Star Odyssey Chapter 776: Forced

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Thousand Eyes took action, raised his hand and fired a shot. The bullet hit the black blade just in time, deflecting the direction of the blade and saving the hunting pirate.

The black blade disappeared, and the next moment, screams rang out, and pirates were being slaughtered all around.

Thousand Eyes rolled his eyes, stood there and watched quietly, scanning around.

The petite Hunting Realm powerhouse continued to attack the Hunting Realm pirate wildly. His attacks seemed gentle, and the flowers bloomed, but the Hunting Realm pirate struggled to resist.

Lu Yin frowned. The Dieying Clan and the Ghost Shadow Sword Sect were unmistakable. It was probably Wei Rong who took action. He was the only one who had the ability to unite these two territorial forces that were not adjacent to each other.

Suddenly, the black blade cut through the void and glanced at Thousand Eyes. Thousand Eyes did not move, allowing the pirates to be slaughtered, and the blood gathered into a river and flowed outward. At this moment, it was finally his turn.

The black blade passed by, but Qianyan still did not move. However, the blade penetrated his body and killed the one-legged muscular man hiding behind Qianyan.

The one-legged muscular man was very shrewd. He instigated other pirates to attack, and he hid himself, but he still could not escape death.

The abnormality of Thousand Eyes surprised the masters of the Ghost Sword Sect. The blade kept slashing through the void, and shot through the void, heading towards the starry sky. Sheephead Port suddenly panicked, and countless pirates fled outside.

However, it is not that easy for them to escape. Pirates from the Western Territory have already surrounded Sheephead Port. Coupled with the masters of the Dieying Clan and the Ghost Shadow Sword Sect, today I thought that the pirates from the Eastern Territory have united to seek an explanation. , but it turned into a trap. Not surprisingly, none of these pirates wanted to leave alive.

Mazi was excited, and the pirate leaders behind him were even more excited. Although there was an additional master above them, their power was greatly increased.

Listening to the screams of those pirates, Mazi licked his lips. Do these idiots really think they can compete with some people? Those people can wipe them all out with just one word, and they don’t understand current affairs.

Huh? What happened to those few? Mazi saw the eyesore, and the group of five people watched quietly, neither taking action to resist the attack nor running away, especially the dwarf, what was with that excited look? Is it from their side too?

Thinking about it, Mazi raised his finger at the leader’s eye and asked him to come over.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, was the old man seducing him?

“Your Highness, he seduced you” Taoxiang was excited.

“Seventh brother, there is an old man seducing you” Guihou smiled strangely.

Lu Yin looked at Mazi, “Is something wrong?”.

Mazi was stunned. This man’s expression didn’t match his surroundings at all, as if he was out of this space. Especially the contempt in his eyes was so naked, as if he was watching a play.

Mazi became angry and waved his hand to let the pirates behind him join in the massacre, focusing on Lu Yin and others.

Lu Yin didn’t move, Taoxiang rushed out excitedly, having solved the knot in Taimo Hall’s heart. She had let herself go a little bit. People were massacred, killed, and fell into despair. She laughed happily there, walking around the place, leaving There are shadows coming down. This is air flash. Theoretically, there is no upper limit to the speed. Lu Yin guessed that he came from the inheritance of the Yu surname. With his body, the speed can tear the void. It is not the void at the beginning, but the inside and outside. The void at this moment after the isolation of the universe.

Momo Xiang’s laughter shocked Mazi and made him angry. She looked down on him. The next moment, he took action.

Asako is also a strong man in the hunting realm, but he has just broken through to the hunting realm. He is old and doesn’t want to fight with others, but Tao Xiang is really disgusting, especially the big yellow teeth in her mouth.

Mazi was not afraid of Tao Xiang’s attack, but Gong Ke was dissatisfied. A mere pirate dared to attack the young master of Taimo Palace. It was outrageous. Thinking about it, when the bow and arrow were matched, the indescribable force shot straight into the starry sky. It sent chills down everyone’s backs and they all looked at it.

At this moment, whether it was Mazi, Qianyan, the masters of the Ghost Shadow Sword Sect, or the Dieying Clan, they all looked at Gong Ke in shock. This power was so terrifying.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. Gong Ke only had a fighting strength of about 130,000, which was far inferior to A Dun, Yan Yan and the others. However, the momentum displayed by his archery skills at this moment should not be underestimated. This arrow was enough to make The strong men at the peak of the hunting realm are vigilant, but here, except for a Thousand Eyes that makes people unable to see through, no one can stop them.

The bowstring trembled, but Gong Ke could not be seen doing anything. Mazi’s eyes popped out, a mouthful of blood accompanied by a protruding heart, he slowly fell to the ground, and died immediately.

The arrow was shot, but almost no one saw it.

This is the Taimo Palace combat skill, an archery skill inherited from ancient times and learned from those three arrows.

Gong Ke is arrogant and despises everyone.

Thousand Eyes carefully took a few steps back.

All the pirates were frightened.

The black blade did not appear again, and the petite hunting warrior from the Dieying Tribe did not take action again, and slowly retreated, obviously very afraid of Gong Ke.

“Well, if you read it correctly, this is the Taimo Palace Archery Skill.” Qian Yan showed a bright smile, and faced Lu Yin with a set of gold teeth. His smile was full of flattery.

As soon as the word Taimo Palace came out, all the pirates retreated. Many of them looked at Lu Yin and the others strangely. Didn’t they say that they had robbed Taimo Palace? Could it be that even the combat skills were robbed? Be short-sighted! No, they are from Taimo Hall.

The strong man from the hunting realm of the Dieying Clan fled away without hesitation.

“Catch her” Momoka shouted.

Gong Ke raised his bow and shot again. This time, many people saw that what Gong Ke shot was not a real arrow, but an arrow transformed into a star energy. An arrow penetrated the void, making the strong man in the hunting realm unable to escape. It can be avoided by hard connection.

Blood bloomed from the back of the strong hunter from the Dieying Tribe. Gong Ke pierced her with an arrow and hit her body **** the bones.

On the other side, Lu Yin flicked his fingers, and a figure was shot out from the corner. The black blade flashed, and countless slashes fell on his head. A Dun walked out, and the thunder shield blocked the slashes. He rushed out and punched out with a bang. , A’dun’s fist hit the black blade, and then, the black blade cracked. A’dun punched the void, punched a figure out of the void, and hit the ground.

The two strong men in the hunting realm were seriously injured in an instant, while Gong Ke and A Dun only took one shot.

The gap is too big. There is a big gap between the Dieying Clan and Taimo Palace. There is also a big gap between the Ghost Shadow Sword Sect and A-Dun. The only ones in the entire Ghost Sword Sect who are qualified to fight against A-Dun are the Gemini Ghosts.

All the pirates stared blankly at the result of a completely crushing victory. What are the origins of these people? Are they really from Taimo Palace? So scary.

Xiao Ba held his head high, with a proud look on his face. Like a bunch of ants, this is the fate he deserves in front of the leader of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. Thinking, he licked his face and bent down to squeeze Lu Yin’s shoulders.

Lu Yin naturally sat at the head of the long table and waved his hands to disperse the other pirates, leaving Qian Yan and several other hunting pirates behind.

“I really want to know what you know.” Lu Yin put his legs on the table and looked at Qianyan curiously.

Thousand Eyes smiled, and Jinya once again dazzled everyone, “I don’t understand, I don’t understand at all. By the way, I plan to quit the pirate world. This brother wants an intelligence network. I’ll give it to you. I’ll give it to you.” .

Lu Yin was funny and pointed at Mazi’s body, “Who is behind him?”.

Qianyan immediately shook his head, “I don’t know.”

A Dun calmly walked behind Qian Yan and looked at him like this.

Qianyan twitched the corner of his mouth and looked at Lu Yin flatteringly, “Brother, why do you big shots use us desperadoes as cannon fodder when fighting against each other? We are just pirates and just want to make a living. If you don’t want us to stay in the surrounding areas, , we just leave and we will never cause you any trouble.”

“Why, do you know who I am?” Lu Yin asked.

Qianyan sighed, “I don’t know, but I know the brother behind you. I remember correctly. He should be the newly appointed captain of the fourth team of the Imperial Court of Daewoo, A Dun. It is rare that the hunting realm can fight against enlightenment. A strong man in the realm can make him a follower. You have only one identity, the leader of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, Lu Yin.”

Lu Yin nodded, took off the black cloth in front of his eyes, and revealed his true face, “Smart, able to recognize A Dun, the nickname Qianyan is not for nothing, then who is the person behind the Ghost Sword Sect? knew?”.

Qianyan sighed, “It should be Weirong from Qianrong Territory. During this period, he was very active in the Central Territory and had a close relationship with the Ghost Shadow Sword Sect and the Dieying Clan. There are rumors that he is about to marry Dieying. The young leader of the clan, An Qi, unites the powerful forces.”

“Weirong used pirates to infiltrate the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. This is the right move. Unfortunately, we are not lucky. Guess what I want to do?” Lu Yin looked at Qianyan with a smile.

Qian Yan blinked and said with a flattering smile, “Actually, I have a dream. After I save enough money, I can go home and become a landlord.”

“Okay, let’s take the Qianrong territory. I’ll give you a piece of land,” Lu Yin said boldly.

Qianyan was speechless and begged, “Leader Lu, you are all the most powerful figures in the outer universe. You can influence countless people with just one sentence. Why do you care about pirates like us?”

Lu Yin tapped his fingers on the table, “Everyone has his or her own use. If you don’t know how to use it, you just didn’t expect it. Now that I think about it, I need a suitable person to help me. I think you are good.”

Qianyan said, “I won’t get involved in your affairs, otherwise I will die easily.”

“If you don’t agree, you will die now,” Lu Yin said leisurely.

Thousand Eyes laughed, “Leader Lu, it’s not that I look down on you. I, Thousand Eyes, want to leave, and no one can stop me. In the worst case, it’s better to flee the universe than to be your victim.”

The corners of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “Try it. If you can escape, you are considered great.”

Qianyan stared at Lu Yin, as if he wanted to see something in Lu Yin’s eyes.

Lu Yin also stared at him, his eyes full of confidence.

Xiao Ba swallowed his saliva and looked at the big pirate leader he once admired groveling. He felt proud and proud. Although he was just a little pirate, he was with the right person.

After a while, Thousand-Eyed Cui became frustrated and begged again, “Leader Lu, can’t you give me all my intelligence network? Wei Rong just wants to get my intelligence network.”

Lu Yin waved his hand and said, “Everyone, get out.”

Everyone was surprised, but without hesitation, they all left one by one.

Blocking the sound, Lu Yin looked at Qian Yan, “Do you admire the Pirate King?”.

Qianyan nodded, “The Pirate King is the idol of all pirates. Not only me, but many pirates admire him. We pirates are looked down upon, but he has stood up for the pirates. If it weren’t for the Pirate King , our survival will be more difficult.” As he spoke, he glanced at Lu Yin unwillingly, “If the inner and outer universes were not isolated, Wei Rong would not dare to force me like this.”


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