Star Odyssey Chapter 963: Starlight Island

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After hearing the question from the star collector, Lu Yin smiled, “Tianyan Dojo has something similar to what you just teleported, and Neptune also has something from the ancestral realm. We escaped to the outer universe.”

“No wonder I seem to see people falling into the sea of ​​stars.” Lingque said clearly.

The Caixing Girl said nothing and continued to lead the way. She seemed to know where Lu Yin knew the purpose of the altar.

“Is Neptune still alive?” Lu Yin asked, looking at the back of the star collector.

The Caixing girl said calmly, “I don’t know.”

Lu Yin’s eyes were dim, and he was probably in danger.

Neptune smashed the so-called upper three gates, which triggered the war between the Sixth Continent and the invasion of the inner and outer universe. He was the main culprit of this war. Countless people died because of him, and he may even have ruined the inner and outer universes. But at the same time, he restored He gave the Fifth Continent a chance to achieve the ancestral realm. He gave the Fifth Continent a glimmer of hope.

If the sky of the fifth continent is not restored, perhaps this continent will never be able to give birth to the ancestral realm, and it will forever sink under the sixth continent.

This is a big gamble. If the bet is won, the Fifth Continent will not be afraid of the Sixth Continent. If the bet is lost, everything is over.

Only people like Neptune dare to bet, not even the Hall of Glory.

The Hall of Glory seems to be protecting human beings, but in fact it is more like protecting their own interests.

The healing elixirs brought by several people are all very effective. The scars on the body of the most seriously injured star collector have disappeared, but it will take some time to fully recover.

Even with Lu Yin’s physical strength, he only recovered the superficial scars, which shows that Caixing Girl’s words about being torn apart were not lies.

Not long after, the star-collecting girl suddenly stopped, looking at the beautiful scenery in the distance like a curtain of stars, and murmured, “This is Starlight Island.”

Lingque was shocked, “What did you say? Starlight Island?”.

Lu Yin was confused, “What Starlight Island?”.

Lingque’s face turned pale, “It’s over, it’s over. Starlight Island is one of the attack sites of the Sixth Continent. It is full of masters from the Sixth Continent. What kind of enlightenment realm, sealer, even the sealer of the universe and even the sealer of the universe?” There are both. The Sixth Continent has spent several years exploring the cosmic sea. Starlight Island is one of the areas they are familiar with, but they actually came here. It’s over.”

Lu Yin looked at the star-picking girl.

The star-collecting girl said lightly, “The phenomena of the universe, sea and sky are unpredictable, and only the Four Hegemons can understand them. Even if the people of the new universe want to cross the universe sea, the four hegemons must lead the way. The major forces in the inner universe have been defeated and retreated to the universe sea. After pursuing the six continents, they spent several years exploring the sky, and countless people died, but they also found several stable areas. Starlight Island is one of them. Many experts from the Sixth Continent are concentrated on Starlight Island, using Starlight Island as a base to explore. The cosmic sea, attacking the new universe.”

Lu Yin was speechless. This was too small. Before, he was still thinking about not going to the enemy’s headquarters. Starlight Island was equivalent to one of the headquarters of the Sixth Continent’s attack on the new universe.

“Let’s run, otherwise we will be targeted by those Sealers. There are many Sealers in the Sixth Continent. Even if there is a pervert like the Sealer of U, it is not impossible. If we encounter the domain, we will be finished. , Those people who are second only to Yuzi are not bad either, run away quickly,” Lingque said hurriedly.

The star-collecting girl’s eyes flashed and she said, “We can’t run away. The area we just passed is in the inner ring of Starlight Island, so there are no people. We have to leave the outer ring of the certain path. The outer ring is full of masters from the Sixth Continent.”

“It’s better than the front. The front is Starlight Island,” Lingque wailed.

Lu Yin’s expression suddenly changed, “Someone is coming around, there are people from all directions.” He saw countless rune numbers gathering from all directions.

“We won’t be discovered, right?” Lingque exclaimed.

Lu Yin shook his head, “No.”

“How do you know?”.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. There were not many of these runes, and the ones with the most were at the early stage of the hunting realm. If they were found, they would not send these people. Of course, it does not deny that some of them hide their strength, and some hide their combat power. The technique can reduce the number of runes released.

Lu Yin suddenly looked in one direction, “Let’s go to the bottom of the sea. There are people there.”

Caixingnu and Lingque did not object. They saw Lu Yin’s strength. Even if Caixingnu was confident that she could remain undefeated, it would be impossible to win. Lu Yin was almost the top player in the ten finals. , looking at the inner and outer universe, the younger generation can only fight with him at the top of the top 100 battle list. Perhaps the second-ranked Taiyuan Lord may not be able to match him. Only the top 100 battle list, it is recognized that he can. Only the person who inherits the position of Ten Jue can be equal to him.

The three of them hid under the sea. The thunder still rang in the sky, and it hit the sea from time to time, making loud noises.

In the distance, a large ship was approaching slowly without concealing it. On the bow of the ship, a young man was holding a beautiful woman and talking loudly, followed by dozens of servants. A group of cultivators were tied around the ship. The ship was not The oars move, not mechanically propelled, but pulled by these tied cultivators. They are both cultivators, trackers, and slaves. They are cultivators of the inner universe.

Many cultivators from the Sixth Continent gathered from all directions and surrounded the big ship. Among them, those cultivators who had reached the cruising level boarded the ship and spoke respectfully, “Master, please reveal your identity and show your seal before you can enter. Starlight Island”.

The young master’s face darkened and he walked over, “This is not my first time to Starlight Island. You are blind. The slaves below were all purchased by me on Starlight Island.”

The cruising realm cultivator was in a dilemma, “Sir, anyone entering Starlight Island must show their seal, you.” Before he could finish speaking, the young master slapped the cruising realm cultivator away. Brought down the ship.

The cultivators from the Sixth Continent all around were furious and all stepped forward.

On the boat, among the dozens of domestic servants, an old man raised his head and snorted. The star energy suppressed, thunder exploded in the sky, and all the cultivators from the Sixth Continent who gathered around changed their expressions. There were masters.

The cruiser who was slapped down quickly confessed, “My subordinate is blind. Please don’t blame me, please go inside.”

The young master snorted coldly, “It’s just a family of imprinters who dare to stop me. I’m so impatient that I opened my mouth.”

The five bright fingerprints on the face of the cruise realm cultivator were still very clear. After hearing the young master’s words, he raised his hand in desperation and opened his mouth.

“Hehehehe” On the bow of the boat, the beautiful woman smiled like a flower.

The young master laughed, waved his hand, and the boat continued to move forward, heading towards Starlight Island.

After the boat went far away, the cruising realm cultivator stopped. Behind him, a cultivator quickly handed over the medicine.

“It’s so hateful. These young masters are not very powerful themselves, but they are so domineering and dare to do this to you, general,” the cultivator said angrily.

The cruiser realm cultivator shook his head helplessly, “Forget it, the old man among this man’s servants is at least in the enlightenment realm and can’t afford to offend him.”

“It’s too blatant, openly allowing the older generation of strong men to protect” the cultivator said angrily.

In the distance, on the bottom of the sea, this scene was seen by Lu Yin and the others.

Lingque watched the big ship go away with envy.

Lu Yinnuo was thoughtful and looked at Caixing Girl.

The star-collecting girl narrowed her eyes and said, “You can try it.”

Lu Yin nodded.

Lingque was confused, “What are you talking about?”.

Lu Yin patted him on the shoulder, “Have you ever tried slapping someone?”.

Lingque was very honest and shook his head.

Lu Yin was satisfied, “You can try it this time.”

The closer to Starlight Island, the more detection methods the Sixth Continent has. Even the bottom of the sea is not safe. The three of them rushed out of the sea. Lu Yin took out the folding spaceship and sat in. Lingque looked ugly.

“Come on, you’re welcome” Lu Yin smiled.

Lingque twitched the corner of his mouth, lifted the spacecraft and put it on his shoulders, while the star-picking girl also got into the spacecraft.

Not long after, the three of them were discovered, and the same group of people gathered around them. The slap mark on the face of the cruising realm cultivator had disappeared.

“Everyone, please show your identity and reveal your seal,” the cruise realm cultivator said while looking at the spaceship carried by Ling Que on his shoulders. He looked carefully and saw that it was indeed a spaceship. He carried the spaceship on his shoulders. , this is really weird.

Has anyone ever seen a spaceship lifted up and carried away?

Not only him, but a circle of cultivators from the Sixth Continent who came around looked at Lingque in surprise, and then looked at the spaceship. He is such a talented person, he is so good at playing.

The spaceship hatch opened, Lu Yin hugged the star-collecting girl with one hand, and looked at the cruising realm cultivator with arrogance and disdain, “This is not the first time for me to come to Starlight Island. You are blind, and the slave below is… I bought it at Starlight Island.”

It was such a familiar scene. The cruise realm cultivators were stunned for a moment, and the cultivators from the Sixth Continent around them were also stunned.

“That”, at this moment, the cruise realm cultivator was a little hesitant. This scene was so profound that he didn’t even know what to say.

But there was no need for him to say more. Lingque raised his hand and slapped him. With a snap, a clear sound spread around, “Go away”.

The cruising realm cultivators subconsciously stepped aside and did not dare to stop him.

The cultivators around them didn’t react at all, staring blankly at Ling Que carrying the spaceship away.

Thunder exploded in the sky, waking up the cultivator in the cruise realm. His face was burning, and his expression was still a little confused. What happened today? They all met ruthless characters.

In the spaceship, Lu Yin exhaled. Although these people are easy to deal with, once they attack them, the entire Starlight Island masters will appear, including Yuzi. It is impossible for them to escape, so they can only do this. Fortunately, The young man gave them a good start.

The spacecraft shook a little, and Lingque threw the spacecraft down, “Okay, come out, pretend to be whatever you want.”

Lu Yin said slowly, “Don’t worry, wait until we enter Starlight Island. Do you think no one is watching us? Don’t forget, there are sealers, universe sealers, and universe sealers on Starlight Island. Illuminating person”.

Lingque’s face twitched again, but he had no choice but to continue moving forward.

The star-collecting girl said indifferently, “The Sixth Continent has strict inspections on cultivators. Even if we successfully enter Starlight Island, we cannot walk openly and will be easily discovered.”

“Then find a place to hide,” Lu Yin said.

Lingque carried the spaceship angrily and walked towards Starlight Island step by step, surprising many people along the way.


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