Supreme Martial Artist Chapter 2: It’s your own shame



Ouyang Li was so arrogant, the muscles on Su Yunhai’s face trembled, and he almost slapped the table. But when he thought of Su Han, he had to endure it.


The Ouyang family and the Su family are both one of the three major families in Qingye City. In the final analysis, it is because Su Han is not up to the mark and the Su family has no successor, so Ouyang Li can be so arrogant. No matter how powerful a family is, it is useless without a good successor. Thinking of this, Su Yunhai’s face darkened a bit.


Su Jun observed the expressions of the three people, and a sinister smile appeared on his face that was not easy to detect.


He wished that Su Han couldn’t make the medicine pill, so he would be humiliated in front of the Ouyang family and smear the Su family. Only in this way will Su Yunhai be completely disappointed with the useless son of Su Han, and Su Jun, the adopted son, will have a chance to rise to the top.


“Uncle Su, if Su Han doesn’t make Yang Yuandan today, you have to fulfill your promise and replace my engagement with Su Han with that of Brother Su Jun.”


Ouyang Xuan’er looked shy and looked at Su Jun secretly as she spoke.




Su Yunhai smiled bitterly. Beauty has loved heroes since ancient times. This adopted son, Su Jun, is handsome and talented. At a young age, he is already a master of the fourth rank of Qi Wujing. It is normal for Ouyang Xuan’er to like him. A cavity of infatuation is somewhat in vain.


“The Second Young Master is here!”


With a notification, Su Han’s figure strode into the front hall, his eyes glowed, and he looked very energetic, completely different from before!


The hall was silent for a while, Su Yunhai’s eyes were full of surprise and doubts, and Ouyang Li’s eyes were gloomy and suspicious.


In the past, Su Han’s appearance was always timid, without the slightest spirit, what’s going on today?


Ouyang Xuan’er also frowned. When Su Han saw her in the past, she was so nervous and at a loss. He regarded her as a goddess, which greatly satisfied her vanity. But today Su Han didn’t even look at her, which made her inexplicably uncomfortable!


“Brother Han, you’re finally here, everyone is waiting anxiously, take out the Yang Yuandan quickly.”


Su Jun suddenly said something, which drew everyone’s attention to Yang Yuandan.


“Yes, Su family boy, where is your Yang Yuandan, the old man waited all afternoon, you’d better not use any waste pills to fool the old man.” Ouyang Li laughed.


Su Yunhai, on the other hand, was worried, obviously not thinking that Su Han could refine Yang Yuandan.


Su Han sneered in his heart, the big brother Su Jun really can’t wait to see himself making a fool of himself!


“Bring it!”


Su Han waved his hand, and a servant trotted all the way into the hall, carefully placing the medicine box in his hand on the table.


“Han’er, have you really made a first-grade pill, Yang Yuandan?” Su Yunhai looked incredulous.


This son has been studying pills for three years and has bombed countless pill furnaces, but he has never succeeded. If he really came up with pills today, even if it was an ordinary pill, Su Yunhai would think it would be worth it.


“Even if you are lucky enough to make Yang Yuan Dan, it’s just an ordinary pill, no different from a waste pill!”


Ouyang Li grabbed the medicine box with a big hand, grabbed the medicine box in his hand, and opened it violently!




The heat spread out, and a strong medicinal fragrance filled the hall, causing the four people in the hall to be dazed…




Ouyang Li frowned tightly, staring at the five fiery red pills, as if to see through the pills.


“What, all five are high-quality pills…” Su Yunhai’s expression was stunned at first, then slowly turned into ecstasy.


The people of the Su family who were present couldn’t come back to their senses. Could it be that their second young master is actually a hidden genius of alchemy…?


After a moment of silence, someone spoke.


“Brother Han, the elder brother has heard about your explosion just now. It doesn’t matter if you can’t make the medicine pill, but how can you use the medicine pill from your family’s medicine shop to pretend to be the medicine you made yourself?”


It was Su Jun who spoke, and I saw that his tone was calm, and his eyes flashed with an imperceptible vicious color!


Ouyang Xuan’er said crisply: “So that’s the case, Su Han, you are too shameless, we were almost deceived by you!”


Su Han sneered in his heart, these two people poured a pot of dirty water!


Looking at Su Jun’s handsome figure and Ouyang Xuan’er’s youthful and beautiful face, this is his predecessor’s most trusted eldest brother and favorite girl!


It’s a pity that the current Su Han is no longer that trashy Su Han who is bullied by others!




Su Yunhai patted the table and said angrily, “Su Jun, how can you not trust your brother like this, the Su family’s Danfang is an hour away from the Su’s residence, if this medicine is really brought from the Danfang, How could it be hot?”


Seeing that Su Yunhai seemed a little disappointed in himself, Su Jun quickly said: “I’m sorry, foster father, it’s my fault, I’m too worried about brother Han, for fear that he will go the wrong way.”


Ouyang Li said: “Su Jun is right. Even if he doesn’t take it directly, he can ask an alchemist to come and help refine it! Brother Su, I don’t believe in the character of your son!”


Ouyang Xuan’er also said: “Su Han, don’t think that you can marry me with a few high-quality pills. Let’s not talk about the origin of these pills, who doesn’t know that you are a martial artist in Qingye City? Trash, do you think you are worthy of me?”


Su Han showed a puzzled expression: “Marry you? Ouyang Xuan’er, you are too snobbish. You want to be with me when you see a few high-quality pills?”


“Su Han, what are you doing here, isn’t it because you have been pestering me, if you hadn’t been begging hard today, I wouldn’t have come here to see what kind of pills you make!”


Ouyang Xuan’er stomped her feet in anger and stared at Su Han with almond eyes, only to find that Su Han looked at her with a bit of mockery in her calmness, without the infatuation of the past!


This kind of gap made Ouyang Xuan’er even more unhappy in her heart. With an evil fire, she rushed to Su Han’s side, raised her small hand and slapped Su Han in the mouth.


Su Han’s face immediately became indifferent, and a cold red light flashed in his left eye, this woman!




There was a crisp sound. It turned out that Ouyang Xuan’er waved too much and accidentally bumped into Su Han. A small medicine box fell from Su Han’s body and fell to the ground.


Ouyang Xuan’er’s attention was immediately diverted, she withdrew her hand and looked excited.


“Su Han, it turns out that you still have a medicine box hidden on your body, why do you hide it? Let’s see what it is! Could it be that this is the real medicine pill you made? Are you? After refining a waste pill, you are ashamed to meet people?”


Having said that, Ouyang Xuan’er quickly picked up the small box, held it high, and opened it at once.


The contents of the wooden box are so clearly presented in front of everyone’s eyes!




A breathless voice sounded, and the expressions of everyone in the hall were unbelievable.


Especially Su Jun, he stood up with a whimper, his face turned pale and his eyes seemed to protrude.


“Why, isn’t this a waste pill?” Ouyang Xuan’er felt strange, glanced at the medicine box in her hand, and was immediately stunned.


Where is the waste pill in the medicine box, it is clearly a second-grade pill steaming hot, the Chiyan Pill, which is a whole grade higher than the Yang Yuan Pill.


Moreover, it is a high-quality Dan!


“There is no alchemist in our Su family’s alchemy workshop that can make a second-grade high-quality dan. Han’er, you also made this high-quality red flame dan?”


Su Yunhai’s eyes lit up, looking at Su Han full of surprise and shock.


“That’s right.”


Su Han nodded, knowing that the ingredients for refining the second-grade medicinal herb Chiyan Pill are basically the same as the first-grade Yang Yuan Pill, but the formula ratio and refining method are different. Although he deliberately fried the furnace for the second time, he also made a high-quality red flame pill by the way, and he didn’t want to take it out.


“Hahaha, Ouyang Li, my son can refine a second-grade high-quality pill, what else do you have to say!” Su Yunhai laughed loudly, and his earlier depression was swept away.


“The second-grade high-quality pill, how could he refine the second-grade high-quality pill, I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!”


Ouyang Xuan’er’s face was hot. Who would have thought that she wanted to humiliate Su Han, but instead she made herself humiliated.


This time, Su Jun didn’t stand by her side, but just stood stiffly in place, his face turning blue and white.


“Hmph, a second-grade high-quality alchemy doesn’t mean much. You are always an apprentice of alchemy. If you want to become an official alchemist, you are still far away!”


Ouyang shouted arrogantly, but he knew very well that the official alchemists in the Ouyang Family Pill Workshop could not refine second-grade high-quality pills at all.


But he didn’t want to encourage the arrogance of this kid from the Su family, especially the way this kid looked at people, showing a certain confidence in his bones, which was completely different from before, which made Ouyang Li very unhappy.


After listening to Ouyang Li’s words, Su Han sneered in his heart. He is an unreasonable head of the Ouyang family.


When he becomes a warrior, he will recover this debt sooner or later!


“Father, I don’t want to marry Ouyang Xuan’er. If you want to get married, eldest brother will come. Anyway, eldest brother is also father’s son, and he is the eldest son. If you want to marry, he should come first.”


Su Han’s sudden change of words surprised everyone.


Ouyang Xuan’er was stunned on the spot. Su Han used to think of her as a goddess, but today she always looks like she despised her! Although she didn’t like Su Han, she still felt insulted, her face flushed red.


However, when she thought of what Su Han said, Ouyang Xuan’er was a little overjoyed. She originally wanted to marry Su Jun. Although Su Han made a few pills by mistake, how could he compare to Su Jun, who became a master of the fourth rank of Qi Wujing at a young age.


“Brother Han, it’s not my eldest brother, I don’t want to help you. This marriage was decided for you by your adoptive father and Uncle Ouyang ten years ago. Even if the elder brother agrees with adopted father and Uncle Ouyang will not Agree.”


Su Jun pretended to be embarrassed, but he was already overjoyed in his heart. If he can marry Ouyang Xuan’er, with the powerful help of the Ouyang family behind him, his status in the Su family will change instantly.


“What does the old man disagree with? Su Jun is young and promising, and he is the best candidate for the son-in-law in the old man’s mind.”


Ouyang Li took the lead in expressing his position. Between Su Han and Su Jun, he is not stupid, and of course he knows who to choose as his son-in-law.


“This… This is not very compliant… Oh, forget it, it’s fine if the young people are willing, Su Jun, I haven’t seen your future father-in-law soon.”


Su Yunhai looked helpless. He thought that Su Han was enlightened today, but he didn’t expect that he would still be as self-willed and disorderly as before. The marriage event changed when he said it, so he could not wait to kick Su Han, an unfilial son, out.


“Then, I’ll be more respectful than obedient. I have seen my father-in-law.”


Su Jun hurriedly saluted Ouyang Li, the smile on his face could not be suppressed no matter how.


Su Han sneered in his heart, you will cry soon!


“Okay, the matter is settled like this, the old man and Xuan’er will go back first!”


Ouyang Li got up and said goodbye.


Su Han smiled softly, “By the way, my eldest brother still has a wish, that is, he can move out of the Su family and start his own business after marriage!”


“What, to be independent?” Su Yunhai and Ouyang Li were stunned, and even Su Jun couldn’t react.


“Yes, my eldest brother always said that he owed the Su family too much for 18 years of free food and drink in the Su family, and he was not going to use the Su family a penny after marriage. , My eldest brother doesn’t want the Su family to pay even the money for the wedding, so the cost of this wedding is still up to you, Patriarch Ouyang.”


“Brother Han, what did you say?” Su Jun’s voice sank.


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