Star Odyssey Chapter 936: Pace

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Lu Yin could see through the strength of his predecessors and could easily avoid it, but he didn’t. He raised his feet and approached Yuan Bao step by step.

Suddenly, rocks condensed on the surface of his fingers, and then his entire body was gradually solidified by the rocks, completely turning into a stone and standing there.

In the distance, in the secret room under the garden, Sohar suddenly stood up, his eyes ecstatic, and Lu Yin was petrified.

The original treasure has been kept in the Outer Universe Interpreter Research Association. He once tried to interpret the language, but was afraid of the power of his predecessors and did not take action. The power left by his predecessors reached a level close to the enlightenment level, even if he You may be petrified if you take action without permission.

This time Lu Yin wanted to understand the Yu Yuan Bao, so Sohar asked Delin to send three Yuan Bao with the murderous intention of the Yuan Bao, just to give Lu Yin a try. Now, he has finally been petrified.

Sohar was in a state of excitement, and Lu Yin was like a thorn in his heart. He wanted to pull it out now, but he quickly calmed down, his eyes flickering, not knowing what he was thinking.

On the other side, Delin also noticed that Lu Yin was petrified. She was confused and didn’t know how to deal with it.

The day passed quickly, and Lu Yin was petrified, unable to move.

But Sohar did not take the opportunity to take action. After thinking about it in the secret room for a long time, he fell silent, no longer excited, and seemed to have figured out something.

Two days have passed and it is still the same.

The fine auction of Zhenyuxing Mainland Auction House has ended. Bei Qing was so excited that he wanted to take off. The proceeds from this auction were the highest ever, a total of 450,000 cubic star energy crystal marrow. The forces took out all the money they had saved from the bottom of the box and gave the mainland auction house a transformation, setting a new record for the outer universe auction house in the past. From now on, the mainland auction house can be recorded in the history of the outer universe.

And his name, Bei Qing, can also be recorded in history.

The outer universe does not use star energy crystal marrow at all, but his auction house sold it for such a sky-high price, which is enough to honor the ancestors.

Bei Qing has found a career that he can work on for a lifetime. What he looks forward to most now is the surprises every time Lu Yin gives him a high-quality product.

Shui Lingxing and Lu Yin were petrified for five days, while Sohar and Delin did not make any move.

On the sixth day, Lu Yin’s body turned petrified and cracked. He came out with strange eyes, but he didn’t take the opportunity to attack him. What on earth was Sohal thinking?

In front of me, the original treasure is still releasing the power of the predecessors around everything around the stone. Although this power is enough to make even the strongest people in the Enlightenment realm fearful, it is easily avoided by Lu Yin. With the explanation, this power gradually fades away. , eventually disappeared, leaving only a **** palm print on the stone.

Picked up the stone and looked at the **** palm print carefully. With a bang, the stone shattered.

It’s a pity that Lu Yin explained it too late. If it had been tens of thousands of years earlier, the stone would not have been shattered, and the blood in the **** palm print might have been extracted and used for other purposes.

Clapping his hands, stone chips falling from his palms, Lu Yin raised his feet and headed to the third secret room.

The third original treasure is not very lethal, and there is no strange phenomenon. Lu Yin spent most of the day to decipher the language successfully. It was empty, and he was not disappointed. Most of the original treasures have evaporated due to too long time. ,This is normal.

Three intermediate-level Palm Control original treasures, including a four-star one, are enough to raise his interpretation level to a three-star Palm Control intermediate level. For the time being, it is enough. If you want to upgrade to a five-star Palm Control For the intermediate level, you must understand the Five-Star Palm Control Intermediate Original Treasure. Let’s talk about it next time! It doesn’t seem like a good idea to empty out the Interpreter Seminar all at once, so today is just a practice session.

Out of the secret room, Delin was already waiting outside.

“Take me to see Sohar” Lu Yin said calmly.

Delin was shocked and turned pale. She didn’t expect Lu Yin to know that Sohar was here.

“Let’s go” Lu Yin urged.

Delin responded quickly and led the way. Soon, the two of them arrived at the garden.

Lu Yin looked towards the ground and slowly sat on the stone bench.

Ahead, Sohar tore through the void and walked out, looking at Lu Yin calmly, “Leader Lu, please excuse me.”

Lu Yin made a gesture to sit down.

Sohar sat down without any politeness.

“Actually, you and I have no grudges. It’s not me who is targeting you on Taiyuan Planet. I just happened to meet him at the right time.” Lu Yin said calmly.

Sohar nodded, “I know, it was Delin who wanted to replace me, Temple was the one who betrayed me, Wei Rong and the Ghost Sword Sect were the ones who planned to destroy Taiyuan Star, and Alliance Leader Lu was just a spectator. Things to do”.

Lu Yin smiled lightly. He took away many things from the Speakers Research Institute and stole the original treasure and true solution in Kirlov’s secret room. However, he also kept the Speakers Research Institute, “I made a It’s what spectators should do, but Mr. Sohar is different. Mr. Jun, who assassinated me, was sent by you.”

Sohar nodded without denying it, “The other box in President Kirlov’s secret room is probably in the hands of the Continental Alliance Leader.”

“The person who targeted me during the assessment was also Mr. Sohar,” Lu Yin said calmly.

“The one who threatens the Migration Research Society to come to the Canglan territory while the Research Society undergoes major changes is the leader of the Lu Alliance.” Sohar showed no sign of weakness.

The two looked at each other, then chuckled.

Both of them did something that was right for them.

Sohal sighed, “From the beginning to the end, I was led by the nose. I thought I had everything under control, but I had already lost the opportunity and fell behind step by step, leading to my current state of despair.”

Lu Yin smiled faintly, “In my opinion, Mr. Sohal did the right thing. He wanted to become the president of the Interpreter Research Association, and he wanted to get the true explanation of the original treasure and go further. These are all right. The mistake lies in You lost.”

“Yes, I lost.” Sohal’s eyes were dim. Even if he broke through to the enlightenment realm, his original failure could not be undone. He had already lost the hearts of many interpreters and could no longer become an interpreter. Chief, he is even less qualified than Delin.

At the beginning, he said that his identity was not taken away by the Inner Universe Interpreter Research Society and he was still the vice president. However, this was just psychological comfort. How could he still be the vice president after losing the support of many interpreters.

“The Interpreter Research Association had internal disputes and encountered external pressure. The unlucky one was the vice president. In my opinion, it was unfair to Mr. Sohar. When the upheaval in Taiyuan Star began, Mr. Sohar proposed to let people guard the truth. “Jie Dian, there were too many reasons for the outcome of that battle, Mr. Sohar should not be entirely blamed,” Lu Yin said.

Sohal’s eyes flashed and he looked at Lu Yin, “What does Alliance Leader Lu mean?”.

Not far away, Delin heard it and looked at Lu Yin with a panicked expression.

Lu Yin smiled lightly, “I would like to ask Mr. Sohar to come back and continue to lead the research meeting.”

Sohal was excited, but quickly calmed down, “Can Alliance Leader Lu do it?”

Lu Yin looked at Delin and said, “President Delin, I need to trouble you again.”

Delin’s eyes were complicated and she was stunned for a moment. She didn’t know how to react. She worked hard to get the position of acting president, but now she was removed by Lu Yin with just one sentence. She should have been so angry that she lost her mind, but she didn’t know why. He breathed a sigh of relief again, so that his thoughts were complicated and he didn’t know how to answer.

Sohar looked at Delin with majestic eyes, “Delin, can you do it?”.

Delin was startled, looked at Sohar, then looked at Lu Yin, slowly lowered her head and said, “Yes.”

Lu Yin looked at Sohar with a smile, “Look, it’s that simple.”

Sohar has always dreamed of returning to the seminar. He was also expelled at the beginning, and one of the people who expelled him was the person in front of him. Now it is this person who has recruited him back.

This is the so-called turning one’s hands to make clouds and turning one’s hands to make rain. This person is completely different from what he was back in Taiyuan.

At the beginning, he could not care about this person and even sent someone to assassinate him, but now, he has to obey this person’s orders.

“Leader Lu, I want to know why” Sohar asked.

Lu Yin thought for a while, “The greatest value of the Interpreter Research Society is interpreting language, but the people who can protect the Interpreter are the senior people in the research association. I offended many people at the beginning, so I was not killed. Death, just because I am also a member of the Interpreter, I hope that other Interpreters can also get this protection, Delin obviously cannot do it, only Mr. Sohar can do it.”

Sohal frowned, he didn’t believe it was that simple.

“Of course, Shui Lingxing is part of my Daewoo Empire. I hope there will be someone who can hold up the situation and not let others come in and out at will,” Lu Yin said, with a hint.

Delin immediately thought of the box that was stolen during the border war. This was punishment. The box was stolen. Not only did she not admit her mistake, but she ran away from it, which made Lu Yin dissatisfied.

If Lu Yin hadn’t been at the border back then, he would have been responsible for this incident.

This made Lu Yin see Delin’s incompetence.

At first he needed an incompetent person to guard the Interpreter Research Institute for him, but now as his ability improved, Delin could not keep up, and Sohar happened to be able, so she was given up.

The universe is so cruel. If you can’t keep up with the times, you will have to give up. No one can escape it, including Lu Yin himself.

Of course, Delin was only deprived of her position as acting president. Her status within the Interpreter Research Association has not changed. She is still second only to Sohar and is one of the assessment instructors.

Sohar returns to the Interpreter Research Association. Delin can convince many interpreters, but there is one person who must be persuaded by Lu Yin personally, and that is the strong person.

Although Cai Qiangqiang is not a senior member of the research association, he is special. He is the guardian of Shuiling Star and the only person who can threaten Sohar. Moreover, Cai Qiangqiang is currently on Shuiling Star.

Since the wedding of the Zi family, Lu Yin and Cai Qiangqiang have not met again.

Zirong is one of the few strong friends. Including him, the three of them fought and drank together. They all liked each other, but in the end they ended up like this.

I don’t blame Lu Yin for being strong. It was Zirong who did the thing. He was just in a low mood. Who would have thought that the friend he recognized was a despicable villain. Not only did he cooperate with the New Human Alliance, but he also used despicable means to threaten women into marriage. , it’s embarrassing to say such a thing.

“Still thinking about Zirong?” Lu Yin asked.

On the other side, Cai Jianqiang shook his head, “I always felt that he wouldn’t do such a thing.”

Lu Yin sighed, “The first time we met, he asked me to take a stab at him. That stab showed me his perseverance in cultivation. I don’t believe he is that kind of person, but the facts have happened. Let’s be more open-minded. “.


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