Star Odyssey Chapter 943: Everyone gathers firewood and the flames rise

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Slowly close your eyes, the excitement of the small town has just begun, and it will take some time before more people arrive.

Ten days later, the small town can no longer be regarded as a ruins, but just like a real city, tens of thousands of people have gathered. Most of these people are masters of major forces in the outer universe. This gathering is no worse than the forced recruitment during the border battle.

Xuan Jiu also came, holding a big flag and showing off his deception. He told everyone he met that the person was the inheritor of Gu Yue, which attracted many people to chase him. He was also aggrieved. He said all good things, but he didn’t know. Anyone who has ruined his reputation and said that all his calculations are counter-intuitive is a lie.

Xiqi also came. During this time, she traveled around the outer universe, looking for the original treasure, and deciphering the original treasure, and she was living a good life.

Whenever a ruin appears, there is a possibility that original treasure will appear, and she is still looking forward to it.

Overhead, the fish looked down on all directions, raising and raising their fins, mocking every one they saw.

More than ten days have passed. These days, the masters from the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance who came to the small city ruins and the masters from the Central Territory Alliance who came to the small city have fought several times. Mu Nishang, Meng Tianlong and others all took action. If it weren’t for Yuehua, If Mabis and others stop them, their battle is likely to spread to the entire town.

Although the fight was temporarily suspended, the two sides were clearly divided.

No one from the Daewoo Empire came, which surprised many people, but they didn’t think much about it. They all thought it was because Lu Yin was in seclusion and no one dared to touch it.

Lance has been watching with cold eyes. Someone wanted to ask him to help the Central Territory Alliance to deal with the Eastern Territory Alliance, but he did not agree.

The fight with Lu Yin was because he wanted to get the position of Glory Method. He had no hatred towards Lu Yin himself. Besides, it was thanks to Lu Yin that they could escape from the inner universe. He still felt a little guilty towards Lu Yin.

It’s a pity that cultivation is ruthless, the universe is like this, and the method of glory is not something Lu Yin can afford.

Qiong Shanhai also didn’t interfere. This is a whirlpool. Once you get in, it’s difficult to get out.

The arrival of Elder Dagu and a group of border masters shocked everyone. The presence of the Yuan Master made the Hall of Glory even more majestic than before the inner and outer universes were isolated. No one dared to take it lightly.

One by one, experts arrived at the Guyue Ruins and searched for themselves. Among them, there were more than five people who were strong in the Enlightenment Realm alone. Some even saw Elder Nuohua coming and going.

These are just what I saw. Facing the Ancient Moon Ruins, it would not be surprising even if a strong person of the Star Envoy level appeared.

The five hunting realms who were knocked unconscious by Lu Yin finally woke up. They were still on other planets. After waking up, they immediately informed Zi Tianchuan that they were ordered by Zi Tianchuan not to show up, let alone contact with other people. Some people know that the Zi family once sent five hunting realms to guard the ruins, and the Zi family is in trouble. Zi Tianchuan doesn’t know what Lu Yin is going to do, and he is afraid that this debt will be settled on him in the future.

The small town has been explored for a long time, and in the end only that building with a different style was left. Everyone gathered together and tried their best to break down the door.

Qiong Shanhai took action but couldn’t open it.

Lance tried, but couldn’t open it.

Elder Dagu tried, but he couldn’t open it either.

Even Yuehua Mabisi tried, but still couldn’t open it.

The door is very strong, unusually strong.

In the end, Yu Mu tried secretly but failed to open the door. He teamed up with everyone to do it, but still couldn’t open it. Everyone finally knew that the door really couldn’t be opened unless a strong person of the Star Envoy level took action, but that kind of power What will happen to them once the killer shows up?

Countless people looked at the door with burning eyes, Gu Yue’s inheritance must be inside.

“Get out of the way and let Mr. Yu try.” Xi Qi raised his head, and the fish was very arrogant, “This thing must be interpreted. If it doesn’t obey, it will be interpreted.”

Under the gaze of countless people, Xi Qi bravely stepped forward and whispered, “I have never seen an original treasure that looks like a gate. Is this really an original treasure?”.

The fish raised its fins and said confidently, “Listen to Master Yu, there is nothing wrong with it.”

Xi Qi took action, and then was confused. The door was still the same door. There was no solid energy at all. How to interpret the language without solid energy? What’s the solution? She couldn’t find her bearings.

The fish kept slapping Xi Qi with its fins, “Stupid, you are stupid, you really understand. Master Yu is just trying to find a way for you to go in front. If any fool opens the door, you should be the first one to rush forward.” Grab it, you’re so stupid.”

Everyone was angry, the dead fish mouth was too mean.

“Steamed, steamed, steamed…” Someone in the crowd shouted, “Add some chili powder.”

Yu suddenly turned around, his eyes widened, “It’s that bastard, that guy named Ku, who dares to appear in front of Master Yu.”

Xiqi was aggrieved, her head was red from being slapped, she looked pitifully at the crowd, “Stop talking,” and hurried away.

Ku Wei is here. How could he not come when he heard about the Gu Yue ruins? When he came, he saw Jian Yu and couldn’t help but speak.

Xi Qi left, and Xuan Jiu came up, “Ahem, um, this master has a way to open the door, but this door is too precious. If it is opened, it will be a disaster rather than a blessing. If”, before he finished speaking, the crowd was huge Angry, “Go away, you **** liar”, “Go away, you **** liar”…

Xuan Jiu was extremely angry, “A bunch of idiots who are short of goods. This master is the heir of Xuan Tianjian. You guys know nothing.”


“Go away, liar”.

“Dead blind man”.

Xuan Jiu cursed angrily, “When did this master become blind? Don’t spread rumors.”

In the distance, Yuehua Mebisi had a headache. Such a group of people appeared out of nowhere.

At this time, Yu Mu came over and said, “Do you think it is really the Gu Yue Ruins?”

Yuehua Mabisi shook his head, “Looking at the style, it doesn’t look like it.”

“I don’t think so either. This architectural style is older than Gu Yue’s era,” Yu Mu said.

Yuehua Mavis looked at the door of the building, especially the pair of pupils that turned into runes, her eyes flickering. As a member of the Mavis clan, she knew too many secrets that others did not know, including the runes. Wen Technology, she was pretty sure this was the Rune Technology ruins, but why it was rumored to be the Ancient Moon ruins, she didn’t know.

Rune technology civilization is taboo even in the historical records of the Mavis family. It is an extremely bright but short-lived magical civilization. Countless people are curious about that civilization, and Yuehua Mabis is naturally no exception. She also wants to Know what exists here.

Overtly or secretly, too many people gathered in the small town, almost including those from the outer universe, such as black-faced killers, old women from the Nalan family, etc. Everyone was waiting. When the door opened, only some of the masters showed up. .

Lance was at the back of the crowd, followed by Elder Iron.

“Send those people away,” Elder Tie said.

Lance waved his hand, “It doesn’t matter.” What he cared about most was Lu Yin, in seclusion? With the appearance of Gu Yue ruins, can we really retreat quietly? He didn’t believe it.

After a long commotion, someone suddenly exclaimed, “Look, has this door been burned?”

Others looked carefully.

“It’s not burned, it’s the traces of previous attacks by strong men.”

“No, those strong men failed to leave any traces. They were obviously burned.”

“You’ll know if it’s right or not.”

Behind the door, Lu Yin opened his eyes. He heard it. Someone finally discovered it. He was still thinking that if no one found it, he would set a fire himself. Fortunately, not bad.

Soon, several masters took action, and the star energy turned into fire and burned the door.

But the door didn’t respond.

More and more masters took action, and there were hundreds of them gathered, including masters with the talent of flame.

Finally, the door moved and opened a little, just a little. Ordinary people couldn’t notice it at all, but all the powerful practitioners present noticed it.

A group of masters such as Meng Tianlong, Mu Nishang, Gui Wuxin, Ke Yun tore through the void and appeared in front of the crowd, looking at the door with burning eyes.

“It’s a flame. Only flames can open the door. Burn it for me.” Ke Yun shouted fiercely and was the first to take action. At this time, all grudges were put aside and they opened the door first. However, they were also secretly prepared to give each other fire at any time. A fatal blow.

Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief behind the door and got into his rhythm. Let’s get started, Flame.

The artificially created flame is not enough to fill the Sky Flame Stone, even with Ke Yun, a strong man in the Enlightenment Realm. Immediately afterwards, Yu Mu, Elder Dagu, Yuehua Mebis and other masters all took action, and the high-temperature flames instantly It permeated the small town, causing the crowd to keep retreating, unable to bear the scorching heat.

Lu Yin’s eyes shone brightly, and the Sky Flame Stone began to be filled with flames, but it was not enough, far from enough.

The flame burned for several days, and the door opened a little. Everyone saw the hope of opening the door, and stepped forward to burn the flame one by one, but the door could only be opened a little.

“The flame temperature is not enough, a higher temperature flame must be found” is humane.

Many people threw things that were enough to ignite flames. There were all kinds of things, and some even threw a pile of firewood.

“Throw that fish up, you’re hungry” Ku Wei suggested.

Don’t tell me, many people are tempted.

Xiqi was startled and ran away quickly.

“And that broken flag” someone pointed at Xuan Jiu.

Xuan Jiu glared at the man fiercely, and then ran away.

Everyone is trying to find ways to burn off the high temperature, but the door is only slightly opened again, not even a bug can get in, let alone a person.

Elder Dagu stopped, his eyes were tangled, and he thought for a while, “Everyone, I got a fire when I was young. It has extremely high temperature and can be used. But I have to say it first. When the door opens, I want to be the first to go in. , whoever dares to **** it is an enemy of my Hall of Glory.”

Yu Mu frowned, “Elder Dagu, are you using the Hall of Glory to suppress us?”.

Elder Dagu said seriously, “I have paid the price, so I will naturally gain something.”

Yumu said, “I can also provide extreme high temperatures.”

At this time, someone started to speak, saying that it could provide extreme high temperatures.

Outsiders don’t know how everyone discussed it in the end. As a burst of scorching heat spread, the sky in the small town changed. Many experts gathered in front of the building felt the heat wave hitting their faces and couldn’t help but retreat. They were so slow that they almost got roasted. Dry.

No one reminded them that if they want to fight for inheritance, they have to pay a price, and they deserve to die. This is cultivation.

Behind the door, Lu Yin’s eyes lit up. That’s right. This is the effect he wanted. Thinking about it, he quickly opened the door a little bit more, but there was still only a little bit. If he wanted to squeeze these people dry, someone must have it. The good stuff was not brought out.


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