Star Odyssey Chapter 881: Lu Yin’s unique trick

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Seeing Elder Song exploding with all his strength in the distance, Mr. Yi was shocked, idiot.

On the other side, Elder Yuan, who was fighting Elder Tong, was also shocked.

Lu Yin quickly retreated.

Elder Song’s face turned pale, he raised his head with desperate eyes, “No, don’t.”

With a scream, he completely disappeared, his existence wiped out by the celestial phenomena.

Countless people stared blankly. Every time someone was wiped out of existence by the celestial phenomena, they were shocked. Even if they had seen it too many times, they would still be shocked when they saw it again.

That is the power of the ancestral realm.

Lu Yin couldn’t help but look up. At that moment, he saw many more runes, and the runes transformed into his pupils were a little deeper. Under the realm of Zhou Yan Zhenjing, he saw it with his own eyes for the first time. Feeling the power of Fu Zu to erase the runes at close range gave him a deeper understanding of the spiritual realm. He felt that he had erased a little more runes.

Although it is only a little bit, it is scary to gather a small amount into a large number.

This is a way to force others to be wiped out by the celestial phenomena. You can clearly see Fu Zu’s action, which will be of great help to you. However, it is difficult to force others to use more than 200,000 combat power.

“Be careful” exclaimed.

Lu Yin casually waved his hand, and Yu Zi Mi activated. Behind him, a cultivator from the Sixth Continent stabbed with a strange weapon. Lu Yin was diverted by Yu Zi Mi, and stabbed into the ground, tearing open the huge ground. Lu Yin’s right palm shot out. He blasted out fiercely. This move just missed Elder Song and was perfect for this person.

Yiyang’s star energy was condensed by Lu Yin to the closest level to the number of 200,000 runes. With one blow, and Lu Yin subconsciously weakened the opponent’s runes, he directly attacked the peak hunter realm expert who sneaked up on him. Blast to death.

There was not even a body, turned into pieces.

There is no solution to the weakening of the number of runes in the Zhou Yan Zhen Jing Ling Ming Realm, especially under this kind of celestial phenomenon where the combat power must be suppressed to less than 200,000, it is a big killer.

It would not be so useful if it were in the outer universe. An Enlightenment Realm warrior with more than 200,000 combat power, even if it weakens a little rune number, would not have much impact on others, but here, it is an absolute killer.

Lu Yin suddenly wondered whether Fu Zu created this celestial phenomenon just to make this battlefield a slaughterhouse for those who practice the Zhou Yan Scripture.

The more I think about it, the more likely it is that with such a celestial phenomenon, anyone who opens their eyes will most likely reach the realm of spiritual enlightenment and become a being similar to BUG.

Suddenly, Lu Yin felt alarmed. He raised his eyes and looked at him. It was none other than Mr. Yi.

Dao Master Lei, who was fighting with Mr. Yi, was already lying on the ground, not knowing whether he was alive or dead. Many cultivators around him were attacking Mr. Yi like moths flying to the flame, but no one could get close to him.

Mr. Yi suddenly tore into the void and disappeared.

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank sharply and he hurriedly ran towards Elder Tong. He was sure that Mr. Yi was here to find him.

However, after taking a few steps, Mr. Yi appeared in front of him. He took one step forward and appeared directly in front of Lu Yin. Although he was only one person, he blocked everything Lu Yin saw like the sky. He raised his hand and slowly grabbed it. Come.

Lu Yin’s eyes changed drastically and his scalp went numb. This was the sealer. He hurriedly backed away.

But Mr. Yi’s palm seemed to cover the sky, making Lu Yin feel like he was being caught no matter which direction he ran.

In the distance, Elder Tong’s face also changed greatly. Half a million combat power was a hurdle, but it would become different once he got up. If Lu Yin still used the same method he used to deal with Elder Song to deal with the sealer, he would be doomed.

He wanted to help Lu Yin, but Elder Yuan held him back so that he could not support him.

All around, the cultivators who were close to Lu Yin were repelled by the indescribable force. This force was obviously not very powerful, but they were unable to resist it, including Hai Qiqi and a man who had been hiding in the crowd. A strong man in the Enlightenment Realm of Benlei Dojo.

The palms were getting closer and closer to Lu Yin, and Lu Yin could even see the palm prints clearly, “Little guy, follow me.”

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank sharply, his right palm opened, and the eight lines of fighting energy were imprinted with one palm.

It’s funny that Mr. Yi, who is just in the exploration realm, actually fights head-on with him.

“Thirty times – two hundred times – Wave Palm” Lu Yin growled, the surface of his body cracked, two hundred times, which is the highest multiple he can currently achieve, plus thirty times of overlapping strength, it is enough for ordinary enlightenment The situation was unbearable, and the combat power of this physical force still did not exceed 200,000. It is also difficult for him to achieve physical strength exceeding 200,000 combat power.

The moment his palms collided, Lu Yin’s pupils turned into runes, weakening the number of runes in Mr. Yi’s palm.

Mr. Yi’s eyes changed, and then there was a loud noise, his palms hit each other, and the aftermath of terror swept across all directions, turning into a strong wind that swept away everything.

Hai Qiqi felt like he was thrown away by the huge force.

Thousands of miles around are enveloped. This is a pure physical force impact.

Mr. Yi and Lu Yin were buried underground at the same time.

Mr. Yi was lucky. He only took half a step back. However, Lu Yin’s right arm was broken. His fighting spirit collapsed. His body fell back a hundred meters. He spit out a mouthful of blood. He gritted his teeth and looked at it. The body of the sealer was too terrible. This man He didn’t look like someone who specialized in physical training, but his physical strength was equally terrifying. He tried his best with his palm, but it failed to hurt this person at all.

Thinking about it, he jumped out and flew into the air, breathing heavily. The bones of his right arm pierced the skin, causing severe pain.

Underground, Mr. Yi was shocked. He was an imprinter with a combat power of over 600,000. Even though he had never paid attention to physical strength, as his realm improved, his physical strength would become extremely terrifying, let alone an explorer. In this realm, even with a combat power of three to four hundred thousand, a cultivator specializing in physical strength would not be able to get along with him in a head-to-head confrontation, and now he was actually knocked back half a step by a small exploration realm.

The most important thing is that the secret technique mastered by this son actually weakened his physical strength.

Mr. Yi took one step out of the ground and looked at Lu Yin in amazement, “Little guy, except for the brat called Hand of God, you are the first young man on this continent who can fight with me. You, What is your name?”.

Countless people looked at Lu Yin in shock, marveling at his strength.

Even Master Lei Dao was killed by Mr. Yi, and this man actually hit him head-on.

There was blood at the corner of Lu Yin’s mouth, “Look at your palms.”

Mr. Yi raised his hand and saw that his palm turned black. He was surprised, “Did you use poison?”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes.

“Hahahaha, very good, very smart, but unfortunately, your understanding of power is too shallow, and poison is of no use to me.” Mr. Yi shook his hand casually, and his palm returned to normal.

Lu Yin was helpless. He just tried and threw Wu Lao’s poison out from behind his palms. It did hit the person, but it was really useless.

They all suppressed their combat power to less than 200,000, but this person made him powerless.

“Enough trouble, come with me” Mr. Yi shouted and disappeared.

Lu Yin’s scalp was numb and he quickly avoided the spot. Mr. Yi walked out and grabbed his right arm. His movements suddenly stopped. The shadow of the Sea King Spear came from his side. Mr. Yi snorted coldly and waved his hand. After the explosion, Hai Qiqi’s full blow failed to stop Mr. Yi at all.

He grabbed Lu Yin’s right arm and said, “Little guy, you don’t want your arm anymore?”.

Lu Yin’s pupils turned into runes and flashed again. Mr. Yi’s strength in grabbing Lu Yin’s arm suddenly weakened a lot. He was caught off guard and Lu Yin broke free. Mr. Yi’s eyes were bright, “What a secret skill, hand it over to me.” “, said, continuing to grab Lu Yin.

To him, Lu Yin was just a mouse and could be caught at any time. As for the tens of thousands of cultivators around him, was it useful? Not even close.

Lu Yin dodged several times. Mr. Yi almost caught him every time, but he escaped every time.

But Lu Yin knew that he would be caught sooner or later. The gap was too big. The star energy was useless to the sealer, and the physical strength was also very different. He had no ability to resist.

With a thud, Lu Yin hit the ground. Mr. Yi grabbed it with one hand and said, “It’s over.”

Lu Yin became anxious, grabbed the mud on the ground and sucked at Mr. Yi.

Mr. Yi’s eyes changed, the soil was shaken away, and Lu Yin took the opportunity to escape.

“Little guy, you can’t escape” Mr. Yi shouted sharply, his tone obviously angry.

Lu Yin was weird. The dirt just now was very ordinary, but it actually slowed down a bit. He stared at Mr. Yi seriously, and now he realized that this man was spotless after fighting. He was wearing white clothes and white trousers. He looked very clean. The two of them just now were After being smashed into the ground, this person is still so clean. On the other hand, he is like a beggar. This person cannot be mysophobic!

Lu Yin hurriedly avoided, grabbed another handful of dirt and threw it over.

Mr. Yi became even more angry, “Little guy, you are looking for death.”

Lu Yin grinned, “Are you mysophobic?”.

Mr. Yi snorted coldly, “So what? All your attacks are useless against me.”

“Yeah, then you can take it.” As he said that, Lu Yin took out something and smacked Mr. Xiang Yi hard.

The moment this thing came out, an indescribable stench filled the air and spread rapidly. The almost perverted stench instantly filled the battlefield. Everyone smelled it and looked over. What is it that smells so bad?

Lu Yin covered his nose and hurriedly backed away. What he took out was naturally the smelly fruit-like thing that he had obtained when solving the problem. The moment the thing was solved, he almost fainted from the stench. This shows how strong the stench is. strong.

For a person with mysophobia, this kind of stench is unforgivable.

Mr. Yi quickly backed away as if he had seen a ghost.

Lu Yin laughed, and with a wave of his hand, Yu Zi Mi was activated. The stinking fruit disappeared and then appeared directly in Mr. Yi’s arms.

Mr. Yi roared in fright, jumped up like a rabbit whose tail was stepped on, threw the stinking thing away, and stared at Lu Yin with red eyes, “You are looking for death.”

Lu Yin pointed behind Mr. Yi.

Mr. Yi turned around, and that stinky thing came again.

Mr. Yi’s pupils shrank sharply, his face turned pale, and he hurriedly avoided it.

There was a speechless scene on the battlefield. Lu Yin was chasing Mr. Yi with the stench object. Mr. Yi, an invincible strong man, was being chased like a mouse. The most important thing was that the stench object was strange. It was so hard that Mr. Yi couldn’t beat it. He wanted to throw it away, but Lu Yin used the word “Yu” to secretly recall him, as if he was possessed by an evil spirit.


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