Star Odyssey Chapter 895: Hope and Despair

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At the entrance of the Sea of ​​Falling Stars, an old man walked out, with Lady Hong printed on his back. He held a strange weapon and stabbed at the drop of blood. The drop of blood penetrated the old man without any hindrance, then penetrated the entrance of the Sea of ​​Falling Stars, and then slowly dissipated.

The spaceship did not stop, but also penetrated the old man and disappeared through the entrance of the Sea of ​​Falling Stars.

On the spot, the old man’s body turned into flying ashes and fell into the entrance of the Star Sea. All the cultivators from the Sixth Continent in a straight line were turned into flying ashes. The rest of them stood there and did not dare to move.

No one in the spaceship understood what was happening. Even Neptune himself might not understand. Only Lu Yin knew that the moment the drop of blood appeared, it affected the entire sky. It was not ordinary blood, it should be – the blood of Fu Zu. Changes in the celestial phenomena come from the number of runes. Only the blood of Fu Zu can be used as the source to guide the celestial phenomena and suppress everything.

What made him even more sure was that the drop of blood gave him great attraction. He wanted to absorb the drop of blood. He had a hunch that if he could absorb the blood of Fuzu, his understanding of the Zhouyan Scripture would definitely make a leap. improvement.

What a pity, that drop of blood was used up.

Lu Yin looked at Neptune with hot eyes, wondering if he was still there.

Whether it is Neptune Sky or the entrance to Falling Star Sea, Neptune and the others are fully prepared to evacuate with confidence.

The spaceship left the Sea of ​​Falling Stars, intending to head towards the Chaotic Flow Boundary, and then enter the Cosmic Sea through the Chaos Flow Boundary. However, it was not as good as fate. As soon as it left the Falling Star Sea, it was greeted by a huge hammer. Like a mountain lying across the starry sky, it is like a hammer to the spacecraft.

The face of Neptune changed, and the void transformed into the Neptune Gun to meet him. With a bang, the Neptune Gun collided with the hammer, causing the void to crack. The powerful impact swept the spacecraft to the north, and the hammer was also knocked back.

Dao Master Lan had an ugly expression on his face, “He is a master from the Zhanwu Domain Forging Family, and there are others behind him.”

Neptune’s face was pale. He had more than one hammer. There were three hammers in the starry sky. The hammer that blocked them just now was the largest. The operator should be the Seal One, and those behind were all strong men in the Enlightenment Realm.

The strength of everyone in the spaceship can defeat them, but then Madam Red will catch up.

But if they are not defeated, they will not be able to escape from the Chaos Realm. This is a dilemma, or it can be said to be a desperate situation.

Neptune made a prompt decision, diverted the spacecraft, and flew towards the north. That direction was the gap between the inner universe and the outer universe. That was the only way to survive.

Lu Yin knew that Hai Qiqi must have told Neptune.

As soon as the spaceship left, Madam Red arrived. She glanced at the hammers, her eyes flashed with murderous intent, and she chased towards the north, “You can’t escape.”

The Zhouguang-class spacecraft was extremely fast, and it didn’t take long for them to arrive at the gap. It was difficult for ordinary people to see such a narrow gap, but with Hai Qiqi leading the way, the spacecraft still found the gap.

The gap is much narrower than when Lu Yin first came. He expected that this gap would disappear in about half a year. Now, just half a year has passed, and the current gap can only accommodate two people in and out. There is no way for the spacecraft to get in.

Many cultivators in the spacecraft looked at this gap strangely. Some thought of something and their eyes were excited.

Neptune looked at Tian Yanzi, who pushed out with one palm. Among the tens of thousands of cultivators in the spaceship, the brand on the back of some people’s hands became hot again, and then they were dragged out and thrown into the gap. There were not many of them. Lu Yin, Hai Qiqi, Zhang Dingtian, Hai Dashao, Lan Baobao, Lan Si and even Elder Tong and Elder Shan were among them, and they were thrown into the gap one by one.

At the same time, the voice of Neptune came, “We gave up the entire Falling Star Sea and kept the fire. You guys live well and one day revive the Falling Star Sea. Don’t embarrass our Fifth Continent. One day you can swim against the current. Killing towards the Sixth Continent”.

Hai Qiqi’s face turned pale, “Father, what are you going to do? Let’s run away together.”

Hai Wang shook his head and looked at Hai Qiqi reluctantly, “I’m sorry, my father can’t leave. This disaster was brought about by my father. In order to change the world, my father smashed the three gates, which led to the sixth The mainland is fully attacking, Qiqi, live well, maybe we can meet again one day in the future.” After saying that, he looked at Lu Yin with a sharp look, “Boy, take good care of Qiqi, remember, if one day you have the ability, Crush the upper three gates again. I can’t tell you what lies behind the three gates. It may be a blessing or a disaster, but that is the only chance to defeat the Sixth Continent. Remember, no matter how others stop it, smash the upper three gates. “.

Lu Yin’s eyes were shocked, go to the third door?

“Senior Neptune, there is a yuan in the outer universe.” Lu Yin was about to say something, but failed to say it. He was pushed deep into the gap by Neptune.

The cultivators fled to the outer universe one by one along the gaps. Those cultivators in the spaceship who were not dragged out rushed towards the gaps and wanted to escape. Hai Qiqi was knocked unconscious by Elder Shan and taken away.

In the distance, Madam Hong arrived and was shocked. She didn’t expect that there was a passage leading to the outer universe of the Fifth Continent. She was then overjoyed. The war in the inner universe was anxious. This passage could completely allow them to invade the outer universe and the Fifth Continent. There is nothing the outer universe can do to stop it.

When the Sea King saw Madam Hong arriving, the Sea King Spear appeared in his hand. Beside him, Dao Master Lan and Tian Yanzi looked solemnly, with a tragic air.

As the strongest people in the Falling Star Sea, they gave up the Falling Star Sea just to keep the fire. Now, those fires must leave safely, otherwise the sacrifice will be meaningless.

Madame Hong took action, one against three. She was extremely powerful, but she was suppressed by the heavenly phenomena and could not defeat the three of them in a short time. She watched the practitioners flee.

Neptune is equally anxious. He is counting the time. As long as it is certain that Hai Qiqi has reached the outer universe, he will destroy the gap. No matter whether there are practitioners inside or not, he will die. Madam Hong cannot be allowed to go to the outer universe through the gap. .

In the gap, everyone rushed towards the outer universe at high speed, with anxious expressions and a desire for life.

Even Lance said nothing, grabbing the blue babies and escaping. Their father, Lord Lan, like Neptune, sacrificed himself to save them.

Outside the gap, Tian Yanzi coughed up blood and his arm was shattered.

Subsequently, Master Lan’s skin turned red, as if being roasted by flames.

Neptune’s hair was stained with blood. He didn’t know if it belonged to Master Lan, Tian Yanzi, or himself.

Mrs. Hong was not as merciful as she was in Tianyan Dojo. She acted coldly, and the mist wrapped around the three of them. With a wave of her hand, Tian Yanzi was directly torn into pieces, staining the starry sky with blood.

Not long after, Master Lan was also penetrated by the red mist, and his whole body exploded, leaving no body intact.

Neptune’s eyes were filled with blood, and he suddenly shot at the gap with a palm. He was the interpreter. He instantly resolved the energy entangled in the galaxy by Yuan Master and Di Zu, and the gap was healed visibly to the naked eye.

Madame Hong was furious, “You are looking for death,” she said, grabbing Neptune’s neck, and blood flowed down his neck.

Neptune blocked the entrance to the gap and laughed loudly, “It’s over.”

Mrs. Hong’s eyes widened suddenly, and she was hesitating whether to go to the outer universe. At this time, Mr. Yi and Mr. Da arrived just in time. Madam Hong looked at them, her eyes lit up, and the mist wrapped around her, and she threw them directly into the rapid healing In the gap, “Use your strength to attack the galaxy from the outer universe. I will attack here at the same time and open a way.”

Neptune’s expression changed dramatically, and he wanted to drag Mr. Yi and Mr. Big out, but in the hands of Madam Red, he didn’t even have the ability to resist. He watched helplessly as Mr. Yi and Mr. Big chased everyone away, and the gap quickly disappeared. .

Neptune is desperate. There is no celestial suppression in the outer universe. Mr. Big and the elders can stop him. Mr. Yi’s strength is completely unstoppable.

Mrs. Hong breathed a sigh of relief and looked expectantly. Why didn’t she think of sending someone to open a passage in the outer universe before? But it’s not too late. Although the resources in the outer universe cannot be compared with those in the inner universe, they are still abundant and enough for their Pegasus Villa and Tong family.

On the other side, cultivators rushed out of the gap one by one and stayed in the starry sky. Lu Yin also rushed out. Looking back at the gap, there were many people inside. He immediately made a decision to dissolve the energy of Master Yuan and Di Zu.

At this time, the gap is shrinking, and there is no need for him to take action. Someone is dissolving the energy, it should be Neptune. They really can’t get through.

Outside the gap, Master Hai and others looked on sadly, silently. The man hidden under the Tianyan Dojo who was 90% similar to Neptune was named Haifeng. He was the eldest son of Neptune. They were also looking on sadly at this moment.

Hai Qiqi fainted on Elder Shan’s back.

Lance, Lan Baobao and others looked at the gap sadly, Taoist Lan could not come back either.

The big dragon that turned into a human form at the Tianyan Dojo also showed a hint of sadness. He was rescued by Tianyanzi and went to the Tianyan Dojo. He has great feelings for Tianyanzi. Now, they all Gone.

In the entire Falling Star Sea, they are the last fire, and they are the ones that Neptune and others fight to save.

Many people were still in the gap and failed to come over, but the gap was shrinking rapidly, and many practitioners inside the gap were wailing in despair.

Suddenly, two figures arrogantly pushed away the cultivators who were blocking the front and could have rushed out of the gap, and jumped out. Immediately afterwards, the magnificent power made the starry sky tremble, and the unimaginable terrifying power swept across everything. Visible collapse of the cemetery.

Elder He’s expression changed drastically. He stood in front of everyone and looked at Mr. Yi and Mr. Da in shock, “How did you get here?”

At this time, the gap was completely healed, and many practitioners failed to come out.

The elders and others could no longer take care of them. They all looked at Mr. Yi and Mr. Da in despair. The two sealers, especially Mr. Yi, had a strength far exceeding 500,000 combat power. The celestial phenomena suppressed them. You can fight, but now, Mr. Yi can sweep them all by himself.

Haifeng, Young Master Hai, Lance and others all looked ugly and were in trouble.

The entire starry sky is under the control of the two imprinters. Even the star envoy He and Elder has been suppressed. He can’t even defeat Mr. Da, let alone Mr. Yi.

The smooth release of power made the entire Starry Sky Cemetery, even the Endless Territory, the Southern Territory, etc. feel the terrifying power.

This is their true power.

The two seemed to have been suppressed for too long, and they released their combat power without any concealment, making everyone fearful.

Mr. Yi was very satisfied with this situation. Looking at the fearful and desperate eyes of these people in front of him, he took a long breath. This is right, this is the attitude these natives should have towards them.


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