Sword Spirit Chapter 1226: Three kowtows



The unicorn is furious, and the corpses are everywhere!


The unicorn arm is the most powerful move of the unicorn clan. It is invincible in the sky and the ground. What’s more, the Sol, the net of heaven, soul and earth built by his exhausted soul power, in Lu Xuan’s eyes, is like a It is a cobweb that can be easily destroyed with a single poke.


Sol watched helplessly as Lu Xuan slammed the powerful punch, but there was no way to retreat. Soul Clan was good at dodging, but not good at defense. His blocking only cost Lu Xuan less than a trace. Time was completely burned by the flames carried by this punch, and this extremely powerful punch directly hit his body.




As if there was a thunder in the sky, it resounded through the sky!


Sol’s screams were covered up by this earth-shattering sound. Everyone only saw that Lu Xuan’s punch hit Sol completely, and Sol’s huge body sharply slammed into the ground. Shrinking, what was burned was not ordinary soul power, but Thor’s original soul power, and even his body.


One move, hit hard!


“Lu Xuan! I swear to kill you!” Sol’s frantic screams sounded. This punch almost destroyed half of Sol’s body. Countless scattered in a moment, if he used this strength to fight against Bing Ling and Ah Li before, I am afraid there is a chance to be killed by them.


“If you want to kill me, then show your ability!” With this punch of the unicorn arm, Lu Xuan’s aura was almost achieved, but unfortunately the power consumed by the unicorn arm was too huge. Otherwise, if he punched again, he would be able to kill Sol in an instant.


Don’t look at Thor’s serious injuries, but Lu Xuan is not feeling very well at the moment, his left arm is extremely numb. If he hadn’t just succeeded in condensing his extraordinary body, with Lu Xuan’s original body, he couldn’t bear the force of this punch at all, and I’m afraid his arm would have burst in an instant. But in other words, if Lu Xuan failed to break through the extraordinary, this punch would not be able to achieve such power.


It doesn’t matter if the left arm can’t exert its strength, Lu Xuan still has the sword in his hand, the name of the sword is dusty!


Saul is already crazy, even if he fought to destroy his ten thousand years of cultivation today, he vowed to kill Lu Xuan! As long as he can kill Lu Xuan, capture Lu Xuan’s body, and devour Lu Xuan’s soul, he is still the strongest person in this Heavenly Sword Continent!


In an instant, he was killed again, and his huge body suddenly scattered, divided into ten thousand, carrying the sound of Devil May Cry and Wolf Howling, and rushed towards Lu Xuan in unison.


“Ten thousand ghosts eat souls!”


Lu Xuan threw his long sword, and the sword intent burst into the sky.


“What about the ten thousand ghosts, as many as they come, I will suppress as much as I can! The wind blows the clouds away!”


Lu Xuan used his mighty swordsmanship to use the fourth form of the Nine-layered Heavenly Sword. In an instant, the wind surged like a gust of wind and waves, heading towards the ten thousand ghosts incarnated by Sol.


The soul of the ten thousand ghosts encounters a series of powerful sword qi, and it will be damaged when it touches, and it will be destroyed when it hits it. But after all, there were still a lot of fish that slipped through the net, breaking through Lu Xuan’s sword energy and heading straight for him.


Lu Xuan used the sword as a guide, and instantly formed a seal. The tip of the sword flickered like a butterfly through a flower, and a thunder seal was formed.


Thunder Seals!


With Lu Xuan’s current attainments, he can directly seal a hundred times! Within ten feet of the whole body, the thunder was densely covered, and the ghosts led down the thunder, which instantly disappeared.


Saul is so angry that he is going crazy at the moment. Before, he was afraid of Lu Xuan’s multiple methods, but now he has suffered once again, whether it was the unicorn arm that scorned the world before, or the unicorn arm just now. The wind and the clouds, how can this be possessed by ordinary supernatural warriors? He didn’t even expect that Lu Xuan, with the body of Golden Thunder, combined with his talisman skills, would be able to inflict such great damage on himself.


This guy has absolutely no weaknesses!


Lu Xuan is unreasonable. Relying on the power of the ten thousand thunder seals, the sword is like a dragon, and the Sanqing Soul-breaking sword is swayed like a danqing and a demon. This set of martial arts is specially designed to deal with the soul clan. And Chuang, Lu Xuan’s performance in the Great Void Realm can still make Sol extremely jealous. Since he is extraordinary at this moment, it is to completely show the power of this sword technique.


No matter what stands in my way, I will cut it with one sword.


Sol began to be afraid, he is not Lu Xuan, he has no inheritance from the Heavenly Emperor, he is just an ordinary soul clan, he has no ultimate move, no stunt, the reason why he can be arrogant in the Heavenly Sword Continent is because of It was his strength that far surpassed that of the Heavenly Sword Continent’s human race, but even an elite Soul Venerable would not be blocked by even a truly extraordinary Heavenly Sword Human Race.


But now, his only advantage has been wiped out, because the human race has an extraordinary Lu Xuan. Although he is a new and extraordinary person, Lu Xuan’s background is more powerful than Sol! Just a single unicorn arm has dealt a heavy blow to Sol. If Sol could have this level of killing move, the Jiuhuameng group would have already returned to Jiuquan.


If you can’t beat it, run away! Sol is no stranger to this word. Why he can cultivate the realm of supreme soul with an ordinary body, that is because he cherished his life, escaped countless times, and gained countless opportunities to survive, and only a little accumulation has reached the current realm.


He can survive for another ten thousand years in a place like the Sealed Land. Now that he is not bound, what if he survives for another ten thousand years?


Besides, he believes that Lu Xuan will definitely not stay in the Tianjian Continent for long. In the lower realm, reaching the extraordinary realm is already at the top. Sooner or later, Lu Xuan will go to Tianyu, and even Ling Jin, Ali and Bing Ling will meet. go. At that time, when Lu Xuan and the others leave, and the top powerhouses of the Tianjian Human Race have been killed and wounded in this battle, the Tianjian Continent will still be dominated by him!


“Today’s revenge, tomorrow’s revenge!” Sol gritted his teeth and said a few words. Blood was dripping from his heart. In this battle, he lost too much, even more than in the battle 10,000 years ago. At that time, after all, he did not fight Bing Ling and Duan Hongchen head-on, and this time , but was defeated by Lu Xuan abruptly.


Sol’s scattered soul power instantly condensed, turned into nine groups of divided souls, and fled in all directions. He didn’t believe that Lu Xuan could keep all his avatars behind!


Unexpectedly, Sol said he would run away, and he was extremely decisive. However, Lu Xuan sneered. This battle caused them to lose so much. If Saul escaped, what would he use to pay tribute to Ye Wenjun and others? What to use to pay homage to the twenty-three rune masters who sacrificed and died?


Looking at the voice of Sol escaping, Lu Xuan said slowly: “I let you escape again and again before, but this time, you can’t escape.”


The long sword is in the air, divided into nine!


This sword, which Lu Xuan received only after he reached the extraordinary realm, appeared in front of the world for the first time.


Sword Qi is 30,000 miles across, and the sword light is cold in nineteen states! These nine swords contain Lu Xuan’s lifelong insights!


One sword mighty kendo, two swords destroy kendo, three swords kill kendo, four swords Shura kendo, five swords immortal kendo, six swords five elements kendo, seven swords wind and thunder kendo, eight swords force kendo, nine swords life and death kendo!


The sword comes out like a dragon, and the bloodthirsty side returns. The nine souls were divided, and they were instantly annihilated.


From now on, on this day, here, there is no such person as Thor.


“Dead, dead?” Ye Haoran said a little uncertainly, no wonder he behaved like this, it is true that Saul has always been too strong, and even all the powerhouses of them can’t stop it.


But now, Lu Xuan only made three moves to completely kill him, which is too shocking.


Ye Wuhen turned to look at him, smiled and said, “Dead, we won, Terran, we won.”


“Hahaha, we won! We won!” Ye Haoran burst into a burst of laughter, they had been suppressed for too long! Depressed to the point of despair, but now, they have won!


Ye Haoran turned to look at Marven Ye, and shouted excitedly: “Grandpa, look, we won…”


His voice stopped abruptly, staring blankly at Marven Ye who was sitting quietly on the ground, the excitement just now disappeared without a trace, and with a plop, he fell to his knees and kowtowed to the ground with his head.


Sword Master Ye Wenyan, sits here.


He had a quiet smile on his face, as gentle, kind, and adoring as ever. He saw that the human race worked together, saw that the descendants were united, saw Ye Jiazi break through the extraordinary, and saw the soul clan Sol, who went to the west.


He has carried too much in his life, but he has carried this heavy responsibility, step by step, until now. Now, he can finally feel at ease, leave the Jiuhuameng, where he has spent countless efforts, and leave the land that gave birth to him.


The one who returned at the same time as Ye Wenyan was Sikong Zhengqing, two old enemies who had been fighting for hundreds of years. At the last moment of their lives, they joined forces for the first time. , but died in the same year, the same month and the same day, this life is enough for him.


Lu Xuan returned from the air and knelt down silently. At this moment, his mood could not express his gratitude and respect for Marven Ye. Marven Ye died for the human race, but also for Lu Xuan. In Lu Xuan’s mind, Marven Ye’s height was the same as that of the Emperor Ye Tian. It’s just that one is for the Heavenly Domain Human Race, and the other is for the Heavenly Sword Human Race.


Ye Wuhen’s eyes were slightly red, and he said solemnly: “Congratulations to send off Patriarch and Senior Sikong.”


Everyone present, including Ling Jin, all knelt down and kowtowed.


The first knock, for twenty-eight rune masters who died in sacrifice.


The second knock is for Ye Wenjun, the sword demon who was killed by a sword.


The third knock is for Ye Wenyan and Sikong Zhengqing, who burned the last glory of their lives.


They are all well-deserved heroes of the Tianjian people! Everyone is a hero in this battle!


The Heavenly Sword Continent has suffered for a long time, but since it can survive the catastrophe of 10,000 years ago and the catastrophe of 10,000 years from now, in the future, there will be no one or anything that can defeat the Heavenly Sword Human Race. !


Lu Xuan raised his head and swore to the sky that one day he had the sword in his hand, and he would slaughter all the soul clan of the heavenly domain to pay homage to the ancestors who died because of them!


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