Star Odyssey Chapter 917: Weirong’s gift

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“Now that the family affairs have been settled, please help me think about how the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance’s future military operations should be carried out. It is best to formulate a plan,” Lu Yin said.

Weirong said respectfully, “Your Highness, I want to know how much power you can put forward so that I can make a plan.”

Lu Yin thought for a while, “I have joined the first management team of Aegis, and I am also a member of the Hall of Glory. If necessary, I can also ask the masters of Neptune to help. By the way, there are masters of the Star Envoy level in Neptune. , with my face, I can try to please.”

Weirong was shocked. Only then did he realize that he was far, far behind Lu Yin. Although the Wei family had a long heritage, it was always limited to the outer universe. He had no ability to climb to a higher level. Lu Yin was different. After ten years of training, he is far ahead of the Wei family, and the people he has made friends with are beyond comparison with the Wei family. This is a genius.

Everyone’s opportunities are different, and so is their future. He lacks Lu Yin’s opportunity, and even less his unique talent.

“My subordinates know this, so they will discuss with Wang Wen to formulate a plan…”.

Not long after, Wei Rong said goodbye. Lu Yin looked at his back with a look of anticipation. Wei Rong had just said something. He had a back-up plan in the Dieying Clan.

Back then, he had a close relationship with An Qi of the Dieying Clan, and An Qi became his woman. With his scheming mind, he would not be swayed by emotions. He had laid a backhand in the Dieying Clan as early as that time. Now, Taking it out is regarded as a gift of loyalty. Just like Wang Wen gave Wei Rong as a gift to Lu Yin, Wei Rong also gave the Dieying Clan as a gift to him.

Lu Yin did not tell Wei Rong about Amu. Although Wei Rong surrendered, some things were better hidden. After all, people are separated from each other, especially from such smart people.

The killing of generals in the central territory caused panic. The major forces tried their best to appease the situation, but the effect was not great. In particular, many generals were too scared to go out and had soldiers guard them layer by layer.

“More than 300 people were killed at one time. Although the army is not strict about keeping the generals’ positions secret, if they want to find out the positions of so many people so quickly, only insiders can do it, and their status is not low.” Dark In the secret room, the light curtain opened, and Gui Wuxing made a cold sound.

On the light screen, there are dozens of leaders of major forces in the central territory, and some of them have hidden appearances.

“What the Ghost Sect Leader means is that there is a traitor among us?” One person spoke, his voice hoarse.

Gui Wuxing said, “Yes, there must be traitors, but this traitor is different. He can find out the locations of more than three hundred generals. It is estimated that if the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance is not weak, he can even expose the locations of all generals. , this person may be one of us.”

“Master Ghost Sect, please don’t sensationalize. It’s not difficult to find out the positions of the major generals. Not only us, but many high-level officials within the coalition can find out. Don’t be suspicious and affect unity.” An Qi said. As a representative of the Dieying Clan, she Attend meetings.

Gui Wuxing looked at An Qi inside the light curtain, “Then let me tell you clearly, An Qi, I doubt you.”

The rest of the people looked at An Qi, their eyes flickering.

An Qi was furious, “What do you mean, Ghost Sect Master?”.

“Everyone knows that your relationship with Wei Rong is so close that it goes beyond ordinary friends. Now that Wei Rong has taken refuge with Lu Yin, what about you? Will you be persuaded to join Lu Yin as well?” Gui Wuxing said coldly.

The rest of the people stared at An Qi, this was not unreasonable.

An Qi was furious, “Weirong is Weirong. He is useless. He was defeated by Lu Yin. I will never want such a person. How can I be persuaded by him? I am the young leader of the Dieying Clan and will be in charge in the future.” Dieying Territory, Ghost Sect Leader, please be careful what you say.”

Gui Wuxin did not continue to question.

Someone said, “Okay, don’t let us start fighting before the war begins. Everyone has the same purpose. All the major territories in the outer universe are going well, but Lu Yin just comes to disrupt the situation. Our purpose is to solve him. , instead of fighting among ourselves, Ghost Sect Master, if there is no evidence in the future, it is better not to say such things.”

Gui Wuxing said calmly, “I’m just guessing and I’ll find evidence.”

An Qi stared at Gui Wuxing coldly and clenched her fists.

Ever since it was reported that Wei Rong had joined the Daewoo Empire, she was in a very bad mood. She initially fell in love with Wei Rong because of his magnanimity, courage, and confidence in controlling everything in the future. She even gave herself to him That man, that man actually lost in the end and was shamefully subdued by the enemy. She kept holding her breath in her heart.

Gui Wuxing’s words made her even more irritable. If it hadn’t been for the coalition meeting, she would have just quit.

What she wants most now is to find Wei Rong and ask him why he surrendered to the enemy and why he was so weak. She really wants to kill that man with her own hands.

The central territory coalition meeting ended after more than an hour. No practical results were discussed, but everyone had some uncertainty in their hearts. This time Lu Yin’s target was the coalition generals, so next time, the meeting would Couldn’t it be them?

Their strength may not be greater than those of the generals, especially among those assassinated were those at the peak of the hunting realm.

An assassination made the outer universe see Lu Yin’s hidden power, and became even more afraid of Lu Yin.

After the coalition meeting, An Qi walked to the top of the tree, breathing in the breath of the plants, and her depressed mood felt a little better. However, at this time, there was a sound from the personal terminal. When she saw it, her face sank, and she looked calm.

“You still have the nerve to contact me?” An Qi’s voice was full of anger and disappointment.

In the light curtain, Wei Rong was surprised, “Who made my little Angel angry?”.

An Qi asked angrily, “You coward, where is the courage to plan the Taiyuan Star? Where is the ambition to lead a generation? Defeat is shameful, but your surrender is even more shameful. Not only did you lose your tactics to Lu Yin, your dignity has also been defeated by him.”

Weirong rubbed his head and said, “It seems you are very disappointed in me.”

An Qi’s eyes were ferocious, “You have disappointed me so much, Wei Rong. There was a time when I wanted the entire Dieying Clan to follow you and become your sharp blade to open up a new era, but what about you? You have failed me, failed me. All those who trust you, it doesn’t matter if you fail, who has never failed? The worst thing is to start over, but you actually surrendered to Lu Yin, don’t tell me that this is your plan, I am not stupid, and Lu Yin is not stupid.”

Weirong sighed, “It seems that your love for me has turned into hatred, so there is no need to say what I originally wanted to say to appease you.”

An Qi sneered, “To comfort? What are you trying to comfort you with? Not only do I hate you now, but I also look down on you.”

Weirong’s eyes were sharp, “Are the Central Territory Alliance forces preparing to mobilize all forces to resist the Eastern Territory Alliance?”

An Qi was funny, “So you want to inquire about the movements of the coalition forces through me? Wei Rong, after you lost to Lu Yin, not only did you lose your dignity, but your IQ also dropped. Do you think I will tell you?”.

“If you don’t tell me, I can guess that in order to deal with Lu Yin’s various methods, the central territory must have implemented certain policies, such as past mistakes can be forgiven, such as the temporary reconciliation of forces that have been enemies for generations, etc. “Wait, what’s more important is that you have also found ways to attract experts from the Western Territory to join. You now represent not only the Central Territory, but also half of the outer universe,” Wei Rong said slowly.

An Qi stared at him, “Even if you guessed it right, so what, you can’t stop it.”

Weirong pondered.

After a while, An Qi suddenly changed the subject, “Weirong, I know your reluctance. You don’t want to surrender to Lu Yin, but your family is in his hands. He should be threatening your family with their lives.” It’s up to you.”

Weirong did not refute and looked at An Qi calmly.

An Qi said softly, “Give up, you have great ambitions, the Wei family should not be a drag on you, for the Wei family, can you really give up your ideals? Don’t forget, who was the first person in the world? A research association of computational interpreters that gave countless people in the outer universe the hope of overthrowing the behemoth? Is it you, Wei Rong, who should not trap your future? Come to us and help us deal with the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. We It’s not the Qianrong Territory, let alone the Wei Family. We have tens of thousands of warships, countless masters, and countless resources that you can use.”

Normal people think that Wei Rong surrendered to Lu Yin because Lu Yin threatened the lives of Wei’s family, especially since Wei Baichuan and Wei Xin’er were both in the Dayu Empire, so they took it for granted, but who is Wei Rong, just like An What Qi said was that the Wei family was not a burden to him. There was no need for An Qi to tell him this. He would never give up his dream of leading the times for his family.

An Qi also understood him, and Lu Yin also understood him, so there was no need to threaten the lives of Wei’s family. First, he didn’t bother to do it, and second, not only was it useless, but he was looked down upon by many people.

The more An Qi got to know Wei Rong, the more she couldn’t figure out why he surrendered, and the more her heart ached. It was not an emotional pain, but more like the humiliating pain of being tricked and deceived.

Weirong listened quietly to An Qi’s words and said with emotion, “Not many people in this universe know me. An Qi, you are one of them. Since you know me, you should know that if I decide to do something, I won’t do it.” may change”.

An Qi frowned.

“Also, I like to have a backup plan when doing things, you know,” Wei Rong said slowly.

An Qi was puzzled, but she suddenly had a bad premonition in her heart. She almost forgot that now she and this man were enemies. This man’s methods once made her admire her, but now they make her fearful.

“I don’t trust many people, friends, brothers, family, including allies.” Wei Rong stared at An Qi, “So I have a backup plan for anyone who is not trusted by me. I still remember that you invited me. Are you going to be a guest of the Butterfly Clan? I visited your ancestral planet.”

An Qi’s pupils shrank and her expression changed drastically, “You, what did you do?”.

Weirong smiled and said, “It’s nothing. It’s just that through your ability to absorb the power of plants, something is added to your body. It’s not much and it’s not easy to find, but it may be a bit troublesome over time.”

An Qi turned pale and yelled, “You are despicable.”

Around the area, many Dieying Clan experts looked around in surprise and saw An Qi yelling like crazy on the top of the tree, not knowing who she was scolding.

Weirong shrugged, “You can’t blame me. My personality is like this. Maybe the Wei family members have the same personality. Go check it out. Maybe it can be cured? Of course, it doesn’t matter if it can’t be cured. I can. Help you treat it.”

An Qi closed the communication and immediately contacted the higher-ups of the Dieying Clan in the Ancestral Star to check on her body.


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