Star Odyssey Chapter 989: Jianguang

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Fu Kong, Jianru and others looked at Lu Yin fearfully. This guy actually made Zhiyi helpless. That secret technique was very troublesome.

Even after the Fifth Continent was punished, Sera Emperor Phoenix and others looked at Lu Yin with strange eyes.

On the sea, the star collector’s face turned pale. The smell was really unpleasant.

Miss Qing kept moving away and blinked at Lu Yin. He was such an interesting person.

The letter girl is far away from the Dianjiangtai and cannot be approached. The smell is unbearable.

Gu Xiaoer looked at Lu Yin as if he were looking at a god. This is a great god, a real great god. He has all these things and is powerful enough, but it really stinks and I can’t stand it.

The situation that was originally favorable to the Sixth Continent changed the moment Lu Yin took out the stinky thing. One Zhiyi can make Qiu Shi and others tired of dealing with it. One person may not be able to hold her back, or even two people. Cooperation, now Zhiyi is stuck to the foul-smelling thing and can’t get rid of it. The sixth continent has lost a Principle Source for three days, so it will be different.

Qiu Shi freed up his hands to deal with Difa. This guy did not fight head-on, but kept making sneak attacks. However, his bloodline allowed his attacks to penetrate everything. The serious injuries of Xing Kai and Serady Phoenix were inseparable from him. .

Di Fa was targeted by Qiu Shi. Although he was not afraid, he had to fight head-on. He looked at Zhiyi and said, “Don’t worry about that thing. It’s not lethal. Deal with this woman quickly.”

Zhiyi ignored him and focused on how to get rid of the foul-smelling thing. Generating Origin Qi didn’t work, and Source Tiangang didn’t work. She tried to burn the Red Flame Eyes, but it also didn’t work. What the **** is this?

Lu Yin was proud that this thing had forced Mr. Yi to escape several times, allowing him to reach the pinnacle of his life. It had magical properties that even Yuan Tiangang could not stop.

Why didn’t I remember it earlier? I must remember in the future that this is a great killer weapon, far more useful than those rare treasures.

Mr. Yi can’t be destroyed, and these people can’t be destroyed either. I don’t know what the upper limit of this thing is.

Zhiyi was so disgusted that she tried every means to deal with the stinky thing. No matter whether it was destroying it or trying to take it into the Ningkong Ring, it was useless. She didn’t want to care, but Lu Yin’s moves were very mean, Yu Zi Mi The stench kept hitting her face, and appeared in her arms from time to time. It was hard not to notice. The stench was so terrible that it gave people nightmares.

Fu Kong passed by the crowd and appeared next to Zhiyi. He raised his hand and slapped the smelly thing, and activated the secret technique, the Great Reincarnation Technique.

The Great Reincarnation Technique can push the attacked person back to his childhood, which is equivalent to reversing the time of a certain person or object. He wants to push the stinking thing back to the beginning of its birth or disappear directly, but the strange thing is that under one palm Nothing works.

Lu Yin sneered, the stinky thing was interpreted from the original treasure. No one knows how many years it has gone through, and Fu Kong’s secret technique is useless no matter how magical it is.

The secret technique was useless. Fu Kong took action again, activated his talent decomposition, and shot it on the smelly thing, but it was still useless.

In desperation, Fu Kong grabbed the foul-smelling thing and tried to take it away by force, but Lu Yin’s secret technique was activated and he threw the foul-smelling thing into Zhiyi’s arms.

Zhiyi’s whole body trembled with anger, and the stench almost made her faint. She looked at Lu Yin and saw that Lu Yin’s smiling face was really hateful. She was actually a very rational person. She was so angry after the battle in the thunderstorm zone. In the end, she turned defeat into victory, giving up the thunderstorm area and suppressing the Baiyan area. Years of military strategy have allowed her to develop a good tolerance.

But at this moment, all the magnanimity and strategy were gone. The woman’s instinctive anger surged out. She raised her hand, and the energy that enveloped the general stage roared towards Lu Yin. At the same time, she jumped out of the general stage. .

Diffa was shocked, “Don’t fall into the trap.”

Not empty and urgent, he is not afraid of falling into the trap. They are Daoyuan Santian. The younger generation is invincible and has no solution. But he needs a big victory. Just breaking through the Baiyan District is not a big deal. Victory, he wants to deal with this group of people from the Fifth Continent.

Once Zhiyi leaves, Yuan Tiangang cannot be enveloped, and this group of people may escape. This is not the result he wants.

But Zhiyi was already blinded by anger. She held the sword of Shengshengyuan Qi in her hand and slashed at Lu Yin with one sword. At the same time, the pressure of Shengshengyuanqi that filled the sky seemed to submerge the entire Baiyan District sea.

Zhiyi showed the terrifying power of Daoyuan for three days. Covering the Shengsheng Yuan Qi was the flame of the Red Flame Eye. Not to mention Lu Yin, Xing Kai and others were shocked by this blow.

It seemed that one blow covered the entire Baiyan area, but suddenly, all the vitality energy gathered together and turned into a single slash to attack Lu Yin. The combat power was still controlled within 200,000, but this blow gave Lu Yin felt a strong sense of crisis. He clearly saw that within the slash, the runes were completely disconnected. Each rune had a combat power of nearly 200,000. Finally, they came together to match the attack method of the Little Arrow Saint. Exactly the same.

Not everyone can separate all attacks like Zhiyi, block the suppression of celestial phenomena, and finally completely integrate them. This move is countless times better than the attack of Little Arrow Saint.

Facing this blow, Lu Yin seemed to have expected it, and fled towards the east one step ahead, but was still caught by the blow. Zhiyi hated Lu Yin to death. She had never suffered such great humiliation. Especially now, that stinky thing is still in her arms. The stench has become the motivation for her attack. She can no longer care about anything else and only wants to destroy Lu Yin.

Lu Yin turned around, his face changed drastically. The Zhouyan Scripture weakened the slashing attack. At the same time, on the general stage, Taiyi Shen also used the Zhouyan Scripture to weaken Zhiyi’s combat skills. He had discovered that Lu Yin could also use the Zhouyan Scripture to weaken Zhiyi’s combat skills. The Zhouyan Scripture, apart from the land of gods in the universe, occasionally someone can get the inheritance of rune technology and learn the Zhouyan Scripture. He is not surprised. The point is that this person saved him.

Zhiyi’s slashing attack was weakened by Lu Yin and Taiyi Shen. However, after fighting with Lu Yin several times, how could Zhiyi be unprepared? Lu Yin and the two could weaken the power of the slashing attack, and Zhiyi could also increase it. , her original combat strength is far more than 200,000, so it is not difficult to increase her attack in an instant.

Lu Yin still had to face a shocking blow.

Just when everyone thought that Lu Yin would definitely withstand the attack, a flash of sword light flashed in the distance, and the heaven and earth turned into a world of swords. The air, sea water, and everything that could be seen with the naked eye turned into swords.

The first person to react was Jian Ru. The long sword in his hand was shaking uncontrollably.

Immediately afterwards, Sword in the Stone, Taiyi Shen and others all felt the terrifying sharp energy.

Zhiyi’s slash suddenly turned and slashed towards the sword light.

The sword light came from nothingness and collided with Zhiyi’s slash. The invisible sharp energy swept in all directions, covering the white rock area. The sea water boiled and was torn apart by the sword energy. The cracks in the void fell like raindrops.

Countless people were affected by the residual power of the collision of sword light and slashing blows. Many people were torn in half immediately and had no ability to resist.

The star-collecting girl kept moving her figure, her eyes solemn.

Da Chi Puqiu Brown raised his hand to display his combat skills, but the combat skills were torn apart by the aftermath of the sword light, and his entire arm was dripping with blood.

Xia Tian quickly retreated, a wisp of strong wind passed by, and the void was cut. If he took one step slower, he would be hit.

Gu Xiaoer screamed and narrowly avoided the aftermath.

On the sea surface, a huge meteorite that Ye Xingchen originally pulled was cut into pieces and turned into dust.

Lu Yin could only feel the strong wind, accompanied by an unparalleled fierceness, and quickly used the quicksand to block it. Fortunately, he was physically strong, otherwise he would have been hit at such a close distance, and he would have been seriously injured even if he didn’t die.

On the general stage, everyone stopped and looked into the distance in disbelief. Who is it? It’s so scary to take action.

Fu Kong’s eyes were solemn. Before joining the war, someone had told him that the Fifth Continent should not be underestimated. This was not only the Fifth Continent, but also many of the broken remnants of the first four continents. Those remnants inherited ancient traditions and should not be underestimated. .

He didn’t care at first, until he encountered Xing Kai on the battlefield in Baiyan District, and he felt threatened. Although Xing Kai was defeated, he couldn’t kill him. He was so powerful that he surpassed ordinary Yuzi. Coupled with Serati Phoenix, Qiu Shi and others, he realized the foundation of the Fifth Continent.

Now, the appearance of that sword light shocked him again. He did not see clearly the true background of the fifth continent.

Zhiyi stood high in the sky with a solemn expression, looking to the east, where a woman walked slowly, with long black hair flowing, holding a white sword, and wearing large frames. She looked both quiet and a little cute. It was this woman who blocked her slash just now.

That was not an ordinary slash, but the strongest slash that could be exerted under the suppression of celestial phenomena in a rage. She thought no one could block it, even if the Ten Jue in the thunderstorm area could not see the light, he might not be able to completely block it, but that was it. The Tao slash was blocked. Although it was weakened, it was still beyond her expectation that it could be blocked.

Countless people looked to the east, looking at the woman who was slowly approaching.

“Is it her?”.

“Ten decisive battles, Sword Sect – Liu Tianmu”.

“The Ten Jue of Sword Sect, inherited the Thirteen Swords, and is known as the most talented disciple in the history of Sword Sect.”

“It is said that everyone in the Sword Sect believes that she can create the fourteenth sword and let the Sword Sect rule the entire universe.”

“She seems to be not only the Tenth Sword Master, but also has other identities.”

Listening to various discussions in his ears, Lu Yin looked at the woman walking slowly, Jian Zong, Liu Tianmu, Mu Jue of the Ten Jue, heir of the Thirteen Swords. Her appearance made countless people dim, even the Ten Jue She is also at the top of the competition, and neither Xing Kai nor Sera Emperor Phoenix has her influence.

Jian Zong itself is one of the most powerful sects in the inner universe, or rather, it is the strongest sect. Even the White Night Clan will not compete head-on with Jian Zong. Precisely because of the existence of Jian Zong, other sects The realm he is in is called the first realm, and this is the Sword Sect.

Liu Tianmu is the most elite disciple in the history of Sword Sect. If the ten finalists are ranked, she will undoubtedly be at the top.

Lu Yin asked himself that he had been exposed to several ten battles. Whether it was Lance, White Knight or No Light, none of them shocked him as much as Liu Tianmu. Just standing there, Liu Tianmu gave people an incomparable feeling.

“Seventh brother, this woman is so domineering,” Guihou exclaimed.

Lu Yin also felt this way. Even if Liu Tianmu didn’t say a word, the sword light just now made him feel the domineering power of this woman.


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