Star Odyssey Chapter 940: Erasure and Creation

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Another point is that he obtained the Zhou Yan Sutra from the Starry Sky Battle Academy’s Star Climbing Platform to open his eyes. It was rumored that someone among the Ten Jue had also climbed to the Star Climb. He never dared to underestimate the talent of the Ten Jue. He could To reach the realm of spiritual enlightenment in a short period of time in the inner universe, the Ten Jue can be achieved, or even stronger.

I am not the only one looking for the inheritance of rune technology in the universe.

If there are rune technology ruins in the inner universe, Lu Yin may not be able to compete with those people, but in the outer universe, it must be his.

“Your Zi family has found four ruins in so many years?” Lu Yin asked.

Zifang was silent for a moment and did not speak.

Lu Yin’s heart moved, “Tell me the truth, not only can I make you the head of the Zi family, but I can also make your Zi family return to the list of the four major chaebols, and even surpass the four major chaebols, becoming the only one in the outer universe. intelligence organization”.

Zifang’s eyes flickered, he thought for a moment, then gritted his teeth and said, “Actually, a hundred years ago, our Zi family found the location of the fifth ruins, but it has not informed the Land of the Gods for a long time. My father wanted to use this as a bargaining chip to let The Land of the Gods supports us in entering the inner universe, our Zi family has had enough of staying in the outer universe.”

Lu Yin shook his head. Zitianchuan was too whimsical. The rune science and technology ruins were so important. They were searching for them in the outer universe. There must also be people searching for the land of gods in the inner universe, and the number found may not be less than them. How could they agree? .

“Your father must not have negotiated with the Land of the Gods yet,” Lu Yin said.

Zifang was surprised, “How does Alliance Leader Lu know?”.

“If we negotiate, your Zi family will cease to exist a hundred years ago,” Lu Yin Mou Ding said.

Zifang exhaled, “The location of the fifth ruins is the biggest secret of our Zi family. Leader Lu, I can tell you the specific location, but I hope you can promise that there will be no trace of anything before I betray you.” Measures that are unfavorable to me will ensure that I become the sole head of the Zi family. This is my condition.”

Lu Yin agreed without hesitation. The Zi family’s greatest use to him was information. Whether Zi Fang or Zi Xianxian became the head of the family, as long as they could provide him with information, he didn’t care about the rest.

On the surface, Zixianxian seemed to have a closer relationship with him, but that was before Zirong’s death. Now, Zixianxian doesn’t have a good impression of him.

The location of the Rune Science and Technology Ruins is not far from the Qianrong Territory. It is in the middle of the two territories. There are unstable celestial phenomena in that location all year round, so the spacecraft will choose to avoid it independently and no one will approach it all year round.

Lu Yin went directly after getting the specific location. Now there is nothing for him to deal with in the Daewoo Empire, including the Dongjiang Alliance, and he can’t deal with the things he wants to deal with, such as the life and death of Immortal Yushan.

It is worth mentioning that the mainland auction house transferred the money for this auction to him, which was close to 450,000 cubic star energy crystal marrow. Before the endless border war, this amount of money was an astronomical figure for him. He rarely gets so much money at once. Even now, he has more than two million cubic star energy crystal marrow, which is still a huge amount of money.

This is the money left over from the auction house. The auction house itself also made a lot of money, and that money also belongs to Lu Yin.

Originally, the money was used for turnover, but Lu Yin ordered Bei Qing to take out the money and set up a charity in his name called Continental Charity. He also invested tens of thousands of cubic star energy crystal marrow. .

Suddenly, Mainland China Charity became one of the largest charitable organizations in the outer universe.

What is the concept of tens of thousands of cubic stars capable of crystallizing marrow? Converted into countless cosmic coins, it is enough to improve the lives of countless people.

Ninety-nine percent of the money in the universe is hidden in the hands of the top people, and only one percent is in the hands of ordinary people. A little bit of money from him is enough to change the fate of countless people.

These are just small things, cultivation is the top priority.

In order to prevent being ambushed when searching for fire last time, Lu Yin directly put on the space armor this time when searching for the ruins, ready to take out the walnuts at any time. He didn’t believe it. With his equipment, even Zi Fang was daring. The United New Humanity Alliance ambushed him, and he dared to say that he could escape unscathed.

Lu Yin thought too much this time. After the Zi Rong incident came out, the Hall of Glory investigated the Zi family in every possible way. If Zi Fang really had colluded with the New Human Alliance, it would have been discovered long ago.

The ruins were real, Lu Yin was sure the moment he saw the unstable celestial phenomenon in the distance, because it was not an unstable celestial phenomenon at all, but a rune wandering in the void, similar to the one that now covers the entire inner universe. The celestial phenomena are very similar, covering a starry sky.

Lu Yin didn’t know if this celestial phenomenon was also suppressing something. To be cautious, he took off his cosmic armor, suppressed his combat power to about 10,000, and slowly entered the scope of the celestial phenomenon.

It’s okay, he continued to improve his combat power, and at the same time he observed the celestial phenomena anxiously. There was no abnormality in the celestial phenomena, and he was still wandering in the starry sky very unsteadily.

Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief. This was his first time coming into contact with the rune technology ruins. He really didn’t understand the function of those runes, as long as they didn’t directly erase his existence.

Rune technology is so amazing. Even if Lu Yin has walnuts, he dare not say that he can survive under the power of the predecessors of rune technology. Facing the power of rune technology, he is also very nervous.

The Rune Technology Site is a city built in the starry sky. There is no land or any support. An abandoned small city just floats in the starry sky.

Lu Yin slowly walked into the small town. Looking around, there were dilapidated scenes everywhere. The ground he stepped on was not dirt. To be precise, he didn’t step on anything. Wherever he walked, runes would appear condensed on them. The soles of his feet lifted him up, and the entire city was built on runes.

Black flames floated across the sky from time to time, as if the city was being burned by black flames.

The structure of the city is simple, and the houses are made of minerals he has never seen before. They should be very hard to float in the stars, but maybe because of the long time, Lu Yin broke them with just a squeeze.

He was not alone here. Lu Yin clearly saw that many houses were damaged by man-made damage, and it was just recently.

It is not difficult to enter this place, but the difficulty lies in finding it. As long as someone crosses the sky, they can reach it, but few people dare to cross the sky. The sky looks terrible. If calculated according to the number of runes, it is almost equivalent to The pinnacle of the hunting realm.

Once any spacecraft approaches, the detected combat power is almost 190,000 or even 200,000. This is the outer universe. Faced with such terrifying combat power, basically no one will dare to approach.

Although the small town is not big, compared to the cities Lu Yin has seen, this small town would be as big as a country on Earth.

Walking in the abandoned town, Lu Yin saw a knife in a corner. It had been stored for who knows how many years. The surface was full of pits, but strangely there was no rust.

He picked it up and looked at it with a sharp look. This was no ordinary knife. If I read it correctly, it was forcibly condensed with rune numbers, so it would not rust. However, as time goes by, the rune paths that make up this knife The numbers slowly disappeared, so that the sword has become like this now. In hundreds of thousands of years, this sword may simply disappear without leaving a trace.

Lu Yin frowned. He could weaken the enemy’s runes, and in turn, the runes could be condensed and transformed into anything he wished. This was no longer fighting, but creation.

Can rune numbers really achieve the effect of creation? If so, is it possible to directly create a person? A creature? Or even a civilization?

Lu Yin was puzzled, this was beyond his understanding.

Theoretically, in the civilization created by Fuzu, everything in the universe is composed of rune numbers. Therefore, he can directly erase certain rune numbers and deny the truth of the existence of things. Then he can also form rune numbers and create the existence of things. The truth is, this is rune technology.

In the theory of rune technology, this is true, but normal people know that nothing can be created out of thin air, otherwise the universe would have been in chaos. Creation is not something that humans can do, even if they claim to be practicing. Even the top Ancestral Realm expert, Lu Yin, didn’t think they could create things out of thin air.

But what he saw in front of him was real. The sword was indeed composed of rune numbers. He could see clearly that the sword was created out of thin air. So the other things about the rune technology ruins he saw in front of him, It may also be composed of runes.

What is going on with Rune Technology?

The spiritual realm he has reached is only the most basic.

Now Lu Yin is eager to know how rune technology masters fight. Can they really create things out of thin air?

“Monkey, how much do you know about rune technology?” Lu Yin asked.

Gui Hou said, “Not many, but according to the strong man’s handwriting, rune technology is a civilization that should not exist. There are too many incredible things in this civilization. Biological civilization can be cultivation, technology, or It’s very primitive, but rune technology can do everything. It seems to be similar to your current human civilization. Cultivation and technology are juxtaposed, but rune technology is different. Their technology is not research, but creation. I don’t know the details.”

“For rune technology, there is a common sense that one sky covers another sky.”

One sky covers another. Lu Yin didn’t understand this sentence. The sky in the inner universe was trapped by the power of Fuzu. Maybe that’s what it meant, but what does this have to do with creation?

Holding the knife, Lu Yin continued to wander around the city. The area spread and he found that nothing similar to the knife appeared again.

Half a day later, Lu Yin jumped up and flew towards a certain corner of the small town. Just as he was sweeping the field, he discovered a strange building in that corner. The style was completely different from other buildings.

Landing on the ground, a field of buildings with different styles appeared in front of him. There are countless architectural styles in the universe. Lu Yin was not sure which style this style belonged to. What really attracted him was a pair of eyes on the door of the building. The pupils were talismans. arts.

This scene is too familiar. This is the way the Zhou Yan Scripture reaches the realm of spiritual enlightenment and the pupils turn into runes.

Slowly approaching the door, Lu Yin raised his hand and pressed it against the door. He pushed hard, but failed to push. He continued to push, but still failed to push. The field was isolated here. In this building, he could not peek inside from the outside. .


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