Super Dimensional Wizard: Second thousand nine hundred and eighty-seventh fantasy alchemy



When she heard Angel’s shouting, Laplace didn’t know what to do, but as she continued to probe into the black and white nodes, some manipulated information began to give feedback.


Laplace’s eyes lit up, and he immediately manipulated his fore and hind limbs according to the feedback he got.


In the beginning, Laplace could only lift and drop his limbs, unable to move at all. This is not difficult to manipulate, but that it will be mysteriously affected by the operation, which leads to the increase in the difficulty of operation.


However, after all, Laplace has been exposed to sweet dreams all year round and has a certain immunity to mysterious interference. It took about five minutes or so to take the first step.


This is just the first step. Because of the excessive operation, the two front limbs move forward at the same time, and the two hind limbs are not well controlled, resulting in only a small step forward, and then loses balance and falls behind the reflection. superior.


But that’s pretty good. If you give it to someone who has never been exposed to mysterious things, it will probably take longer just to learn how to operate this step.


Despite a major mistake in the first step, this step was taken in the end. In the following time, Laplace successfully entered the stage of “walking” from “baby toddler” with extraordinary control and mental quality.


Each step took more than ten seconds, and it took only one and a half minutes to move a distance of two meters. This progress can be said to be very slow, but considering that this is the sea of ​​empty mirrors, all the complaints are immediately relieved.


It is very difficult to “keep still and keep yourself” in the sea of ​​empty mirrors, but on the basis of keeping yourself, you can still “move”, and this movement is not affected by the waves, this is even more difficult . At present, as far as Angel knows, only Laplace and her time body can do this.


Nowadays, Heart Space has broken this authority!


Although the operator is still Laplace, the operator can be changed, as can the person in the heart space. It means that as long as there is a space for the heart, the sea of ​​empty mirrors will no longer be the most dangerous forbidden place, at least, there will be one more way to live!


Laplace is still experimenting with manipulating the front and rear limbs to walk, but simple walking can be learned in a short time, but it is very difficult to run fast.


The influence of the mysterious atmosphere on manipulation can be continuously increased as the perception deepens.


It takes time for even Laplace to get used to the mysterious interference of “running”.


On the other hand, Angel doesn’t need to worry about the interference of the mysterious breath, but since he handed over the right of the test to Laplace, he naturally won’t interrupt the test halfway.


“From standing to walking, it is already the biggest breakthrough. From walking to running, it is definitely achievable, but it takes time to adapt.” Angel said.


As a manipulator, Laplace naturally understands this: “Indeed, if you can walk, you must be able to run, it’s a matter of time. If it’s just a simple test of mobility, it’s already qualified!”


Angol: “If that’s the case, let’s put down the black and white light spot for now, and now… activate the silver light spot!”


Two symmetrical silver light spots are located at the very top of the heart, and Laplace doesn’t know what effect they have until they are activated. However, judging from the few light spots that are currently activated, Laplace already has an answer in his heart.


She activated two silver dots at the same time without hesitation!


With the silver light in full bloom, a pair of extremely dazzling wings stretched out from the curl, like the blooming of flower buds, full of shock.


Moreover, inside this pair of white wings, there seems to be a silver halo flowing, and you can feel its splendor and mystery just by looking directly at it.


“Sure enough… it’s the wings.” Laplace had already guessed before, but when she saw the wings stretch, she was still stunned for a few seconds.


The movement of the limbs is already shocking, and it is even more terrifying if the heart space can still fly and cruise over the sea of ​​empty mirrors!


From standing to walking, it is a process of rebirth. From going to flying, it is a qualitative change that is not inferior to reborn.


However, does this really fly?


There is no energy to fly with the wind in the sea of ​​empty mirrors, all energy will be slowly consumed in the sea of ​​empty mirrors. The reason why Tooth Fairy can fly over the Sea of ​​Mirrors is because they have wings. But even so, they only dare to fly at an altitude of tens of meters, and even few dare to break into the shadow fog layer. It is because the sea of ​​empty mirrors will disturb the energy in mid-air, and if you are not careful, you may be dragged into the sea of ​​empty mirrors and turn into a hollow tooth fairy.


The heart space just grows a pair of wings and wants to fly, which is very difficult.


Perhaps seeing Laplace’s suspicions, Angel said softly, “It’s my first time trying. If it works, I can try it first.”


Laplace nodded and began to try to activate the wings.


The heart space has a “shrinking nature”. In terms of the heart space alone, it doesn’t look very big from the outside, which also leads to the fact that the wings are not big in terms of data. The single arm is only 72 cm, even if the wings are spread and the heart is added. The distance between the walls is also at most about one meter five.


But this is only a data point of view. If you look at it with the heart as the core, the wings are very large. If compared with a non-shrinking heart, the wingspan of this pair of wings can even exceed 100 meters.


So, when the wings flutter up, it’s actually quite spectacular. This feeling is especially pronounced when looking out from the heart space.


However, no matter how fast the wings flapped, the heart showed no sign of taking off.


A few minutes later, Laplace shook his head at Angel: “It seems to have failed.”


After a pause, Laplace said: “However, the first two tests have been successful, which is already very surprising. This failure is nothing… By the way, I can handle the fore and hind limbs. I understand that it is used for movement. At the beginning, did the golden morning glory have any special function? Is it a kind of logo?”


Angle could see that Laplace was not consoling, but really thought so. As for the sudden change of topic later, although there are intentional traces, I really want to ask about the role of morning glory.


After all, in Laplace’s view, Angel’s test only includes “movement”. Now that the heart space can do it, the wing test is only incidental and not important. She wants to know the role of golden morning glory more than the failed wings.


Angol: “I will explain the effect of the golden light spots later. I want to try again…wings.”


When Angel said this, he had penetrated his spiritual power into the wall of his heart.


Laplace understood that Angel wanted to operate the silver light spot himself.


Laplace still understands the researcher’s “don’t give up” spirit. Therefore, she didn’t say anything, and directly withdrew her perception.


Angel tapped his spiritual power into the spot of light.


He had already confirmed that after entering the mysterious figurative object, his spiritual power would not be affected by the waves of the outside world, so he was not worried that the spiritual power would be washed away, so he boldly controlled the mysterious figurative object directly.


Soon, the wings of the outside world were agitated rapidly, more swiftly and rhythmically than when Laplace controlled it.


“How do you feel… there is wind?” Grapenier murmured in a low voice when Angel quickly flapped his wings, and looked around.


In the heart space, there seems to be wind just now? But when I searched again, I couldn’t find it.


Is it an illusion?


Just when Gleipnier was puzzled, Laplace whispered in his heart: “It seems that he still doesn’t give up.”


Gleipnir followed Laplace’s gaze, but saw the wings on the wall of his heart outside, almost disappearing. Only this can be seen that Angel’s control power is much stronger than Laplace.


However, the wings still didn’t fly with the heart space, not even a single move.


“The spirit of unyielding…” Gleipnir shook his head and said nothing.


Although Angel couldn’t hear the spiritual dialogue between Laplace and Gleipnir, he could probably guess what they were thinking without listening.


Angel didn’t care because they were wrong.


Angel is not giving up, but is conducting a deeper test on the mysterious figurative object.


The wings, compared to the fore and hind limbs, and the morning glory, are more complex designs.


Like movement, as long as the joint structure of the limbs is designed, movement is not difficult; but flying is different, it needs to consider the external environment and more complex internal structures.


If Angel relies on “alchemy” to refine a pair of wings that can fly, he can complete the refining task very quickly.


But the mysterious figurative object is not alchemy, it is a “fantasy”.


It’s just that Angel intervenes in the material world through the utopian structure and then through the power of nightmare.


From a certain point of view, this is a kind of “fantasy alchemy”.


But the real alchemy can add various characteristics to the refined items to achieve the refining goal. But “fantasy alchemy” can only achieve an effect similar to alchemy through the fantasy of the structure.


This kind of structural fantasy is similar to the principle of machinery: various body structures are linked together through gears, chain locks, and combinations to achieve a certain effect.


Angol couldn’t directly “imaginary” an effect, and could only try to simulate the effect by turning around.


Although in the end, the wings were still unable to fly, Angel was not disappointed.


Because, through this test, he got conjectures and found deficiencies.


When Angel designed the wings, it was impossible for him to directly create “this is a mysterious figurative object that can fly”. Therefore, his design is very pragmatic, and it is more inclined to – the body soars.


The heart and the wings are regarded as a complete body, the heart space is used as the air bag, and the wings are used as the bearing structure. The two cooperate to open the internal circulation at the same time to simulate the flight of a biological body or a mechanical body.


If the whole design is successful, the wings can drag the heart to fly.


It has not been successful now. Angel originally thought that his idea was wrong. The conjecture of “ideal alchemy, structure is king” was wrong, but during the testing process, he felt the wind in his heart.


This wind itself is not abnormal. However, after careful inspection by Angel, it was found that it was the wind leaked out by an error when the wings were in the internal circulation.


This makes Angel very excited.


This means that his “fantasy” structure is useful.


This time the flight didn’t take off. It wasn’t a fundamental and system error, but a design error.


The essence and system are wrong, which means that the structure of “ideal alchemy” must be completely overthrown.


But there are mistakes in the design, there is room for correction!


In addition, Angel also felt that it was normal for the design to go wrong. After all, it was the first time he used a mysterious figurative object to create a machine-like structure.


Maybe it cannot be formed in one piece, but multiple structures are used to assist the forming; or, there is a problem with the structure of the airbag and the internal circulation; it may also be that the number of pairs of wings is less, and increasing the number of pairs of wings can flying…


In any case, this can be modified!


Angol is also confident that as long as he is given a little time, he should be able to modify it successfully.


Thinking of this, Angel is not too frustrated with the failure of this flight test.


Next time…or next time, he believes it will be successful.


With confidence, Angel withdrew his mental power. While withdrawing his mental power, he removed the figurative object in the silver light spot along the way, and let it return to the heart wall.


Anyway, it will be redesigned next time, and these two wings are still ruined.



On the other side, Laplace and Gleipnir also saw the scene of Angel erasing the silver light spot.


They weren’t too surprised, it’s normal for failed works to be erased.


Compared with the disappearance of the silver light spot, they were more surprised that Angel accepted defeat faster than they thought.


“Not giving up” is a common problem of many researchers. They have seen too many similar scenes, whether it is in the reflection or the Jinghai scholars, this kind of situation happens.


But it usually takes a long time for a researcher to “give up”, and sometimes it can even drag down a researcher’s life.


Like Angel, it’s rare for the test to be erased immediately after the failure is confirmed.


“The next step is to test this morning glory?”


They didn’t ask about the results of Angel’s test, so as not to irritate Angel; seeing Angel looking at the morning glory, Laplace asked the situation.


Angol nodded: “Yes, but this test requires not only cooperation, but also some luck.”


“Luck?” Laplace wondered.


Angol nodded: “Yes, it’s luck. Because, the function of this morning glory… is to collect objects floating on the sea of ​​empty mirrors.”


If you want to test the effect of morning glory, you must at least encounter a real object in the sea of ​​empty mirrors.


But now looking around, Angel didn’t see any real objects.


Although the Tooth Fairy regards the Sea of ​​Mirrors as a place to “buy goods”, it does not mean that there are “goods” everywhere in the Sea of ​​Empty Mirrors. Ancient Tooth Fairy can buy a lot of goods, relying on the relay of finding objects, that is, first find a real object, and then use this real object to find the object. The probability of getting real objects in this way will be greatly increased.


Do not rely on the method of finding objects to find objects floating on the sea of ​​empty mirrors, which is a test of luck.


(End of this chapter)


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