Star Odyssey Chapter 837: Across the rocky area

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Watching the fat man leave, Yan Sheng looked at Qiu Hanqing and said softly, “You heard what I said, I hope you won’t embarrass him again.”

Qiu Hanqing smiled and said, “Thank you for your help, senior. Don’t worry, this person is worthless in my eyes. I won’t do anything to him anymore.” After saying that, he looked at Yan Xiaojing and his eyes greedily swept over her body. This The woman will belong to him.

Support from all parties in the outer universe arrived at the border of the Endless Territory one after another, and the six rocky areas reorganized their defenses.

A combat meeting was held in the Iron Blood Rock District, and Lu Yin was invited to attend.

Regardless of his strength or status, Lu Yin is qualified to join the meeting. He is no longer the little cultivator he was in the Iron Blood Territory.

There are currently two Enlightenment Realm powerhouses in the Iron Blood Rock Area, namely Command Envoy and Yuehua Mebis. Apart from them, there are more than 30 Hunting Realm powerhouses.

Only those who have reached the hunting realm are eligible to participate in the meeting. A Dun and Wendy Yushan are also among them because they have the strength to fight against the hunting realm.

Lu Yin’s ranking was second only to Zha and Yuehua Mebis, and no one dared to object, especially when he killed an Enlightenment Realm powerhouse as soon as he entered the battlefield, shocking the Iron-Blooded Rock Area.

The dozens of Hunting Realm powerhouses below saw Lu Yin sitting in the position second only to Yuehua Mebis, and their eyes were amazed. This man is a legend in the universe. He has probably killed more Enlightenment Realm powerhouses than the Commander. .

Lu Yin glanced at them and couldn’t help but sigh. If all these people were used by him, the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance would be able to sweep across the entire territory.

This is just one of the six rock areas. Now, the entire border defense line concentrates all the power of the outer universe.

The combat meeting is very simple. It is to allocate the places to be guarded. The entire defense line spans the endless territory from east to west. In addition to the six rock areas, there is also the black fire rock land in the middle. These places need to be guarded.

But there are rules to follow, just follow the previous arrangements.

“The most critical thing now is that the Santai Rock area has collapsed. The black fire rock is not enough to cover the defense line and needs to be transported. Everyone, who can take on the transportation task?” Zhan asked, looking at everyone.

He and Yuehua Mavis cannot move, especially Yuehua Mavis, who bears the heavy responsibility of resisting the sealer.

Everyone looked at Lu Yin unconsciously. Among them, he was the only one with this strength.

Crossing the rocky areas is extremely dangerous. The Science and Technology Starfield always keeps an eye on the defense line and tries its best to completely separate the six rocky areas so that they cannot support each other. Therefore, anyone who wants to cross the rocky areas will be met with danger. Hit to hit.

“I’ll do it,” A’dun said. After entering the battlefield, he withstood the attacks of several peak warriors of the Sixth Continent’s Hunting Realm. His position was extremely forward, and he even blocked a powerful warrior of the Enlightenment Realm.

Zhan shook his head, “Crossing the rocky area can only be accomplished by those who are at the Enlightenment Realm. The Science and Technology Star Field will not target the cultivators guarding the black fire rock land, but will target the cultivators who cross the rocky area. In rocky areas, there is a narrow escape from death, and defense alone is not enough.”

After speaking, he looked at Lu Yin and asked, “Leader Lu, can you take on this important task?”.

Lu Yin did not refuse, “Okay.”

Zhan was grateful and said, “Thank you, Alliance Leader Lu.”

Some people he can order, but some people cannot. As a mentor of the Ninth Academy of Starry Sky, Zhang Yi understands this truth. Moreover, Lu Yin was born in the Tenth Academy. Although there is competition between the two academies, they are the same. , he has a good impression of Lu Yin, especially Lu Yin who saved Liu Yin and the others.

If possible, he does not want to let Lu Yin go, but there is really no candidate. Once the Santai Rock area lacks black fire rock, there will be no way to curb the detection of the technological star field. The entire endless territory will be exposed to the eyes of the technological star field. , very detrimental to them.

“War is like this. It’s life and death. Someone has to sacrifice, including me, the commander. I have changed dozens of times before. It’s normal. So here, I hope you can put aside the past grievances and work together to defend the Iron Blood Rock Area. “Humanity’s border defense line” stood up and said loudly.

Everyone stood up, “Even if you die, you will have no regrets.”

Death without regrets is not just talk. Over the years, countless corpses have been buried on the border. The purpose of participating in border wars is not to gain glory, but to protect mankind.

This is the most basic awareness.

The same is true for Lu Yin. Even if the danger is greater, he must complete the transportation mission.

Zhan gave him ten Ning Kong Rings. The range of the Ning Kong Rings was no smaller than his. Each one was enough to cover a mountain range. Ten Ning Kong Rings were equivalent to ten black fire rock mountains.

“This is just what we transported here. Black fire rocks were also transported to other rock areas, which is enough to complete the Santai Rock Area,” said Zhan.

Lu Yin nodded, said goodbye to Adun and Wendy Yushan, and disappeared in a flash, following the black fire rock land and heading towards the Glory Rock Area. Santai Rock Area is just to the west of the Glory Rock Area.

He only needs to send the Ningkong Ring to the Glory Rock Area, and then the Glory Rock Area will send someone to **** him to the Santai Rock Area. He does not need to arrive at the Santai Rock Area.

The distance from the Iron Blood Rock Area to the Glory Rock Area is very long, which is equivalent to dividing the boundary between the Endless Territory and the Technology Star Territory into six sections. He has to cross one-sixth of it, which is almost the length of a domain.

It would take a long time to cross this distance simply by flying. His long-term flying speed cannot reach the level of enlightenment. Fortunately, there is a wormhole within the defense line, through which he can cross a large distance.

Lu Yin left the iron blood rock area and flew towards the wormhole.

His whereabouts were immediately noticed by the Science and Technology Star Territory. The Science and Technology Star Territory was very wary of people crossing rock areas and wanted to completely prevent assistance between rock areas.

As for wormholes, the technological star field is often bombed, so the location of the wormhole changes frequently.

With his body flashing, Lu Yin was speeding forward on the black fire rock land. It had been several hours and he was not far from the wormhole.

There are patrolling armies passing by on the Black Fire Rock Land from time to time. Once an enemy is discovered, the armies immediately form complementary attacks.

Everything around him was black, as if exposed to the stars.

Lu Yin was getting closer and closer to the wormhole. He raised his head from time to time, but was not hit. He breathed a sigh of relief. He saw the wormhole in front of him and jumped into it.

Only the strong ones who walk in the starry sky can physically traverse the wormhole. Lu Yin felt the tearing of space on his body, but it was just a little numb, but it was nothing serious.

The body lightened up, and the scene in front of him changed. He came to the wormhole very close to the Glory Rock Area. Suddenly, beams of light swept from high altitude. Each beam of light had a number of runes approaching the peak of the Hunting Realm, especially among them. The real runes of the Enlightenment Realm are hidden. They do not come from the light beam, but fall along the light beam.

If there were no runes, Lu Yin would not be able to detect it.

He easily avoided the beam of light and stared at the enlightenment rune number from the corner of his eye.

The beam struck **** the black fire rock land, attracting the attention of the defenders.

Lu Yin shouted, “Don’t come here.” The next moment, a strange mechanical transformation man, only the size of a palm, flapped its mechanical wings and rushed towards Lu Yin without leaving any trace. The speed was extremely fast, completely tearing the void apart.

Lu Yin was awe-inspiring, put on the cosmic battle armor, held a rebound ball and raised his hand to slap the big slapped mechanical transformer. Unexpectedly, the mechanical transformer was discovered by Lu Yin, and his body turned into a stream of light and hit the rebound ball hard. , and then, the same force surged out from the rebound ball, knocking the mechanical cyborg away.

The number of runes of the mechanically modified man dropped directly, and it seemed that he could only have the power of one blow.

Lu Yin was surprised and quickly reached out to grab it. At this moment, the number of runes of the mechanical cyborg had been reduced to the exploration level, and it was still plummeting.

But just when Lu Yin was about to catch the mechanical cyborg, the mechanical cyborg exploded and turned into dust.

The army arrived immediately. The leader of the hunting realm was a middle-aged man. A group of troops surrounded Lu Yin.


Lu Yin revealed his identity, and the hunting realm cultivator’s expression turned pale, “It turns out you are a strong man from the Iron-Blooded Rock Area. Are you coming across the rock area?”

Lu Yin nodded, squatted down and looked at the remains of the Cyborg with flashing electric sparks, picked up a half-burned chip, and looked at it strangely.

The strong man in the hunting realm did not dare to disturb him and led his troops to guard the surroundings. He looked at Lu Yin with eyes filled with respect.

Crossing the rocky area is taboo for the technological star domain. Anyone who dares to cross the rocky area will be killed by the technological starry domain in order to block the connection between the major rocky areas.

If you want to make contact, you can only take a detour to the interior of the Endless Territory, and it is impossible to pass through the Black Fire Rock.

Lu Yin dared to cross the rocky area, which is worthy of respect for these people who guard the border all year round.

Throwing away the chip, unable to understand, Lu Yin nodded to the strong man in the hunting realm, and then headed towards the Glory Rock Area at high speed.

There are only a few hours until we reach Glory Rock, so soon.

At this moment, a fierce battle is going on in the Glory Rock area.

Although Mo Jiangshan was burned by the ancestor of the Dark Phoenix clan and was unable to participate in the battle, there were not only those with the seal in the Burning Blood Territory, but also terrifying and powerful men with a combat power of over 200,000, 300,000 or even 400,000.

The starry sky in the Glory Rock area was torn into pieces, and black holes of all sizes swallowed each other up.

Commander Elder Dagu and Mr. Yi who came for support were stained with blood in the starry sky, and it was very difficult to resist. In addition to them, there was also a strong man in the Enlightenment Realm defending the Hall of Glory. The three of them combined, but they were still shaky.

On the land in the Glory Rock area, countless modified people fired beams wildly, sweeping the land, trying to completely disintegrate the black fire rock.

Zirong encountered a powerful opponent, Mo Jiangxiao, one of the direct descendants of Mo Jiang. Although he only had cruising level strength and a combat strength of only 80,000, that was under normal conditions. According to Mo Jiang’s ancestor, Using Mo Jiang’s fighting skills and bloodline, coupled with rare treasures, he was hard-pressed to fight Zi Rong.

Zirong is in the hunting realm with a fighting strength of 150,000, and a single blow to kill a thousand troops is enough to make a strong man in the enlightenment realm look sideways, but he was entangled by Mo Jiangxiao.

Mo Jiangxiao reminded him of Lu Yin, a genius with the same talent.

” With the next blow, I will scratch your pretty face to see if any man likes you.” After saying that, the hook-shaped weapon bloomed with a dark-brown light. The woman’s blood dripped on the weapon, and the dark-brown light became stronger and stronger.


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