Super Dimensional Wizard: Second thousand nine hundred and eighty-nine star servant



The source of the ghost fire is undoubtedly the black booklet, but it is impossible for the black booklet to activate itself without the assistance of external force.


It was actually Gleipnir that actually activated it.


When Angel and Laplace were both in their own thoughts, Gleipnir saw that no one paid attention to the black booklet on the ground, so he walked closer to take a closer look.


From the cover alone, Gleipnir can’t really tell.


The cover is solid black and the text is gilded. Except for the characters “Wishbook”, there are no other signs.


Gleipnir took a comprehensive look, and then used astrology to confirm that the booklet was not in danger, and there would be no problem with turning the pages.


Just as the wishing book was opened, a light blue ghost fire came out.


And this is the process by which the ghost fire is activated.


At this time, both Angel and Laplace had recovered from their meditation and focused all their attention on the wishing book.


Accurately speaking, it is the first page of the wishing book, which is also the page that Gleipnir opened.


Some words were written on the first page, but Angel still didn’t understand it, but he knew the illustrations on the bottom half of the first page.


Because this illustration is a light blue ghost fire.


The ghost fire in the illustration floats in mid-air like Kongming lanterns, densely packed, and with the weird facial features on the ghost fire, it is quite scary.


Ingres focused on this illustration not only for its depiction of ghosts, but for a very important reason.


This illustration is colored. In the dark blue night sky, the red, green and blue ghost fires are very eye-catching.


But even more striking is a pure white ghost fire.


This white ghost fire is not drawn on purpose, it is more like a line drawing ghost fire, but it has not been filled with color.


Angol could vaguely feel that this line-drawn ghost fire is related to the light blue ghost fire in the air… It seems that the light-blue ghost fire was originally installed in the line-drawn ghost fire.


Could it be that the ghost fire is actually hidden in the painting? When the ghost fire comes out, the ghost fire painting will become a line drawing?


While Angel was guessing, Laplace’s voice came from the side: “As expected.”


Angle looked at Laplace with a puzzled look in his eyes.


Laplace didn’t say anything, but came to the light blue ghost fire, stretched out his finger and flicked it.


The ghost fire seemed to have received a great impact and collapsed directly from mid-air, and the grimace became even more terrifying… but no matter how terrifying it was, it couldn’t escape the collapse.


As the light blue ghost fire dissipated, a strange energy escaped from the ghost fire, eventually falling back to the illustration on the first page of the wishing book.


The ghost fire is back, and the ghost fire in the line drawing is smudged light blue again.


The illustration is complete, and there is no blank space.


Seeing this scene, Angel finally determined that his guess was correct, that this ghost fire came out of the illustration.


As for the strange energy just now, Angel is no stranger to it. He has felt a similar energy inside the gem teapot. There is no doubt that it is the power of thought.


“So, this is to summon the ghost fire from the illustration through the power of thought? Could it be that this booklet is something similar to the magic-textured leather scroll?” Angel asked in a low voice.


Laplace shook his head: “No, it’s fundamentally different. This is something I actually mentioned before.”


Laplace mentioned before? Angel looked at Laplace suspiciously, but saw that her expression was a little subtle… When they found the booklet before, Angel noticed that Laplace showed a similar expression, which was subtle and strange.


Angol pondered for a moment, then suddenly narrowed his eyes: “Could this thing be… the wonderful thing you said before?”


Laplace nodded slightly.


“Yes, this is a wonderful thing.”


Angol was also stunned for a moment. He still remembered that when Laplace first mentioned the world of psychic power, he immediately said something wonderful, because in Laplace’s opinion, the world of psychic power was the most Funny is the wonderful thing.


Angol thought the gemstone teapot was something magical, but it wasn’t. Unexpectedly, not long after going around, a truly wonderful thing appeared in front of them.


“Wonderful things are figurative abilities, so this booklet was created by a mind teacher?” Angel asked suspiciously.


Laplace nodded: “Yes, the first page contains the general information of the teacher and the rules he set for this wishing book.”


Laplace did not hide, and explained the information on the first page character by character.


This teacher did not record his real name on the wonderful thing, but called himself a star attendant, the most loyal attendant of the great ‘Wishing Star’.


What follows is a devout prayer to the “Wishing Star”, hoping that the wishing star can give this wishing book unlimited potential.


The next step is to set the rules for the wishing book by the star attendant.


The so-called rule setting is the balance and restriction of the wonderful things by the figurative minds.


They will grant special abilities to wonderful things, but it is impossible to directly grant special abilities, and corresponding release conditions must be set.


The simpler the ability and the more demanding the conditions, the higher the success rate when creating something wonderful.


But the harsher it is, the more difficult it is to use the Wonderful Thing; the simpler the ability, the less powerful the Wonderful Thing will be.


So, this is a test of the choice of the teacher.


Of course, in addition to the trade-offs, it also depends on talent. The more gifted a teacher is, the more things he can “take” and the less things he has to “give up” when it comes to making wonderful things.


Also, the higher the level, the higher the level, the more magical things will get a certain bonus.


Generally speaking, each star can represent a wonderful thing, which contains 0 stars. That is to say, Samsung’s figurative class teacher can embody four wonderful things.


Anything more and it’s hard to control.


In addition, there are some hidden rules, such as: the higher the star rating, the more powerful the magical things constructed, but generally speaking, the coordination degree is definitely not as high as the magical objects constructed with low star ratings. There are many categories of wonderful things, the more idealistic the more difficult to construct, but the more idealistic the stronger; in addition to the wonderful things of idealism, the construction rules of other physical wonderful things will inevitably be hidden in the wonderful things, which is also The build rules are written on the first page of the wishbook…etc.


It can be seen from this that in the world of mind power, the figurative class is a very complete system. It requires both the cooperation of objective laws and the restraint of conditions set by subjective power.


The power of checks and balances is the essence of wonderful things.


And this wishing book also has a relative check and balance, that is, rules.


“Wishbook: Make wishes in writing to gain different abilities.”


“Main rules: 1. You can only make one wish per page. 2. For each wish, you must describe the complete ability, the more detailed the better. 3. You can only use one ability at a time, and you need to turn the page when using the ability. To the corresponding page. 4. The more complex the ability, the need to formulate the release rules separately on the page. 5. The ability to formulate the rules separately can only be used by the star attendant himself.”


“The first page, cheating the ghost fire: release a ghost fire that can only be used to scare people, with a weak burning ability. There is no upper limit to use, and it can be used if there is mind power. (This page does not need to formulate separate rules, follow the main rules. ok.)”


“The second page, I’m sorry Piranha: Release a Piranha to attack. You can summon up to ten Piranhas per day. (Limited rules: 1. Before each attack, you will say sorry. 2. You can only summon up to 2 piranhas at a time, one piranha says sorry, the other can be ignored.)”


“The third page, Holy Water of Forgiveness: Create a bottle of holy water to aid in tranquility. You can make up to three bottles per day. (Limited rule: You must obtain the sincere forgiveness or forgiveness of others before you can obtain the right to make holy water)”


“Page 4, Ominous Thorn: Unleash a powerful thorn. There is no upper limit on the use of the thorn, and you can use it if you have psychic power. (Limited rule: There is a 10%-80% chance to create a small thorn under yourself. The more powerful the thorns released, the higher the chance of small thorns appearing.)”


“The fifth page, ten minutes of alchemy…”


“The sixth page, the wall-piercing technique that can’t go back…”




As Laplace turned page by page, various abilities were displayed in front of everyone through the pages of the book. However, the display of these abilities will set some very strange restrictions.


The greater the ability, the greater the limit.


But to what extent, they don’t know. After all, all the abilities of this wishing book need to be unlocked with thought power.


The original wishing book still has a lot of psychic power remaining, but it has been washed away by waves of waves. The remaining trace of thought power also disappeared because the first page was opened and the ghost fire was summoned.


There is no way for other energies to activate the wish book, and those abilities that independently formulate rules can only be used by star attendants. Therefore, they can only look at the various abilities in the wishing book, but they cannot use them.


However, there is no way to use it, and they don’t care too much. After all, the abilities in this wishing book look amazing, but overall…the effect is actually not very good.



“Although the abilities in the wish book don’t look very good, the potential of this wish book is not bad.” Laplace commented lightly, and then turned to the first page of the wish book again.


She looked at the word on the first page, the word that Star Attendant wrote the most: ‘Wishing Star’.


“What’s wrong?” Gleipnir noticed Laplace’s frozen gaze.


Laplace pondered for a moment, then said softly, “I seem to have heard of Wishing Star somewhere.”


Angol also looked at the past at this time: “In many civilizations, there are similar sayings. Including the wizarding world, there are legends of the wishing star. The wishing star you have heard of is not necessarily the wishing of the mind power world. star.”


Laplace thought for a while: “The Wishing Star in my memory doesn’t seem to be a living being…”


Gleipnir: “If it’s not a living being, then Angel should be right.”


The Star Attendant claims to be the servant of the great ‘Wishing Star’. From this sentence, the ‘Wishing Star’ is obviously a creature, not a conceptual Wishing Star.


As for what kind of creature? It is very likely that it is the code name of a big figure in the mind power world, or simply the name of a certain evil god.


The reason why it is called “Evil God” is because there is no righteous God belief in the Hante world, and people there believe in the power of mind more. If there is some kind of **** belief, it is either pretending to be a ghost, or an imported god, or even a powerful wizard.


Anyway, if ‘Wishing Star’ is a god’s name, then it is an out-and-out evil god.


However, Angel still prefers the ‘Wishing Star’ to be a certain high star teacher.


People in the cold world have various naming rules, which all depend on the different cultural backgrounds of different places. But no matter what the real names of the Hante people are, once they become teachers, they will definitely have a code name. This is the code name taken by various national teacher associations to facilitate communication and memory.


It’s like “grandmother deer and ape”, “flying crow man”… etc., it’s a code name, not a real name.


The code names are all kinds of strange, with regional and cultural characteristics, and it is also possible for a “Wishing Star” to appear.


Generally speaking, the code name of a strong person will actually point to his own ability. If the code name is “Wishing Star”, maybe the ability of this teacher is… making a wish?


“It’s still uncertain what the wishing star refers to, but this “star attendant” can see some clues from this wishing book.” Gleipnir whispered.


As Laplace puts it, the potential of this “wishbook” is high.


Although the recorded ability is not very good at present, it can be determined from the main rules that the upper limit of this ability is extremely high. Of course, the higher the ability, the more restrictions, but this is very common in wonderful things, so it is not a big deal; the wish book can unlock more powerful abilities from low to high, this is the key, and it is also it The reason for the high potential.


To be able to create such a wonderful thing with potential, it can be seen that the potential of the star servant itself is definitely not low.


However, potential is potential, and not being able to realize that potential is another matter.


This wishbook has only recorded fifteen pages so has not unlocked a powerful ability, which also means that the strength of the star attendant is not strong, and it must not have reached the high star teacher.


Look again at the ability of the first page of this wishing book: to deceive the ghost.


This ability is almost the same as nothing. The lethal ghost fire is at most deceiving the audience in the circus, and even a slightly ambitious teacher will not record this ability to pull the hip.


From the perspective of this ability, it can be determined that this wonderful thing should be the first wonderful thing of the star attendant.


A work of enlightenment.


Combined with other abilities such as alchemy, wall penetration, etc., as well as various known information, it can be basically inferred that the star attendant is not rich, weak in strength, a little clever, and has no strong background. Prefers side bluffs to frontal fights. The only thing that can be said is that he is a potential teacher, and his strength should be a one-star teacher.


And the most important thing is: this star attendant… should be the boy in the pot they discovered earlier.


The previous inference is a profile, and the final conclusion was discovered by Gleipnir through astrology.


According to Gleipnir, the psychic aura left on this wishing book completely matches the psychic information left in the young man in the pot.


There is a high probability that the boy in this pot is a star servant.


Of course, no definite answer can be given yet. After all, astrology is only a vague grasp and cannot be used as evidence.


However, it is not difficult to come to a conclusion.


One of the main rules of the Wishing Book reads: “The ability to formulate rules separately can only be used by the Star Attendant himself.”


Whether the boy in the pot is a star attendant, let him use this wishing book when he has a chance in the future. If he can use the ability after the second page, then he is undoubtedly a star servant!


(End of this chapter)


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