Star Odyssey Chapter 778: Sensation

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Countless wealthy tycoons are frightened and at the same time extremely eager to hire old smokers, so much so that the price of Tiancai Dibao has continued to rise to the extent of avoiding the crisis.

Originally, Tiancai Dibao of that level was quite expensive. Depending on its effects, it could be sold at outrageous prices. Now, the price is even more outrageous. In addition, pharmaceutical giants like Clover Company are always collecting Tiancai Dibao. , so that no matter how high the price is, the treasures of heaven and earth are still priceless, and countless people are eager to get even one.

Even if you can’t hire a smoker, you can still save your life at critical moments. If it doesn’t work, you can keep it for appreciation, and you won’t lose money if you sell it to Clover Company.

Many people in the outside world are speculating on Tiancai Dibao.

At this time, the auction house sold ten crisis-evading natural treasures at one time, which was enough to shock all major territories.

With Lu Yin’s strength, he is not afraid of anyone worrying about him. He also wishes that someone would worry about him and cause trouble for him.

But just having the treasures of heaven and earth is too monotonous. Thinking about it, Lu Yin also listed the spring water of Long Lake. This is a weapon for interpreting language. It is stored in the Palace of True Interpretation. He only has twenty-five drops in total. He sells it for five A drop is enough to attract many interpreters, all of whom are rich.

Then a bottle of immortal poison was listed, which is enough to pose a threat to the enlightenment realm.

He wants to use this bottle of poison to tell all the major territories in the outer universe that this auction house sells everything and accepts everything, regardless of whether you are an upright thing or a dark thing, it accepts and sells everything.

He wants to build this auction house into a money-attracting bank.

When Lu Yin handed the list to Bei Qing, Bei Qing was shocked, “Your Highness, are there really ten natural and earthly treasures that can avoid crises?”

Gwen was shocked, so many?

Lu Yin nodded, “Promote to the outside world according to the list.”

Bei Qing asked, “Can this poison be sold? Can it really pose a threat to the powerful people in the Enlightenment Realm?”

“The name of the auction house is Mainland Auction House. These things are enough to build a reputation. I will ask Xiaoya and the others to cooperate with your promotion and sell the things as soon as possible. Only when the reputation is big enough, others will send the things to you for auction. “Please pay attention to all the auction items. We can buy the ones we need ourselves,” Lu Yin said. This is also the benefit of the auction house. He can get the news as soon as possible.

Gwen hesitated, “Your Highness, can things like poison be auctioned secretly? This would damage the image of the empire.”

Lu Yin said casually, “It’s okay if you don’t call it poison. It’s easy to change the name and turn it into a life-saving thing.”

Gwen stopped talking.

Bei Qing left happily.

The establishment of the auction house is very simple. With Lu Yin’s support, Bei Qing directly established the auction house in the most prosperous area of ​​​​Zhenyu Star. It only took two days, mainly for publicity.

Bei Qing has already met Sister Ya. With the support of Lu Yin, Sister Ya has become a big sister in the empire’s media industry, enough to influence the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance media. It is not difficult to spread Bei Qing’s auction list.

When the auction list was spread, as expected, it shocked the entire Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, and then spread at an extremely fast speed. The surrounding territories and even the central territory knew about it.

The influence of Tiancai Dibao is so great that Lu Yin didn’t even expect it to have such a big influence. In addition, Sister Ya makes people secretly hype it up. It can be predicted that the price of these Tiancai Dibao will definitely increase from the original price. Then double the amount.

The name Mainland Auction House has spread across all major territories in the shortest time, and is still spreading further afield.

The first auction is scheduled for one month later. Bei Qing needs enough time for the wealthy people to gather in Zhenyu Star.

In fact, online auctions are also a good idea, but setting up an auction house is not just about making money. Lu Yin needs the auction house to attract many people.

Communications for mainland auction houses were blown up. Countless people contacted them to buy the needed goods in advance, but Bei Qing refused directly. Now is a seller’s market. I’m not afraid that you don’t want it. If you want to buy, you can only come to Zhenyuxing. IBuy Not buying.

Bei Qing’s attitude made many people itchy, but they didn’t dare to do anything. There was the True Universe Star, and under Lu Yin’s nose, even Aegis was subdued. Even the strongest in the Enlightenment Realm couldn’t move, let alone those People.

Shui Lingxing, Delin looked at the list with an ugly expression.

Only Zhenjie Palace has Longhu spring water in stock. This mainland auction house must belong to Lu Yin. He stole some of the inventory from Zhenjie Palace, this villain.

For the interpreter, the importance of interpreting weapons is self-evident. Even she hopes to get the spring water of Long Lake, let alone other interpreters.

Rapid footsteps sounded, and Master Kai came over, “President, the Longhu spring water must belong to our Interpreter Research Association.”

Delin said, “I know, let’s wait until the auction starts. In terms of resources, although the True Jie Palace has been stolen, that is only part of it, and some resources are still there.”

Master Kai’s face was ugly, “I have contacted the mainland auction house, but the boss Bei Qing actually did not agree to sell it, and he didn’t give any face at all, huh.”

Delin was helpless, “The boss behind that auction house is Lu Yin.”

Master Kai was surprised, “Lu Yin? Why is it him? No wonder he is so arrogant. He even has ten treasures of heaven and earth.”

They want not only the Long Lake spring water, natural materials and earthly treasures, but also the life-saving medicine that threatens the enlightenment realm.

In Qianrong Territory, Yi Feng looked at the auction list and immediately contacted Wei Rong, needing resources to purchase, but was rejected by Wei Rong. They also had Long Lake spring water, and Lu Yin only got a small part, so there was no need to fight for it. As for the treasures of heaven and earth, Wei Rong was not confident that he could compete with Clover Company, so it would be in vain.

In the dark place, a cold voice murmured to himself, “There are actually ten treasures of heaven and earth. Fortunately, we didn’t fight Lu Yin at that time, otherwise the old smoker would become our nightmare.”

“No matter what, these heavenly materials and earthly treasures must be obtained, and the bottle of life-saving medicine can actually pose a threat to the Enlightenment Realm. There must be someone behind this Lu Yin, who is it? Is it really the Hall of Glory?”

In the starry sky, on the huge spaceship, Dino is calculating expenses. He is lucky. He is responsible for the Canglan territory on behalf of Endless Shipping. This is the center of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. He must improve his business and convince others, otherwise he may be replaced. .

At this time, the personal terminal rang. Dino looked at it and his face changed, “Yang team, what do you say?”

“Have you read the list of mainland auction houses?” a low voice came out.

Dino quickly replied, “Look, look.”

“Buy me at least three natural treasures, a drop of Long Lake spring water, and the bottle of life-saving medicine as much as possible,” said a low voice.

Sweat dropped from Dino’s forehead, “Well, the foreign team, I don’t have that much money here for the time being.”

“I will ask the headquarters to allocate it to you, Mr. Dino. You should know the hard work and dangers of our development team. These things are life-saving things and are extremely important to us.”

Dino said quickly, “I know, I know, the foreign team can rest assured, the villain will definitely work hard.”

At the end of the communication, Dino’s face turned bitter. He knew very well how great the impact of this auction was. Countless pairs of eyes were staring at it. Although Endless Shipping was one of the four major chaebols, there were also Clover Company and Mabis. How to rob banks, Aurora Spaceship Company and other behemoths? It’s only this much in total, which is troublesome.

Thinking about it, he contacted the mainland auction house and wanted to buy it in advance, but was ruthlessly rejected. He was not angry. This mainland auction house seemed to be Lu Yin’s property.

If it doesn’t work, he wants to go to Lu Yin to buy it.

Clover Company is still the same green planet. Shen Fu is sitting leisurely on the recliner and rocking. Not far away, secretary Xiaoqin comes over and hands Shen Fu a list.

Shen Fu looked at it and was surprised, “Ten rare treasures that can avoid crises. What is the origin of this mainland auction house?”

“According to the investigation, the boss Bei Qing is from the Shenwu Continent and is a member of the first team of the Imperial Court of the Daewoo Empire,” Xiaoqin said coldly.

Shen Fu said, “Isn’t the first team of the imperial court Lu Yin’s private army? It seems that Lu Yin has found a good place. There are many natural materials and treasures that have grown for hundreds of thousands of years. Maybe they are Try to find out as much as possible about the ruins of a certain sect in ancient times. As for this auction, there are treasures of heaven and earth, and our Clover Company will definitely participate. This is a matter of face, so just go there on my behalf and buy them all.”

Xiao Qin frowned, “The mainland auction house has done a good job in publicity this time, and everyone in the major territories knows that the price may be very high.”

Shen Fu laughed and said, “I am not afraid of the money competition, Clover Company, go ahead.”

“Yes, Mr. Shen.”

Countless people stared at the auction list, calculating how much money they would need to get these things.

Lu Yin didn’t pay too much attention. According to market changes, the prices of these things will definitely be very high, but they won’t be too outrageous. Any commodity has a limit price, and those who are qualified to participate in the auction are all fine people. The price Once it is too outrageous, those people will definitely stop and find ways to buy it from him. The price on the auction house is only a reference for subsequent sales.

However, Lu Yin will not release too many treasures. If there are too many, the market will be chaotic. He believes that the big forces such as Clover Company and Mabis Bank must have a lot of treasures that can avoid crises. , but people never expose it, this is the secret.

I have no choice, I am short of money!

During this period of time, many people contacted him. Even the old smoker took the initiative to contact him once and asked if he wanted to upgrade his membership level. Lu Yin was quite speechless. He actually improved it and gave the old smoker ten more It is a treasure of heaven and earth, and he has no shortage of it anyway.

But what does the old smoker want with so many natural resources? Lu Yin was very curious.

Time passes quickly, and there is still half a month left before the auction.

The auction house was completely closed, and the first team of guards in the imperial court aroused the curiosity of countless people.

During this period of time, Zhenyu Star was very busy. Various wealthy people from other territories arrived, crowding the busiest streets of Zhenyu Star. Major banks such as Mabis Bank rushed here to transport goods. Money, prevent too many people from withdrawing money. Purple Jade Trading Company will speed up the reconstruction and it will be completed soon.

Rich people are everywhere in the sky and on the earth.

Many people visited Zishan Palace, but Ke Yi blocked them all.

I have to say that the vicious appearance of the Omen is very useful and scares many people. Ke Yi’s status as an Omen also scares many forces, secretly scolding Lu Yin for being lawless.


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