Star Odyssey Chapter 908: Lu Yin’s threat

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It is worth mentioning that Luo Shen was also expelled by the Zi family. She is a star. She was raised by the Zi family and became the Emerald Goddess. Now that she is expelled, her end will be tragic. Let alone becoming a star, there are countless powerful people. Anyone with power will try to get her.

Lu Yin couldn’t see her miserable, so he took her with him to the Daewoo Empire. From then on, she was the star that the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance championed.

Although the influence of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance is not as wide as that of the Zi Family and spreads all over the outer universe, no one dares to provoke it, and its power is stronger than that of the Zi Family.

Both Bai Xue and Luo Shen followed Lu Yin to the Dayu Empire.

Cai Qiangqiang also left together. The moment Zi Rong used the corpse king transformation, he knew that what Lu Yin said was true and felt apologetic. After all, he had doubted Lu Yin.

This man was too upright and even apologized to Lu Yin, which made Lu Yin feel a little embarrassed.

As for the Zi family, even if Zi Rong does not disintegrate, the future will not be easy.

Lu Yin is considering whether to take action against the Zi family, which has become a sworn enemy. If he lets it go, it may cause trouble in the future.

“Thank you, I’ve caused you trouble.” In the spaceship, Bai Xue walked to Lu Yin and whispered her gratitude.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “It’s okay. I’ve caused too much trouble, not just this one. If you want to thank me, thank Zhang Dingtian. If he hadn’t taken action, you would have been blackmailed.”

Bai Xue nodded, “I know.”

Lu Yin was curious about Bai Xue’s experience, “Who took you away from the Daewoo Empire?”.

Bai Xue shook her head, “I don’t know.”

The answer is the same as Zhang Dingtian. It’s strange that the people from the Diyin Organization didn’t let them know. Taking them away is tantamount to training and letting them increase their strength, but they don’t tell them anything about the earth, so they are not afraid. Don’t they feel any gratitude to the Hidden Earth Organization as their strength increases?

“You said before, kill Liu Shaoge?” Bai Xue pondered for a moment and asked in a low voice.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “Do you care about him?”.

Bai Xue’s eyes turned cold, “He betrayed the earth and betrayed us. Even if you don’t kill him, I will kill him.”

“What is your relationship with him?” Lu Yin asked.

Bai Xue was silent and did not answer.

Lu Yin didn’t ask again. This trip was to go back to the Daewoo Empire, and Bai Xue wanted to go back to the Earth to see it.

In the distance, Luo Shen came in anxiously, carrying a drink, “Sister Bai Xue, Lu, Brother Lu.”

The two turned around, Lu Yin’s eyes were stunned. Luo Shen was wearing a thin pink gauze dress, with long golden hair hanging down. She was so beautiful that he was suffocated for a moment.

Seeing Lu Yin’s surprised look, Luo Shen suppressed the nervousness in his heart and said with a little pride, “Brother Lu, this is a drink.”

Bai Xue looked at Luo Shen thoughtfully, then at Lu Yin, and left with the drink in hand.

The fragrance that Lu Yin smelled in his nose was very intoxicating, and the woman beside him was even more intoxicating.

Luoshen is inherently beautiful, otherwise she would not be able to become the most popular star in the outer universe. There are too many people who covet her, and now her heart is with Lu Yin.

The girls who appeared next to Lu Yin were all beautiful, but none seemed to be as blatantly seductive as Luo Shen.

Luo Shen is also willing to go all out. She just likes Lu Yin. From the last time she was rescued on Zhenyu Star to this time, she wants to be with this man.

Lu Yin coughed and said, “When we return to Zhenyu Star, I will arrange for someone to protect you and let you be the propaganda ambassador of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.”

Luo Shen responded obediently and just stood next to Lu Yin, looking at the starry sky and not wanting to leave. For her, being able to stand next to this man for even a second was a blessing.

The spaceship entered the Zhenyu Star Space Station. Lu Yin had already asked Huan Sha to arrange for someone to pick up Luo Shen, while Bai Xue took another spacecraft to the earth.

Lu Yin returned to Zishan Palace, opened his personal terminal, and contacted a person, Zhu San.

If it weren’t for Tian Maoxing and his party this time, he would have almost forgotten about this person. This person seemed to have no ability, but he was all pretending.

Zhu San was surprised that Lu Yin would contact him, “What’s wrong, brother? If you have any tips, please let me know. I will give you a big red envelope when Xi’er and I get married.”

“New Universe, Seven-Word Royal Court, Ce Family” Lu Yin said a few words.

On the other side, Zhu San’s face changed drastically, turning pale, and his pupils shrank into needlepoint shapes, “You, what did you say?”.

Lu Yin smiled lightly, “No need to hide it, I know the identity of your Zhu family. You are members of the seven-character Wang Tingce family.”

“Brother, are you stupid? What about Ce Family? I’ve never heard of it, okay, I won’t talk to you anymore.” With that, Zhusan was about to hang up the communication.

Lu Yin said, “Okay, if you don’t tell me, I’ll talk to Qiong Shanhai.”

Zhu San was silent for a moment, then changed from his previous lazy and heartless tone and asked in a low voice, “What do you know?”.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “What do you think?”.

Zhu San’s face was solemn, “What do you want?”.

“I’m curious, are you pursuing Qiong Xi’er because you really like her or because you want to get Wanqian City?” Lu Yin asked.

Zhu San did not hesitate and said directly, “I really like it.”

“I don’t believe it”.

“I don’t need to lie to you now. Yes, my Zhu family did want to get Wanqian City at the beginning, but it was just my Zhu family’s idea and had nothing to do with the Ce family. To the Ce family, a Wanqian City Thousands of cities are of little value, and my Zhu family was not deliberately placed in Thousands of Cities by the Ce family, but was discovered by the Ce family inadvertently. We are the Ce family members living outside,” Zhusan explained.

Lu Yin said, “Okay, let’s forget it. I don’t know if Qiongshan Haixin believes your rhetoric.”

“What do you want to do? If you want to use the help of our Zhu family to regain Wanqian City, it is impossible. My ancestor of the Zhu family is dead. Although we know a lot about Wanqian City, you should also know about it. Quite a few, I can tell you what you want to know. If you want money, we can support you, but if you want to use us, it’s impossible,” Zhusan said firmly.

“You will tell me everything I ask?” Lu Yin raised his eyebrows.

Zhu San sighed, “As long as we know.”

“Okay, I want to know if Wei Rong is in Wanqian City” Lu Yin asked. Zhu San is a chess piece for him. He may use it to regain Wanqian City in the future, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be used. In his eyes, the value of the Zhu family is not as high as that of Wei Rong, at least until the inner and outer universes are connected again, the Zhu family has no value.

That’s not right. They have value. Their bloodline allows me to observe the chessboard again. Maybe I can understand the secret of strategy, but Mr. Mu needs to take action.

“Weirong? I don’t know.”

“Then check it out.”

Zhu San was angry, “Lu Yin, our Zhu family is not your subordinate.”

“Then I’ll ask Qiong Shanhai to help me check it out,” Lu Yin said simply.

Zhu San was speechless, “It will do you no good if you expose our Zhu family.”

“There are no disadvantages, no, there are advantages. I can win the favor of Qiong Shanhai,” Lu Yin said.

Zhu San felt aggrieved. He had known before that Lu Yin was not easy to get along with. He was a very thick-skinned type but could grasp people’s hearts. He had always appeared in his previous image, partly on purpose and partly out of habit. Before, I was lucky to be able to look at life with that image and watch people like Lu Yin play by themselves. These people thought they were very smart, but they couldn’t see through him, which made him feel like he was hiding in the fog.

Especially this time when the Zi family made a fuss, I really thought he was stupid. He told Zi Rong that it was Lu Yin who said that Zixue was a male-female affair and it was his intention. He wanted Lu Yin to suffer the consequences and become mortal enemies with the Zi family. , and he can hide behind and watch the fun.

But now, he realized how sharp Lu Yin was. This guy had long known that he was from the Ce family. He thought he was hiding in the fog, but in fact, this guy was hiding even deeper.

His every move may have been calculated.

Zhu San was not only aggrieved, but also felt chills all over, “Okay, I’ll check for you, but don’t think you can use this to blackmail my Zhu family in the future.”

Lu Yin smiled lightly and said, “We’ll talk about the future later. Don’t worry, I won’t stop you from moving.”

Zhu San rolled his eyes, hung up the call, and moved? It’s impossible, it’s impossible in this life. We have to find a way to get rid of the threat of this guy. Moreover, Zhu San is sure of one thing. If he can marry Qiong Xi’er in the future, he will never invite this person. Whoever invites will be unlucky. Forget it before the marriage is concluded. If your wife is taken away, that would be disgusting.

The ruler of Wanqian City is the Qiong family, but the influence of the Zhu family is not small. The Zhu family has penetrated Wanqian City for so many years, second only to the Qiong family. Even the biggest secret of Wanqian City, the underground control room, can Find out, let alone a city lord’s mansion.

Not long after, Zhu San contacted Lu Yin and confirmed that Wei Rong was hiding in the city lord’s palace.

Lu Yin guessed that the people of the Wei family had been hiding in Wanqian City for so long without any contact with the outside world, just to confuse them and tell them that Wei Rong was not in Wan Qian City. In fact, Wei Rong was not far from them. The place.

“Brother Zhu, do me one more favor,” Lu Yin said casually.

Zhu San angrily said, “Lu Yin, I said, don’t think you can instruct us.”

“Your ears are not good? I said I was helping,” Lu Yin said.

“What’s the difference?” Zhu San was furious.

After a moment of silence, Zhu San softened, gritted his teeth, and said, “Say.”

“The previous tragic situation in Dongsheng Dios was deliberately leaked by someone. I want you to publicize that it was Wei Rong who leaked it. In order to provoke Shijue to fight against me, he took advantage of Shijue Lance,” Lu Yin said.

Zhu San frowned, “Is it useful to promote this? Lance is not stupid, he will definitely know that you are provoking as soon as you promote it.”

“I didn’t ask you to tell Lance. There is a man named Tie San among them. This man is impulsive and admires Lance very much. If he knows that a person from the outer universe dares to use Lance, he will How to do it?” Lu Yin’s lips curled up.

Zhu San took a breath, Lance would definitely not be fooled, but this triathlon is different. The reputation of the Ten Jue cannot be blasphemed. People in the outer universe did not even know the name of the Hand of God before. It can be seen that the Ten Jue is different. He has maintained his majesty quite well. The inner universe already looks down on the people in the outer universe. Once the people in Lance know that someone in the outer universe dares to scheme against them, no matter whether it succeeds or not, it will be an insult to them and they will definitely find Wei Rong. trouble.

“I want you to exaggerate Wei Rong’s intelligence, say that he is in heaven and earth, and then give me a good publicity about the outcome of the confrontation in Dongsheng Dios, and then say that Wei Rong succeeded. He used the Hand of God to deal with I launched a revenge, and the success made me unlucky,” Lu Yin said. Although Lance’s ultimate goal is to glorify the position of Fazi, the goal is the goal, and being used is being used. It does not mean that he can be used by someone from the outer universe for his purpose. This is a matter of dignity.


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