mainly due to a conflict with the general direction of the country.


Manufacturing plastic beads is a polluting enterprise. Not only now, but even in the future, polluting enterprises will have no future. This is the consensus of the whole country. After all, everyone has had enough of the **** smog.


All in all, the signing was just a formality, let the reporters take a few photos and save them for future publicity. The real highlight today is that Luo Jia will give a speech.


Why is speaking important?


Because Professor Ouyang has already told Luo Jia in advance that some bigwigs want to come and listen in person. Professor Ouyang didn’t say which bigwigs they are. Anyway, he can leave a good impression in front of these bigwigs. Development, very helpful.


Professor Ouyang personally took Luo Jia to the venue, which was located in a larger conference hall upstairs.


When walking into the conference hall, Luo Jia saw some compartments in the back row and on both sides, a bit like the layout of a small concert hall.


The cubicles and the back row of the conference hall were already full of people. Luo Jia glanced casually and found that he didn’t recognize any of them.


But judging from the appearance of these people and the security personnel around the venue wearing black suits and wearing wireless headphones, they should be some big people.


The bigwigs are very low-key. In view of the dangerous environment of the trade war, officials are now trying to minimize contact with private companies.


Huawei is a ready-made example. Foreign forces suspect that Huawei has an unclear relationship with the government. Mr. Ren is now very passive. In the name of national security, Huawei’s products are banned and driven out of the market.


“You can speak boldly today.” Professor Ouyang said to Luo Jia, “Although there is no time limit, I still advise you to speak a little faster, after all, the time of these bigwigs here is very tight. “


Luo Jia nodded, indicating that he understood.


On an occasion like this, there were no hosts, let alone reporters. Luo Jia walked onto the stage alone, knocked on the microphone, and the microphone made two bangs.


Looking at the audience, they saw that the seats were already full. Since there were many high-level people, everyone was more reserved, so no one applauded, and they just sat quietly.


Luo Jia cleared his throat and said with a smile, “Since Star Technology is a R&D-oriented company, let me tell you about R&D today.”


“All of you here are industry leaders. I am young and have little experience. If I say something bad, please bear with me.”


Everyone in the audience nodded. Luo Jia’s language style has always been like this. As long as it doesn’t talk about professional issues, it’s very relaxed. There are no polite words, just plain words.


Luo Jia paused and said: “When I was young, I was relatively innocent. I never thought about being an entrepreneur, but wanted to be a scientist.”


“So I have read a lot of biographies of scientists. Many years have passed, and I still remember the stories of those scientists. It seems that they single-handedly made shocking research. At most, there are a few assistants around them. , anyway, they all look like a small team.”


“But today, I finally found that the past model of small teams and small investment in research and development is completely dead.”


“Take our Star Technology as an example. Our mobile phone operating system was developed by more than a thousand elites from the software department, and it took more than half a year to develop it.”


“The battery and electronic control project, the hardware department invested more than 2,000 people, and it took more than half a year.”


“To put it bluntly, this is our Star Technology. If we change to other companies, the research and development time will at least double.”


“Not to mention spending money. So far, the Star Research Institute has spent more than 60 billion on infrastructure construction and experimental equipment investment, and with the expansion of the R&D team and the increase in R&D projects, we More money will be spent on research and development.”


“It can be seen that research and development of this kind of thing is no longer something that can be done by just one or two people with little ingenuity. It requires a lot of investment and a lot of output.”


“If there is a small company with more than a dozen people, find the bosses and tell you that they have developed a power grid master control processor, which can achieve more efficient power grid management.”


“This kind of person must be a liar, because the processor, not to mention the design experience and design tools, just finds SMIC’s tape-out, and it costs almost one billion. After a full set of tape-out tests, at least a few With an investment of one billion yuan, if you are not a super large enterprise, you will not be able to make chips at all.”


“Speaking of which, I’m going to use our old rival Neon as an example.”


“In 2017, something happened that I couldn’t understand at all. Toshiba Storage was sold to a consortium headed by Wall Street Bain Capital for $18 billion.”


“What is the concept of Toshiba’s storage business It is the last stronghold of Neon in the field of memory chips. If it is sold, there will be no company in Neon that can manufacture memory chips anymore. “


“It’s like our country sold SMIC, how is it possible! If it were placed here, similar things would never happen.”


There was a burst of sighs from the audience. Although it is a competitor, the fact that Neon sold Toshiba Storage has brought too much shock to the domestic science and technology community. Even scientists in our country feel for Neon. pity.


The Chinese scientific and technological circles all agree that the neon people are absolutely crazy. Memory chips are something that our country can’t even buy, but they still sell it?


Therefore, led by Foxconn, Huaxia also set up a consortium to directly charge twice the price to compete with Bain Capital.


The result is of course obvious. The Neon people would rather sell Toshiba Storage to Wall Street than Huaxia.


To this day, this incident still hangs over the hearts of all scientific and technological workers like a haze.


Naked discrimination and technological blockade, the only way for high-tech to develop independently is to buy it, but not to buy it.


Luo Jia opened the bottle of mineral water on the stage, took a sip, and continued, “I didn’t think about it at the time. It’s fine. Why did Neon sell Toshiba Storage to Wall Street? But later, After I checked more information, the truth gradually surfaced.”


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