Star Odyssey Chapter 766: Civilization

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Lu Yin was not in a hurry to go to Taimo Palace. He had already arrived in the prehistoric territory, so of course he had to go to the prehistoric sect.

The first time I heard the name of the Great Desolate Sect was because of Meng Yue. Lu Yin’s deepest impression of the Great Desolate Sect was actually the Great Desolate Palm. He was shocked by the Great Desolate Palm at the beginning, thinking that the Great Desolate Palm could directly absorb vitality. According to outside rumors It was the same way. With one palm, all living things within a certain range withered. But as his cultivation deepened, he gradually felt that it was impossible. Life could not be absorbed so easily. The Great Desolate Palm did not absorb life, but accelerated the consumption of water in living things. This is completely different from vitality.

Of course, even if it does not absorb vitality, its power cannot be underestimated.

The Prehistoric Sect is the dominant force in the prehistoric territory. It is established on a continent with dozens of planets suspended in the starry sky, which is very spectacular.

Lu Yin’s arrival shocked the Honghuang Sect. From the sect leader Meng Tianlong to the disciples, they all welcomed him, making Lu Yin feel the respect of the Honghuang Sect.

Although the Honghuang Sect caused him a lot of trouble at first, he has not done anything rebellious since he joined the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. Aegis threatened the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, and the Honghuang Sect withstood it and did not let him It’s embarrassing, but he has a good impression of Honghuang Sect.

The only thing is that Meng Tianlong often stays outside the retreat of Meng Qing, the old man of the Great Desolate Sect, waiting for Meng Qing to come out of seclusion.

This makes Lu Yin very concerned. Meng Qing is a strong man in the Enlightenment Realm. He has not appeared since the retreat. Although even if he appears, it will not affect the overall situation. It is impossible for the Honghuang Sect to break away from the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, but to a certain extent But it can be a hindrance to him.

This is also the main reason why Lu Yin came to Honghuang Sect this time. He wanted to see Meng Qing’s situation.

The result made his heart sink. He saw Meng Qing’s rune path. Others could not see it. Only he saw that the suppressed rune path did not explode, but it was actually the enlightenment realm rune path. , Meng Qing is still alive.

“Leader Lu, let me show you around,” Meng Tianlong said politely to Lu Yin. This was the first time he had met this young man. They had only communicated with each other before, so he was not shocked by the direct meeting. This young man actually It can give him a sense of crisis, and he is a peak expert in the hunting realm.

No wonder Aegis can be subdued and not afraid of Taimo Palace.

Lu Yin nodded with a smile and followed Meng Tianlong to visit the Prehistoric Sect. During this period, he happened to see the trial for recruiting disciples of the Prehistoric Sect. Millions of elite cultivators from the entire prehistoric territory stood out from their own planets and came to the Prehistoric Sect to participate in the trial. Refining just to join the Prehistoric Sect, this is spectacular.

Lu Yin has gone through the examination of the Tenth Academy of the Starry Sky. He is a tester, not a spectator. From the perspective of a spectator, he looks down at millions of young people fighting for their lives and fighting for a spot, which makes him feel quite complicated.

These young people are elites on their home planet and are given high hopes. The better ones reach the exploration realm and can fly, just like the seven saints on the earth. They are called heaven-level powerhouses and are gods in the eyes of ordinary people. But that is just In the eyes of the Daewoo Empire at that time, the beginning of cultivation was not even considered a beginning. They were just soldiers and cannon fodder.

Some of them are trained in the Body Shaping Art and have good qualifications, which have attracted praise from some predecessors of the Prehistoric Sect. However, looking at the prehistoric territory, they are very ordinary. And looking at the prehistoric territory from the outer universe, they are also very ordinary. Looking at the outer universe, looking at the entire universe, It is even more ordinary. This is not a difference in cultivation, but a difference in level.

Looking back now, Lu Yin didn’t know how he got to this point. He had only been practicing for seven years.

This is why he is considered a legend.

“These little guys have too low vision and shallow cultivation, which makes the leader laugh,” Meng Tianlong said.

Lu Yin looked at the disciples fighting to the death on the light screen. Yes, these people have really low vision and think that the Prehistoric Sect is the sky of the universe, but why is he not the same now? Most people in this universe are sitting in a well and looking at the sky. Little do they know that what they are in is just the fusion of five collapsed continents. There is also a sixth continent outside, as well as the unknown star field, and the boundless vastness that may even overwhelm human civilization. a stronger civilization.

When he went to the border of Wenfengliu Boundary, he saw a scene of a higher civilization looking down on a lower civilization just a foot away. Are they definitely a higher civilization? Is there a pair of eyes above my head that is always observing?

Thinking of this, the arrogance in Lu Yin’s eyes disappeared. Looking down at others, he had to stand on a high place first, but he was far from standing on a high place.

“Sect Master Meng, can you go with us to Taimo Hall this time?” Lu Yin said suddenly.

Meng Tianlong was surprised, “The leader wants me to go too?”.

Lu Yin nodded, looked at Meng Tianlong, and “officially paid a visit as the leader of the Prehistoric Sect.”

Meng Tianlong was in a dilemma. He didn’t want to go. This was originally a conflict between Lu Yin and Taimo Palace. If he went, it would be equivalent to dragging the Honghuang Sect into it. Just when he was about to refuse, Lu Yin continued, ” Sect Master Meng, the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance is officially visiting Taimo Palace. As one of our allies, it is right for you to go together. If only I, the leader of the alliance, go alone, I will not be able to maintain my appearance, and others will laugh at me. Unity”.

Meng Tianlong wondered, “Alliance leader, Taimo Palace is not as easy to get along with as other forces.”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “Do they still dare to take action against you and me? We are visiting in the name of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. The two armies are fighting and the envoys are not killed. What’s more, the Taimo Palace, which spans two major territories, is like this It’s settled, let’s set off immediately to the Modo territory.” After saying that, he turned around and left without giving Meng Tianlong a chance to refute.

The Modo territory is located in the southwest of the prehistoric territory, separated by a meteorite belt and an uninhabited land that was not planned within the territory. After passing through that uninhabited land, you will officially reach the Modo territory.

Taimo Hall is isolated from the world and rarely communicates with the outside world. There are disciples of Taimo Hall guarding the border of Modo territory, and no one can enter without the consent of Taimo Hall.

Shao Zisong is a living sign. As soon as he showed up, the spaceship entered the Modo territory smoothly.

Lu Yin once didn’t know why Taimo Temple didn’t communicate with other forces. After listening to Tao Xiang’s words, he guessed a little bit. With those three arrows, they didn’t need to learn combat skills from the outside world. They had their own set of skills. Kung Fu, and they were probably afraid that the three arrows would be exposed and attract the covetous attention of powerful forces in the inner universe.

No matter how strong the Taimo Palace is, it can only be compared to the Omen Clan. The forces of the Hanyue Sect cannot keep pace with the Baiye Clan and the Sword Sect. Otherwise, they would not be sending people like Shao Zisong who are in the early stages of the Hunting Realm, but those who are in the Enlightenment Realm. Stronger.

This thought persisted until the moment he saw Taimo Hall, Lu Yin’s eyes were shocked. Perhaps everyone had underestimated Taimo Hall. There were runes there that made his eyes sting. He had experienced this feeling before. , Storm Flow Realm, Golden Ocean Space, Falling Star Sea, and Neptune Sky.

Although the runes contained in the Taimo Palace were not as good as those of Hai Wangtian, which made him unable to even look at them, they still made him feel a stinging feeling in his eyes. Such runes were no longer capable of with a combat power of 300,000. What can be covered is definitely more than 500,000. Only the strong ones above the Star Envoy can contain such a terrifying number of runes, or even more.

No wonder Taimo Temple can kill 300,000 powerful men with one arrow.

Lu Yin looked solemnly at the high mountains standing in the starry sky in the distance, feeling a sense of awe.

Taoxiang stood next to Lu Yin with complicated eyes, “I was born here and almost died here.”

Lu Yin looked at Taoxiang and saw the nostalgia and a little fear in her eyes. He put a hand on her head and said, “Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

Taoxiang looked at Lu Yin and said, “Your Highness, if there is danger, go alone and leave me alone, do you understand?”.

Lu Yin laughed, “I know, don’t worry.”

Taoxiang thanked her.

In the back, Young Master Song, who was tied to a pillar, smiled proudly. When he arrived at Taimo Hall, he would make this group of people’s lives worse than death.

There was a snap, and a crisp slap was slapped on Shaozi Song’s face. Shaozi Song was extremely angry and stared at the blind monk in front of him. This **** had slapped him many times along the way, more than the others combined. He had to make this **** pay.

“You laugh so disgustingly, don’t laugh.” Taoxiang turned around and glared at Shao Zisong threateningly.

Shao Zisong snorted coldly, lowered his head, his eyes flashed, thinking about **** these people.

The spaceship landed at the foot of Taimo Hall Mountain. Before everyone got out of the spacecraft, they were surrounded by many Taimo Hall disciples. Countless arrows were aimed at the spacecraft, revealing a terrifying murderous intention.

Although most of these disciples are in the exploration realm, there are also many in the fusion realm and even in the extreme realm. There are also some in the exploration realm. What makes Lu Yin concerned is that there are hunting realm runes hidden in the distance, and there are more than one. , this is the real murderous intention.

The blind monk grabbed the young boy Song by the neck and walked out of the spaceship.

Many Taimo Hall disciples angrily scolded him.

Lu Yin walked out with Meng Tianlong, A Dun and Tao Xiang.

Meng Tianlong looked ugly and took a few steps forward, “Meng Tianlong, the leader of the Honghuang Sect, is visiting the Archmaster of Taimo Palace. Please inform me.”

The surrounding disciples of Taimo Hall showed murderous intent. A young man walked out. He was very similar to Shaozi Song. His face was gloomy and he stared at Meng Tianlong. Are you going to start a war? Let my brother go.”

Meng Tianlong smiled and said, “This should be Young Master Yu, one of the Golden Arrow disciples of Taimo Palace. Although I am in the Primordial Sect, I have heard of your name. I once went to the inner universe to challenge the top hundred battle. A top player on the list, a young hero.”

When Shao Ziyu heard Meng Tianlong’s praise, his expression softened a little, but his tone was still cold, “Since Sect Master Meng has heard of me, he should know that I am a disciple of Master Bei. Now all affairs of Taimo Hall are under my master’s control. Master Bei, what do you mean by kidnapping my brother?”

Meng Tianlong said helplessly, “Brother is kidnapping people in our Eastern Xinjiang Alliance for blackmail. We, the Honghuang Sect, wanted to dissuade them, but were insulted by your brother. We really had no choice but to make such a move. Please report this to Master Gongling. If Meng Tianlong comes to visit, if he is offended, he should ask the master of Gongling to express his opinion, and we, the Honghuang Sect, should pay compensation.”

“You’re talking nonsense, I’m not blackmailing you” Shao Zisong yelled.

The blind monk put a hand on his waist, and he didn’t know what he did. Young Zisong’s face suddenly looked extremely painful, and he didn’t say a word.

Shao Ziyu glanced at Shao Zi Song, and then looked at Meng Tianlong, “Sect Master Meng, the leader is in seclusion and will not see outsiders. I will report it to the master and let my eldest brother go first.”

Meng Tianlong looked at Lu Yin.


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