Star Odyssey Chapter 877: Ben Lei Dojo

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Hai Qiqi looked at Hongying with bright eyes, “It’s impossible. There are too many masters in the Cangmang Continent. Let’s not talk about the seventy-two masters. I, the Sea King, also have masters who have gone to the Cangmang Continent. You will definitely lose.” .

Hongying sneered, “Most of the seventy-two dojo masters are dead. As for you people from Haiwangtian, not even one-tenth of them can escape to the vast continent. Haiwang is indeed more difficult, but my master has promised If the Tong family takes action, even if the ancestor of the Tong family doesn’t take action, my master can sweep across the entire vast continent alone.”

Hai Qiqi was excited, “You just said that Neptune is more difficult? He is very powerful?”.

Hongying’s face became more solemn, “He is a very strong master, but he can’t stop my master.”

Hai Qiqi breathed a sigh of relief. She just wanted to trick Hongying, but now it was confirmed that Neptune was in Cangmang Continent.

Lu Yin also wanted to say something else, “Since your master has gone, what are you going to do? The younger generation can only exert limited power on the battlefield. Even Yu Zi can’t deal with the hundreds of thousands of powerful warriors who suppress the combat power.” “.

Hongying’s eyes changed, “You are right. The ordinary young generation of strong people cannot be the opponents of the imprinted ones. Even facing the strong ones in the Enlightenment realm is difficult, but Yuzi is an exception, including your fifth The Mainland’s Ten Jue are also an exception.” At this point, Hongying seemed to remember something and frowned deeply, “I really can’t figure it out. You have no seals in the Fifth Continent, no Ancestral Realm powerhouse, and even the Ancestral Realm inheritance has been cut off. How could a monster like Shijue be born?”

“What’s wrong with Shi Jue?” Lu Yin asked hurriedly. He just wanted to know information about Shi Jue, not only because they were of the younger generation, but also because there were his enemies in Shi Jue. The more he knew, the better.

Hongying looked at Lu Yin mockingly, “You really think I’m stupid. That woman is obviously related to Neptune. She’s trying to trick me. Tell her it doesn’t matter. It’s not some secret information, but you, don’t even think about it.”

Lu Yin blinked.

“You despicable and shameless person, don’t even expect to get any news from me,” Hongying said coldly, looking at Lu Yin, the more she thought about it, the more angry she became, “Despicable villain.”

Lu Yin rolled his eyes and simply ignored her.

Hai Qiqi smiled. Her mood suddenly improved. Knowing the news about Neptune made her completely relaxed.

The war in the Vast Continent was fierce, and Lu Yin and Hai Qiqi took a spaceship. More than ten days later, they saw a black line in the distance, stretching endlessly, that was the Vast Continent.

In the distant sky, star-like objects shine brightly over the vast continent. There is one at regular intervals, and they are moving slowly. When these objects fall, it is a day in the vast continent.

This is artificial sunlight. In Lu Yin’s eyes, the objects in the sky have rune numbers, and each one is equivalent to the hunting realm rune number.

The Cangmang Continent is extremely vast. The Tong family from the Sixth Continent sent millions of cultivators to come, which is just a drop in the ocean to the Cangmang Continent. The number of those cultivators cannot even block the coastline.

Lu Yin found a secret bay, took Hai Qiqi, and dragged Hongying onto the land.

What you see is a vast beach, which is extremely soft when you step on it.

Looking around, there are no runes.

“It takes half a day to get to the nearest dojo from here. This is based on our speed. If it is an extreme level or even lower-level cultivator, it will take ten days and a half to reach it.” Hai Qiqi said, glaring at Hongying, “Where is the King of the Sea?”.

Hongying snorted coldly, “I don’t know.”

Hai Qiqi rolled his eyes and said, “I’ll kill you if I don’t tell you.”

Lu Yin is weird.

Hongying was extremely angry and glared at Lu Yin, “You are despicable.”

Lu Yin was speechless, “What does it have to do with me? It’s not what I said.”

The “despicable villain” Hongying stared at Lu Yin.

Hai Qiqi felt uncomfortable. She felt that she was being ignored, “Hey, I’m threatening you.”

Hongying didn’t even look at her, just stared at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin felt like he was taking the blame for someone else.

“Forget it, let her go. She has never been to the Cangmang Continent, so there is no way she knows where Neptune is,” Lu Yin said.

Hai Qiqi thought about it and knocked Hongying out skillfully, then dug a hole and buried it.

It is impossible for such a practitioner to be suffocated to death and wake up after a few days.

Lu Yin was surprised, “You are very skilled in your movements.”

Hai Qiqi clenched her fists and said, “When you had your epiphany in Neptune, I knocked her out several times. Don’t worry, the force was enough to knock her out for three days.”

Quite accurately, Lu Yin glanced at Hai Qiqi and looked into the distance, “Let’s go to the Chongshan Dojo.”

Hai Qiqi nodded. Chongshan Dojo is not only the largest dojo in the Cangmang Continent, but also the dojo with the most experts and the most central location. It should not be captured by the Sixth Continent. Even if Neptune is not in Chongshan Dojo, it is only a short distance away from Chongshan Dojo. It shouldn’t be far.

Hai Qiqi spent less than half an hour to determine the route and led Lu Yin in one direction.

The two of them avoided all dojos along the way. These dojos should all be occupied by the Sixth Continent.

Not only did they avoid the dojo, they also avoided the cultivators. They did not even meet the cultivators of the inner universe. Nowadays, countless cultivators of the inner universe have taken refuge in the Sixth Continent and become minions. Otherwise, they will rely on the Sixth Continent. No matter how many cultivators there are in the three regions of the mainland, they cannot rob the resources of the inner universe.

In this way, both of them hid themselves in the field, getting closer and closer to the center of the vast continent.

The two of them were in the exploration realm and were extremely fast, but they were still quite far away from the Chongshan Dojo, which showed how vast the vast continent was.

“After passing the Jade Belt Forest in front, we have officially entered the center of the vast continent,” Hai Qiqi said in surprise.

Lu Yin grabbed her and said, “Someone is coming.” He took Hai Qiqi and hid.

Not long after, a group of cultivators passed by at low altitude. There were more than ten people in total. There were people on the front, back and left using personal terminals to detect. There was also one person who released the field and moved forward cautiously, as if afraid of being discovered. At first glance, they were cultivators in the vast continent. By.

Only the practitioners in Cangmang Continent dare not fly too high.

“It’s Xiao Ben, it’s Xiao Ben” Hai Qiqi suddenly exclaimed, and Lu Yin couldn’t stop him.

The team of cultivators were shocked and looked warily in the direction of Lu Yin and Hai Qiqi. The man leading them even held a thunderbolt in his hand, which turned into a blade and said, “Who, come out.”

Hai Qiqi flew up, looked at the leading man, and said excitedly, “Xiao Ben, it’s me, Seventh Sister.”

The leading man’s eyes lit up, “Seventh sister? You, why are you here?”.

Hai Qiqi hurried over, and Lu Yin followed closely, but he was not too nervous. Only the leader of this group of practitioners was in the exploration realm, and the rest were only in the extreme realm. He could kill them easily.

“Xiao Ben, it’s you” Hai Qiqi was very happy and came to the leading man.

The man was also happy and asked the others to relax and land. He looked at Hai Qiqi and said, “Sister Qi, didn’t you say you didn’t come to Cangmang Continent? Why are you here?”.

Hai Qiqi was extremely happy to see her old friend. It took her four years to find the entrance to the inner universe, and this man was the first familiar person she saw, not counting the elders.

The two chatted for a while, and the other practitioners scattered around to guard.

Not long after, Hai Qiqi led the man to Lu Yin and introduced him, “He is from Benlei Dojo. You can call him Xiao Ben.” He said, looking at Xiao Ben, Determined to introduce Lu Yin to him, Lu Yin said one step ahead, “Call me Seventh Brother.”

Xiao Ben looked at him strangely, “Seventh brother?”, and then looked at Hai Qiqi, “Seventh sister?”.

Hai Qiqi was speechless. She was also helpless towards the persistence of Lu Yin, who claimed to be the seventh brother. She wanted to correct him, but couldn’t.

Xiao Ben lowered his head and came to Hai Qiqi, smiling strangely, “Should I call him Seventh Brother or Seventh Brother-in-law?”

Hai Qiqi rolled her eyes at him and said, “Don’t be a bitch. Next time, find a man for your baby. If you call him brother-in-law, you will be happy.”

Xiao Ben’s face turned bitter, “Seventh sister, you are still so poisonous.”

Hai Qiqi raised her head and saw that Lu Yin was puzzled and said, “Xiao Ben likes the baby from the bottom of his heart, but it’s a pity that the baby doesn’t like him.”

“Seventh sister, stop talking, let’s go, take you to Benlei Dojo, the baby is there too” Xiao Ben quickly changed the subject.

Hai Qiqi was overjoyed, “By the way, Xiao Ben, do you know where my father is?”.

Xiao Ben shook his head, “I can’t know the whereabouts of Neptune.”

Hai Qiqi was disappointed.

Then, a group of people followed Xiao Ben in another direction.

After Xiao Ben’s introduction, Lu Yin and Hai Qiqi also learned about the current situation in Cangmang Continent.

The situation is even worse than Hongying said. Currently, only twelve of the seventy-two dojos in the Cangmang Continent are guarded, and the Benlei Dojo is one of them. The purpose of these people coming out is to find the cultivators of the Cangmang Continent.

“You are really not afraid of death. What will you do if you meet a cultivator from the Sixth Continent?” Hai Qiqi scorned.

Xiao Ben was helpless, “There’s nothing we can do about it. There are many teams like ours. It’s not a pity to die. But once we find strong support, it will be different.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed and he said nothing.

Half a day later, in the distance, a large ring-shaped mountain loomed in the distance. Dark clouds pressed down on the top, thunder roamed around, and it struck down from time to time, making a roaring sound that shook the earth.

“That is the Benlei Dojo. Among the seventy-two dojos, the Benlei Dojo is considered extremely strong and can be ranked in the top ten. The masters of the past dynasties are all called the Thunder Masters, and they all have at least 300,000 yuan. “Combat strength” Hai Qiqi introduced to Lu Yin.

Lu Yin was shocked by the strength of Cangmang Continent, “The seventy-two dojo masters are all enlightened, right? The one who is enlightened in Cangmang Continent is more than the seventy-two people?”

Besides, Xiao Ben said, “Of course not. It is said that there are seventy-two dojos, but in fact it is just a number. Not even half of the dojos can really be regarded as having dojo masters. The rest of the dojos are mostly abandoned, but the abandoned dojos It may also be brilliant in a short period of time, just like a dojo a few years ago, which was originally abandoned, but a person obtained some kind of inheritance there, and attracted many people with the inheritance, restarted the dojo, and even attracted masters to become Ashram Master”.

“You are talking about Taixuan Dojo,” Hai Qiqi said.

Xiao Ben nodded, “I heard that the person who inherited the Taixuan Dojo went to Haiwangtian a few years ago to participate in the recruitment of a son-in-law, along with Lan Yu. Seventh sister, you should have an impression.”

Hai Qiqi was disdainful, “I have no impression, I didn’t even reach the finish line.”

Lu Yin’s heart moved, “What’s that person’s name?”.

Xiao Ben said, “Blue Knife”.


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