Star Odyssey Chapter 907: Zirong’s Sorrow

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“They are also from the earth. If you are in trouble, he will save you. It is voluntary.” Lu Yin said with a smile.

Bai Xue’s eyes turned red, and tears flowed down her face.

Zirong’s heart sank, and he suddenly took action and slashed at Lu Yin with one knife.

Lu Yin’s eyes were cold, and with a wave of his left hand, a terrifying wave of air swept across, knocking back Zi Rong.

“Everyone, let her tell you who she is,” Lu Yin shouted.

Zirong was anxious, “Xue’er, come here quickly, don’t listen to his nonsense.”

Everyone looked at Bai Xue. They were not stupid. They saw something different. Lu Yin was not an idiot. He snatched the bride inexplicably and said something so strange.

Bai Xue opened her eyes and had an emotional change for the first time. She was angry, “Zirong, you saved my life, but at the expense of the lives of my friends and relatives in my hometown, you forced me to change my name and practice cultivation. You forced me to get married. Today, I, Bai Xue, officially tell you that the kindness I owe you has been repaid. From now on, you and I will owe each other nothing.”

Zirong felt dizzy and his eyes turned white.

Everyone was in an uproar and looked at Zirong with disdain. They did not expect this person to be so despicable.

Zi Tianchuan was also shocked, he didn’t even know about this.

Zixianxian looked at Zirong in disbelief. Her second brother was not this kind of person.

The Zi family has always had a good external image. On the surface, it is the largest trading house in the outer universe. In fact, it sells information, but it does not leak information at will. It can be regarded as very principled, and all major forces in the outer universe are willing to be friends with it.

Among the three Zi brothers and sisters, Zi Rong is the most admirable one. He has a bold personality and extraordinary talents. He also served as a member of the West San Dios Council. Although he is from the hunting realm, he makes the enlightenment realm look at him. And he himself does not participate in all affairs of Zi Jade Trading Company. In the eyes of many people, he is the future and growing foundation of the Zi family.

But no one thought that such a person would do such a despicable thing.

“You are talking nonsense, my second brother is not this kind of person” Zi Xianxian was furious and looked at Lu Yin fiercely, “Did you force Sister Zixue to say this? Lu Yin, you want to deal with our Zi family, you You want to take our Zi family as your own, don’t you?”

Zi Tianchuan looked gloomy and stared at Lu Yin.

Many people also doubted it. After all, Lu Yin acted boldly and never concealed his desire. It was normal for him to want to get the Zi family.

Lu Yin laughed, “I am a mortal enemy of the Zi family. Can I take back the Zi family? I’m not that stupid.”

Zi Tianchuan looked at Bai Xue, “Xue’er, you know how your father treats you. Don’t be deceived by Lu Yin. Our Zi family has never been sorry to you.”

Bai Xue looked at Zi Tianchuan and apologized, “I’m sorry, adoptive father, I don’t want to hurt the Zi family. It was you who saved me and gave me life. My kindness to Zi Rong is offset, but I owe the Zi family. , I will return it.”

“What do you want to pay back? You are a member of my Zi family in life, and a ghost of my Zi family in death.” Zirong yelled, “They belong to the Zi family, take action and capture them.”

Lu Yin put on the cosmic battle armor and faced many cultivators from the Zi family. The stars in his right palm gathered together to form “One Yang”.

The scorching sun exploded, and Mr. Yi stood in front of Zi Tianchuan and others to offset the power of Yiyang.

Zirong crossed the void and slashed towards Lu Yin with one knife. Lu Yin waved his hand casually and the sword light deflected. Yuzi Mi was not something Zirong could resist. As Lu Yin kicked out, Zirong fell like a meteor. , was pressed hard into the ground.

The Zi family fought with Lu Yin. No one can tell who is right and who is wrong based on Bai Xue’s words. Maybe Lu Yin bewitched Bai Xue and found a reason to deal with the Zi family. Maybe Zi Rong really did that. In short , and everyone else just stood by and watched.

It is difficult to take action even though he is strong. He believes that Zi Rong is not such a despicable person, but he also believes that Lu Yin will not deal with the Zi family at this moment. Even if he wants to deal with the Zi family, it should be done at a more appropriate time, such as On the day of the wedding, after all, whether it was now or the day of the wedding, what he did had already made him the mortal enemy of the Zi family. It was better to go to the end. His current behavior was not like Lu Yin’s style.

And deep down, he didn’t want to be Lu Yin’s enemy. He always felt that he owed this person something.

“No need to protect me, go deal with Lu Yin” Zi Tianchuan said to Mr. Yi.

Mr. Yi gritted his teeth, jumped out and attacked Lu Yin.

Lu Yin put on his wrist guard and punched out with double power, breaking through the void. The terrifying power swept horizontally, focusing on taking care of Mr. Yi.

Even Zephinias was knocked back by Lu Yin’s punch, not to mention Mr. Yi. He couldn’t resist the huge force and was thrown away.

The aftermath of the power swept through the sky, bombarded the universe, and even shattered many spacecraft staying in the starry sky.

Tianmaoxing was shaken.

The power of Lu Yin’s punch made everyone stagnant and did not dare to take action again.

Zi Tianchuan clenched his fists and was thinking about something.

Below, Zirong walked out, his whole state was getting worse and worse, he was suppressing something.

But as Lu Yin’s eyes fell, he looked at Lu Yin, and saw Bai Xue being held by Lu Yin. An indescribable rage burst out, roaring to the sky, making a roar that was not like a human being, his eyes Change, the eyes are dead, the pupils have turned gray, this is – gray pupil change.

The unspeakable coldness swept through Tianmao Star, everyone felt their scalps numb, and something terrifying appeared.

Over the ancestral home of the Zi family, Zi Tianchuan and others stared at Zi Rong in disbelief. Zi Rong actually performed the gray pupil transformation. Most people in the outer universe did not know about the gray pupil transformation, but the Zi family at the scene was Quite a number of people who were invited recognized him.

“That’s the combat skill of the New Humanity Alliance, the Corpse King Transformation. The second young master of the Zi family is from the New Humanity Alliance.”

“It turned out to be a gray-eyed transformation, the enemy of mankind.”

“The Zi family is finished.”

Countless exclamations sounded, and everyone who was just watching the excitement changed their expressions.

Even Lu Yin was shocked. He didn’t expect that Zirong actually practiced the gray pupil transformation. He couldn’t tell at all. The corpse king transformation is an ultimate combat skill that only the corpse king can practice. Zi Rong is obviously a living person. , can actually practice.

“Second Brother” Zi Xianxian covered his mouth, his eyes turned red and his face turned pale.

Zifang, who was originally gloating about his misfortune, felt numb all over and almost collapsed. Once anyone is involved with the New Humanity Alliance, it is not a personal matter, but will involve the entire ethnic group. The New Humanity Alliance is the collective responsibility of the entire human race. Enemies, their Zi family is in trouble, and the Hall of Glory will not let them go.

The talent is strong and shocking, why is Zirong like this?

Zirong has gone completely crazy. He only has Bai Xue in his eyes. He wants to **** Bai Xue away, and no one can stop him. He has been waiting for this day for a long time. Ever since he discovered that Bai Xue’s talent, blue ice, can be integrated into the spirit, he has tried every means to do it for him. Bai Xue looks for the essence and spirit and forces Bai Xue to practice just for this day. He has his own purpose. He must absorb those essence and spirit in order to transcend and get rid of control. He must **** Bai Xue away.

With a bang, Zirong rushed towards Bai Xue, grabbed it with one hand, and his whole body changed. The gray pupil transformation can make the physical body ten times more powerful. At this moment, he is more difficult to deal with than Mr. Yi.

Lu Yin hugged Bai Xue and backed away. In front of him, Cai Jianqiang appeared and slapped out a palm, facing Zirong.

With a bang, the air wave shot straight into the sky, tearing the sky apart, and the two of them retreated at the same time.

“Zirong, wake up,” Cai Jianqiang shouted angrily. He didn’t have many friends, Zirong was one of them. Now that he saw Zirong become like this, he couldn’t help but take action, and he felt strong disappointment in his heart.

Zirong roared angrily, “Get away, Bai Xue, it’s mine.” He used the Corpse King Transformation. He couldn’t speak fluently and rushed forward again, taking action without reason.

Cai Qiangqiang sighed and blocked Zirong alone. No matter how Zirong attacked, Cai Qiangqiang remained unmoved.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows. He was strong in talent and progressed very quickly in strength. He was worthy of being beaten down by his peers. He got stronger when he was strong.

The people of the Zi family stood there confused, not knowing what to do.

Zi Tianchuan looked at the fierce battle in the sky and gritted his teeth, “Zirong defected to the New Human Alliance, betrayed the Zi family, betrayed humanity, and committed a heinous crime. He belongs to the Zi family, catch him, and if he resists, he will be killed without mercy.”

Zixianxian was shocked and quickly grabbed Zi Tianchuan’s arm, “Father, no, the second brother must not have done it voluntarily, there is a misunderstanding.”

Zi Tianchuan didn’t want to either, but for the sake of the overall situation, he could only give this order, throw Zi Xianxian away, and “take action.”

Many practitioners from the Zi family all attacked Zi Rong.

Zirong roared angrily and struck without mercy, killing many people from the Zi family in an instant. Mr. Yi had no choice but to take action, and with his strong strength, he knocked Zirong to the ground soon, but Zirong stood up again.

His physical body has been strengthened ten times, and coupled with the perseverance to practice the Thousand Army Killing, unless it is death, he will not be defeated so easily.

Just when Cai Jianqiang and Mr. Yi were about to continue their joint attack, Zirong suddenly paused in the sky and spat out a mouthful of blood. His whole body trembled, his face twisted, and then he let out a wailing sound, his heart suddenly exploded, and his eyes It lost its luster and returned to human eyes again, but it lost its vitality. The body slowly fell and hit the ground.

The scene was silent.

Lu Yin looked at Zirong, he was dead, and the rune numbers no longer existed. He was obviously so strong, but his heart couldn’t bear it? There is indeed a problem with living people practicing the Corpse King Transformation.

Besides, Bai Xue was sad. In any case, Zirong did like her and did not intend to kill her, but also saved her. This kind of kindness is not a matter of clearing up the relationship.

Purple Immortal is sad, “Second Brother”.

Zifang closed his eyes, no matter what the relationship was, after all, blood dissolves in water, and Zirong’s death made him feel very uncomfortable.

Zi Tianchuan’s body trembled, he clenched his fists, raised his eyes to look at Lu Yin, his eyes were almost cannibalistic.

Lu Yin met Zi Tianchuan’s gaze and frowned. Today he and the Zi family have become mortal enemies. Unexpectedly, he thought he would become mortal enemies with Aegis, but now he has become the master of Aegis. Instead, he has helped his Zi family become… Dead enemies, life’s circumstances are truly magical, no one knows what will happen in the future.

Zirong died, and the wedding ended naturally. As expected, the Hall of Glory intervened in the investigation, and the entire Zi family will face disintegration. If it is not handled well, they will be wiped out like Youxingxia.

Lu Yin was expelled by Zi Tianchuan, and Zi Xianxian looked at him as if he were an enemy.

If Lu Yin doesn’t regret it, Bai Xue must save her. This is the principle.

The rest were politely sent away by the Zi family, and Tianmaoxing blocked them.


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