Star Odyssey Chapter 966: Daoyuan Three Days

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Lu Yin carried Xu San to a remote place, with thunder rolling above his head. Xu San shrank when he saw it, “Boss, I miss you so much.”

Seeing Xu San’s obscene and flattering look, Lu Yin said angrily, “Stop pretending, you are living a comfortable life, many times better than the earth.”

“That’s hometown. Who can forget hometown?” Xu San’s expression was exaggerated, making him look even more vulgar.

Lu Yin pursed his lips and said, “You want to return home in glory!”.

Xu San smiled sarcastically, “The boss still understands me, the boss is mighty.”

“Stop talking nonsense, we want to know the current situation of the cosmic sea.” The star-collecting girl came from not far away and asked in a cold voice.

Xu San showed a flattering smile, “What does sister-in-law want to know?”.

Caixing Nu’s tone was cold, “If you dare to speak like that again, I will cut out your tongue.”

Xu San quickly shut up.

Lingque came over rubbing his calf, “Speak quickly, otherwise those people will wake up.”

Lu Yin looked at Xu San, “Since you are willing to follow the people from the Sixth Continent, I won’t force you to come back, but you have to help me.”

Xu San’s face turned pale, “It’s the boss who took me away from the earth. Even if I, Xu San, betray this universe, I can’t betray the boss. I will tell you whatever the boss wants to know.”

“The current situation of the universe sea” Lu Yin said.

Xu San was distressed, “Boss, I only know about Starlight Island, and I don’t know about the rest.”

“Let’s just talk about this piece,” Lu Yin said.

Xu San sighed, thought for a while, and then said, “Starlight Island is one of the main sites for the Sixth Continent to attack the Cosmic Sea. Since the Sixth Continent and the Fifth Continent reached a tacit understanding and the two sides competed with the younger generation, Many young masters from the Sixth Continent have come to Starlight Island. At present, the total number of cultivators from the Sixth Continent on Starlight Island is no less than 10 million, spread all over the surroundings of Starlight Island. The strongest among them should be Yuzi Nan Yanfei and Yuzi Shangrong.”

When they heard Yu Zi, the three of them were moved. Yu Zi was a master of the younger generation who could compete with the Ten Jue Masters. There were actually two Yu Zi here.

Lu Yin recalled carefully that he had heard of Nan Yanfei, but had never seen him before, so he definitely didn’t know him. As for Shang Rong, he recalled carefully and had fought against him before, so he might not know him.

“Led by Yuzi, Starlight Island has gathered the younger generation of strong men from the Blood Ancestral Realm of the Sixth Continent. Of course, there are also strong men from other regions, such as the Qing Hua duo from the Qing Hua Realm of the Secret Ancestor Brahma Realm, such as The young master of the Zhanwu Domain weapon casting family, second only to the wielder, by the way, boss, I want to introduce someone to you, my fiancée, Xiao Xiangxiang.”

Speaking of this, Xu San’s face became even more vulgar, and he looked like he was about to get married. Lingque felt unhappy for a while and said, “Continue talking.”

“Oh, Xiao Xiangxiang’s name is Hexiang, yes”, “Shut up, I didn’t ask you this, I was asking if Daoyuan would show up in three days” Lingque interrupted.

Xu San was dissatisfied and glanced at him sideways, “Who are you? The boss didn’t interrupt me, but you jumped up.”

Lingque raised his eyebrows, and the giant sword rotated around his body, “It seems that you want to try the power of my giant sword.”

Xu San was surprised, “Giant Que Sword? Are you Ling Que Ling Que? You are a small person. You are not at the level of a king and you are not qualified to talk to me. My master is the ancestor of Ling Tong, and my fiancée is the young leader of the Ling Tong tribe.” .

Lingque was angry, “What did you say?”.

Lu Yin was helpless, “Okay, stop arguing,” he said, looking at Xu San, “Did Daoyuan show up in the past three days?”.

Xu San shook his head, “Not yet, but it will definitely come.”

“Why?” Lu Yin asked subconsciously.

Xu Sandao, “The war in the inner universe has been going on for several years. It has always been said that Daoyuan Santian will participate in the war, but in fact, the power of the older generation of strong men is greater than that of Daoyuan Santian. Daoyuan Sansan has not taken action yet. It’s meaningless. Now the universe sea is empty of the older generation of strong men, and young people are competing. As the top masters of the sixth continent, the three people known as the sky will definitely appear, and it will be in the near future.”

“Which three are the three paths of Daoyuan?” Lingque asked curiously.

Not only him, Lu Yin also wanted to know that the name of Daoyuan Santian was the same as the Ten Jue he heard about when he stepped into the universe. Everyone knew it, but no one said it specifically.

For the younger generation of the Sixth Continent, Daoyuan Santian is really heaven, because they are not limited to a certain domain, but are the inheritors of the Daoyuan Sect of the Sixth Continent, inheriting three ancestral realm powerhouses respectively. , is the sky.

They are the true descendants of the ancestral realm.

When mentioning Daoyuan Santian, even Xu San’s wretched expression calmed down, “Actually, I don’t know much about Daoyuan Sansan, I only know a rough idea. Everyone in the Sixth Continent is very curious about the three of them. But they don’t understand them very well, they don’t have much contact with outsiders, even Xiao Xiangxiang doesn’t understand them.”

After a pause, Xu San continued, “The descendant of the Blood Ancestor is named Zhiyi. Xiao Xiangxiang told me that it is said that after absorbing the blood of the Blood Ancestor, he also has talents and secret skills, but I don’t know the specifics. , I have only heard rumors that someone once challenged him and wanted to get the three-day position of Daoyuan. He was a madman, but she was easily defeated.”

“The descendant of Wu Ancestor is named Wu Taibai. He has talents and secret skills. It is also said that this person likes to pretend to be an ordinary person and travel around the Sixth Continent. Many people have seen him and don’t know that he is Taoyuan Santian. I heard This guy is easy to work with.”

“The secret ancestor is the most mysterious person. There is no information at all, and no one mentions him. Even the two idiots Qinghua Shuangxiong don’t know about it.”

Lu Yin pondered, Zhiyi, the descendant of the blood ancestor, Wu Taibai, the descendant of the martial ancestor, plus a descendant of the secret ancestor, the three ancestral realm inheritors, are under great pressure.

Wu Taibai, he is very familiar with it. As Xu San said, this guy likes to pretend to be an ordinary expert. They also explored the ruins of Daoyuanzong together. This person is very good at pretending. If he hadn’t happened to meet Zhenwu Night King, This person may not be exposed.

The man who forced King Zhenwu Ye to use the Arrow Ancestor combat skill, Wu Taibai, had an unfathomable true strength.

Daoyuan should have surpassed the Ten Jue in three days!

“Besides the three days of Taoyuan, what other information is there?” Lingque asked.

Xu San was dissatisfied with him, but after looking at Lu Yin and then at the star-collecting girl who was obviously likely to attack him, he could only continue, “Actually, there are many masters in the Sixth Continent, and the descendants of the Imprinter family are enough. In a battle with the masters at the top of the top 100 battle list, the descendants of the Seal of the Universe and even the descendants of the Seal of the Universe are quite powerful. If the New Universe hadn’t sent masters to join the battle, the Universe Sea would have been occupied long ago.”

“The battle has reached this point, and both sides have a tacit understanding, that is, magnetic poles. Thunderstorm areas have a characteristic. There are forward and reverse magnetic poles. The forward magnetic pole will attract the sky thunder, and the reverse magnetic pole will repel the sky thunder. Rumor has it that In ancient times, in order to allow people to live safely in thunderstorm areas, some top masters divided the magnetic poles into five parts and distributed them evenly in every corner of the thunderstorm area. They used the force of positive and negative attraction and repulsion to control the thunder in the sky. Otherwise, if the thunder hits the ground, even the enlightenment state will be destroyed. Can’t stand it.”

“Both the Sixth Continent and the Inner Universe cultivators plan to seize the magnetic poles, introduce thunderstorms into each other’s areas, and exterminate each other. This is the simplest way, but the price is that the thunderstorm area will fall into thunder chaos again, but this is what the Inner Universe wants Yes, as for the Sixth Continent, they are confident that they can defeat the inner universe with this. Anyway, once the magnetic pole moves, the thunderstorm area will gradually fall into thunder bombing, but it will take a long time to restore the ancient power.”

The Caixing Girl spoke indifferently, “You mean the Sixth Continent is confident of obtaining the magnetic pole and using it to exterminate all Fifth Continent practitioners in the thunderstorm area?”

Xu San nodded, “The same goes for the Fifth Continent. Both sides want to use the magnetic pole to destroy the other side, but it is unlikely. Some people speculate that even if the magnetic pole moves, it will take a long time to achieve the goal of annihilating the other side. This is more like It is to determine the ownership of the thunderstorm area. Whoever grabs the most magnetic poles will win. It should be similar in other areas of the cosmic sea, and there will be corresponding methods to determine the winner.”

“When will we seize the magnetic pole?” Lu Yin asked.

Xu Sandao said, “In the near future, I don’t know who has made an agreement with the cultivators of the Fifth Continent. They should want to **** the magnetic pole to decide the outcome. One of the three days of Taoyuan should appear before then.”

“Interesting, seize the magnetic pole?” Lingque was interested.

Xu San rolled her eyes at him, “With your level of strength, you can’t even get close to the magnetic pole. Stop dreaming, or you’ll be nothing but cannon fodder.”

“What did you say? You are not even cannon fodder.” Lingque was furious.

Xu San raised his head and said, “I don’t need to fight, I have someone to protect me.”

Lingque grinds his teeth.

Caixing Nu kept staring at Xu San and suddenly asked, “Where are you going?”

Xu San’s eyes flickered, “Go out for a walk, I’m tired of waiting here.”

“Yes, I calculated that your trip would be risky, and we can protect you,” the star-collecting girl said calmly.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows and looked at Xu San, “Where are you going?”.

Xu San looked at Lu Yin pleadingly, “Boss, I have told you everything you want to know. Let me go. I have never harmed anyone in the inner universe.”

Lu Yin sighed and looked at Xu San seriously, “Anyway, you are from Earth and we are fellow villagers. We can help as much as we can.”

Xu San hesitated.

Ling Que bent his fingers and rotated the giant sword along his fingertips, “Don’t talk nonsense to him. A traitor like this will lose both of his arms first.”

Xu San glared at Lingque fiercely, “You look like a traitor, and your whole family is a traitor.”

“You are looking for death” Lingque was extremely angry.

Lu Yin casually pulled open the spiritual barrier and looked at Xu San seriously, “Help me this time. From now on, you and I don’t know each other. You are you and I am me. We have never seen each other. When we meet on the battlefield, I will try not to be wrong.” How about you take action?”

Xu San was helpless, “Do I have a choice?”, he said with a bitter tone, “It’s not easy to find a backer, I hope I won’t become a pornographic person.”

Lu Yin patted Xu San on the shoulder, “The Sixth Continent may not be able to win. Our universe is not that simple. If you help us, you will have a way out and you can come back in the future.”

Xu San nodded helplessly, “Actually, this time I was invited by Shang Rong to participate in the pre-war mobilization meeting.”

The three of them were moved, Shang Rong, one of the domain masters.

“Mobilization meeting before the war?” Lingque was surprised.

Xu Sandao, “Boss, what I told you is true. Both sides have a tacit understanding and are prepared to use the magnetic pole to determine the outcome. The pre-war mobilization meeting is actually to assign the task of grabbing the magnetic pole. The most important thing is that Daoyuan San Zhiyi, one of the heavens, may appear.”


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