Star Odyssey Chapter 898: Come back

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This house is the retreat of the Wei family.

In today’s universe, no one dares to say that it will definitely exist forever. Since ancient times, many behemoths have disappeared in the long river of history. The Wei family is very smart and has prepared more than one escape route.

The only way out is to ensure their safety. It is too difficult to make a comeback.

The atmosphere inside the house is dull. Since the Wei family came here, they rarely go out because there are many eyes staring at them outside the door. These people are from the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.

The Wei family is the bait. Lu Yin will fish for whoever takes him in. It is precisely because he sees this clearly that Wei Baichuan does not run away, causing Lu Yin’s plan to fail.

The Wei people in Wanqian City are also bait, and it is impossible for the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance to let them go free.

“I can’t stand it anymore. I’ve been hiding like a mouse all day long. I fought with them.” A young man from the Wei family roared and tried to rush out, but was stopped by others.

“Young Master does not know whether he is alive or dead. The Eastern Xinjiang Alliance did not threaten the Young Master with the family master’s life. This is a great blessing among the misfortunes. We cannot let the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance take advantage of it,” the elder Wei Clan said angrily.

The people around him lowered their heads and looked sad.

The dignified Wei family is in a state of despair.

No one knows where Wei Rong is, except for one person, Qiong Xier, who hid Wei Rong.

Weirong is not as depressed as the outside world thinks, and looks pretty good. Although the Wei family is in ruins, Wei Baichuan, Wei Xiner and others are not dead. Many people from the Wei family have also hid in Wanqian City. As long as he has the ability, he can rise at any time.

“Are you really not afraid that Lu Yin will attack the Wei family? Your father is right under his nose and can be destroyed at any time.” Qiong Xier glanced at Wei Rong, feeling a little unhappy at his calm look.

Weirong smiled lightly, “Lu Yin can’t do that. The biggest difference between him and me is the bottom line. He can be ruthless enough to kill all enemies, but he is rarely ruthless enough to kill those who have no ability to resist, especially those who have no ability to resist.” He still has a use.”

Qiong Xier sneered, “He still dreams of regaining you?”.

Weirong looked at Qiong Xi’er seriously, “In your opinion, it is impossible, but in his opinion, it may not be possible. This is the difference in mind. He has the ambition to dominate the outer universe, so he will not be able to tolerate a little kid like me. He is a little loser. He is confident that he can do anything. This is a good thing and he can swallow up the world.” At this point, Wei Rong’s lips curled up, “It is also a bad thing because he can easily collapse.”

Qiong Xier held her chin in one hand and looked at Wei Rong, “You were not able to deal with Lu Yin when the Wei family was here, but now you are more confident?”.

Weirong shook his head, “It’s not confidence, it’s luck. I’m waiting for the day when his luck weakens, so I’m sorry, I may have to hide for a long time.”

Qiong Xier rolled her eyes, “It’s up to you. I just hide you because I don’t want you to die so early.”

“You are worried that Wan Qian Cheng is being targeted by Lu Yin, so you just need to find someone to find a solution together,” Wei Rong said.

Qiong Xier snorted coldly, “If you want to find me, you can also find Wang Wen.”

Weirong’s eyes flashed and he looked solemnly at Qiong Xi’er, “It’s best not to look for her. Wang Wen will definitely follow Lu Yin.”

“Why?” Qiong Xi’er was surprised. She had a genius talent in business and was extremely smart. She could be on par with Wei Rong and Wang Wen, but in terms of courage and ambition, she was still inferior.

Weirong frowned, “I don’t know. I feel that once Wang Wen knows that I am hiding in Wanqian City, Lu Yin will also know about it. I have a hunch that Wang Wen will become Lu Yin’s brain sooner or later.”

Qiong Xier covered her forehead and said, “I’m so annoyed. How could such a person appear in the outer universe and dominate the outer universe? He can’t figure it out.”

Weirong looked at the sky. Even if Lu Yin didn’t appear, he would still take action. The inner and outer universes were isolated. He had never had a God-given opportunity since ancient times. He would be a man if he didn’t do something.

Qiong Xier was about to leave. At this time, there was a soft sound from the personal terminal. She glanced at it and her face changed, “Shijue has appeared.”

Weirong was shocked, “What did you say?”.

Qiong Xier looked at Wei Rong seriously, “Shijue, the hand of God appears, he has come to the outer universe.”

One sentence made Wei Rong’s thoughts change drastically, “Can the inner and outer universes be connected?”.

Qiong Xier shook her head, “I don’t know, I don’t know anything. I only know that the Ten Jue God’s Hands have appeared in the outer universe with a group of masters. Not only that, a group of masters have also appeared in the western territory. According to rumors, It should come from Neptune.”

Weirong’s eyes flickered and he lowered his head in thought.

Qiong Xier didn’t leave either, she was very confused.

For ordinary people, this matter has little impact, but for the younger generation, it is different. Shijue is the master of the younger generation and has the power to judge, supervise and even sanction. This is recognized throughout the universe. Yes, the emergence of Shijue is a blessing to the younger generation. Even if the situation in the outer universe has changed drastically, Shijue is still an existence that cannot be ignored. More importantly, he has brought a group of masters, which is the guarantee of power.

The two were silent for a long time.

Weirong took a long breath and said, “Lu Yin is in trouble.”

Qiong Xier raised her eyes and said, “Ten Final Council?”.

Weirong nodded with a playful look, “The inner and outer universes are isolated, and the Youth Council of the Outer Universe has been abolished. Lu Yin was born and became the number one young person in the entire outer universe. Now that the Ten Jue has appeared, the Council will definitely be restored. There will be disputes among them over the power of the assembly.”

Having said this, Wei Rong looked at Qiong Xi’er, “Let’s open the skylight and speak frankly. You are also worried that Lu Yin’s ambition is too ambitious to annex thousands of cities. I also hope that someone can curb him. So, in the Ten Jue and Lu In the hidden confrontation, we have to do something.”

“If I don’t do it, even if Lu Yin can really dominate the outer universe, it has nothing to do with our Ten Thousand Cities. He can’t touch us,” Qiong Xi’er said.

Weirong’s eyes were stern, “Do you still remember what happened underground during the battle in Wanqian City?”

Qiong Xier’s expression changed, “Everyone has lost their memory.”

“Yes, so you don’t know what happened. How can you be sure that Lu Yin has no way to deal with Wanqian City?” Wei Rong said sharply.

Qiong Xier stared at Wei Rong, “Don’t scare me, he won’t have any memory.”

Weirong was funny, “If there is even a chance, I will kill this possibility, especially when it comes to Lu Yin.”

Qiong Xier thought about it for a long time, “What do you want to do?”.

“You don’t need to do anything for the time being. They will confront each other on their own. You can spread some of the tragedy in East San Dios. The Hand of God will not remain indifferent. The next thing will have nothing to do with us,” Wei Rong said.

Qiong Xier looked at the sky, and the outer universe had changed again.

The news that the Ten Jue God’s Hands appeared in the outer universe quickly spread. Most people didn’t know which ten Jue Jue were, but the name of the God’s Hand was enough to shock them.

Ten days later, Lu Yin arrived at the Shenwu Continent Space Station, and the Baiye tribe had evacuated.

In the Qianrong Territory War, some inner-cosmic forces such as the Baiye Clan and the Jian Sect all intervened. Now that Lu Yin is powerful, they are also afraid of being settled by Qiu Hou.

They finally realized that Lu Yin was not afraid of anything, especially after the end of the Border War in the Endless Territory. He started a war to exterminate the Wei family in the Qianrong Territory. The background was so scary that the Hall of Glory clearly supported it. He, the Baiye clan didn’t dare to stay.

The person currently in charge of the Shenwu Continent Space Station is a strange hunter realm expert named Arel, who comes from the Dark Mist Territory. He applied to the Daewoo Empire himself to be in charge of the Shenwu Continent Space Station, and received the approval of the cabinet.

Although the Shenwu Continent is located in the Dark Mist Territory, the decision-making power lies with the Daewoo Empire. This is the current power of the Daewoo Empire.

Arel was startled when he saw Lu Yin arriving and hurriedly paid homage.

Lu Yin waved his hand, “No one is allowed to enter the Shenwu Continent without my order.”

“Yes, Your Highness” Arel replied respectfully.

Soon, Lu Yin entered the Shenwu Continent and appeared not far from Mingdu. He looked around, found the direction, and headed towards Mingdu.

Mingdu Imperial Palace, Imperial Study Room, Ming Yan looked at the memorial and reviewed it from time to time.

Below, Beihong stands respectfully.

After an unknown amount of time, Ming Yan finished reviewing a bunch of memorials and looked up at Bei Hong.

“Act according to the review,” Ming Yan said, her tone soft, but a little more dignified than before.

Beihong took it and said, “Yes, Your Majesty.” After saying that, he bowed out respectfully.

Ming Yan asked everyone else in the study to leave, held her chin tiredly, and then rubbed her head.

The sun shines in and is very warm.

Unknowingly, she has been sitting in this position for more than two years. Since Lu Yin left, she has not appeared for more than two years. “Have you forgotten me?”.

“No” sounded from behind Ming Yan. Ming Yan was shocked. She turned around and saw Lu Yin, her eyes were overjoyed and said, “Brother Lu.”

Lu Yin looked at Ming Yan and hugged her, “I’m sorry, I have too many things to do and I can’t come see you.”

Ming Yan has a blushing face and a dual personality. She is innocent now. Although she has become decisive and majestic after more than two years of being an emperor, in front of Lu Yin, she has returned to that little woman. .

If it weren’t for Lu Yin, she would have collapsed.

With Ming Yan in his arms, Lu Yin felt that he was complete. Although he didn’t see this woman often, she held a very important place in his heart.

Ming Yan just lay quietly in Lu Yin’s arms with her eyes closed. Only in this person’s arms could she feel at ease and let go of everything.

No need to say anything more, a hug can make you feel the other person’s feelings.

Lu Yin lowered his head and kissed Ming Yan. Suddenly, he stared at her with cold eyes. Ming Yan’s long hair turned white visibly, “You are so brave. Believe it or not, I buried you.”

Lu Yin subconsciously let go and coughed.

Bai Fayan snorted coldly and stared at him, “If you dare to be rude again, I will definitely bury you.”

Lu Yin rolled his eyes, “You can’t beat me.”

Bai Fayan raised her eyebrows, “What did you say?”.

Lu Yin laughed dryly, “Nothing, um, shouldn’t you be out at night?”.

Bai Fayan said coldly, “She is too weak. She doesn’t even resist you. Who knows what you will do, you have evil intentions.”

Lu Yin was speechless.

Bai Fayan frowned, sniffed hard, and looked at Lu Yin’s Ningkong Ring, “Do you have that poison there?”

Lu Yin was puzzled, “What poison?”.

“It’s what makes me become such a poison,” Bai Fayan said in anticipation.


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