Sword Spirit Chapter 1227: Ascension to Heaven (finally



Sunrise, moonset, spring goes, autumn comes.


It’s been three years in the blink of an eye.


The calamity of Sol has passed, and the pattern of Tianjian Continent has also changed.


The Illusory God Sect has been completely erased, except for some of the remaining exercises, there is no trace.


The Bafang Temple was rebuilt, some families were removed, and those who made credit in the battle against Thor were replaced. The leader is still the Sikong family, and the head of the family is the original sideline of the Sikong family, and the gap between the Sikong family and the Jiuhua League was completely erased after the war three years ago.


Wansha Island is still at ease overseas, but its reputation has become more impetuous than before. Back then, Wansha Island dispatched most of the strong people to fight against Sol, which is worthy of the admiration of the world’s warriors.


As for the Jiuhua Alliance, Ye Wuhen is still the leader of the alliance.


Originally, the position of the leader of the alliance should be passed on to Lu Xuan, because according to the tradition of the Jiuhua Alliance, once the next successor grows up, the position must be passed on immediately, and the strong person of the previous generation will assist the successor to grow up. stand up.


But Lu Xuan refused. The reason was very simple. He couldn’t stay in Tianjian Continent forever, and he also had another heavy responsibility on his shoulders.


However, Ye Wuhen has only one son, Lu Xuan, and Ye Haoran has only Ye Xuanxuan, so the choice of successor has become a problem.


But for Lu Xuan, this is not a problem. He is very irresponsible to leave this matter to the next generation.


In the past three years, he has worked hard every day, and the results are extraordinary. Zhang Dongshuang, Xia Chenxi, Lin Xinyi, Su Ye, and Chen Xiaohan gave birth to children one after another. In an instant, the Ye family, whose children and grandchildren were not prosperous, suddenly filled the house with children and grandchildren, full of children crying.


Lu Xuan also said that among his sons, those who are interested in martial arts should work hard to cultivate, strive to break through the extraordinary, and go to Tianyu. If the talent is not good enough to achieve this step, then stay in Tianjian Continent, spread the branches and leaves, if the talent is excellent and want to go to Tianyu, then it is easy to do, learn from his father, and be a few years. The leader is then dumped to the next generation.


“When are you going?” Ling Jin said expressionlessly as he looked at Lu Xuan who was teasing the child.


She asks this sentence almost every once in a while. Ever since Lu Xuan broke through to the extraordinary, she knew that Lu Xuan has the ability to leave Tianjian Continent at any time, but Lu Xuan has always been nostalgic for Tianjian Continent. Slow to move.


In the past, Lu Xuan had a reason to leave a trace of blood before leaving, lest an accident in Tianyu would cause the Ye family to break the incense, but seeing these children born one after another, Lu Xuan still had no meaning at all.


“Giggle, auntie hug.” The child in Lu Xuan’s arms giggled and reached out to Ling Jin, wanting to hug.


“Shh, Xiao Xu’er, don’t shout, this is not my aunt!” Lu Xuan said with a smile, the one he was holding was his and Lin Xinyi’s child, a daughter, called Lu Xu, a child Not very sensible, when I see young women in the inner courtyard, everyone calls them aunties.


However, regardless of Lu Xuan’s words, Lu Xu still stretched out her hand and struggled towards Ling Jin’s side, and kept calling her aunt to hug her.


Ling Jin blushed slightly, but she took the initiative to hug Xiao Xu’er. She stayed in the back house all day, so she was no stranger to Lu Xuan’s children, and they all regarded her as an aunt.


“Auntie, eat grandma…” Xiao Xuer very skillfully reached out to Ling Jin’s chest, looking for what she longed for. She had just been weaned and wanted to eat milk all day long, so Lin Xinyi would leave for a while. Give the time to Lu Xuan.


“My aunt doesn’t have a grandmother, Xiao Xuer has grown up and can’t breastfeed anymore.” Ling Jin coaxed her in a harmonious voice.


“There is a grandmother, my aunt has a grandmother, and my father doesn’t have a grandma…” Seeing Xiao Xuer crying anxiously, Ling Jin looked at Lu Xuan helplessly, obviously asking him what to do.


Lu Xuan also had a tangled expression on his face. Weaning was a must, but when he cried, he panicked again. As a last resort, Lu Xuan tried to open his mouth and said, “Uh… Let her eat? You don’t have any…”


“Lu Xuan!” Ling Jin glared angrily, Lu Xuan spread his hands, he knew it would not work.


“What’s the matter?” Xia Chenxi pushed in the door, and when she saw Xiao Xu’er who was crying, she glared at Lu Xuan and said, “What did you do to make her cry after letting you take it for a while? Give it to me.”


Xia Chenxi and Lin Xinyi have the best relationship. During the period of weaning, they were entrusted to Xia Chenxi to take care of them. Moreover, Xia Chenxi’s children have already been weaned, so they can be considered experienced and easy to carry.


Seeing Xia Chenxi, Lu Xuan suddenly felt like a pardon, and said repeatedly: “Chenxi, you came just right, you can take Xiao Xuer away, I really can’t take a child, I just have something to tell Ling Jin. Just a moment.”


Taking over the child from Ling Jin’s arms, Xia Chenxi glanced at the two of them and snorted softly, “If you say something, say something, but don’t mention a child.”


Seeing Xia Chenxi walking away with the child in her arms, Lu Xuan and Lu Xuan looked at each other, a little unnatural. In fact, they almost had a child, but obviously, they didn’t win the bid that time.


“Cough, let’s get down to business, when are you going. Don’t perfunctory me this time.” Ling Jin coughed.


Lu Xuan also suppressed the lingering feelings in his heart and pondered for a while: “It’s time to go.”


Ling Jin glanced at Lu Xuan in surprise, but he didn’t expect him to give the right words this time.


Lu Xuan looked at her and smiled and said, “Don’t think I used to perfunctory you on purpose, I really couldn’t leave at that time, but now, the children have grown up, and the situation in Tianjian Continent has changed. The time is ripe for stability.”


“Then… leave tomorrow?”


“Uh uh, is this too urgent?” Lu Xuan was speechless.


“Then you say it.”


“In half a year.”


“Okay, your words count.” After receiving Lu Xuan’s accurate answer, Ling Jin didn’t say much, just got up and was about to leave.


“Hey, let me tell you.” Seeing Ling Jin get up, Lu Xuan said in a tangled voice, “How about… Really get a child out?”


Ling Jin’s footsteps stopped suddenly, her breathing was involuntarily rapid, she turned around and scolded: “Lu Xuan, are you still shameless?”


Having said that, Ling Jin didn’t take another step forward. Seeing this, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but dared to pull Ling Jin’s hand. Although he was said to be in the extraordinary realm, Ling Jin had not yet reached the Demon Lord. But he can’t beat a woman, can he?


Without resisting, Lu Xuan was overjoyed, he hugged Ling Jin and walked inside.


After years of getting along, if there is no trace of affection between the two sides, how can it be possible?




Six months later, Jiuhuameng ascended to Taiwan.


Many warriors rushed over from all directions. Today is the most important day in the Heavenly Sword Continent for 10,000 years. In these 10,000 years, Ascension has become a legend, but now, this legend is about to become a reality!


Once extraordinary, day soars!


The Ascension Platform was specially built by the Jiuhua League. The news of Lu Xuan’s ascension today was also released a long time ago, in order to let the warriors of Tianjian Continent understand that from now on, they will not stay forever. In Tianjian Continent, as long as you have the strength, you can still soar!


However, with Lu Xuan’s current strength, he is still unable to break the barrier. He can only use the characteristics of Taiyi Guiyuan Jue to soar, and he will not be hindered by the barrier. However, all the exercises that have cultivated Taiyi Guiyuan Jue to the transcendent state have been left behind. In the future, if someone cultivates Taiyi Guiyuan Jue to achieve extraordinaryness, they will also be able to soar.


At this moment, ordinary warriors can only watch from the bottom of the mountain, and those who really have the opportunity to come to this ascending platform are undoubtedly those who stand at the top, the people from Wansha Island, the Bafang Temple, and the Nangong family. People, the people of the Jiuhua League, all came together.


“Tianyu is dangerous, be careful in everything.” Ye Wuhen patted Lu Xuan’s shoulder with emotion and said, “You are too old now, maybe you understand some things better than me, so I won’t say more, if If you have the opportunity, come back to see more. This will always be your real home.”


Lu Xuan smiled: “Don’t worry, father, the barrier of Heavenly Sword Continent can stop others, but it can’t stop me.”


Turn his head to look at his mother Zhao Ying, Xia Chenxi, Lin Xinyi and others who were holding the child flashed a warm smile: “Besides, my parents, wife and children are all here, how can I give up?”


Ye Wuhen nodded: “You just understand that life is more precious than anything else. Although you are no longer here, the people here will always miss you.”


“Well, I will strive to establish a firm foothold in Tianyu as soon as possible. If there is a chance, I will take you all over. Father, you are in your prime. If you arrive in Tianyu, you will have the opportunity to make breakthroughs.”


Next, Lu Xuan greeted all his relatives and friends one by one. When he walked up to Lu Yu, he couldn’t help but feel a little pantothenic in his nose.


Lu Yu smiled and said: “Don’t cry, so many people are watching, the first supernatural powerhouse in Tianjian Continent in ten thousand years is crying, this is a big event.”


“Father…” Lu Xuan couldn’t continue after only two words, and he was a little choked up.


Lu Yu wiped his eyes for Lu Xuan and said with a smile: “Go, today is a big happy event, don’t hurt your emotions. I will always be proud of you for my father. I haven’t done anything major in my life, but I raised you. It’s the biggest thing!”


“Yeah!” Lu Xuan put away his emotions: “I will definitely not let you down, father. One day, I will let everyone know that my Lu Xuan’s Lu is Lu Yu’s Lu!” /


“Haha, good, good boy! I’m proud of my father!” Lu Yu patted Lu Xuan on the shoulder, motioning him to continue to say goodbye to the others, but the moment Lu Xuan turned around, a hot teardrop broke out. It slipped out of the corner of Lu Yu’s eyes uncontrollably, Lu Xuan, but he has raised children for nearly 20 years. Although he has the blood of the Ye family, he is the son of Lu Yu who is closer than his own son.


The sun gradually rose, and Lu Xuan said goodbye to all his relatives and friends. Now, it was finally time to leave.


At this moment, there are three people and one beast standing on the stage. The three are Ling Jin, Ling Rou, and Zhao Bing’er. The beast is naturally Ah Li. As for Bing Ling, at this moment, he has returned to the Xuanbing Fengxue Sword.


Ling Jin and Ling Rou needless to say, they are demons, and they want to ascend their talents together with Lu Xuan and return to their own clan. As for Zhao Bing’er, with her strong temperament, she insisted on going with Lu Xuan, which is why she would rather not have a child with Lu Xuan.


For the sake of her safety, Lu Xuan absolutely didn’t want to take it. After all, he didn’t know what happened to Tianyu, so how could he take Zhao Bing’er on an adventure. But in the end, it was Bing Ling who persuaded her. Bing Ling said that Zhao Bing’er was very suitable for practicing the exercises of her Bingfeng clan. After returning to Tianyu, she could take Zhao Binger back to the Bingfeng clan first, and there would be nothing wrong. Dangerous, Lu Xuan agreed.


Stepping onto the ascending platform, Lu Xuan subconsciously glanced at Ling Jin’s stomach. He didn’t seem to react. Thinking about it, he failed again. Otherwise, after half a year, there should be some movement.


Ling Jin noticed Lu Xuan’s gaze, and a smile formed on the corner of his mouth. He also touched his stomach subconsciously. It’s terrible to be uneducated. Don’t you know that the demons need to be pregnant for three years?


Lu Xuan sacrificed the Taiyi Cauldron and said: “I have to apologise for you. For the time being, with my strength, I can’t lead you to break through the barrier. You can only stay in the Taiyi Cauldron and wait until Tianyu. Come out.”


Everyone nodded, they knew this for a long time. In fact, Lu Xuan can bring more people to Tianyu through Taiyi Ding, but he doesn’t want to bring people close to him, because no one knows what is going on in Tianyu, and the risk is too great. As for people who are not close, Lu Xuan will not bring them, but he will not forget that Duan Hongchen is waiting for him in Tianyu. Once he learns that Lu Xuan has obtained Ye Tian’s inheritance and has left Tianjian Continent, he will welcome him. Lu Xuan’s will definitely be a disaster!


Putting away the Taiyi Ding, Lu Xuan sank into his dantian, took a deep breath and said loudly: “Everyone! Farewell today, see you tomorrow!”


Taiyi Guiyuan Jue ran with a bang, the momentum of the transcendent realm burst out from Lu Xuan, and a force of traction suddenly came from the void, this time, Lu Xuan did not resist any more , along with this force began to slowly lift into the air.


The mood of the audience was soaring, soaring, really soaring!


At this moment, above the ascension platform, there is a phenomenon in the sky, the wind is sweeping, the clouds are densely covered, and the endless Yuan force automatically condenses, turning into a Yuan force vortex, completely wrapping Lu Xuan, in the sky, Impressively open a channel!


Through the passage, a large net appeared in front of everyone. The powerful warriors could clearly see the large net, which was the barrier laid by Ye Tian’s Heavenly Sword Continent. It not only blocked the entry of people from Tianyu, but also cut off the opportunity for people from Tianjian Continent to fly to Tianyu.


But now, this big net will not cause any hindrance to Lu Xuan, because the two are from the same vein.




The vortex of Yuan force suddenly turned and quickly lifted into the air. In less than ten breaths, Lu Xuan was completely sent into the void, before the barrier.


In the dark, Lu Xuan has already received a sense, that is the way to Tianyu.


Lu Xuan smiled slightly, since that’s the case, then let’s go, the road to go is still very far, very far…


In this step, Lu Xuan moved from Tianjian Continent to Tianyu.




Tianyu, Chaos Peony Hall.


The meditating Fairy Peony suddenly opened her eyes and noticed Shizun’s movement. Ruo Xiangyi in the audience immediately stopped her work: “Master, what happened?”


Fairy Peony glanced at Ruo Xiangyi, suddenly showed a smile, and said meaningfully: “Just now, there has been movement on my ban on the outer cloth of Tianjian Continent.”


Ruo Xiangyi’s heart skipped a beat: “Don’t tell me…”


“There are people in Tianjian Continent who have achieved extraordinary achievements and broke through the barrier of the Emperor of Heaven.”


“Lu Xuan!”


(End of the book)


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