Star Odyssey Chapter 942: Attract

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Yue Xingchen’s introduction was very detailed, and Mu Nishang was stunned for a while.

Doro’s eyes were hot, “Elder, is this true?”.

Elder Meiya said, “Gu Yue’s history is indeed recorded, and Yue Xingchen’s combat skills have indeed shocked an era. No one dared to raise his head in an era. This is true, but the ruins he was born in today are not the same. I’m not sure whether Gu Yue is related or not.”

Mu Nishang’s face was solemn, “Who put the news of the emergence of the Gu Yue Ruins on the Internet?”

Elder Meiya shook his head, “I don’t know.”

“Master, your suspicion is false?” Doro asked.

Mu Nishang’s eyes flashed, “Whether it’s true or not, we are going. This news must have spread throughout the outer universe, and countless experts will go there. Even if it is fake, it will be fooled at most, and no one will want to take all the information in the outer universe. Let’s catch all the masters in one fell swoop. If you really have the ability, you won’t do such a thing.”

Elder Meiya said, “Yes, whether it is true or not, you must go there. If you can get the Yuexingchen combat skills, our Qimudian will be completely different.”

Mu Nishang glanced at Elder Meiya. She was not that optimistic. Let’s not talk about whether she could get the Yue Xingchen combat skill. Even if she got it, it might not be hers. There was also Lu Yin up there. She just wanted to take a look. Are there any other combat skills?

Gu Yue is a figure whose name has been left in history. Her combat power may exceed one million. She is an unimaginable strong person. Just getting anything can make her strength leap forward.

“Let’s go, don’t delay, many people must be on the way already” Mu Nishang stood up.

In the Shengya Territory, Moko Sword Sect, Master Ke Yun stood up, tore through the void and entered the spaceship. He also wanted to go to the Ancient Moon Ruins. No one was stupid. This news spread to the Internet, and it was probably false. But even if it was fake, they had to go. As long as they were linked to a peerless person like Gu Yue, even if there was only one chance in ten thousand, they had to fight for it.

Gui Wuxin of the Ghost Shadow Sword Sect, the elders of the Dieying Clan, including Wanqian City Qiongshanhai, Zhujie, etc., all of them who had some confidence in their own strength went.

Tian Maoxing and Zi Tianchuan stared blankly at the light screen. Isn’t the Gu Yue ruins recorded above the fifth rune technology ruins discovered by their Zi family? It was obviously a Rune Technology ruins, how come it turned into an Ancient Moon ruins? And who found it there?

He didn’t believe that someone discovered it by chance. Even if it was a coincidence, he sent five strong men from the hunting realm to guard it. Even if they went to the enlightenment realm, the five of them could at least send back the news, so that there wouldn’t be even a trace of news. Unless the other party is prepared.

Zi Tianchuan suddenly thought of something and hurried to the secret room. As soon as he approached the secret room, his eyes were fixed on the ground. Normal people could not see anything unusual, but he could tell that someone had entered the secret room.

Zi Tianchuan clenched his fists, many people flashed through his mind, and finally opened his personal terminal, “Zifang, come to the ancestral home.”

Not long after, Zi Fang arrived. When he saw Zi Tianchuan with a gloomy face, his heart trembled. He pretended to be calm and saluted, “Father, please call me.”

Zi Tianchuan stared at Zi Fang closely, with boundless anger rising in his eyes, “Why did you go to the secret room?”.

Zifang was confused, “What secret room?”.

Zi Tianchuan was furious and smashed the table into pieces with one palm, “How dare you argue, why did you go to the secret room? Who asked you to go? Who did you tell? Tell me.”

Zifang didn’t dare to admit it even to death, and wanted to quibble, but Zi Tianchuan’s next words drove him into the abyss, “If you don’t admit it again, I will delete your name from the family tree. You don’t really think I am Since Zi Tianchuan only has one son, you must be the head of the family.”

Zifang felt chills all over his body, “Why did father say it was me?”.

Zi Tianchuan shook his head, “I have my own way. I came to you just to know why you went to the secret room, who did you tell about that place, and don’t tell me you don’t know about the Gu Yue ruins that appeared on the Internet.” .

Zifang struggled with his eyes, lowered his head, and thought a lot in that moment.

Zi Tianchuan sighed, “What is in the secret room is the biggest secret of my Zi family. Once outsiders find out, it will be a disaster for my Zi family.”

“The Land of the Gods is not the New Human Alliance,” Zi Fang whispered.

Zi Tianchuan said angrily, “But it is also a behemoth that can compete with the Hall of Glory. The inner and outer universe is single-handedly controlled by the Hall of Glory. If you tell the Hall of Glory, it will push my Zi family to the opposite side.”

“I didn’t tell the Hall of Glory, I just told Lu Yin” Zi Fang immediately quibbled, and his heart sank after speaking.

Zi Tianchuan closed his eyes and said, “It is indeed Lu Yin.”

Zifang’s face turned pale. Zi Tianchuan almost stopped saying what he didn’t want to say. He was not allowed to be the head of the family. His only hope was Lu Yin, but now, he didn’t know how to explain it to Lu Yin.

Zi Tianchuan felt powerless, “Other than Lu Yin, who could make you so obedient? What promise did he give you?”.

Zifang lowered his head and said nothing.

Zi Tianchuan sneered, “Let you be the head of the Zi family.”

Zifang was silent.

Zi Tianchuan looked outside with confusion. He could guess the promise Lu Yin had made and wanted to say something sarcastic. He, the head of the Zi family, was sure that Lu Yin had no business to talk too much, but he couldn’t say the words. In today’s outer universe, as long as Lu Yin thinks about it, is there anything he can’t do? So what if he invites the seniors to leave? Lu Yin has the entire Hall of Glory behind him. He can threaten to expose the secrets of the Zi family. Even if the Hall of Glory won’t deal with them like they did with the New Human Alliance, their lives will never be easy. .

Zi Tianchuan had to admit that Zi Fang had found a good backer, Lu Yin, who was qualified to intervene in the fight for the head of the Zi family.

“Go down.” Zi Tianchuan was very tired and waved his hand.

Zifang slowly withdrew. He was now focused on how to get Lu Yin to fully support him, and didn’t care what Zi Tianchuan thought.

The Zi family is one of the four major chaebols in the outer universe. Even if it declines, its huge heritage remains. The fight for power is more cruel than the royal family. This generation is okay. Only Zi Fang and Zi Xianxian are left. Zi Tianchuan’s generation is not enough. There are more than a dozen direct descendants fighting for power, and Zi Tianchuan’s rise to power is not glorious.

The bigger the family, the more serious the struggle for power. Zi Fang is used to it, and Zi Tianchuan is even more bearish.

Looking at the introduction of the Gu Yue Ruins on the light screen, Zi Tianchuan narrowed his eyes. Why did Lu Yin deliberately spread that this site was the Gu Yue Ruins? What is he going to do? The appearance of the Gu Yue ruins is enough to attract most of the experts from the outer universe. He wouldn’t want to do anything shocking with this!

Zi Tianchuan thought, and immediately called Zi Fang back, telling him not to say more, let alone leave the Zi family’s ancestral home, and his personal terminal would be confiscated.

No matter what Lu Yin wants to do, he doesn’t want to interfere. At worst, he won’t interfere, otherwise he may be in trouble. This matter will be treated as if it never happened to his Zi family.

The outer universe is in a state of excitement. Countless people are discussing the Gu Yue ruins. Gu Yue’s name instantly becomes the most discussed name in the entire outer universe.

However, it only lasted for half a day. Not long after, the matter about the Gu Yue Ruins was eliminated on the Internet.

Although it is gone on the Internet, in reality, countless spaceships are heading towards the ruins. Countless people from the Eastern Territory Alliance, the Central Territory, the Western Territory, and even the borders have requested to leave.

Master Yuan also received the news. His eyes were complicated. Gu Yue, this person is not far from his generation, and he can be regarded as a senior. Master Yuan respects this person very much, respects his talents and talents, and respects his virtues. No one knows how this person died in the first place. It is considered a mystery of the universe, but now his ruins appear unexpectedly.

“Master Yuan, quite a group of people requested to leave the border and go to the Guyue Ruins,” Elder Dagu said respectfully.

Master Yuan said, “Let them go.”

Elder Dagu hesitated.

Master Yuan looked at him, “You want to go too?”.

Elder Dagu saluted deeply, “If I can learn from Yue Xingchen, my subordinates can also serve the Hall of Glory better.”

Master Yuan said, “If you want to go, just go.”

Elder Da Gu was overjoyed and said, “Thank you so much, Master Yuan.”

Perhaps even Lu Yin himself did not expect that an ancient moon ruins would attract so many people, but what he wanted was more people. The more people, the better. The more people, the more likely he is to succeed in what he wants to do.

He does not dare to tell the truth about the ruins. Once the truth about the Rune Technology ruins is exposed, even strong men like Yuanshi may be attracted, so what else can he do?

Lance also got the news and walked out of the starry sky and headed to the ruins. No one would care about Yue Xingchen, especially people like him. Even if he couldn’t practice, he couldn’t let others practice, especially Lu Yin.

With Lu Yin’s influence controlling one-third of the outer universe, if the Yue Xingchen combat skill really comes out, it is very likely that he will get it, and Lance will not allow this to happen.

Wanting to explore the ruins and search for combat skills, most of the competitors that countless people think of are Lu Yin. So when the news of the Gu Yue ruins came out, many people first inquired about Gu Yue, and the second one. , is the news about Lu Yin.

Fortunately, news came out from the Daewoo Empire that Lu Yin was in seclusion and would not come out within a month, and no one dared to disturb him. This reassured everyone.

The ruins became lively, and the first batch of people arrived one after another. The closest ones were naturally the masters from Qianrong Territory and other surrounding areas, including the Wei family.

Spaceships were parked in the distant starry sky, and silhouettes of people cut through the starry sky and appeared in the small town.

The sound of fighting was heard immediately.

When there are more people, conflicts naturally arise. The ruins of the small town have not been so lively for a long time, and even the original gloomy feeling has disappeared.

In one day, hundreds of people have come to the small town, and more people are coming one after another.

Lu Yin was hiding in that building at the moment. The door of the building had changed a bit. Some places had obviously been burned. Naturally, the flames could not cause damage to the door. Lu Yin deliberately put some burning marks on the door. There were signs, and inside the door, he inserted the Sky Flame Stone on it.

There is only one purpose for attracting countless people. He wants to use the major forces in the outer universe to fill the Sky Flame Stone and practice with the help of the Sky Flame Stone.

It is a bit difficult to find high-temperature flames by the Dongjiang Alliance alone. Even if someone in the Dongjiang Alliance has that kind of flame, they may not be willing to use it, so he can only make this decision.

Lu Yin has a very clear understanding of himself. Above power, there is cultivation. This is the case in today’s universe. If there is no strength as the cornerstone, he will be the second dimension and will be eliminated sooner or later.


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