Star Odyssey Chapter 764: Stop

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Lu Yin made a prompt decision to recruit A Dun, take the blind monk with him, and take a spaceship to the Modo territory. No matter what the reason, he could not let Taoxiang be captured helplessly. Taoxiang was both her subordinate and friend.

In the starry sky, a spaceship with a strange shape, resembling a long arrow, flew towards the east. Inside the spaceship, Tao Xiang, with blood at the corner of her mouth, was tied to a pillar. In front of her was a young man with a sinister face, staring coldly. Holding her.

At this moment, Taoxiang was not as petite as Lu Yin had always seen, but had turned into a girl with a height of 1.6 meters. Her appearance had also changed a lot, but she could still recognize her at a glance. This was her original face. Ever since she was taken to the Dayu Empire by Immortal Yushan, she had used star power to change her body and always maintained the appearance of a little girl. Even Lu Yin didn’t notice anything unusual because she was used to it.

“Taozi, I haven’t seen you in a few years. She has grown into a big girl and her thoughts have matured. Please hand it over to avoid suffering,” the young man said coldly.

Taoxiang sighed and glared at the young man, “Young Master Song, stop thinking about it. I can’t give you the arrow. Just give up.”

Shao Zisong suddenly raised his hand and slapped her, leaving a red palm print on Taoxiang’s face, “Damn girl, you are still as stubborn as before. I really thought someone could save you. The master has not been in seclusion for decades. “Come out, my master has always made the decision in Taimo Palace. If he wants you to live, you can live. If he wants you to die, you will be worse off than alive. I advise you to be more sensible and hand over the arrows. I can make your life more comfortable.”

Taoxiang glared at Shao Zisong angrily, staring at him with murderous intent.

Shao Zisong sneered, “By the way, I almost forgot, you are still the captain of the sixth team of the Imperial Court, which seems to be from the Dayu Empire. Tell me, if the master sent people to destroy the Dayu Empire, would you feel guilty? Woolen cloth?”.

Taoxiang’s eyes widened, “This is my business and has nothing to do with the Daewoo Empire.”

“It must have been the Dayu Empire that saved you back then. This alone is enough. You know the strength of our Taimo Palace. The small Dayu Empire is not considered by us at all,” Shao Zisong threatened.

Taoxiang suddenly laughed and looked at Shao Zisong mockingly, “Taimo Palace has been closed and isolated from the world. Don’t you even watch the news? Do you really think you can destroy the Daewoo Empire? It’s a joke, check it out for yourself, Daewoo The empire is no longer the Daewoo Empire it was a few years ago.”

Shao Zisong raised his eyebrows and looked behind him.

A person walked out and clicked on his personal terminal. There was an introduction to the Daewoo Empire and the Dongjiang Alliance.

Shaozi Song was surprised, “Eastern Xinjiang Alliance? Lu Yin? Enlightenment Realm Killer?”.

Taoxiang looked at him mockingly, “You’d better let me go, or be prepared to face the wrath of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.”

Shao Zisong looked at it for a long time, his face serious, but he still sneered and looked at Taoxiang, “Little Taozi, you won’t forget how I got my current status in Taimo Hall, right?”.

Taoxiang’s face changed, her eyes were filled with deep fear.

A long time ago, Taimo Hall encountered the threat of a strong man in the inner universe with a combat power of more than 300,000. That strong man didn’t care about the outer universe at all and wanted to occupy Taimo Hall by force. In the end, he was shot by Taimo Hall with an arrow. Killing, it was from then on that Taimo Temple had an extraordinary status.

Even if most of the forces in the inner universe do not have old monsters with a combat power of more than 300,000, Taimo Palace can kill such strong men. This is the foundation.

Tao Xiang knows that there are three powerful men in the Enlightenment Realm in Taimo Palace, and they have the means to kill old monsters with a combat power of over 300,000. That is the power of Taimo Palace.

Seeing Taoxiang’s expression change, Shao Zisong sneered, grabbed her hair, and stared at her, “It’s okay if Lu Yin doesn’t come. If he comes, my master can kill him directly. What about the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance? In my eyes, Taimo Dian, they are just a bunch of trash.”

Taoxiang’s face turned pale, and she gradually despaired. Taimo Palace is powerful enough to compete with the powerful forces in the inner universe. The Daewoo Empire can resist one or two enlightenment realm experts, but it is impossible to resist Taimo Palace’s foundation, let alone After rescuing her, no one in this universe could rescue her from Taimo Palace.

In the eastern territory, the arrow-shaped spaceship is the symbol of Taimo Palace. No matter where you go, you can run rampant and no one dares to stop it.

But today, the Taimo Palace sword-shaped spacecraft was intercepted by the Honghuang Sect.

Shao Zisong was furious, “What’s going on?”.

The disciples of Taimo Hall reported, “Reporting to Senior Brother Song, Elder Hua Qiao of the Honghuang Sect stopped the spacecraft and said, “Say.”

“What did you say?” Shao Zisong’s tone was cold.

The disciple looked ugly and said, “They said they wanted to search.”

Shaozi Song smashed the tables and chairs with a bang, “How dare the Honghuang Sect dare to search our Taimo Palace spaceship?” When he said this, he suddenly looked at Tao Xiang and saw the hope in Tao Xiang’s eyes. Narrowing his eyes, he suddenly slapped Tao Xiang’s mouth open again, “Damn girl, you’d better pray that the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance doesn’t cause trouble for our Taimo Palace, otherwise, I will invite the master to destroy Kill them.” After saying that, he snorted coldly and walked out.

Taoxiang stared at the back of Shao Zisong angrily, with complicated eyes. It was impossible for the Honghuang Sect to intercept the Taimo Palace spaceship for no reason. Could it be that His Highness really took action? Taimo Temple is not Aegis, they have the background to kill 300,000 powerful warriors.

Outside the spaceship, the Honghuang Sect spaceships are lined up in a row, blocking the front of the arrow-shaped spacecraft. The Elder Flower Bridge stands in the starry sky, looking fearfully at the arrow-shaped spacecraft ahead, Taimo Palace, this terrifying thing that dominates the territory of the East. The power, looking at the entire outer universe, is also the top power. I didn’t expect the connection to be restored so quickly.

If we take the early step, the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance may not be able to be established so smoothly.

Fortunately, this force is isolated from the world and has not participated in the disputes between the forces in the outer universe for countless years. If possible, he really does not want to provoke this force, but after the order from above, he can only block it.

Shao Zisong walked out of the spaceship, saw Hua Qiao, sneered, and appeared directly in front of Qian Qian, “Elder Hua, long time no see.”

Hua Qiao frowned when he saw Shao Zisong, “Who are you?”.

“Taimo Hall, disciple of Master Bei, the elder who teaches skills, Shaozi Song”, the loud voice spread across the starry sky, making the disciples of the Prehistoric Sect fearful.

Hua Qiao remembered it and said solemnly, “It turns out that I am a disciple of Master Bei, we have met once before.”

Young Master Song stared at Huaqiao coldly, “Elder Hua, how did our Taimo Hall offend your Honghuang Sect? Actually stopped us?”.

Huaqiao hesitated, wondering, “To be honest, Tao Xiang, the captain of the sixth team of the Imperial Court of the Daewoo Empire, is missing. Leader Lu suspected that she was taken away by you, so he stopped you. If I have offended you, I hope you will forgive me.” .

Shao Zisong’s eyes turned cold, “What do you mean? If someone from the Daewoo Empire disappears, it can be blamed on our Taimo Palace? It seems that within a few years, the Eastern Territory has forgotten our Taimo Palace. Do you really think that the establishment of some kind of Eastern Xinjiang Alliance can suppress our Taimo Palace?”

Huaqiao did not answer. He had naturally heard of the legend of Taimo Palace. Even the strong men in the universe with a combat strength of 300,000 were killed instantly. He has the foundation to transcend the outer universe and is completely different from Aegis. Facing Taimo Palace , he was a little uneasy.

Young Master Song said coldly, “Get out of the way. I have something urgent to report back to Taimo Hall. If I’m delayed, can you, the Honghuang Sect, afford the punishment?”

Huaqiao apologized, “I’m really sorry, please wait a moment, Alliance Leader Lu will be here soon.”

Shao Zisong was furious, “It’s a joke. I, Tai Mo Dian, travel across the universe and have never encountered any obstacles. How dare you make us wait for that Lu Yin? You are so brave.”

Huaqiao’s expression remained unchanged and he allowed Shao Zisong to yell. He did not respond. He was only responsible for stopping Shao Zisong and others and handing them over to Lu Yin. Any troubles that would arise would be borne by the Daewoo Empire. Of course, , the search he mentioned at the beginning was not going to be carried out. Shao Zisong’s identity did not allow him to search, otherwise it would be a slap in Master Bei’s face.

Master Bei is one of the powerful men in the Enlightenment Realm of Taimo Palace, and the Prehistoric Sect does not want to offend him.

Shao Zisong asked angrily, trying to force Elder Hua to retreat, but Elder Hua was indifferent. He even wanted to take action, but in the end he didn’t. This was the Prehistoric Sect after all, and it was impossible for him to rush through.

“Okay, I’ll wait here to see if your alliance leader dares to search my Taimo Palace spaceship and figure out the consequences.” After saying that, Shao Zisong turned around and returned to the spacecraft.

Huaqiao sighed, Lu Yin was really in trouble as rumored. He had just provoked Aegis, and now he was provoking Taimo Palace.

Taimo Temple is different from Aegis. It cannot be intimidated by an old smoker. Once Taimo Temple is angered and uses the power to kill 300,000 powerful men in an instant, the Daewoo Empire will be finished.

Lu Yin naturally knew how terrifying Taimo Palace was, so he asked the Honghuang Sect to intercept Shao Zisong and his party in order to rescue Tao Xiang outside the Modo territory. Once he entered the Modo territory, he would enter the Taimo Palace’s influence. range, it’s hard to say what happened.

One day later, in Huaqiao, Lu Yin, A Dun and the blind monk finally arrived.

“Leader” Hua Qiao salutes Lu Yin.

Lu Yin looked at the arrow-shaped spaceship not far away. He narrowed his eyes and saw many runes. In order to find Taoxiang, the field was directly enveloped.

In the spaceship, Shao Zisong felt the scene and his face turned cold. “How brave you are to spy on my Taimo Palace.” As he said that, he took out the bow and arrow from the Ningkong Ring and pointed it in the direction of Lu Yin. One arrow.

Shao Zisong has a combat power of 130,000 and is a strong man in the hunting realm. Logically speaking, his attacks are not strong, and they are far less powerful than the killers of the judge. But this arrow surprised Lu Yin. He has no complicated combat skills and no A strange talent, one arrow can pierce the void, all the attacks are condensed into one arrow, and there is a feeling of great simplicity.

The number of runes contained in this arrow far exceeds the combat power of 130,000, at least reaching about 180,000 combat power.

A Dun stepped forward, but the thunder shield blocked him. With a bang, the arrow disappeared. This kind of attack did not even make him move.

Lu Yin was surprised by the intent of Shaozi Song’s arrow, but the strength of the attack was not high. Since the inner and outer universes were separated, quite a few of the opponents he had encountered were in the Enlightenment realm, and the worst were at the peak of the Hunting realm. Shaozi Song’s arrow was It hasn’t caught his eye yet, but the arrow’s intent is extraordinary.

Shao Zisong did not expect that his arrow would be blocked so easily. He walked out of the starry sky and looked coldly, seeing A Dun and Lu Yin.


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