Star Odyssey Chapter 924: Lu Yin’s strength

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Everyone outside the square was shocked. This kind of thing had never happened before in the internal competition of Endless Shipping. Some people thought that Lu Yin was provoking, but most people found it exciting. They are risk-takers at heart and like excitement. Exploration, they will not think too much about power disputes.

Lu Yin’s domineering attitude excited countless people. Immediately, there was a shocking cheer outside the square, and everyone shouted unconsciously.

Yan Chen exhaled and made a voice, “You want to challenge everyone else?”.

Lu Yin nodded, the corners of his mouth curled up, “Please give me a chance, President.”

Yan Chen narrowed his eyes and glanced at the images of the remaining contestants, “You decide for yourself. The elimination round will become a defense match. Who can defeat this person? Who can win? You can fight alone or join forces.”

Countless people cheered.

The little stone man was angry, “That’s too arrogant, captain, I’ll deal with him.”

Captain Shi said indifferently, “Find someone to join forces.”

“Captain” Little Stone Man is dissatisfied.

Captain Shi looked at him with cold eyes, “I said, find someone to join forces.”

The little stone man lowered his head, said favor, jumped out and hit the square, causing the earth to shake.

Lu Yin looked at the little stone man, the biggest favorite in this competition.

The little stone man was very obedient and did not take the initiative to step forward. He just stood there and waited.

Subsequently, figures landed one after another, and they were the remaining contestants.

Lu Yin’s reputation is too great, and they plan to join forces to deal with it. Of course, there are some people who don’t want to join forces, such as that strong brother. As a strong man in the hunting realm, he has also cultivated eight lines of fighting spirit and has his own dignity.

“Go” someone shouted, and everyone rushed towards Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up. He wanted to challenge everyone because he saw the essence of Endless Shipping. Here, the winner takes all. What he wants is stimulation and pursuit of excitement. He wants to give everyone in Endless Shipping a chance to win. A stunning performance.

The sword flashed, Lu Yin stepped aside, his fist hit, and there was no one. All kinds of talents shined in the square, accompanied by terrifying destructive power.

Nearly all the remaining people are strong in the hunting realm, and among them there is one who is at the peak of the hunting realm.

The strength of these people is enough to rank at the forefront of Endless Shipping, but if they attack together, no one can touch Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s current physical strength is too fast. Coupled with his modified eyes, he can see the rune numbers. Let alone these people, even the strong men in the Enlightenment Realm can suppress the combat power to less than 200,000. Xiadu may not be his opponent, he is fighting against the Imprinter in the inner universe.

Contestants attacked one after another, bursts of cheers broke out, everyone was excited, they had never seen this scene before.

However, not long after, everyone’s cheers disappeared, and everyone looked at Lu Yin in horror.

After fighting for so long, these people didn’t even touch his clothes.

Yan Chen’s heart sank. This is Lu Yin. Many people say that this person relied on foreign objects to get to this point. But you must know that this person relied on foreign objects to deal with almost all enlightenment-level experts. Jue wants to fight with this person. This person has almost reached the same level as Shijue. Shijue is an existence that even the enlightenment realm dare not underestimate.

In other words, these people joined forces to attack not only a cultivator in the Exploration Realm, but also an existence comparable to the Enlightenment Realm.

Lu Yin kept evading, and all the contestants were anxious, but they couldn’t hit him.

Lu Yin curled up the corners of his mouth, jumped up suddenly, raised his right hand high, and the star energy gathered and turned into a sun, just like the real sun slamming down.

With a bang, the square exploded, and air waves swept in all directions, twisting the void and turning the space into fragments, spreading outside the square layer by layer.

Outside the square, countless people felt the strong wind and were knocked back unconsciously. The extremely heavy sense of oppression frightened them.

Lu Yin was suspended high in the sky and looked down. The Yiyang just gathered nearly half of his star energy, which is almost equivalent to the total amount of star energy of 200,000 high-power enlightenment realm. One blow is enough to defeat most of the contestants. Loss of combat effectiveness.

As the smoke and dust dissipated, sure enough, there were only three contestants standing at the moment, two of them were crumbling, and only the little stone man remained unchanged, but the shock in his eyes could not be concealed.

Defeat most people with just one blow.

“You can’t defeat me” the little stone man said, his voice was dull but deafening.

Lu Yin looked at him condescendingly, “Infinite reorganization means that the attack received has not reached the upper limit. Are you sure you want me to take action? I remember there is a rule in the competition, life or death.”

The little stone man snorted, “Don’t scare me, you can’t beat me.”

At this time, the strong brother appeared in the square and came to the side of the little stone man. He saw clearly that he was no match for a one-on-one fight. This man could perform a blow comparable to that of the Enlightenment Realm without blushing or gasping for breath. He could only Team up with the Little Stone Man.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, “Then, I’ll take action.” After saying that, his body disappeared in an instant, and when he reappeared, he was right in front of Brother Qiang and the little stone man. Eight lines of fighting energy appeared and he shot out with a palm.

Brother Qiang had a piercing gaze and was branded with eight lines of fighting energy. He roared and punched out, and the little stone man also punched out.

One palm versus two punches, and the earth collapsed.

Among the three, Brother Qiang has the highest cultivation level. Xiao Shiren is as good as Brother Qiang due to his talent and physical characteristics.

As for Lu Yin, his physical strength is definitely the strongest. With one palm, it was eighty-weighted force. Brother Qiang could only bear less than sixty-weighted force before he couldn’t stand it anymore. The eight lines of fighting energy burst and a mouthful of blood Spitting it out, the body was blown away.

The stone on the small stone body cracked, and then suddenly turned into fragments and scattered on the ground.

It only takes a moment to take action, and the results appear faster.

Lu Yinyi stood still and glanced at Brother Qiang, then looked at the little stone man with a strange look in his eyes. This man’s runes had not disappeared much.

Everyone watched nervously. It is rumored that the little stone man can be reorganized infinitely, so he will not die!

Team Shi’s eyes are solemn. He has high expectations for Little Stone Man, but he doesn’t expect him to defeat Lu Yin. If it doesn’t work now, it may not work in the future. Infinite reorganization, this talent can shock an era if used well.

Soon, the stone fragments on the ground shook, and then condensed directly. The little stone man recovered, “I said, you can’t defeat me.”

Lu Yin looked strangely, “What kind of life are you?”.

“Seventh Brother, this thing is not so much a human being as it is a monster from the Behemoth Star Domain,” Guihou said.

“You can’t beat me, just give up,” the little stone man said angrily, staring at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin exhaled, “It seems you want to die.”

The Little Stone Man still says, “You can’t beat me, so don’t scare me.”

Lu Yin was funny, “Let me guess, the number of times you can reorganize infinitely should be thirteen.”

The little stone man’s eyes narrowed sharply, looking at Lu Yin in disbelief, “You, how do you know?”.

Lu Yin smiled faintly, what he was looking at was the rune numbers. The little stone man reorganized once, and the rune numbers were a little weaker. Once he was reorganized about thirteen times, his rune numbers would disappear completely.

“How about it, do you want me to hit you thirteen times?” Lu Yin raised his eyebrows.

The little stone man wanted to say something, but still couldn’t say it. He said dejectedly, “I give up.”

In the distance, Brother Qiang wanted to get up, but his arm was broken. His body was bombarded with superimposed force. He couldn’t get up at all, so he had no choice but to lie down.

From beginning to end, Lu Yin made two moves, defeating all the contestants and shocking the stars of Simo.

Since the inner and outer universes were separated, Lu Yin was born. From the invincible junior to the overlord of the country today, countless people have heard of his name. The outside world has mixed praise and criticism for him, and the most talked about It is he who defeats powerful enemies with the help of external objects, and his background reaches the sky.

In fact, some people still look down upon him, thinking that with his background in the Hall of Glory and so many external things, anyone can achieve his achievements.

But now, Lu Yin has defeated the other contestants with his strength in the exploration realm, including tough and undefeated enemies like Little Stone Man and peak hunting realm like Brother Qiang. Such strength has shocked everyone. .

Perhaps some people will never forget this scene in their lifetime.

In the crowd, the bar man was excited. He knew that Lu Yin would have no solution once he took action. Although some people admitted it on the surface, they looked down on Lu Yin in their hearts. These people were really blind.

President Yanchen applauded, then the two captains Fenghua applauded, Team Shi applauded, Team Yang applauded, and gradually, everyone in Endless Shipping applauded in unison to express their amazement.

Lu Yin glanced around, with a smile on his face. This was just the beginning. One day in the future, he could easily defeat the strong ones in the Enlightenment Realm, or even stronger ones, and look down at the universe.

According to the rules, the winner can make demands on the president, as long as they are not excessive, Endless Shipping must meet them.

Lu Yin had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

In the past, in order to encourage everyone, the president would let the winner make a request in public. However, this time, Chairman Yan did not do so. He had a premonition that Lu Yin’s request might not be simple, given his identity.

Waving everyone away, this internal competition of Endless Shipping is over.

Only the exploration team stayed to witness the face to face between Lu Yin and President Yan.

President Yan landed in the square. Behind him were some senior executives of Endless Shipping, as well as Captain Fenghua, Captain Shi and others.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “Junior Lu Yin, I have met the president.”

President Yan smiled bitterly, “Why is Alliance Leader Lu interested in joining my endless shipping?”

Lu Yin said with a smile, “It was Captain Fenghua who rescued me when I was in trouble. I will not forget this kindness. Captain Fenghua asked me to join Endless Shipping, and I will naturally join.”

President Yan laughed, it would be strange to believe you.

The two old men Fenghua said nothing, pretending to be confused.

“Ahem, Leader Lu, no matter what, you won this battle. According to the rules, you can put forward conditions. Tell me, what do you want?” At this point, President Yan quickly continued, “There are some conditions. Endless Shipping will not allow it.”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “The conditions are not difficult. This junior wants to enter the route map of the inner universe.”

Chairman Yan was surprised, “How do you know?”.

The others were surprised, and then looked at Captain Fenghua one by one.

The two old men, Fenghua and Fenghua, look at their noses with their eyes and their minds with their noses. They are quite calm.

President Yan glared at the two old men fiercely, but did not dare to blame him. He looked at Lu Yin and said, “Leader Lu, to tell you the truth, this route map is very important to my endless shipping, so it might be a bit awkward to leave it to you.” .

Lu Yin said, “President Yan, the route map is just a star map. I got it. It doesn’t mean that Endless Shipping doesn’t exist. It’s just shared.”


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