Star Odyssey Chapter 896: This is my friend

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Mr. Yi glanced at Elder He, saw Elder Tong, and saw Lance. These people had all fought against him before, but now, he could crush them into **** water with just one finger.

Don’t worry, what he hates most is not these people, but his eyes directly fixed on Lu Yin and smiled.

Mr. Yi considers himself a very elegant person. In the Sixth Continent, he has reached his current status step by step very smoothly. No one dares to disrespect him. He is the guest elder of the Tong family, second only to Tong. The existence of the ancestor of the family has the opportunity to be ranked as the elder of Daoyuan Sect in the future. His future is bright and radiant, and no stain is allowed to appear.

But during this period, he had an unforgettable experience. That beast, the despicable native, actually made him feel despair. The stench made him tremble just thinking about it, and he could wake him up in his dreams. It was a stain on his life. The biggest stain.

He chased those people out at all costs just to catch that little beast with his own hands and make him despair for the rest of his life.

Mr. Yi’s eyes were ferocious, and the original elegant image was gone. Now he just wanted to see the despair, fear, pleading, etc. in Lu Yin’s eyes. He wanted to see the most humble human emotions from the eyes of this little beast. .

Huh? Is this little beast laughing?

Not only Mr. Yi, but also Mr. Da also looked at Lu Yin, because among everyone, he was the only one smiling.

He Elder slowly turned his head and looked at Lu Yin.

Lance and others all looked at him, laughing?

Are many cultivators in the Cangmang Continent sad and desperate?

In fact, not only Lu Yin was laughing, Gui Hou was also laughing, and he was laughing very cheaply.

Lu Yin coughed and looked at Mr. Yi, “Well, I’m sorry, let me ask, do you have any last words? If I go to the Sixth Continent one day, maybe I can take it with you.”

Everyone looked at him blankly, crazy, really crazy.

Mr. Yi laughed very happily, “It’s a pity that you’re crazy, but it’s still a bad breath. You little beast, it’s an advantage for you.”

Mr. Da shook his head helplessly. This kid’s mental endurance is so low that he actually went crazy.

Lu Yin blinked and looked at Mr. Yi seriously, “Do you have money?”.

Everyone was stunned, and then no longer looked at him, he was a madman.

Only Zhang Dingtian, Master Hai and a few others looked at Lu Yin strangely. They knew Lu Yin very well and would not be scared crazy even if they died. Especially Zhang Dingtian. Lu Yin had told him something about the outer universe. matter, is he sure he can deal with these two people?

“If I have the money, I may consider not placing stinky things on your grave,” Lu Yin continued.

Mr. Yi was angry. He raised his hand and grabbed it. His expression returned to coldness and arrogance. He wanted to crush this boy like an ant. He was completely disgusted. In his eyes, not only this boy, but everyone here was. It’s an ant.

I gritted my teeth with the elder, and was about to take action, ready to fight. Even if I die, I have to let the few people from Hai Da live alive.

Suddenly, Mr. Yi’s movements stopped, his expression changed, his face gradually turned pale, beads of sweat dripped from his forehead, he slowly turned his head to look at the junction of the Endless Territory and the Border Territory, where a pair of eyes were looking at him , obviously far apart, but the pressure brought by those eyes made him dare not move.

Not only Mr. Yi, but also Mr. Da.

Just now, I was in despair with the elders and others, but now, it is them.

Those are the eyes of Master Yuan.

Lu Yin sympathized with these two people. He obviously lived a comfortable life in the inner universe, but he went to the outer universe. There were monsters here.

Mr. Yi’s palm loomed over everyone’s heads, but he couldn’t take the picture.

The elders and others were confused and didn’t know what was going on.

In the distance, the starry sky was torn apart, and Master Yuan slowly walked out with a calm expression, “A practitioner from the Sixth Continent, from the inner universe? Come with me and tell me what happened in the inner universe.”

Mr. Yi and Mr. Da looked at each other and fled in different directions at the same time.

Master Yuan shook his head and disappeared.

On the spot, everyone looked at each other. Finally, everyone looked at Lu Yin.

Master Hai hurriedly asked, “Who was that elder just now?”

Lu Yin shrugged, “My friend.”

Master Hai was speechless.

The sea breeze looked weird at Lu Yin.

Lance raised an eyebrow.

Elder Tong was helpless, “Don’t talk nonsense, is that elder a senior in the Hall of Glory?”.

Lu Yin nodded, “Master Yuan.”

“Essential Master?” Several people exclaimed, especially Elder He, whose eyes were excited, “Is he really the Essence Master?”.

Lu Yin nodded.

“Master Yuan? He seems to be the elder from the Hall of Glory, right?”.

“It is said that he has lived for countless years and taught many people how to practice.”

“That’s a real elder. He has taught many powerful Star Messengers.”

“I didn’t expect that the Yuanshi was actually in charge of the outer universe. If they had known this, they wouldn’t have had to sacrifice themselves,” lamented the elder.

Lu Yin was helpless. He wanted to remind Neptune, but was pushed over by Neptune. As for Hai Qiqi, she did not participate in the border war in the Endless Territory and did not know the existence of Yuanshi. Otherwise, why would Neptune sacrifice himself.

It can only be said that fate is destined.

Neptune smashes the upper three doors to cause disaster, and will eventually pay the price for his actions.

But is it wrong to smash the upper three gates? According to what Neptune said and what he heard at the end of the Dead Sea in the Starry Sky Battle Academy, the sixth continent changed the sky and the inner and outer universes were separated. At the moment, Neptune obviously changed the sky back, and he made great contributions to the fifth continent.

There are merits and demerits, and it is not clear which is right and which is wrong.

But if it were Lu Yin, he would do the same thing. Instead of living humblely, it would be better to give it a try. No matter what is behind the third door, there is always an opportunity.

After a while, Master Yuan came back. Mr. Yi and Mr. Da didn’t see it, and no one asked.

Lu Yin walked out, saluted respectfully, “See Master Yuan.”

I visited the temple at the same time as the elders and others, “Seeing the Master Yuan”.

Master Yuan thanked him, waved his hand, and disappeared with Lu Yin.

Everyone on the spot looked at each other and thought. They did not expect that Lu Yin had such a good relationship with Master Yuan, and they obviously had something to say alone.

In the distance, Lu Yin told Master Yuan everything that happened in the inner universe. His experience was not complicated, that is, he went from the outer universe to the Falling Star Sea, then to the Cangmang Continent and then escaped back to the outer universe. The whole Although the process takes a long time, most of it is spent on the road.

After listening to this, Master Yuan looked at the galaxy. The situation in the inner universe was similar to what he expected. The real battlefield was in the universe sea. The falling star sea was only attacked by the Tong family and Pegasus Villa, and their power was less than one-fifth of the three domains.

I don’t know when this war will end.

Today, there are more than 3,000 cultivators who have escaped to the outer universe. Although the number is small, they are all the elites among the elites, or they are extremely talented. These people can be regarded as the fire seeds in the Star Sea.

Master Yuan gave everyone a choice. Hai Wangtian and Zhongshan Dojo were free to leave. They originally had power in the outer universe, while others had to follow Master Yuan to the border to guard the southern border.

Soon after, all the cultivators made a decision. Thousands of people followed Neptune. Among them, there were two strong ones in the Enlightenment Realm, and about forty strong ones in the Hunting Realm. The rest were all in the Exploration Realm and Cruise Realm. This is a terrifying force, not to mention that it also includes the Star Envoy Elder He, as well as Elder Tong, Elder Shan, and Hai Feng, several powerful men with more than 300,000 combat power.

Thousands of people alone are enough to destroy any force in the outer universe.

The number of people following the Chongshan Dojo was smaller, only a few hundred. The strongest one was Elder Tie, the strong middle-aged man who greeted Lu Yin and the others when they arrived at the Chongshan Dojo. The others included Lan Si, Lan Among the cultivators such as Bao Baobao and Tie San who follow the Chongshan Dojo, there are no Enlightenment realms. There are more than ten people in the Hunting realm, and the remaining hundreds are all in the Cruise realm and Exploration realm. They are also a considerable force.

In today’s outer universe, Taimo Palace and the Dark Phoenix Clan have no powerful people. Only Wanqian City can match this power.

In the end, there were more than 1,500 people left, including three strong men in the Enlightenment Realm and more than 70 strong men in the Hunting Realm. They must follow the Yuan Master to guard the border, and they can only be free after a certain number of years.

If so many powerful people were freed directly, it would not be a good thing for the outer universe.

Lu Yin looked at the people in Haiwangtian, and then at the people in Zhongshan Dojo. He didn’t know what the appearance of these two forces would bring to the outer universe, but he only hoped that it would not affect the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.

Zhang Dingtian wants to visit Earth. He has not been back for nearly ten years.

Before leaving, Lu Yin reminded him of Jupiter and wanted him to check. He was an authentic Earthling and was thrown to the vast continent by the Earthly Hidden Organization. Maybe he could find out something.

Hai Qiqi is still unconscious and is being carried by Elder Shan.

Neptune’s forces in the outer universe are nearby, belonging to the western territory, and they will leave soon.

The people at Chongshan Dojo also left quickly.

Although they escaped, they were not happy. The entire Falling Star Sea fell into the hands of the Sixth Continent. They were like lost dogs.

The surroundings were empty, and everyone had left. Lu Yin opened his personal terminal, contacted Huansha, and asked about the situation of the Daewoo Empire in the past six months, and learned that everything was normal.

The border has taken away many masters from the outer universe, and no one can pose a threat to the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.

As for Wei Rong, without the Wei family, no matter how smart he is, he will not be able to help. Unfortunately, he has not been found until now.

The next person Lu Yin contacted was Enya, asking about the use of Aegis intelligence to infiltrate various forces, and learned that everything went well.

Aegis’ intelligence is very useful. The territory in China is no longer unfamiliar to the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. Enya has many secrets under her control and can take action at any time.

Lu Yin would not attack a territory so quickly, especially now that people from Neptune Sky and Chongshan Dojo have come to the outer universe, and the situation is changing.

In the vast continent, everyone united to deal with the Sixth Continent, but now in the outer universe, the situation is different, and each other may become enemies.

When he joined the first management team of Aegis in a hurry and had not been to the real headquarters of Aegis, Lu Yin thought about it and contacted Star Fox.

Without contact for half a year, Xinghu was surprised where Lu Yin had gone. The Daewoo Empire advertised to the outside world as a seclusion, but Xinghu didn’t believe it.

Lu Yin did not tell him that he just wanted to visit the Aegis headquarters.

Xinghu sent the coordinates.

Lu Yin took a look and saw that he was in the middle of the territory, and then set off immediately.


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