Star Odyssey Chapter 965: Meeting old friends

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“Say, Old Sixteen, you are such an adult, why don’t you know how to restrain yourself? I heard you slapped someone again, right?” The young man with a sinister eyebrow said slowly, eating fruit as he spoke.

The young master, Lao Shiliu, smiled respectfully and said, “Third brother is really well-informed. You know 90% of the things on the Sixth Continent, and you know everything about the Fifth Continent.”

“Hahahaha, it’s not that exaggerated, it’s just that it’s hard not to know with these eyes, hahahaha” The young man with sly eyebrows laughed, just as thunder struck in the sky, he was so frightened that he dropped the fruit, which happened to fall on the old ten Liu’s mouth, Old Sixteen hurriedly swallowed it and laughed, “Thank you, Third Brother, for the reward.”

The young man with sly eyebrows was stunned for a moment, and looked at Lao Sixteen with great admiration, “You have a great future, don’t worry, Third Brother will remember your kindness. When Third Brother sees the ancestor one day, he will definitely help you. A few kind words.”

Lao Shiliu was ecstatic, “Thank you, third brother, thank you, third brother.”

In the distance, at Yaya’s house, Lu Yin opened his mouth and stared blankly, is that Xu San?

Caixingnu and Lingque both saw something was wrong with Lu Yin and followed his gaze.

“They are from the Lingtong clan,” Caixing Nu said solemnly.

“Lingtong clan?” Lingque raised his eyebrows. They all started with the word “ling”. He was a little unhappy.

Caixing Girl said, “The Lingtong clan is a family of sealers of the Universe of the Black Blood Realm. The ancestor of Lingtong is said to be the strongest person in the Black Blood Realm after the ancestor Wumu, and is very close to the Sealer of the Universe. , has a very high status and is one of the protectors of the Daoyuan Sect. This race absorbs the blood passed down from ancient times and can make the eyes change. It is rumored that in recent years, the ancestor of the spirit pupil has accepted a disciple who is gifted with double pupil. It may be that person. Otherwise, given this person’s extreme strength, even the direct descendants of the Lingtong family would not be treated like this, and there would be a strong person in the Enlightenment realm to protect him.”

“Enlightenment realm? Didn’t it mean that the older generation of strong men have quit?” Lingque was surprised.

The star-collecting girl said lightly, “There are loopholes in any rules. As long as they are not discovered, they can exist. Do you think the Sixth Continent is really that stupid to quit all of them? It is impossible for the four hegemons to not interfere at all in the celestial phenomena. They just suppress each other as much as possible. That’s all”.

Lingque was jealous, “I actually have an Enlightenment Realm as my bodyguard. If I hadn’t left the family, I would also have an Enlightenment Realm to protect me, but this guy looks really wretched.”

The star-collecting girl looked at Lu Yin, her eyes flashing, “Do you know me?”

Lingque looked at Lu Yin in surprise.

Lu Yin pondered for a moment, then slowly said, “My younger brother.”

The two of them opened their eyes wide, especially Caixing Girl. She understands how terrifying the Ling Tong clan is, and also understands the Ling Tong Ancestor. If the Ling Tong Ancestor were not many generations younger than the Wu Mu Ancestor, his strength might not be as strong as Wu Mu. The difference between the Eyed Ancestor and the Eyeless Ancestor is that he was born countless years earlier than the Lingtong Ancestor. However, it is easy to catch up with the Lingtong Ancestor’s talent. In other words, the Lingtong Ancestor is a stable half-step leader. Printer.

And that guy with sinister eyebrows and rat-like eyes is a disciple that the Lingtong Ancestor values ​​and has a very high status. He is actually Lu Yin’s younger brother?

“Your little brother? Isn’t he from our universe? How come you were accepted as a disciple by the Lingtong Ancestor? Lu Yin, don’t try to get relatives.” Lingque didn’t believe it.

The star-collecting girl frowned and looked into the distance, her eyes flickering, not knowing what she was doing.

Lu Yin exhaled, “Maybe they just look alike, but it shouldn’t be such a coincidence, because my little brother is gifted with double pupils.”

Lingque was speechless, “Then it should be true. Speaking of which, how is your relationship with your little brother?”.

Lu Yin thought about it and calculated that the two of them had not seen each other for nearly ten years. Ever since he left the Daewoo Empire to take the assessment at the Starry Sky War Academy, he seemed to have never seen Xu San. He did not expect to meet again under such circumstances. , he actually came to the Universe Sea and was accepted as a disciple by the Seal of the Universe in the Sixth Continent. This opportunity was really unusual.

“It’s time for a reunion,” the star-collecting girl said calmly.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, “Yes, it’s time to meet again.”

The Lingtong clan carried Xu San towards the seaside. People passed by from time to time, looking at them in awe.

Xu San was in a good mood. He had never been this happy in many years. At the end of the earth, he was living like an ant. He finally found a boss. He thought he could live freely in the universe, but he didn’t meet the boss for a few times. He was kidnapped, even if he was kidnapped, he didn’t know how he came to the universe sea inexplicably, and lived in secret for several years.

I thought that this was the end of my life, but I didn’t expect that when the Sixth Continent invaded, all the powerful forces in the inner universe fled to the cosmic sea. The place where he was was occupied by the Sixth Continent in just two years. Fortunately, his strength was low, as long as he If you pay homage to the statues of those strong men in the Sixth Continent every day, nothing will happen to you.

Life is full of ups and downs. He will always remember that it was a sunny day. The sky was clear and cloudless, with only thunder crashing down from time to time, which made him feel flustered.

There was an additional statue on the island where he was. It was an old man with a majestic appearance and extraordinary appearance. The most important thing was that the old man’s pupils were double, exactly like his own.

When he saw the statue of the old man, Xu San was stunned. His blood was boiling. He didn’t know where he got the courage to use his powers. Maybe it was because he couldn’t bear the years of depression, or maybe he was crazy. Anyway, he used a superpower that had never been exposed, and then he was discovered, and then, he had his current life.

Lingtong Ancestor, Master! His most respected master, although everyone in the inner universe is shouting and wanting to destroy the Sixth Continent, but who cares about him? It’s none of his business. He lives like an ant in this universe. Who cares about his position? He will be good to anyone who is good to him.

Thinking about it, Xu San bowed again on a whim in the direction of the statue of Ancestor Lingtong, looking pious.

The surrounding Lingtong family cultivators looked respectfully and lifted the sedan with more force. They saw the loyal side of Xu San. Although this person was from the Fifth Continent, since he was accepted as a disciple by the ancestor, he would change his blood in the future. Those who practice Seal are the real people of the Sixth Continent, the only disciples of their ancestors, and their eternal masters.

Old Sixteen smiled and handed over the fruit.

Xu San lay down again, this kind of day is so good.

At this moment, the sedan swayed, and a cultivator carrying the sedan bent his legs, almost knocking Xu San down. The Enlightenment Realm strongman who had been following behind to protect Xu San opened his eyes suddenly, and just took a step. , the void solidified, and a finger hit his forehead as if predicting his actions, a finger in a dream.

A strong person in the Enlightenment Realm is very powerful. Even in this situation, he can react and want to avoid it. But having an idea is one thing, and whether he has the ability to avoid it is another thing. His entire body is full of runes. Being weakened, his movements slowed down a bit, and with this slight time difference, he was hit on the forehead by a finger, and he fainted and fell to the ground.

At the same time, the giant sword cut through the void, flashing with the back of the sword, knocking out all the practitioners who were protecting Xu San.

The whole process took only one second, and the speed was incredibly fast. In the end, only Xu San was left sitting in the sedan, and the sedan also crashed to the ground.

Lu Yin retracted his finger and looked shocked. This was the method of Caixingmen. He just accepted the position provided by Caixing Girl. According to Caixing Girl, he attacked that position. There was no one in that position before. Yes, at the moment of his attack, the enlightenment master happened to make his move and appeared in that position.

This is a divination attack, it’s really scary.

The same was true for Lingque’s attack. Even the trajectory of his giant sword attack was determined by Caixingnu. There was no waste at all. All the people protecting Xu San were knocked unconscious.

And the star collector herself cleans up the machinery that monitors them.

The moment three people walked out from three directions and attacked Xu San, they created a loophole in Starlight Island’s surveillance, causing Xu San to disappear at that moment.

Xu San was frightened and just about to shout, Lu Yin’s voice came to his ears, “Long time no see, Xu San.”

Xu San turned around blankly and looked at Lu Yin as if he was dumbfounded, “Old, old, boss?”.

The corners of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “Remember me?”.

Xu San suddenly jumped up and rushed towards Lu Yin, shouting as he rushed, “Boss, you finally came to see me, boss”.

Lu Yin got out of the way, grabbed Xu San’s back, and lifted him up.

Xu San had a painful expression, as if life was worse than death, “Boss, you are finally here. If you don’t come, I will kill you, boss.”

Lu Yin was funny, “Aren’t you having a good time?”.

“No matter how good it is, it’s not as good as the earth, boss, it’s great to see you, please take me away, boss” Xu San shouted.

The star collector shouted coldly, “Shut up, don’t pretend, it’s too fake.”

Xu San blinked, looked at Lu Yin, then at the star-collecting girl, and then showed a sly smile, “Boss, this is my sister-in-law, she is so beautiful, with **** and a big butt.”

Lingque glanced at the star-collecting girl subconsciously.

The star-collecting girl narrowed her eyes, and a cold light flashed across her eyes.

Lu Yin hurriedly grabbed Xu San and left, fearing that he would destroy the star girl. It seemed that no one had ever been so rude to the star girl. Big **** and a big butt? It seems so!

“Is it okay if you destroyed those gadgets that monitor us? They will definitely be found on the island.” Lingque whispered to the star-collecting girl, while speaking, his eyes drifted downward.

The star-collecting girl said indifferently, “If it is not destroyed, no one will find it.” She glanced around. These ordinary people are not in trouble. They will not participate and have no ability to participate.

Lingque let out a cry, raised his foot and took a step forward. His calf tripped over something. Star energy exploded and hit his calf, almost making him fall. He staggered a few steps before he stabilized his figure. On the side, Cai Xing The woman snorted and left.

Lingque curled his lips, this woman is so small-minded, why not just take a look, as for taking action?

But Caixingmen’s attack method is really terrible. It actually reserves attacks in advance. How is it done? This woman had appeared on the top 100 battle list before, ranking neither high nor low, and then she quit the top 100 battle list. Many people thought that the star collector was not good at fighting, and those people were idiots. This woman’s real strength is definitely Terribly strong.

Not to mention anything else, she dared to hold back a sealer with confidence, even if it was difficult to escape without any damage, she did it in a daze, which was unimaginable.

Lu Yin didn’t take Xu San to Yaya’s house because he was afraid of causing trouble to Yaya.


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