Super Dimensional Wizard: Three thousand and thirty-fifth section color gap


Faced with Shaina’s questioning, Akers said softly, “Stop is my most important friend.”

Hearing Akers’ reply, Shaina seemed to understand something: “So, you also participated in this attack?”

Ax opened his mouth, as if trying to defend himself, but hesitated for a second, then fell silent again.

Ex’s non-refutation, in Shaina’s eyes, is a kind of acquiescence.

Originally, Shaina still wanted to befriend Axtor, but now she’s very fortunate, fortunately she hadn’t drawn Axel, otherwise she would have lost both face and mileage.

“Shaina, do you know him?” Elder Tree had never seen Aikes before, but he looked over suspiciously when he heard the conversation between Shaina and Akes.

“Yes, I thought he was a white wizard.” Shaina nodded and said.

“White wizard?” Stope suddenly interjected, with a hint of sarcasm in his smile: “Stupid guy, who will distinguish black and white according to the quality of wizards. Oh, no, even if not according to good and bad, it is Stupid people.”

Shaina frowned and didn’t respond.

Because of Stoop’s words, ideas are involved, and the debate of ideas is rarely discussed in the wizarding world.

Stop: “Let me introduce you to this. This is my companion, and also the fool I said earlier, whose name is Akers.”

Stop’s words were obviously derogatory, but Akers didn’t care, and seemed to have grown accustomed to being called “stupid”.

At this moment, Earl Black suddenly said, “So, he is the reason why you attacked the Bilon Tree Court?”

The reason why Black Earl asked this question is because Stoop clearly stated that “stupid people use hatred as the biggest driving force. And in my organization, there are stupid people”.

This shows that, in Stoop’s view, Akers should be a hatred-driven wizard.

Stop himself denied that he had a special purpose for attacking the Bilon Tree Court, and Earl Black could also see that he should not lie, plus some of his behaviors and actions, Earl Black could basically confirm that this person was a Pleasure offender.

The so-called pleasure criminals refer to those who commit crimes that are not their purpose, but who, through their criminal behavior, cause public riots and panic, and then secretly observe these reactions for fun.

Although pleasure criminals will not commit crimes with a purpose, it is possible if pleasure criminals are organized to satisfy their own pleasure by organizing attacks.

In other words, Stoop may not have the purpose of attacking the tree garden of Bilon, but Stoop’s accomplices have a request to attack the tree garden of Bilon.

Currently, the accomplice Stoop admits is also a “stupid person” in his mouth, so there is only Ax.

That’s why the Black Earl asked this question.

Stop stretched out his index finger and swayed left and right: “No. Akers is not good at weaving hatred. His stupidity is that he always wants to create the best of both worlds.”

“Like this time, he knows everything, but he insists on running to save people. Is it ridiculous? Stupid or stupid?”

Obviously he knew that he would endure with the Bilon Tree Court, but Akers still wondered if he could make up for it in some way to achieve the best of both worlds. In Stoop’s view, this is an incomprehensible stupid behavior… However, Stoop will not stop Ax’s actions, after all, Ax is also a member of the organization.

Stupidity is stupid, but he’s also a veteran of the organization.

In addition, the people in the organization themselves have more or less faults. Compared with other people, Akers’ faults are not too big.

Hearing Stope’s words, Shaina was stunned: “He, he is saving people?”

Stop didn’t answer, but Ax scratched his head: “The people I saved are now underground in the council hall, where it’s safe. After we leave, the Yusen witch can go there and inform them.”

Shaina was dazzled by Ax’s words.

The elder tree snorted coldly: “Want to leave? Impossible!”

As soon as the elder tree spoke, he wanted to control the force of nature and attack the mask created by Aix.

However, neither Ax nor Stoop paid any attention to Elder Tree. As for Elder Tree’s attack, it was of no use at all. As soon as all the energy got close to the mask, it would disappear. It was as if it had fallen into a black hole that was hard to see with the naked eye.

And the two people inside the mask are completely immune to the outside world, and they even chat casually.

“You came at the right time. Did you see the picture that I can’t leave here?” Stoop looked at Aikes.

Ax shook his head: “No, even without my help, you can definitely leave. But… I always feel a little uneasy in my heart, and I don’t know what’s wrong. That’s why I came over to take a look.”

After a pause, Aikes said again: “If there is no problem here, I am worried that there may be an accident with her.”

Only relying on the reason of “inner anxiety” to persuade people will generally not get any response. But Stop didn’t have any intention of doubting Ax at all. Hearing Ax’s worry, he also pondered: “So, there may be twists and turns on Sharon’s side?”

Ax hesitated for a moment, then nodded: “Maybe.”

Stop: “She’s only facing three wizards, so it shouldn’t be a big problem. But since you don’t feel right, let’s go and see.”

“Exactly, this is over, take Sharon, it’s time for us to leave this world.”

After Stope and Aikes finished chatting on their own, in front of everyone’s eyes, Aikes directly tore a crack full of colorful brilliance.

This scene made everyone’s eyes show a look of surprise.

Because, this colorful crack is obviously a space crack. But at this moment, the surrounding energy is extremely disordered, and it also drives the turbulence of space energy. Under such circumstances, opening up space cracks is basically courting death.

No one will enter the space rift under such circumstances unless it is absolutely necessary to escape with the planes.

But Stope and Aix seem to be completely indifferent to the turbulence in space, and even half of Aix’s foot has already stepped into the space crack.

The most incredible thing for everyone is that even if the space crack is opened, the strange mask shows no sign of weakening.

No matter how the elder tree attacks, the mask still performs its defense perfectly.

This kind of bizarre scene, even the well-informed Earl Black, showed doubts.

Soon, Aikes disappeared into the space crack, and saw that Stoop was about to leave, but the elder tree still did not break the mask.

Unable to do anything, the tree elder once again turned his eyes to Earl Black for help.

Count Hei was silent for a moment and said, “The thing I promised you has been completed. I will help you to break the echo. This time the mask is not included in the request.”

In other words, if Elder Tree wants Earl Black to help, he must at least put forward new interests.

But after the first plan and the second plan have been agreed, Elder Tree has no strategy to attract Black Earl for a while.

However, even if there are new interests that can attract Earl Black, Elder Tree probably cannot practice it at this time. First, Earl Black doesn’t understand Aix’s ability, and he may not be able to break the mask in a short time. Second, Stoop will not wait for them to trade slowly. When they talk, Stoop It has already entered the colorful crack.


As the cracks disappear, the mask shatters, and everything returns to its original state.

No Stope and no Akers.

There is only a mess of ruins around…

Watching Stoop and Aikes helplessly, leaving in front of him, the tree elder almost spit out blood.

Shaina may still be immersed in Aix’s “mutiny”, stunned in place, without any movement for a while.

Because of the serious injury, Xingye leaned against the tree of nature by the elder tree and recovered silently. However, he also saw the pictures of Stope and Ax disappearing. Although he was also angry about this, he also felt a deep sense of powerlessness.

Compared to Elder Tree, Star Leaf actually looked deeper.

Stop’s strength is beyond doubt, and with those two terrifying monsters, I’m afraid even a second-level true-knowledge wizard can’t completely keep him. Moreover, Stoop only released the desert island Lux ​​and a crocodile-head monster before, and the known Shallow Sea Lux has not been revealed.

If you think about it by extension, Stoop can have wizard-level desert island wrestlers and shallow sea wrestlers, why can’t he have other marsh wrestlers, hill wrestlers, jungle wrestlers, and wild wrestlers?

If the opponent can really control a large number of wizard-level wrestlers, who can fight?

The power that Stroup displayed in their eyes was obviously only a small part. Without knowing Stoop’s true strength, they have shown everything, and the two are simply incomparable.

There is also the mysterious Ax who appeared suddenly, making it even more difficult for Xingye to see through.

All the abilities he displayed, whether it was a mask, a multicolored crack, or how he appeared, Xingye looked confused.

There is no doubt that Akers is definitely not weak. Maybe, like Stoop, they are the type who can defeat the strong with the weak.

Moreover, Aix’s power is even more mysterious, at least Xingye didn’t see what kind of energy he casts.

Facing these two powerful wizards, Xingye not only felt his powerlessness, he even suspected that Earl Black might not be able to keep them if he did his best.

Furthermore, Stoop had clearly said that he was here to give Earl Black a great gift.

Previously, Xingye didn’t understand what it was, but as Elder Shu agreed to Earl Black’s first plan and second plan, Xingye seemed to understand that Stoop’s so-called big gift actually meant this.

Elder Tree has already seen that in the matter of the underground water channel, Earl Black intends to keep the Bilos family as they are, that is to say, Earl Black has no plans to destroy the Bilos family.

Under this premise, Earl Black is obviously more inclined to negotiate interests with the Bilos family.

Without the sudden attack on Bilon Tree Court today, and without the melee game that Strope created, if Earl Black just relies on “negotiations” alone, if he wants to win the first plan and the second plan, he will almost is not possible.

But now, Earl Black has got what he wants, and Stoop has not suffered any loss and left the chaos intact.

If Stoop really calculated it, then he said it was possible to give gifts to Earl Black.

Whether Earl Black accepts the gift or not, Earl Black can definitely see Stoop’s favor.

Stop showed his strength, his heritage, and gave Earl Black a certain favor. If Xingye was in Earl Black’s position, he would choose to let Stoppe go.

This is a win-win situation.

Unless, what Black Earl came here today is not his clone, but his main body. Then maybe Black Earl can completely ignore Stoop’s potential and forcibly suppress it.

A avatar is a avatar, it cannot be a body.

So, Stoop is done.

Starleaf doesn’t know if Stoop has taken this into account, but from what he sees now, the Bilos family can’t keep Stoop.

Because of this, Star Leaf feels powerless.

At this moment, Xingye regretted extremely. If he knew the situation today, why would he stay because of Elder Shu’s begging, and why would he waste decades of time trying to test the next patriarch.

If he had left sooner, there might have been a breakthrough by now. As long as he breaks through to become a true wizard, with the strength of his second-level peak wizard, he can break through the third-level barrier at any time. Even if there is still no way to keep Stoop, at least he can rely on his own strength to change. Powerless situation.

On the other side, compared to Elder Shu’s eagerness to attack his heart, Shaina’s stunned silence, and the sadness in Xingye’s eyes, Gai Nuo’s performance at this time became the only bright spot.

Gaynor has been watching Stoop since the tree elders had forcibly suppressed his anger.

He clearly heard the conversation between Stope and Akers.

He also knew that this time they were not just two people, but a wizard named Sharon.

What the other party has to do now is to find Wizard Sharon.

And the location of Sharon wizard should still be in Bilon Tree Garden.

So, Gaynor can’t think about so many things at this time. His only thought now is to find Sharon to locate the two wizards who destroyed the tranquility of the Bilon Tree Court. , then caught them and brought them to justice.

Gainuo of course also knows that his strength is not as good as the opponent’s, but he is not as clear as Xingye about the difference in strength.

All he knew was that this time he wasn’t trapped in the game, and he could still call people.

There are many wizards in the Bilos family, whether it is a travel merchant or a night tree, they will all be his backing!

Gainuo has made all preparations for confrontation, and even started to search the entire Bilon Tree Court with the authority of the deputy patriarch.

Soon, an unusual energy feedback was discovered by Gaynor.

Gainuo happily inquired about the location of the energy feedback. When confirming the location, a hint of confusion flashed in Gaynor’s eyes.

Why in… Paradise?

If he remembers correctly, isn’t Elder Yue in Paradise?


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