Star Odyssey Chapter 775: One eye

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Lu Yin unceremoniously crossed his legs on the table, with a black cloth covering one eye, holding a dagger, and a hand full of gold rings, eating fruit. Behind him stood Tao Xiang and A Dun, who were dressed strangely. Xiao Ba gave him Squeezing his shoulders, the strong man in the hunting realm named Gong Ke in Taimo Palace looked straight at him, looking the most normal.

Besides him, there were already several pirate leaders sitting at the table. They all looked fierce and wary of each other. Some of them were familiar with each other and said hello.

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen such a handsome pirate? Be careful, our one-eyed pirate group will destroy you.” After Lu Yin, Taoxiang stared at the very fierce threat of a group of pirates opposite.

Sitting directly opposite Lu Yin was a muscular man with one leg. Hearing Taoxiang’s threatening gaze, his eyes changed and he looked at Lu Yin ferociously.

“If you dare to look, I’ll poison you” Taoxiang threatened again.

The group of people on the opposite side were angry, but don’t mention it, Taoxiang’s appearance is quite seductive, she is not easy to mess with at first glance, and it seems to be related to poison.

But Lu Yin was depressed, one-eyed pirate group? He covers one eye and calls him the One-Eyed Pirates? This name is so embarrassing, and didn’t they choose a good name before? Call them Seventh Brother Pirates, forget it, they’ve called them all, and they can’t be changed.

Across the way, the one-legged muscular man looked at Lu Yin with a sly smile, “One-Eyed Pirates? I don’t know where the brothers made their fortune? Why haven’t you heard of it?”

“That’s because you have no information, and your eardrums are all muscles,” Tao Xiang sarcastically said.

The one-legged muscular man frowned and stared at Lu Yin, “Brother, you can’t be in the West.”

Lu Yin raised his eyes, feeling a little uncomfortable seeing things with one eye, “I have been hanging out in the Modo territory, and it was only during this time that I connected to the outside world, which made my brothers laugh.”

The surrounding pirate groups were silent after hearing Lu Yin’s words, looking at him in surprise.

“Modo territory? Brothers dare to rob Taimo Palace territory?” The one-legged muscular man didn’t believe it.

Behind her, Taoxiang pushed Gong Ke out and said, “Use one action to prove that you have robbed Taimo Hall.”

Gong Ke was stunned for a moment and was very reluctant, but under Tao Xiang’s vicious gaze, he took out the bow and arrow from the Ningkong Ring. The bow was engraved with the Taimo Palace logo.

Suddenly, the surrounding pirates took a breath and looked at Lu Yin and his party with admiration and weirdness. This is someone who is desperate, even Taimo Temple dares to rob.

“Brother, I admire you,” the one-legged muscular man said quickly.

Taoxiang is proud.

Lu Yin waved his hand, “It’s a joke, next time I’ll go rob Zhenyuxing.”

The people around him were speechless and looked at him like a fool. No one believed him. He was robbing Zhen Yuxing? Just kidding, Aegis is scared, that group of killers is much more ruthless than them.

The one-legged muscular man feels that this one-eyed pirate group is very unreliable. They may have some strength, but they are also a little heartless and don’t want to get involved with them.

So does everyone else.

Lu Yin successfully frightened these people, but he was also worried that if he talked too much, he would be exposed and frighten them to death.

Xiao Ba squeezed Lu Yin even more vigorously. The boss is the boss. This aura is amazing. He has never been so majestic.

More and more pirate groups arrived, and from time to time there were discussions from the pirate groups. Their eyes glanced at Lu Yin and the others, but no one spoke to them.

Pirates are very good at saving their lives. No one wants to get involved with such a fool who wants to rob Taimo Temple and Zhen Yuxing.

Not long after, Xiaoba whispered, “Boss, Thousand Eyes is here.”

Lu Yin looked towards the door, and everyone else looked too.

What appeared in front of everyone was a bohemian-looking middle-aged man, wearing a black felt hat, with thick dark circles under his eyes that looked like smoky makeup, showing a pair of big gold teeth, and wearing a lot of messy rings on his hands. Wearing slippers, what makes people speechless is that this person also has a Ning Kong Ring on his toes, which makes a soft sound when he walks.

The walking posture is also very weird, how should I put it, a bit effeminate, and a pair of eyes scanned everyone since entering the door. Everyone felt that the eyes were lingering on themselves, but it seemed that they were not lingering.

This person is Thousand Eyes, one of the largest pirates in the outer universe. He believes in the Pirate King and does both good and evil things. If he has principles, he means never killing innocent people indiscriminately. If he has no principles, this person can’t even kill children. He robs everything. In short, he is a very contradictory person.

The reason why he is called Thousand Eyes is that, according to Xiaoba, this person has eyes all over the outer universe. Sometimes even Purple Jade Trading Company comes to him to verify information. He is a very powerful character.

Thousand Eyes smiled brightly, and the gold teeth in his mouth shone even more under the light, dazzling, “Dear brothers and sisters, we meet again. I am very happy to be alive to see you all.”

Many pirates looked at him seriously. Even without the support of the Pirate King, this person was enough to make all pirates afraid.

Thousand Eyes walked step by step to the top of the shabby long table, smiled at everyone again, and then started boring nonsense for half an hour. They discussed the piracy situation in various territories. There were also pirates who asked for information, but were stopped by Thousand Eyes. The gag went astray.

Lu Yin kept looking at Qianyan. This man was one of the few hunting warriors in Sheephead Port, and he was the most powerful among them. Although his number of runes was not as good as A Dun, he surpassed Huo Qingshan. , blind monk, looking at the Daewoo Empire, it is enough to rank in the top five.

This is just what he sees on the surface. Lu Yin believes that if he can survive until now, his life-saving ability must be very good, no worse than those top killers.

“Thousand-Eyed Boss, you also know the purpose of asking you to hold a meeting. The pirate groups from the western territory have invaded our eastern territory. Many brothers have been forced to have no choice but to ask Thousand-Eyed Boss to make the decision.” A pirate leader Can’t wait to say it out loud.

The surrounding pirate leaders all agreed.

Thousand Eyes smiled, “Are there any pirate groups coming from the western border?”.

The people around looked at each other, “No, those people are too arrogant. Boss Qianyan, you don’t even dare to come to a meeting. In previous years, you didn’t have the courage.”

Qianyan had a headache and rubbed his head, “Have you ever thought about it, bosses? Why did you dare this year if you didn’t dare in previous years? And they massacred the pirates in the eastern territory. Have you ever thought about it? More importantly, where did they come from? strength?”.

Everyone looked at each other with confusion.

The corners of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, a group of criminals who couldn’t stand up to the stage.

Qianyan said, “This involves a very wide range of things and is not something we can get involved in. I, Qianyan, would like to advise you all to avoid it if you can. It’s best not to insist on it. Otherwise, there is nothing I can do.”

“Can’t you even control those **** in the western border, Boss Thousand Eyes?” the one-legged muscular man said unwillingly.

Qianyan spread his hands and blew his hair, “Congratulations, you were right, I can’t hold myself back.”

Everyone started talking and it was quite noisy.

“Boss Thousand Eyes, can you tell me your guess? It’s very difficult to ask the brothers to retreat without saying anything. You don’t want your brothers to die, right?” Lu Yin spoke, looking at Thousand Eyes with one eye. .

Qian Yan’s expression is tangled.

The pirate leaders on the long table also spoke, asking Qianyan to say something.

Qian Yan was helpless and “dare not say”.

Everyone was confused.

“He dare not say it, let me tell it” a voice sounded from outside. A group of people lined up the pirates blocking the outside and walked in. The leader was an old man with a pockmarked face, followed by a group of people who looked like The pirates, about a dozen men and women, came to the long table.

With a bang, the one-legged muscular man shouted, “Mazi, you still dare to come and massacre the pirates of my Bard Territory. How will this debt be settled?”.

“Ugly old lady, you massacred the pirates in my Wuli territory and broke the rules. This debt should be settled.”

Many pirates stood up and shouted angrily. The surrounding pirates gathered around and stared at the group of people with murderous intent.

The old man Mazi sneered, “If you dare to take a step forward again, I will kill you.”

“What a loud tone.” A pirate leader took a step forward and grabbed Mazi. Suddenly a black shadow flashed. The pirate leader covered his neck in pain. Blood flowed down his neck and dripped to the ground. Suddenly, everyone’s expressions changed. Great change, looking at it in amazement.

The pirate leader was said to have the strength of the cruising realm, but he was killed directly. The person who took action was definitely of the strength of the hunting realm.

Among pirates, there are very few who are strong in the hunting realm.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, it was the Ghost Sword Sect again. Was this sword sect united with Wei Rong and was ordered by Wei Rong, or was it just this sword sect that intervened in the pirate world? The former is the most likely. All major territories look down on pirates. Only people like Wei Rong are good at using all forces. Even pirates are valuable in his eyes.

Mazi stepped on the dead pirate leader and glanced at everyone, “Does anyone still want to take revenge now?”.

The surrounding pirates were silent. The strong men in the hunting realm acted like ghosts and were not something they could mess with. Even though there were pirates in the hunting realm present, they were extremely afraid of the master of the Ghost Sword Sect.

“Mazi, this is Sheepshead Port, not a place for you to show off your power.” Qian Yan spoke, the simple pistol turning at his fingertips.

Mazi smiled and said, “Boss Thousand Eyes, you are well-informed and well-connected. Everyone has always respected you. I have been asked by the higher-ups to give you a message. Let’s work together and you will have a bright future in the future.”

Qianyan laughed, “Forget it, I’m just a little pirate with no ambitions. As I said just now, if you guys are playing like this, we have no choice but to retreat. Anyway, I plan to retreat.”

Mazi sneered, “You can withdraw, just hand over the intelligence network you have.”

Thousand Eyes’ gaze became cold, and the thick dark circles under his eyes shrank slightly, “Mazi, I, Thousand Eyes, have been able to live to this day and be surrounded and suppressed by all major territories without any problems. The people behind you really think they can force me.”

“Thousand-Eyed Boss, just tell me who is behind this pockmark. I have all lived a life of licking blood from the edge of a knife. I have already had enough. What are you afraid of? It’s better to fight at the worst than to be treated like a dog.” Get away!” the one-legged muscular man shouted.

The surrounding pirates roared wildly, and the hunting pirate present directly grabbed Mazi.

Mazi was afraid and hurriedly retreated.

The space was suddenly cut open, and a wisp of black blade slashed towards the hunting pirate. At the same time, behind Mazi, a petite figure poked out, dancing with his hands, and the star energy transformed into strange flowers on the place. Blooming on the pirates of the Hunting Realm.

The Hunting Realm pirate was attacked by two strong men at the same time. He flashed his body and tried to avoid it. However, the flowers transformed by stars exploded simultaneously and had no destructive effect. However, the Hunting Realm pirate spit out blood. Obviously Injured, and the black blade has arrived.

This is a murderous intention with tacit understanding, even a strong man in the hunting realm cannot stop it.


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