Star Odyssey Chapter 809: Enemy

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After a while, Ian looked into the distance with a solemn expression, “Captain, can you show me around?”.

Qi Jin didn’t ask any questions and flew away with Ian. Ian had already reached the extreme state and had the combat power to destroy an ordinary planet, but he still allowed himself to accompany him, proving that there might be enemies here.

Qijin warned the mercenary group.

Ian spent more than an hour looking for something on the ground around him. Finally, he looked at Qijin with a heavy face and said, “Captain, I would like to request a conversation with Deputy Commander Shamu.”

In Zishan Palace, Lu Yin clicked on his personal terminal, and Shamu’s image appeared in the light screen, “Your Highness, the Sword Armor Mercenary Group may have discovered an army from another territory hidden in our Canglan territory.”

Lu Yin was surprised and without hesitation, he immediately sent a rapid response force to the uninhabited planet where the Sword Armor Mercenary Group was located.

The express response force is an army formed by Lu Yin personally after talks with the leaders of the major territorial forces. It uses the Yaoguang-class Aurora spacecraft as its vehicle and aims to complete the mission as quickly as possible. It has a total of 113 people, each with There are a hundred people who are strong in the exploration realm, ten people who are strong in the cruising realm, and three people who are strong in the hunting realm.

This force is the ace special force of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, and this is the first time Lu Yin has used it.

The three hunting realm experts are all casual cultivators, and the only ones who can give orders to this army are Lu Yin and the coalition commander Liu Ying Zishan.

On the uninhabited planet, Ian whispered, “Captain, we may be being targeted. Let’s make some illusions, otherwise we are likely to be annihilated.”

“Are you sure there are enemy troops here?” Qijin asked. Shamu had just gone to contact the regent. If there were no enemy troops, it would be embarrassing and lose face in front of the regent.

Ian said, “I’m not sure if it’s true now, but it was once.”

Qi Jin’s heart sank, “Once upon a time, how long was it?”.

Ian Mouding said, “About ten days.”

Qi Jin breathed a sigh of relief, that’s good. As long as it can be confirmed that there have been enemy troops in about ten days, this discovery is not a mistake.

Under Qi Jin’s order, the Sword Armor Mercenary Group pretended to search for surrounding minerals to confuse possible enemies.

Far away from them, there was a huge underground space, densely packed with hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Ian’s analysis was good, and there was indeed an army here.

“General, do you want to destroy them?” In the underground spaceship, a middle-aged man looked at the starry sky map and listened to the adjutant’s report.

They did not monitor the surface, and any monitoring facility could be discovered, so they used the most primitive monitoring method, a telescope, a special telescope that can see the starry sky.

The middle-aged man said solemnly, “They are the sword and armor mercenary group of Canglan territory?”.


“Don’t move. Shamu, the deputy leader of the Sword Armor Mercenary Group, is the captain of the Eighth Royal Court Team. Once the Sword Armor Mercenary Group is destroyed, Shamu will not give up. He will definitely follow the clues to find us. It will be exposed here,” the middle-aged man said.

The adjutant said, “But will they find us?”.

The middle-aged man shook his head, “Probably not. Aren’t the traces of our landing on the surface cleared away? Even people with advanced military education can’t detect us, let alone mercenaries.”


On the surface, when Ian returned to the spacecraft, Dana immediately entangled him, grabbed Ian, leaned over, and said with drunken eyes, “Let’s play with my sister.”

Ian was helpless, “Sister Dana, you are drunk.”

“You’re so drunk, you won’t be able to stay much longer. Father said he would recommend you to the Royal Court’s Thirteenth Team. Do you want to leave?” Dana stared at Ian and asked.

Ian couldn’t answer.

Dina suddenly vomited and vomited all over Ian. Ian smiled bitterly, he was used to it.

Ian just held Dana in his arms and looked outside. He looked at the personal terminal from time to time and raised his head. It’s almost here. It’s almost here.

Although Canglan’s territory is large, at the speed of the Yaoguang-level spacecraft, the scope is infinitely reduced.

As a spaceship appeared in the sky, Ian breathed a sigh of relief and arrived.

Underground, the adjutant’s expression changed when he heard the report, “General, something is wrong.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the earth shook, and huge power crushed through the surface. This was the power of the hunting realm.

The middle-aged man was shocked, “Quick, get into the spaceship and prepare to fight.” Unfortunately, it was too late. A strong man from the hunting realm tore open the ground and appeared in front of the army. This army only had two masters from the cruising realm. Facing the hunting realm, The strong man had no ability to resist and was quickly suppressed and captured the general alive.

Outside the Zishan Palace, Qi Jin looked nervous. As the leader of the Sword Armor Mercenary Group, he had experienced great storms, but at this moment, the person he was about to face was a legend. With his qualifications, he should never be able to see him in this life. , and now, he is about to meet the Regent Lu Yin, a legend in the universe.

Next to Qi Jin is Ian. He has made great achievements, and Lu Yin wants to see him by name.

Ian’s thoughts were complicated. Back on Earth, he was robbed by Lu Yin, and everyone used him as an example. At the Imperial Military Academy, he became a laughing stock. For this reason, he went to a bar to get drunk, offended Dana, and was Forced to join the Sword Armor Mercenary Group, it can be said that his life is polarized.

Before the Earth Trial, he was a top student at the Imperial Military Academy, an elite among the elite, enough to join Yutang, with a bright future.

After the Earth Trial, he was just a little mercenary.

In the beginning, Ian hated Lu Yin, but as Lu Yin became famous, especially after the most powerful competition, his fame spread throughout the universe, his mentality changed. He also told Dana at the beginning that not everyone has it. The experience of playing against legends.

I thought I would never have an encounter with that person in this life, but I didn’t expect that so soon, he would have to face that person again, the person who robbed him but was called a legend.

“Qi Jin, the leader of the Sword Armor Mercenary Regiment, met His Highness the Regent.” Qi Jin saluted in the living room of Zishan Prince’s Mansion.

“Sword Armor Mercenary Group Ian, please see His Royal Highness the Regent.” Ian also saluted.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “You’re welcome, sit down.”

Qi Jin and Ian looked at each other and sat down very reservedly.

“The Sword Armor Mercenary Group, I have heard of it many times. Deputy Captain Shamu is the captain of the Eighth Royal Court Team. He is a master in the Outer Universe Cruise Realm. How did he join the Sword Armor Mercenary Group in the first place? “?” Lu Yin asked curiously.

Qijin respectfully replied, “When Shamu was seriously injured, it happened that our mercenary group was doing a mission in the Wanmu Territory and rescued him, so he joined our mercenary group.”

“That’s it.” Lu Yin nodded. Shamu’s resume recorded that he came from the Wanmu Territory. It was speculated that he should be the successor of the former helm of the Wanmu Territory, but he was destroyed by Taimo Palace. For this reason, Taimo The palace controlled two territories, but that was a long time ago. Shamu inherited at most some combat skills and techniques, which had little to do with the original helm of the Ten Thousand Mu Territory.

“How did Shamu join the Royal Court’s Thirteenth Team?” Lu Yin asked. There was no record of this in his resume.

Qi Jin said, “Shamu participated in the selection himself, was valued by the late emperor, and gradually became the captain of the eighth team.”

Lu Yin understood and looked at Ian with a smile on his face, “Long time no see.”

Ian’s expression changed, he stood up and said respectfully, “I offended His Highness, please atone for your sins.”

Qi Jin knew that Ian had participated in the Earth Trial. At that time, the Regent also came out of the Earth Trial, and the two had crossed paths.

Lu Yin was funny, “I remember you were robbed by me, but you never offended me. What, you scolded me?”.

Ian is embarrassed.

Lu Yin smiled, pressed his hand to let him sit down, and looked at Ian strangely, “Tell me, how did you discover that there were troops underground? They shouldn’t leave obvious traces.”

Speaking of this, Ian is much more confident. This is his strength. “No military operation can leave any trace. My subordinate has specialized in the subject of spacecraft parking position and psychological analysis. This subject is in The Imperial Military Academy is very unpopular and almost no one studies it, but it is very useful. When a spaceship is parked on a strange planet and faced with unknown things, its orientation, defensive position, and the captain’s psychology are all very important. A lot of things can be analyzed through these. …”.

Ian talked for nearly five minutes. Lu Yin didn’t understand much. He had never received military education, but he probably understood it a little bit. It was like criminal psychological analysis, but this analysis was used in the military. On the spaceship captain.

He immediately ordered that this course be made a compulsory course. At the same time, all imperial officers must have a copy. Regardless of whether they have learned it or not, they must learn it. Psychology is very important.

Lu Yin looked at Ian with admiration, “You are very good, it will be wasted if you stay in the mercenary group.” He said, looking at Qijin, “Captain Qijin, don’t mind if I recruit people from you.” .

Qi Jin quickly said, “It is Ian’s blessing to be valued by His Highness.” He quickly winked at Ian.

Ian stood up and said, “Thank you, Your Highness.”

Lu Yin nodded, “The Thirteenth Team of the Royal Court is a combat department. It will not be effective to join with your combat power. In this way, if you join the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance and assist the commander-in-chief Liuying Zishan in handling some matters, your status will not be high. But the future is pretty good, it’s up to you whether you can move up the ladder.”

Ian was overjoyed. In fact, he didn’t like joining the Royal Court Thirteenth Team. It was like an imperial butcher’s knife. It was not much different from being in the mercenary group. He yearned for the army, so he was admitted to the Imperial Military Academy and the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance Allied Forces. is the one that suits him best, “Thank you, Your Highness, I will never disappoint His Highness’s expectations.”

Lu Yin grunted and asked them to step back, then summoned Foreign Minister Sirona.

“The origin of that army has been found out. It belongs to the Wei family in the Qianrong territory. Immediately issue a notice to the Wei family, hand over the mastermind, and compensate three million cubic star energy crystal marrow, otherwise we will start a war.” Lu Yin said sternly.

Hirona was surprised, “Three million cubic star energy crystal marrow? Your Highness, is that too much?” How much is the annual tax revenue of the entire Daewoo Empire, three million? That’s a sky-high price, let alone three million, thirty thousand is pretty good. This is the outer universe, not the inner universe.

But Lu Yin was very determined and there was no room for negotiation. “Three million, not a penny less.”

Hiriona heard that the compensation was false and the war was real. His Highness wanted to fight. He did not dare to say more and immediately resigned.


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