Star Odyssey Chapter 934: The hidden person

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Xinnu landed, grabbed Lu Yin and rushed out of the white mist range, arriving at the beginning of relief.

“Come again?” Xinnu said.

Lu Yin said, “This place is of great benefit to me. By the way, how are you? Have you broken through to the level of Haoran’s advanced interpreter?” After asking, he regretted it. If he broke through, Xinnu would not come again. .

The letter girl didn’t answer and looked around, “I hope you have better luck this time. You won’t be able to stay here for long.”

Lu Yin also hoped so, “By the way, how long can you stay?”.

The letter girl thought for a moment and said, “About ten days.”

Lu Yin nodded and didn’t ask any more questions.

For the next time, the two of them waited for the gray mist to appear.

The two of them didn’t communicate much. Most of the time, Lu Yin asked, Xinnu answered, and no one else came.

Xinnu has a good temper, that’s what Lu Yin thinks.

Xinnu seemed to be willing to stay with Lu Yin, and she looked very gentle.

A few days later, a wisp of gray mist appeared, and Xinnu flicked it toward Lu Yin.

Lu Yin said quickly, “I’ll give it to you. You can break through to Haoran’s advanced interpreter level as soon as possible.”

Xinnu shook her head, “No need.” After saying that, the gray mist was pushed by her and integrated into Lu Yin’s body.

Lu Yin closed his eyes and seemed to have entered another scene.

Two days have passed. He opened his eyes with bright eyes, and his understanding of the language has become stronger. This gray mist allows him to experience the methods of the ancient language experts from a first-hand perspective, which is equivalent to helping him in the process of interpreting the language. After unlocking it, his ability to understand language continued to improve.

Looking back, Xinnu had her eyes closed, and she must have absorbed the gray mist.

Not long after, Xinnu opened her eyes and looked at Lu Yin, “Haoran’s advanced language interpretation level was of little help in combat before. Although the language interpreter can decompose combat skills and techniques, he can also rely on his anti-star ability to The control and delicate attacks are enough to fight across levels, but compared with some people, the advantage is not obvious, such as those at the domain level.”

“But it’s different once you reach the advanced level of Haoran, because at the advanced level of Haoran’s interpretation, you can arrange interpretation formations and turn decay into magic. Although it is not as good as the secret technique, it is more changeable, and you can also use celestial phenomena. Arrange formations on the terrain that can destroy the world. This is where interpreters are truly respected and feared. Senior interpreter Haoran is the real interpreter, and Haoran who can arrange formations There are not many advanced interpreters in the Sixth Continent. If you are lucky enough to see a powerful interpreter from ancient times setting up formations, you’d better remember them.”

Lu Yin said, “Formation? I seem to have heard of it. By the way, have you heard of the True Solution to the Original Treasure?”.

The letter girl was surprised, “Have you heard of it? It is said that this is the supreme treasure book of the interpreter. It seems to be stored in Daoyuan Sect and only a few people can see it.”

Lu Yin’s heart moved. It seems that the Sixth Continent also has the True Solution to the Original Treasure. I wonder if it is the same as the True Solution to the Original Treasure in the Fifth Continent.

Without saying much, the two continued to observe the fog while strengthening their understanding of Jieyu Yiyi.

A few days later, Nobunaga disappeared and her time was up.

After Xinnu left, Lu Yin took a deep breath, opened his eyes sharply, and began to recite the full text of Shibi.

No matter what, he felt that he should recite the full text of Shibi everywhere, maybe it would have magical effects.

As Shibi recited the full text, the white mist around Shijie Tai became more and more intense. Those who broke into the white mist on the periphery suffered disaster, and the intensity of the attacks they encountered increased a lot.

Especially the unlucky ones, who were attacked despite not moving, were helpless.

As a wisp of gray mist appeared and merged into Lu Yin’s body, then two, three, and four wisps of gray mist appeared and merged into Lu Yin’s body. In one recitation, he absorbed seven wisps of gray mist. Immerse yourself directly in the scene of the ancient interpreter.

More than half a month later, Lu Yin suddenly opened his eyes, and what he saw was not the Shijietai, but the secret room of Zishan Palace. He exited the ruins of Daoyuan Sect.

With a sway of his body, Lu Yin almost fell to the ground. He merged into several scenes and saw several Jie Yu strongmen take action. His understanding of Jie Yu’s art has improved a lot. It is also very consuming.

But it was all worth it, he could see the explanation more and more clearly.

Take out Senior Gu Yue’s interpretation of language notes. He used to not understand many of the words in it, but now he understands a lot. In comparison, he was shocked to find that Gu Yue’s interpretation skills were better than some of the ancient Taoyuan Sect’s interpretation skills. method.

This man is worthy of being a genius.

It took almost a month to go to the ruins of Daoyuan Sect, and Lu Yin spent another half a month studying Gu Yue’s Explanatory Notes.

After a full month and a half of seclusion, he walked out of Zishan Palace.

Nowadays, Zhenyu Star is buzzing with people. The new route of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance will be auctioned soon, attracting countless people.

The Eastern Xinjiang Alliance’s internal routes want to purchase not only the internal forces of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, but also external forces, which naturally include the central and western territories.

Lu Yin didn’t stop it. The auction must be fair. It’s financial resources that compete for it, and it’s him who benefits.

What he wants to do most right now is to confirm his understanding of Jieyu. Thinking, he takes a step forward and leaves Zhenyu Star and heads to Shui Ling Star. He needs the original treasure.

He has an original treasure on him, a three-star Palm Intermediate Original Treasure, obtained from Ren Tu. It was taken out by Ren Tu to save his life on the border battlefield, but he didn’t want to use it.

The interpreters on Shuiling Star have been in the Canglan Territory for a while. They have received a lot of resources and live a worry-free life. They have not been allowed to do anything except help teach the stars to control it. It is time to give them some help. Rent.

The Interpreter Research Society moved to Shuiling Planet, attracting many people from the outer universe. Although the number of people who signed up to take the Interpretation Examination was less than that on Taiyuan Planet, it was still not a lot less. These people let Daewoo The empire’s economy has improved a lot, and original treasures have been revealed from time to time.

The interpreters on Shuiling made a great contribution to the Daewoo Empire.

But in Lu Yin’s eyes, these contributions were no longer enough. Delin did not take the initiative to contribute the original treasure, which made him a little dissatisfied.

The Interpreter Institute’s lean camel is bigger than a horse. Even if it has been stolen, there are still many resources preserved, including the original treasure.

Lu Yin arrived at Shui Lingxing without notifying anyone. He wanted to see how Shui Lingxing was doing.

At first there was a group of natives in Shui Lingxing. For fear of discord with the Interpreter’s research, the Daewoo Empire isolated the natives from the Interpreter.

Nowadays, the native people have accepted the interpreters. Although the interpreters have a arrogant attitude, one of their biggest advantages is that they are generous. The interpreters are not short of money. Their arrival has made Shuiling Star the only one in Canglan territory. The bustling place next to Zhenyu Star, especially when the language interpretation talent was being tested, was full of people, which made those locals very rich.

The scene where Lu Yin was worried about the interpreter bullying the natives did not happen.

It’s not that the interpreters don’t want to bully, but it’s not necessary. Ordinary people are ants in their eyes, and no one can get along with ants.

Walking around Shui Lingxing was like traveling to Lu Yin. Not long after, he went to the headquarters of the Interpreter Research Association.

As soon as he approached the headquarters, Lu Yin’s eyes were dazzled. He saw the majestic rune numbers, which had reached the enlightenment realm. Is there a strong person in the enlightenment realm on Shui Ling Star? He was definitely not a strong man. The strong runes were condensed together and looked fierce. The runes he saw in front of him were like mist, spreading out. This stream of runes looked familiar to Lu Yin. His eyes jumped. I remember, Sohar, Vice President of the Interpreter Research Society.

Headquarters of the Interpreter Research Association, Delin’s residence, Sohar is sitting in the garden, sipping tea, behind him, Delin stands respectfully.

“Lu Yin has been in seclusion for a month and a half? It seems that he has gained something again, he is a genius,” Sohar said with emotion.

Delin said respectfully, “No matter how much progress I make, I can’t compare with you. You have already broken through the realm of enlightenment.”

With a bang, the tea cup in Sohar’s hand shattered, and he stared at Delin with cold eyes, “If it weren’t for you, I could use the True Solution of the Original Treasure to step into the realm of enlightenment. Once you master the Original Treasure Formation, let alone A mere Lu Yin, even a strong man with a combat strength of over 300,000, is not afraid of me. My talent is enough to attract the attention of the Hall of Glory and provide him with protection. But now, there is nothing left.”

Delin hurriedly knelt down and begged for mercy in a trembling voice, “Vice President makes atonement. Everything was done by Wei Rong. He forced me to do that, and Lu Yin. If it weren’t for them, how could I dare to go against you?” “.

Sohar sneered, he is not stupid, Delin is one of the assessment instructors of the Interpreter Research Association, how dare a mere Weirong threaten her? Of course, he didn’t say much, there was no need.

“There are actually two boxes in Kirlov’s secret room. Lu Yin gave one to you, and he kept the other one for himself,” Sohar muttered to himself.

Delin didn’t dare to interrupt, so she just knelt down.

“Okay, get up, everyone is selfish. Your desire to seize the position of president is the same as my desire to seize the true solution to the original treasure. Each one relies on their own methods, but you have to help me do something.” Sohal’s tone was cold, and he said word by word, “Find the traitor Temple for me, and I will cut him into pieces.”

Delin hurriedly agreed.

The fight between her and Sohar is indeed based on their own methods. Sohar has never trusted her and does not care about her. But Temple is different. Temple is his disciple and has always been obedient. He also I tried my best to train him, thinking that I could train him to the advanced level of Haoran in the future, and if possible, teach him the true meaning of the original treasure, but I didn’t expect that he would be betrayed.

If Temple had not betrayed him, he would have obtained the true solution to the original treasure long ago, so his hatred for Temple surpassed everyone else.

Delin said cautiously, “Vice President, one third of the outer universe is now in Lu Yin’s hands. Will it attract his attention if I send someone to search for it?”

Sohal’s eyes narrowed. He also had a headache when he mentioned Lu Yin. He was a ruthless character. Even though he had broken through to the Enlightenment Realm, he was still afraid of Lu Yin from the bottom of his heart. “You can also spend money to hire intelligence organizations to investigate secretly. , don’t let him find out.”

Delin responded, her eyes flickering. Sohar’s words meant that he was afraid of Lu Yin, and she was hesitant to report the news to Lu Yin.

“Don’t let that talented person get close to this place. Although this person is not capable of discovering my existence, it is just in case,” Sohar said.

Delin responded again.


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