Super Dimensional Wizard: The 3038th section of the relic coolie


“Should I stop it?”

Kael was stunned for a moment, not understanding why Doakes suddenly turned to him, but he nodded subconsciously: “Okay.”

Immediately afterwards, Kael turned to look at the words flashing in the eyes of the human face on the banyan tree, and was about to start calling for a stop.

However, at the moment Kael opened his mouth wide, a gust of wind poured directly into his throat.

Cael didn’t notice for a while, and after drinking a cool breeze, he couldn’t help bending over and started coughing dryly.

While coughing, he looked at Angel with puzzled eyes.

The sudden wind just now was poured into his mouth by Su Ling! After getting along for this period of time, Kael still understands the character of the speed spirit very well. This elemental creature has the stability and quietness that is rarely seen in the wind system, and it is basically impossible to make mischief.

Therefore, probably only Angel, the master of the quick and bright face, did anything to him.

However, why did Angel take action against himself?

Angel didn’t deny Kael’s questioning in his eyes, and nodded lightly. However, he didn’t speak, but made a tie to connect to Kael.

Just as the tie was successfully connected, Kael was about to ask why when a voice entered his ear first.

“I asked Swiftling to do it.” Doakes’ voice came from the psychic tie.

Kael was stunned for a while: “…” You clearly told me to stop, but you came to hurt me again?

Doakes continued: “What the tree says, you will follow suit, and you are not afraid of being sold.”

Kael said blankly: “What do you mean?”

At this time, Angel said: “Actually, this is the case…”

Angle received a “private chat request” from Doakes when Kael discovered the tree with a human face. Although he didn’t know what Dox was going to say, Angel still constructed a tie.

As soon as the spiritual tie was connected, Doakes said to Angel: “I feel something is wrong.”

Other people say they feel wrong, and Angel will probably ignore it, but when Doakes says it, it will be different. Doakes’ inspiration, which Angel had seen in the underground waterway, has repeatedly verified the correctness of his inspiration.

So, when Angel heard Doakes say this, he immediately put away his rambling thoughts and solemnly asked Doakes where his feeling came from.

Doakes didn’t hide it, and told the changes of his inspiration along the way.

Due to the transformation of talent, Doakes’s inspiration has not been completely recovered, but the instinct-related guidance to avoid danger has been vaguely sensed.

Since Angel found Doakes, his “danger radar” has been on, but from beginning to end, the radar has not really sounded.

Even if they chose to go to the arena at the time, the danger radar didn’t sound. Meaning, at least at the time, Doakes’ inspiration didn’t think the Colosseum would be dangerous to them.

Later, they turned around and came to Paradise, and the danger radar also didn’t sound.

Doakes even wondered if there was something wrong with his vague sense of danger.

After they entered the paradise, Doakes didn’t feel that there was any problem at first, until the moment Kael shouted, the danger radar in Doakes’ heart rang suddenly.

Doakes, experienced in inspiration, immediately sensed something was wrong, a sign that danger was approaching them.

But for the time being, he didn’t see where the problem was or where the danger came from, so he couldn’t hold back, just pulled Angel into the tie and told Angel the situation.

Angol was… completely unaware of Dox’s dangerous premonition.

However, this does not hinder Angel’s trust.

Since Dox was on the danger radar when Cail called them, it is very likely that the danger came from Cail.

As for the danger that Kael himself brought, it is still said that the facial tattoo is dangerous and needs to be observed.

After their observations and exchanges, they finally came to a result.

——There is a problem with both Kael and the facial pattern.

The problem of facial lines is obvious. It appears here, which in itself represents a problem.

In the original paradise, even if there was this big banyan tree, there would never be a face pattern on the tree. From the pile of “game items” displayed by the human face pattern, it can be seen that this must be the work of the attacker.

And Kael’s problem is not obvious, if they hadn’t started to observe in advance, and communicated constantly in the tie of the mind, they might not have discovered Kael’s problem.

Kael was the first to discover the human face pattern, which is actually a bit wrong. After all, neither of the two official wizards noticed it, but Kael, as an apprentice, discovered it first, which is very strange.

However, this is not a big problem, maybe Kael is lucky to find out before them. What’s more, Angel did not focus on finding the entrance and exit at that time, but was studying the space barrier.

So, if you find out whether there is a problem with the facial lines, you can put it down for the time being.

But after discovering the facial tattoos, Kael’s performance was different from usual.

First of all, the countdown was read on the face of the face, and various game items were displayed in the eyes, which indeed attracted some of Angel and Doakes’ attention.

But under normal circumstances, this kind of unreasonable human face pattern game appears. As a wizard apprentice, Kael should think about how to protect himself cautiously, not a very “brave” look.

Kael was also the first to comment on the face print game.

The sentence “Whether it’s true or not, you’ll know if you go and see it” seems to be no problem at the moment. But the premise is that this sentence is from Angel or Doakes.

But this sentence came from Kael, and Kael said such brave words when neither Angel nor Doakes spoke, which is very strange.

Of course, Angel still couldn’t use the existing evidence to prove that there was a problem with Kael.

However, Doakes gave the verdict directly.

“There must be something wrong with Kael.” Doakes said to Angel firmly in the heart tie.

Evidence, no. Reason: feeling.

Doakes’ inspiration is the greatest proof. After Kael uttered those brave words, Doakes’ inspiration began to warn.

According to the warning level of inspiration, Doakes can basically confirm one thing: Kael has a problem, but the problem is not too big, it should only be affected by the facial lines. But the problem of facial lines must be huge.

I don’t know what method it used to exert an influence on Kael, making Kael show a different side than usual.

And the purpose is also very clear.

You can tell from Kael’s brave words that the purpose of the face pattern is to let them join the game.

As for the problem of joining the game, or what hidden dangers will appear. It is not clear for the time being, but Doakes has already begun to speculate in his heart.

Afterwards, Doakes asks about the face print, how to choose the game items shown in its eyes. The face pattern gave the answer, just call it a stop.

Doakes followed the direction of inspiration and asked Kael, “How about you stop it?”

This is actually a further test to see if there is a problem with Kael.

With Kael’s usual cautious personality, he will never take the initiative to take the initiative in this obviously wrong matter.

It turns out that Kael was really affected by facial lines.

He agreed to stop.

Agreeing to stop is nothing. But from the beginning to the end, Kael was just talking to Doakes, completely ignoring Angel.

Angol is also an official wizard, and is ranked according to the right to speak, and belongs to the highest among the three.

Cael skipped Angel and immediately started to “stop”. From a certain perspective, it was equivalent to saying that he didn’t care about Angel’s opinion; or that he felt that he could represent Angel. , agree with this game.

This is problematic either way.

So, Doakes decisively stopped Kael’s “stop”.

As for why Su Ling was asked to stop Kael from speaking, it was actually a kind of inspection.

The wind that the speed spirit poured into Kael’s mouth was the wind of purification.

Doakes wanted to see if Kael had been contaminated in some way.

The final answer is: Kael’s body is not polluted, and his mental power fluctuations are also normal.

Combining the various details discovered before, it can basically be deduced that Kael’s situation: he did not encounter intrusive pollution, and it should be just some kind of psychological guidance.

After confirming this result, Doakes pulled Kael into the psychic tie.

Because of this psychological guidance, I can only interfere with Kael’s choice in a small area. It can’t really have a subversive influence on Kael’s character.

Kael’s thinking space and spiritual sea are normal.

So, as long as you tell Kael the truth, this kind of psychological guidance can be completely suppressed.

And in fact, Kael was shocked.

After listening to Doakes and Angel’s remarks, Kael recalled what he had said before, and it was indeed full of discord! Under normal circumstances, he would never be so impulsive.

When Kael had this kind of thought, it was like breaking the cocoon, and the influence given by the face pattern naturally failed.

“The thoughtless words I said seem to be to start the game? Could it be that the purpose of the face pattern is to start the game?” Kael asked in the psychic tie.

Doakes: “Accurately speaking, the face print is a hope to conclude some kind of contract.”

“Contract?” Not only did Kael look surprised, even Angel looked at Doakes in surprise.

Angol knew the purpose of the face pattern. It probably wanted to let Kael start the game, and then use Kael to enter the game, and pull him and Dox into the game.

But Angel only pushed it to this level. Unexpectedly, Doakes directly gave a deeper answer.

The Facet is not just about dragging them into the game through Kael, it also wants to make some kind of contract? !

“That’s right, it’s the contract.” Doakes said firmly.

Angel: “How did you know?”

Doakes: “…guess.”

Angol: “…” Sure enough, you shouldn’t have high expectations for Doakes.

However, even Doakes’ guess should be taken seriously. After all, the inspiration is different, and his guess, even if it is unprovoked, has a high probability of being the correct answer.

Kael: “If it is a contract, if it is signed with you directly, it may reveal flaws. Therefore, the Human Face Pattern chose me, and wants to use me to force you to sign a contract? This makes sense. Isn’t it? You are not stupid, how could you sign a contract when you found something wrong?”

Doakes: “You are a typical process of inferring with results. If I didn’t tell you, its purpose is to conclude a contract, can you think of the contract?”

There are problems everywhere in the process of inferring from the results. But in the real world, only through the process can there be results.

Before they didn’t know the real purpose of the face tattoo, they found that Kael was involved in the game storm, and there was a high probability that he would take the initiative to enter the game.

Once you enter the game, you will enter the contract of human face tattoos.

“Contract… Once you enter the game, you will conclude a contract?” Angel: “Can a contract be concluded in this way?”

Doakes: “Yes, Kael once told me something similar.”

Kael? Angel looked at Kael suspiciously.

“Me?” Kael was also stunned for a moment. After thinking for a while, he seemed to have thought of something: “Master Hongjian is talking about… the coolies of the ruins?”

Doakes nodded.

Angol asked curiously, “Relic coolie?”

Kael didn’t hide it, and said bluntly: “The coolie of the ruins is a peculiar situation I encountered in the process of exploring the ruins.”

Kael is very fond of exploring ruins, and his life is basically split in two: one is an otaku researcher, and the other is a ruins explorer.

He explores more ruins than many official wizards.

On the way to explore various ruins, Kael also encountered many strange things and strange people. Among them, the relic coolies are included.

The Relic Coolie was met by Kael at the very surface of the abyss many years ago.

The other party was originally an apprentice from the Frost Moon Alliance. He came to the abyss to accept a mission and search for some magic materials. However, his luck was not very good. When searching for magic materials, he stumbled into a place called “Castle of Confusion”.

This place, on the surface, looks like a ruined castle ruins, but under the castle, there is the remains of a seductive banshee.

The Banshee, a low-level demon, is still very common on the surface of the abyss.

But this Banshee is a little different…she’s awakened.

The underground clone is her body before awakening.

There is no personal will on the slaughtered body of this fascination banshee, but she was exerted by a special force field by the awakened body.

When any sentient being goes underground, her force field is triggered.

After the force field is triggered, there will be no danger for the time being, but the purpose of the visitor will be asked.

But as long as the visitor answers the other party, no matter what your answer is, you will be forced to conclude a slave contract.

The apprentice of the Frost Moon Alliance was already very cautious, and the answer he said was made up, but he was also forced to stay underground.

In the end, it became a relic coolie.

Not only can’t leave Bewitching Castle, but she’s also forced to guard Bewitching’s slaughtered avatar.

According to the relic coolie, during that time, a large number of little devils and aborigines were transformed into relic coolies.

Later Banshee’s relic avatar was taken away by her awakened body, so that no new relic coolies were transformed.

But even if the deceased clones leave, the original coolies of the ruins still can’t leave the Confused Castle. The only good thing is that they are still alive.

When Kael went to explore the ruins of Huoxin Castle, he was very lucky. It happened that the slaughtered clone had already left, so he encountered a group of coolies who no longer needed to guard the slaughtered ruins. Because they don’t need to guard the slaughter, they don’t have to fight with other people anymore. Facing Kael, the human being, the Frost Moon apprentice stood up to communicate with him and saved him.

Afterwards, Kael left the Ruins of Confused Castle and submitted the matter there to the Frost Moon Alliance, and received a lot of contributions.

After returning from the abyss, Kael told Doakes about it.

Because Doakes knew that the Banshee could forcibly sign a contract, he was inspired to think in this direction. After all, inspiration is not a prophecy, it needs your cognition as a basis for association.

(End of this chapter)


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