Star Odyssey Chapter 910: Four times cycle

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In the Eastern Territory, the Future Territory and the Dongli Territory announced that they would join the Eastern Territory Alliance, and then two more territories joined. So far, in the entire Eastern Territory, only the Modo Territory, the Wanmu Territory and the Iron Blood Territory have not joined. The rest all joined the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.

The iron-blooded territory is not a problem, Lu Yin contacted Wang Wen directly.

Not long after, Iron Blood Territory announced that it would join the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.

The Eastern Xinjiang Alliance was officially merged into twenty territories, doubling its strength and spanning the eastern and central parts, forming a behemoth overlooking the west.

The twenty territories represent the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance’s unification of one-third of the outer universe. It represents Lu Yin’s influence, which has surpassed that of anyone in the outer universe. One sentence can affect countless people. His hand is already close to to the West.

Since it is an alliance, there will naturally be coalition forces.

Enya started recruiting according to the previous coalition system of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, doubling the strength of the coalition in a short period of time, especially the rapid response force. There were six strong people in the hunting realm, and more than two hundred in the cruising realm plus the exploration realm. People, they just need a top master, otherwise they would be comparable to the people at Chongshan Dojo.

The major territories in China have become hairy, and they have put aside all the conflicts they had in the past and began to unite to resist the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.

In this case, Lu Yin announced his retreat.

There is nothing suitable to be done in this situation, and it is good to calm down for a while.

Enya’s contribution to the addition of the five central territories was indispensable. Of course, the intelligence of Aegis and Thousand Eyes was also indispensable. It took more than half a year to achieve this step, and the achievement was almost comparable to the original formation of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.

Enya’s methods are becoming more and more sophisticated, but to improve such a large strength in a short period of time, there are many problems to be dealt with, and it takes time to take it slow.

The secret room of Zishan Palace has changed. Before Lu Yin went to Hai Qiqi, he told Enya to find someone to rebuild the secret room with the best materials to prevent the aftermath of the cultivation from spreading.

Now, this secret room has gathered the best materials from the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. Although it is not as good as the training secret rooms of powerful forces in the inner universe, it is still much better than before.

Lu Yin sat cross-legged and took out the high-temperature stone from the Cangmang Continent from the Ningkong Ring. It was left behind after the fire dragon dissipated, and he obtained it using the secret of the word “Yu”.

On his way back to the outer universe from the Falling Star Sea, he felt the high temperature of this stone. Since it came from the Tianyan Dojo, let’s call it the Tianyan Stone!

He guessed that this stone was the source of the fire dragon’s power. Holding it in his hand, the extreme high temperature turned into lines and spread to his arms. Even Lu Yin’s current physical strength was a little unbearable, and this was just the stone itself. The high temperature, once activated by star energy.

Lu Yin tried it, and when his hand shook, the high-temperature lines that had spread to his arm were scorched.

Enduring the severe pain, Lu Yin applied some special medicine, and then looked at the Sky Flame Stone with hot eyes, what a good thing.

Lu Yin waved his hand casually, and there were some more star energy crystal marrow in the secret room. He tried to hold the Sky Flame Stone in his palm and pressed it on the star energy crystal marrow. The next moment, the extreme high temperature quickly absorbed the star energy crystal marrow. Evaporated faster than the Daoyuan Sect’s ruined furnace. At the same time, his body was branded by high-temperature lines, which were also enduring the high temperature. Combining with each other, a red light mask appeared on his body, and stars could move at a speed visible to the naked eye. Integrated into the light mask, and then integrated into his body.

This environment is exactly the same as that inside the ruined furnace of Daoyuan Sect and the cannon barrel of Wanqian City, and the speed of absorbing star energy also makes Lu Yin ecstatic. A stone created a unique training environment, which is similar to that of the furnace. Just like inside the barrel, this is no longer a question of absorption speed, but devouring.

But it was not enough. Lu Yin used the Star Power to surround himself with ninety-nine stars, and took out another batch of star energy crystal marrow. As more of the star energy crystal marrow was evaporated, the red light mask became larger. Using the Heavenly Star Technique, a piece of star energy crystal marrow on the ground disappeared immediately.

Lu Yin unceremoniously took out another batch, followed by another batch, and another batch…

In today’s universe, there are countless cultivation methods, and among them there must be someone who has found a way to absorb star energy at an extremely fast speed like Lu Yin. Lu Yin knew that his cultivation speed was very fast, but he did not ignore others.

More than ten days later, he consumed a considerable amount of star energy crystal marrow, and the temperature of the Sky Flame Stone in his hand dropped, and the speed of evaporating the star energy crystal marrow also decreased.

Lu Yin continued to practice.

Soon, one month passed, and he absorbed 160,000 cubic meters of star energy. This was the total amount of star energy he needed for the fourth cycle. In other words, he used the Sky Flame Stone to assist him. It took him a month to practice and complete the fourth cycle of the exploration realm. As long as the cycle is successful once, he will become the cruising realm.

The most ordinary cultivator only needs 800 cubic star energy crystal marrow to complete four cycles, but for him, it is 160,000, an extremely exaggerated number. Even if he accelerates his cultivation according to the ninety-nine stars, it will take two hundred years. This process took him one month to achieve.

This is the effect of the Sky Flame Stone, which is to bake the flesh at high temperatures and evaporate the star energy crystal marrow.

He doesn’t know what the fastest absorption rate is for others, but he shouldn’t be as exaggerated as himself!

He always felt that there was something different about his physical body, which was getting stronger all the time, as well as his energy and spirit, which was very strange.

Maybe it has something to do with my lost memory.

Shaking his head and thinking no more, Lu Yin put away the Sky Flame Stone. The current temperature of this stone is not very high. Generally, a strong man in the hunting realm can withstand it. This high temperature is ineffective for him. He will use this stone in a month. The extreme high temperature of the stone has been consumed, and I wonder if it can be replenished.

He suddenly thought of a question. If this stone was really the source of the fire dragon’s power, he would have been practicing for a month and consumed a fire dragon. It was too extravagant.

After walking out of the secret room, Lu Yin felt very comfortable. He came to the courtyard, listened to Zhaoran humming a tune, and felt very relaxed.

“Your Highness, you have come out, please try the newly prepared scented tea.” Zhao Ran looked at Lu Yin expectantly, blinking his eyes.

Lu Yin nodded, “Okay, let’s have a drink.”

Zhaoran was very happy and brought out a cup of thick green scented tea.

Lu Yin stared blankly, “Is this tea?”.

“Yes, your highness, give it a try” Zhaoran looked at Lu Yin, very happy.

Lu Yin didn’t want to disappoint her. Although this, uh, scented tea looked very attractive, he still took a sip and his eyes lit up. It tasted very good. He couldn’t help but drink the whole cup. He was surprised. Zhao Zhaoran said, “This is delicious. Let’s have another drink.”

Zhaoran cheered, “That’s great, your highness just likes it.” After saying that, he went to pour another glass.

Lu Yin has never drunk such delicious tea. In fact, it cannot be regarded as tea. Zhaoran may have some misunderstanding about the word tea. This should be regarded as a drink, compared with what he drank at Day Star Line and Purple Jade Trading Company. The drinks are all delicious.

“Zhaoran, please make more of this scented tea in the future,” Lu Yin said.

Zhaoran responded immediately, feeling very accomplished.

After resting for a long time, Enya immediately asked for a meeting after learning that Lu Yin had left seclusion.

“Your Highness, our Eastern Xinjiang Alliance now covers twenty territories, and military express lanes are also being built. The number of coalition forces in the past is no longer enough. I feel that we still need to expand the army. In addition to the current First Coalition Army and the Express Response Force, there are also Several legions should be expanded to prepare for war at any time…” Enya said a lot.

Lu Yin listened quietly. In fact, he didn’t know much about these things. Many matters were left to Enya, Huansha, Lu Zhengge, Army Cabinet and the cabinet. In recent years, officials from all levels of the Daewoo Empire have also shown their abilities. All the incompetent people were replaced, and he became more and more relaxed.

It’s a pity that although Enya has military capabilities, her structure is too small after all. There are many things she wants to do but dare not do. She can only ask Lu Yin for instructions, but Lu Yin doesn’t know much about it.

He thought of Wang Wen. This man was a true military genius. He could calculate the support strength and speed of the Behemoth Star Territory just by relying on war. His wisdom was terrifying.

“Your Highness, now only the Modo Territory and the Wanmu Territory in the East have not joined our alliance, and the rest have joined,” Enya reported.

Lu Yin grunted and dialed the Gongling communication in front of Enya.

Soon, the communication was connected, but it was not Gong Ling, but his son Gong Chou, “Hello, Alliance Leader Lu.”

“Where’s Master Gong?” Lu Yin asked.

Gong Qiu said, “The master is in seclusion. Leader Lu, if you have anything to do, you can tell me. I will tell you after the master comes out of seclusion.”

The corners of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “I’m in seclusion again. When will Master Gong come out of seclusion?”

Gong Qiu said apologetically, “I really don’t know about this. If Alliance Leader Lu has anything to say, I will tell him next when the leader comes out of seclusion.”

“No need, I’ll go to Taimo Hall to see Master Gong in person.” Lu Yin’s tone changed, feeling a little chilly.

Gong Chou was startled, “Is Alliance Leader Lu in a hurry?”

“Almost, I have to talk to Master Gong,” Lu Yin said, his tone unquestionable, and his attitude was completely different from when he first met Gong Qiu. At that time, there were Patriarchs of Arrow Mountain and three Enlightenment Realm experts in Taimo Hall. , has a strong foundation and is one of the three forces that cannot be provoked in the outer universe.

Now, Lu Yin doesn’t care even if the ancestor of Arrow Mountain is still alive, let alone dead.

It’s not that he wants to do anything to Taimo Palace, but Gong Ling personally confirmed that as long as the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance covers twenty territories, Taimo Palace will join. Now he wants to delay time, which is a bit unreasonable.

Gong Chou heard Lu Yin’s anger and said helplessly, “Since Alliance Leader Lu is in an emergency, I can only ask the leader to come out of seclusion in advance. Alliance Leader Lu will wait a moment.”

After a while, Gong Ling’s voice came, “I heard that Alliance Leader Lu is looking for me. Is there something urgent?”

Lu Yin was funny, still pretending, “Master Gong, do you remember what you promised me?”.

Gong Ling was confused, “Leader Lu, please speak clearly.”

“As long as our Eastern Xinjiang Alliance covers twenty territories, Taimo Palace will join. Master Gong will not forget it, right?” Lu Yin said directly.

Gong Ling was silent for a while, “Leader Lu, you are making things difficult for me. Taimo Palace has been passed down since ancient times, and the ancestral precepts have said that you must not participate in any disputes between forces. Leader Lu, this”, “Master Gong, when you promised, you were It’s very refreshing,” Lu Yin said dissatisfied.

Gong Ling said nothing.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “It seems that Master Gong doesn’t want to keep his promise.”

Gong Ling was helpless, “That’s not true. I did promise to the leader of the Lu Alliance at the beginning. Well, I, Taimo Palace, together with the Modo Territory and the Wanmu Territory, will join the Eastern Territory Alliance from today on. I will announce it to the public soon. “.


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