Star Odyssey Chapter 990: The Sword Power of Attack and Defense

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“I’ve heard of you, Ten Jue, Sword Sect Liu Tianmu, it was the Thirteen Swords just now, right?” Zhiyi looked at Liu Tianmu and asked.

Liu Tianmu’s quiet little face raised and looked at Zhiyi, “The Eleventh Sword”.

Zhiyi was surprised, “Only the eleventh sword can stop me. Let me see the strongest thirteenth sword.”

Liu Tianmu raised the white sword with his right hand and said, “No.”

Zhiyi narrowed her eyes.

On the general stage, Xing Kai looked at Liu Tianmu in the distance, and then at Zhiyi. She probably didn’t believe that Liu Tianmu didn’t know how to do it. In fact, Liu Tianmu really didn’t know how to do the thirteenth sword, and she only realized the eleventh sword. , it may also be the twelfth sword.

Before participating in this war, Zhiyi really never thought that someone from the younger generation could stop her. The appearance of Bishiguang was an accident. The person was very mysterious, and the field was terrifying. He could even predict attacks, but Zhiyi was sure that the man could not break her defense. The existence of Yuan Tiangang guaranteed her invincibility. But Liu Tianmu was different. The sword was a killing weapon. With the Thirteen Swords, she really had no idea how much destructive power Liu Tianmu could exert.

Zhiyi’s eyes were stern. No matter how powerful Liu Tianmu was, she did not believe that anyone of her generation in the Fifth Continent could defeat her. It was impossible. She was Daoyuan for three days and was invincible. She thought about it and was about to speak. In front of her eyes, there was a stench. Something appeared and then hit it in the face.

Lu Yin took action. He didn’t care about anything else, he just wanted to disgust Zhiyi.

Zhiyi was originally attracted by Liu Tianmu and temporarily ignored the stench. Now the nightmare came again. She was immersed in the stench and couldn’t extricate herself. She glanced at Lu Yin with extremely angry eyes again, “Qiu Brown, kill me. he”.

On the sea, Qiu Brown, who was chasing Gu Xiaoer, heard Zhiyi’s words and immediately jumped into the air and rushed towards Lu Yin, taking action against Lu Yin.

Xia Tian jumped in front of Qiu Brown and cooperated with Gu Xiaoer to fight fiercely with him.

Zhiyi’s body flickered in an attempt to get rid of the stinking thing, and her voice echoed high in the sky, “Whoever can capture Lu Yin alive, I, Zhiyi, swear in the name of Daoyuan Santian, allow him to meet the Blood Ancestor and gain the opportunity to inherit the Blood Ancestor’s bloodline. Even if he fails, he may become a disciple of the gods.”

On the sea, more than a million cultivators from the Sixth Continent were excited. Countless people’s blood surged and they looked at Lu Yin with burning eyes.

Zhiyi’s promise is too great. Even if she cannot become a disciple of the Blood Ancestor, she can at least become a disciple of the All Heavens Seal. All Yuzi are disciples of the All Heavens Seal. This promise is equivalent to opening a path for everyone. The shortcut to the domain.

Suddenly, silhouettes of people rose into the sky, killing Lu Yin. There were at least tens of thousands of cultivators from all directions, including many descendants of the sealer family, and even descendants of the family of sealers of the universe and the descendants of the sealer family of the universe.

Each big family has a population of at least hundreds of thousands. This is just the direct line. Adding in the collateral lines, the population may be hundreds of millions. Those who can become family heirs stand out from the hundreds of thousands of elite disciples who have huge cultivation resources. , these people are not weak in strength, and one-on-one is enough to crush the cultivators of the Fifth Continent.

Now, tens of thousands of people suddenly appeared and besieged Lu Yin, and Lu Yin felt a chill down his back.

Countless attacks filled the sky, covering everyone’s sight and shattering the void.

Lu Yin quickly avoided some attacks that he couldn’t avoid and had to block them forcefully.

Fortunately, his strength is not weak. The strongest of these besieged cultivators is only as strong as Qiu Hanqing, but not as strong as Yuzi. Otherwise, he will be in trouble. Even so, if there are too many people besieging him, he will still suffer. tingling.

The cultivators from the Sixth Continent besieged Lu Yin, and the cultivators from the Fifth Continent gave up. Lu Yin could obviously disgust a Principle for three days, and his role was too great. They all spontaneously organized protection, plus among them There were also cultivators who wanted to befriend Lu Yin, and a battle centered on Lu Yin suddenly broke out in Baiyan District.

Zhiyi breathed a sigh of relief. Below, Liu Tianmu looked at the fleeing Lu Yin with strange eyes. She knew this person. Liu Xiaoyun, Long Yun, Liu Shaoqiu and others had mentioned it, and he was the aunt Liu Fu who married the Nalan family. Snow, I also mentioned this person.

She herself had seen the most powerful image of this person and was amazed by his cultivation talent. A person who joined the Starry Sky War Academy from the outer universe did not have huge cultivation resources or exquisite skills. Although he didn’t have magic combat skills, he could understand the fighting spirit and fight against the Thirteen Swords. At the beginning, she knew that this person would shock the universe sooner or later. She didn’t expect that he would become invincible so quickly, and now he could participate in this kind of battlefield.

This is a genius. Although she has never been in contact with him, she has been paying attention to this person.

In the past few years when the inner and outer universes have been isolated, the inner universe has been caught in a war, fighting all the time, and everyone is making progress. I thought this person would be silent, but I didn’t expect that not only was he not silent, but he was more active. He had already made Liu Shaoqiu They were thrown too far.

Lu Yin is now like a rope, affecting the entire Baiyan District cultivators. All the Sixth Continent cultivators want to capture him alive, and the Fifth Continent cultivators cannot just watch, so that the battlefield becomes more and more chaotic. .

Zhiyi didn’t expect those people to capture Lu Yin alive. Quantity cannot make up for the strength at their level. She just wanted Lu Yin to have no time to control the stinking thing so that she could fight Liu Tianmu.

There are too few people in the Fifth Continent who can confront Daoyuan Santian head-on. If such people are encountered, they must be exterminated.

Raising her hand, the sword of vitality took shape and was held in Zhiyi’s hand. She jumped out and slashed towards Liu Tianmu.

Liu Tianmu’s eyes were strange. There is a common sense in the inner and outer universe. When facing the sword sect, people should not use swords casually. Obviously this common sense is useless to Daoyuan Sansan. Even if Zhiyi is not good at sword skills, just practice her sword skills casually. They are no worse than ordinary sword sect elites, or even stronger.

The strength of Zhiyi lies in Shengsheng Origin Qi and the invincible Source Tiangang. Except for Lu Yin, no one can truly ignore Shengsheng Origin Qi. Even if the light cannot be seen, Shengsheng Origin Qi must be isolated by the field, Liu Tianmu Likewise, we cannot ignore this secret skill of the Sixth Continent’s Daoyuan Sect.

She doesn’t care about Zhiyi’s swordsmanship, she only cares about the source of energy.

Zhiyi fell with his sword, Liu Tianmu raised his sword, and the sword edge rotated sideways to block in front of him. The sixth sword was to guard against the force of the sword.

The sword of Shengsheng Origin Qi hit Liu Tianmu’s sixth sword forcefully and was completely isolated. Zhiyi was surprised that she actually blocked her attack with her killing swordsmanship.

The thirteen swords are both offensive and defensive. The sixth sword is a defensive sword, a defensive sword.

Accompanied by the sixth sword, Liu Tianmu’s close slash struck. The man and the sword merged, the sword and the realm merged, the man and the realm merged, the man and the sword realm merged into one. This was the fifth sword. When Liu Shaoqiu was in Yan During the battle for the mountain, he had just realized that the fifth sword would not only hurt the enemy but also himself when used, but Liu Tianmu had already understood this sword.

In the distance, although Lu Yin was surrounded and killed by countless cultivators from the Sixth Continent, he still paid attention to the battle between Zhiyi and Liu Tianmu. He saw Liu Tianmu’s sword defense, saw the fifth sword, and also saw the others that followed. The sword skills are completely different from those performed by Liu Shaoqiu, as if they are two kinds of sword skills.

The same combat skills have completely different effects when used by different people. Liu Tianmu’s Thirteen Swords are the real Thirteen Swords. Even though Zhiyi dealt with them carefully, the confident Yuan Tiangang did not dare to resist casually. Swordsmanship is too killing.

Although it is only a battlefield between two people, the impact of the battle between Liu Tianmu and Zhiyi is greater than the battle on the general stage.

On the general platform, Fu Kong looked at Liu Tianmu with burning eyes. Such swordsmanship was worthy of being invincible in the Fifth Continent, and the sword sect was worthy of its reputation. He also wanted to experience the Thirteen Swords.

The shock in Zhiyi’s heart is getting bigger and bigger. Although Yuan Tiangang can still hold on and is still invincible, if Liu Tianmu is at the same level as her, they are both in the Enlightenment realm, and if they suppress the combat power in the same way, Yuan Tiangang may not be able to hold on. Live the killing of the Thirteen Swords.

Her eyes were full of murderous intent. She must deal with this woman, otherwise she will become the sixth continent’s greatest enemy in the future.

What she has learned is not just about generating Origin Qi, but being able to become Taoyuan for Three Days is not just because her cultivation has reached the enlightenment realm. Under the same realm, Taoyuan for Three Days is invincible. What she was about to do, the stench… Something suddenly blocked her eyes, making her stunned. Liu Tianmu stabbed out with his sword. It was just the first sword, but any swordsmanship was incomparable in Liu Tianmu’s hands.

Her first sword was enough to crush the highest swordsmanship displayed by Liu Shaoqiu at the same level.

A sword stabbed Yuan Tiangang, but it still failed to break it, but knocked Zhiyi back.

Zhiyi looked into the distance angrily, just as she was looking at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin looked at her provocatively. Countless attacks came over his head, and he quickly fled.

Liu Tianmu can fight with Zhiyi even without seeing the light. It seems that the two of them have fought against Daoyuan for three days, but if you think about it carefully, even if the two of them join forces to fight Zhiyi, the result will still be the same, and they cannot defeat Yuan Tiangang. , everything is fake.

He was worried about Zhiyi’s hidden methods. Although he had confidence in Liu Tianmu, this war was too important to be careless.

Zhiyi wanted to fight with Liu Tianmu, but Lu Yin used a foul-smelling thing to make trouble. Not only Zhiyi was very angry, but Liu Tianmu was also a little dissatisfied. He glanced at Lu Yin and said, “Don’t interfere.”

Lu Yin pursed his lips, he didn’t appreciate it, so forget it, don’t interfere, thinking about it, Lu Yin waved his hand casually, the stinking thing disappeared, then reappeared, in front of Fu Kong, Fu Kong was a man , no matter how bad the smell of the smelly thing is, he can hold it back, no matter what, but Lu Yin doesn’t just throw it into his arms like he did with Zhiyi, he directly smashes the smelly thing into Bu Kong’s face.

Fu Kong was so disgusted that nothing could block his secret technique. Not only did the stinking thing not care about the secret technique, it also emitted such a strong stench that even the most determined person would be affected.

On the opposite side, Taiyi Shen is weird. He has never fought an enemy like this before, and he is suspected of being despicable. But he can only do this when facing Fu Kong. He is no match for him in a one-on-one fight.

If there is anyone that these cultivators in the Sixth Continent hate the most nowadays, it must be Lu Yin. He disgusted Daoyuan for three days and even disgusted the entire battlefield.

Lu Yin himself was able to hold back the taste. He also sacrificed a lot, and now he is still being hunted.

The farce-like battle lasted for more than a day. In the distance, the color of the sea gradually faded, and Dianjiangtai gradually left the Baiyan District.

Lu Yin looked into the distance and saw the end of Fu Zu’s celestial phenomena. His face was ugly. If the Sixth Continent was allowed to penetrate the Fu Zu celestial phenomena area, it would bring disastrous consequences. But fortunately, in front of the end, there were countless The Rune Daoshu exists, and it is the older generation of strong men from the Fifth Continent.


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