Star Odyssey Chapter 933: Breaking through the white mist

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After a pause, Zi Fang continued, “My Zi family is from the land of the gods. That senior Li was also sent by the land of the gods to protect my Zi family. These are the only heads of the Zi family. Only then do you know that I, Xianxian and Zirong are all being kept secret unless we can become the head of the family.”

“Although there are no masters in the outer universe, it is very difficult to build a foundation and become the largest intelligence organization. The history of my Zi family’s fortune has been so smooth that many people have doubted it. Some people have speculated that my Zi family originated from the inner universe. , just like the Nalan family, they are supported by the forces in the inner universe. In fact, the one who really supports my Zi family is the land of the gods.”

“What are the forces in the new universe?” Lu Yin asked. He was too curious. What he knew so far was the Hall of Glory, the Mavis Clan, the Aurora Spaceship Company, the Tianxing Sect, and the three giants of darkness. Out of the land of gods, none of these forces can save fuel, and any one of them is enough to overturn the inner and outer universe.

Zifang said bitterly, “I don’t know what the new universe will be like. Even though my father knows the origin of our Zi family, he can only know this, and no more will be clear.”

“How do I know whether what you said is true or false?” Lu Yin wondered.

Zifang said, “Alliance Leader Lu can come to Tianmao Star and I will take you to see it. With Alliance Leader Lu’s methods, my father will not be able to notice it.”

Lu Yin wondered, “Assuming what you say is true, why does this land of gods support the Zi family?”.

“I really don’t know what the specific purpose is, but I’m pretty sure what my father has been looking for all these years, but he didn’t tell us that there is a piece of intelligence in the Zi family that is under his sole control. That intelligence power should be used to investigate the matter. The information needed by the Land of the Gods,” Zi Fang said, and then he spoke more and more, telling everything he knew. Anyway, in one sentence, he said that the moment the words “Land of the Gods” came out, he was also It’s better to tell everything about betraying the Zi family.

Lu Yin’s face was solemn. Originally, there were behemoths such as the Hall of Glory, New Humanity Alliance, Seven-Word Royal Court, Mabis Bank, and Aurora Spaceship Company in the outer universe. Now it seems that there are also people in this land of gods.

These behemoths are indeed existences that have stood for countless years. They don’t care just because the outer universe is weak. If they don’t know, it only means they are not qualified enough to know.

If we hadn’t grasped Zi Fang’s handle today, this secret might not have been known for a few years or even more than ten years. Once the inner and outer universes were connected, the Zi family might have transformed with the support of the Home of the Gods. Not only Zi Fang Home, as well as the Nalan Family, Mabis Bank and so on.

These behemoths are kites with broken strings. Once the inner and outer universes are connected, they will have their strings restored, and their attitude towards him will be completely different by then.

He breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he knew the secret of the Zi family. Otherwise, once he provoked the Land of the Gods, the result would not be much better than if he provoked the Baiye clan, or even worse. It was not his style to make enemies for no reason.

Zifang was so scared that he even revealed such a secret, and there was no need to press him any further. “I can pretend that what happened today never happened, so I can take care of myself.” After saying that, Lu Yin was about to hang up the communication, and his movements suddenly changed. After a pause, he continued, “Find out for me the information that the Zi Family is looking for in the Land of the Gods. Tell me and I will ensure that you become the head of the Zi Family.” After speaking, he hung up the communication.

Zifang stared blankly at the personal terminal. The original fear in his eyes became a little excited after hearing Lu Yin’s last words, but it was quickly extinguished. Zirong was dead, and a Zixian could not threaten him at all. , he will be the head of the Zi family sooner or later, and does not need Lu Yin’s guarantee.

It would be great if today’s matter can be solved smoothly. He is really afraid that Lu Yin will deal with him. The inner and outer universes are isolated, and Lu Yin’s words can determine the lives and deaths of countless people.

Lu Yin put away his personal terminal. There were fewer and fewer secrets in the outer universe, and a new universe was actually involved. The universes were connected, and the outer universe was not purely an outer universe.

Originally Lu Yin planned to place his own people in the Zi family, but no one could replace the Zi family’s own people, let alone Zi Fang.

Did he really think today was over? How could it end so easily if I didn’t have any ability?

Lu Yin sent the information about Zi Fang to Enya so that it can be used in the future.

After settling the matter with Zi Fang, Lu Yin looked at Ye Gui and asked, “What do you think I should do with you?”.

Ye Gui is afraid, “Leader Lu, please give me a way to survive.”

Lu Yin nodded, “Okay, our Zhenyu star lacks a strong person in the Enlightenment realm to take charge. Are you willing to give in?”.

Ye Gui was overjoyed and said, “Thank you so much, Alliance Leader Lu.” As long as he doesn’t die, he is willing to do anything. Being in charge of Zhenyu Star is considered a privilege, as it means someone will support him. Of course, he also knows that with Lu Yin’s situation, once someone attacks Zhenyu Star It was not something he could resist, but he had no choice.

Lu Yin was very satisfied. With this person in charge, the safety of Zhenyuxing was guaranteed to a certain extent. As long as he was given a few more life-saving items, he could withstand even a 300,000-strong combat powerhouse for a while.

Taking Ye Gui with them, the two of them headed to the Canglan territory.

A few days later, in the secret room of Zishan Palace, Lu Yin took out the Daopu, held a super flash tear gas canister, put on a wristband that could be scrapped at any time, and sat on it.

The first cauldron in the Jiuding Space was shattered after he absorbed the cauldron energy. He knew that it would definitely attract the attention of the Sixth Continent. When Lu Yin came to the Jiuding Space again, he saw many cultivators from the Sixth Continent. These practitioners He was looking for something tremblingly, and he knew that a strong man had appeared as soon as he saw his attitude.

Lu Yin glanced over, and finally saw an acquaintance, the Sword in the Stone, who was the same person who fought for the jade and slashed him several times with a stone sword. Even now, Lu Yin still remembers the power of his stone sword. .

When Yuzi came, he could not absorb the cauldron energy with peace of mind, so he had no choice but to withdraw from the Jiuding space. After thinking about it, he looked for the Shijie Platform, where he could speed up his understanding of Jieyu.

Lu Yin was not familiar with the ruins of Daoyuan Sect. He knocked out more than a dozen people along the way and asked about the location of the Shijie Platform. Only the last one of these people knew the location and led Lu Yin to search for a long time before he found the Shijie Platform.

Lu Yin said thank you very politely, then knocked him unconscious and threw him aside.

Looking at the misty white mist, several people outside tried to enter, but quickly exited.

Lu Yin stepped into the white mist, and the same situation occurred as last time. The mist turned into strange attack forms from time to time, and the deeper it went, the more fierce it became. On the way, he met an acquaintance who was trapped in the same place and couldn’t move, as if asking for help. Look at Lu Yin.

Lu Yinli ignored them and walked slowly inside.

Gradually, Lu Yin roughly determined his position based on the intensity comparison. It was the location where the last teleportation error occurred, and it was still some distance away from the starting platform.

Last time, he encountered Nobunaga and got in with the help of Nobunaga. This time he wanted to use the wrist guard to punch in. If it was scrapped, it would be scrapped.

Lifting his feet, white mist wrapped around the soles of his feet, turning into a python and swallowing snake messages. Lu Yin punched out, and the python dissipated, turned into mist again, and continued walking inside.

Not long after, the mist turned into a human figure and came to life. It actually wrapped around the stars to form combat skills. In terms of strength, it was comparable to Qiu Hanqing, a master of Hongying’s level. In the end, Lu Yin punched him into mist.

Then the mist turned into a trident and thrust out from the bottom up, aiming at Lu Yin’s chin. The trident was very small, only as big as a palm, but it was very powerful. If Lu Yin hadn’t been fast, he would have been killed. Pierced the brain.

He broke out in a cold sweat, smashed the trident and punched in all directions like crazy, never letting the white mist get close to him.

Not far away from Lu Yin, there were two figures walking carefully towards Shijie Tai. The two figures were very strange. One was very fat, weighing three hundred kilograms, and the other was very thin, weighing only five pounds. Weighing ten pounds, at first glance the thin one looks like the arm of the fat one.

One fat and one thin supported each other, their faces solemn, and they walked slowly and steadily step by step.

“Be careful with this step and don’t disturb the fog.”

“I know, you must be careful. When you get here, everything you encounter is close to a domain attack.”

“Yuezi is nothing, we Qinghua heroes are not afraid.”

“I’m not afraid, but it’s troublesome.”

“By the way, have you gained weight recently? I can’t even help you.”

“It’s you who lost weight.”

“Really? Thanks for the compliment.”

“You’re welcome, and thank you for complimenting me on being fat.”

“That’s what it should be. Who told you to be my fat brother?”

“Skinny brother, we are brothers forever.”


The fat and thin duo moved slowly and cautiously while talking, for fear of disturbing the mist.

Suddenly, the fog surged crazily, and the two of them were shocked. What happened? At this time, a fist punched out from the mist and hit the fat man on the stomach, sending the fat man flying away. The fat man was still holding the thin man with one hand, and the two of them were directly knocked away.

In the mist, Lu Yin walked out and looked at his fist in confusion. Did he hit something just now? It’s quite soft. No matter, continue.

Lu Yin used his fists to smash all the way in, which was quite effective. As long as the mist was not allowed to reach him, a lot of attacks were reduced. Moreover, he kept waving his fists, which also defused some hidden attacks.

The Shijie Platform was not far away. Lu Yin was excited and continued.

Inexplicably, a chill ran down his back. He turned around suddenly, and the white mist condensed behind him, eventually turning into a giant dozens of meters tall and stepping on it.

Lu Yin cursed secretly and quickly avoided it. The giant stepped on it, and it had no effect on the surrounding environment of the earth and air. But Lu Yin knew that once it stepped on him, it would be over. This was no joke. At this point, Any attack is beyond Qiu Hanqing’s level and should be no worse than Yuzi’s attack.

The giant’s attack range is very wide, covering almost all areas in front of the Shijie Platform. Lu Yin must cross the giant if he wants to enter the Shijie Platform.

But the giant was extremely fast, and the omnipresent mist would be affected by him and turn into an attack form at any time, which made Lu Yin very depressed. He clenched his fist. In this case, he punched it away.

Euphineas, a strong man with a combat power of close to 300,000, was knocked back with one punch, let alone this giant. This thing has a combat power of close to 300,000 at most, and it is impossible to exceed 300,000, otherwise The domain is also difficult to pass.

Just when Lu Yin decided to punch out, a figure appeared behind the fog giant and printed with a single palm. The giant was directly scattered. It was Nobunu.

Lu Yin was surprised, then overjoyed, “Believing girl?”.

The appearance of the letter girl was beyond his expectation.


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