Star Odyssey Chapter 762: Lu Yin’s conditions

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Although the poison master ranks higher, that is because of his terrifying number of murders, and because he has not been active for many years. Most people are not aware of the horror of the poison master, but the judge is different. The judge has always been active as a killer. Jie, ranked fourth, is an absolutely powerful sect who never misses an assassination.

The death of such a master made countless people feel chills on their necks. Even the judge who was a killer, the poison master could kill him. How powerful is the old smoker? Is it true that as long as you can hire him, you can kill anyone you want?

This question made countless people tremble. More people inquired about the cost of hiring a smoker. After learning that they needed to be able to avoid crises, they had no choice but to give up. Very few people can get that kind of thing.

Aegis was so angry that he contacted the old smoker again and wanted the old smoker to stop, but the old smoker ignored them at all.

Countless people focused their attention on Lu Yin again. Did he hire a smoker? To be able to kill two top killers in a row, the price is definitely not as simple as one or two heavenly materials and earthly treasures. How many heavenly materials and earthly treasures does he have? How many more times can I hire a smoker? This is a question that countless people want to know, and it is also what Aegis wants to know most.

The top ten killers account for most of the reasons why Aegis threatens the outer universe. But now, two killers died at the hands of Lu Yin, and two killers died at the hands of the old smoker. They only With two top killers left, the threat was suddenly reduced. Once Lu Yin continued to hire the old smoker to snipe their killers, they would be in trouble.

A large number of mercenaries cannot compare to the intimidation of a top killer.

Aegis would not allow any more killers to die, so they had no choice but to contact Lu Yin immediately. It was still the same person, but now, that person’s voice was no longer so arrogant.

“Your Excellency Lu Yin, you hired the old smoker, right?” came a cold voice.

Lu Yin heard too many similar voices during this period, all from the dark world, which made him numb, “So what”.

“Do you want to start a full-scale war with our Aegis?”.

Lu Yin sneered, “Then let’s start a war. The target we hire next time may not be a killer. It might be you, or it might be Star Fox.”

“It seems that you know a lot about our Aegis, but what you know is only superficial. Our Aegis can survive from the catastrophe that wiped out the killer world tens of thousands of years ago, relying on more than just a few killers. , I hope you will think clearly.”

Lu Yin said indifferently, “From the moment you dare to threaten me, you will bear the consequences. I, Lu Yin, am not threatened by others. Even the White Night clan is not afraid, let alone your Aegis. I hope your headquarters will be guarded. It’s more strict than the Fire Domain, otherwise it would be too unchallenging for old smokers.”

When the communication ended, the Aegis man hung up immediately, obviously very angry.

The corners of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up. A bad person still needs a bad person. It depends on how long you can last. Thinking about it, Lu Yin contacted the old smoker again. The next target is Black Tiger, the tenth killer and also the killer of Aegis. one.

In the next few days, a fierce tug-of-war ensued in the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. Due to the deaths of several top killers, Aegis went crazy and sent countless killers and mercenaries to various major areas of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance to assassinate important figures. Provoking a war has caused chaos in many places in the major territories. The forces in the major territories can only bite the bullet and start a war with the Aegis people.

In just a few days, more than a dozen forces that joined the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance have been wiped out, and no less than a thousand important figures from various regions have died, causing panic throughout the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.

People kept contacting Enya and asked Lu Yin to send coalition forces to come forward. However, facing the killers and mercenary leaders who scattered the entire Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, it was impossible for the coalition forces to take action one by one.

Aegis hopes to use this method to force Lu Yin to surrender.

But a few days later, the photo of Black Tiger being assassinated by Old Smoker spread all over the Internet, shocking all the territories in the outer universe. Now everyone can see that this is a war between Lu Yin and Aegis.

Nowadays, there is only one top killer left in Aegis. Although the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance is in chaos and many people are dissatisfied with Lu Yin, Lu Yin has accumulated power for a long time. In addition, Aegis does not have a top killer who can assassinate the real powerful person at the helm. , the Dongjiang Alliance will not resist Lu Yin as Aegis wants in the short term.

Aegis contacted Lu Yin again, but this time, Lu Yin did not get through. Aegis contacted him every time. It was too passive. Aegis is more anxious than anyone else now. Once the last top killer dies, Aegis’s facade is gone. Although there are still people from Aegis among the killers who will be added to the top ten later, the old smoker only needs to take two or three more shots, or even directly assassinate Star Fox, and Aegis will really have a headache.

The reason why Lu Yin has not hired the old smoker to assassinate Star Fox is because he is waiting for negotiations.

Not long after, Nalan Fairy contacted Lu Yin.

When Lu Yin saw the communication from Nalan Fairy, the corners of his mouth curled up, and his Aegis uniform softened.

Clicking on the communication, the seductive face of Nalan Fairy appeared, looking at Lu Yin strangely, with a smile, “Your Highness, I admire you.”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “What do you admire?”.

Nalan Fairy smiled and said, “Over the years, there are very few people who can make Aegis submissive. Even in the inner universe, there are not many people who can do it. Your Highness, you are one of them.”

Lu Yin shrugged, “Let’s hurt each other and see who can’t hold on first.”

Nalan Fairy said solemnly, “Actually, if Aegis really wants to use it up, they can afford it. They still have countless training bases in the central territory and the western and eastern territories, and they train killers and mercenaries every day. The total number of heads is no less than 10,000. Once all these killers and mercenary heads are released to the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance will be in chaos within a few months.”

Lu Yin nodded, “I believe it, but I also believe that at that time, Aegis will not have the so-called first management and second management.”

“So I want to be a peacemaker and resolve the grievances between you two” Nalan Fairy said with a smile.

Lu Yin sat down and made a gesture of invitation, “Let’s talk.”

Nalan Fairy said seriously, “Aegis means that they will no longer oppose you. As long as you are the leader of the alliance for a day, they will not take action against the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. As for the territory that does not belong to the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, fair competition. And you are no longer allowed to hire chain smokers to assassinate anyone from Aegis.”

Lu Yin pondered.

Nalan Fairy advised, “Your Highness, this is the best result. Aegis is one of the four major chaebols and needs to save face. You will never really let them apologize to you in front of the entire universe.” .

Lu Yin said coldly, “Is this the case for the Zhenyuxing assassination case? Tens of thousands of people died, most of whom were civilians from Zhenyuxing. There is no way I can just let this matter go.”

Nalan Fairy said, “Aegis can provide pensions and remove all secret bases in the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. In fact, this has shown their attitude and everyone will see it.”

Lu Yin tapped his fingers on the table.

Inside the light curtain, Fairy Nalan looked at Lu Yin. She really didn’t expect that Lu Yin could do this. She originally thought that the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance would suffer. After all, Aegis was hidden in the dark and its potential power was too huge. Secondly, The management is involved in countless forces in the universe, has strong funds, and has influence all over the outer universe, but I didn’t expect that an old smoker would change everything.

This is the universe, and top experts can often change a war.

But what puzzled her was why Lu Yin hired an old smoker? Even the Nalan family didn’t have enough natural materials and earthly treasures to avoid the crisis. In the past few days, Old Smoker had assassinated three top killers of Aegis. He needed no less than ten natural materials and earthly treasures. Where did Lu Yin get them? Is it true that there is a Hall of Glory behind him, as some rumors say? Then why didn’t the Hall of Glory take action directly?

With a bang, Lu Yin knocked on the table with one finger and looked at Nalan Fairy, “I have one more condition. I agree. I will clear my grudges with Aegis.”

“Say,” Nalan Fairy said.

Lu Yin’s eyes were profound, “I want to join the second management team of Aegis.”

Nalan Fairy was surprised, “You want to join Aegis?”.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “Yes, I want to join the second management team.”

Nalan Fairy was puzzled, “Why do you want to join Aegis? Since you can hire a smoker, no killer in the universe can threaten you. There is no benefit to joining Aegis. Your Highness, Aegis is not I will give you dividends.”

“I know, on this condition, you can help me ask. If you don’t agree, we will continue to waste money. The worst is the dissolution of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. I, Lu Yin, have enough resources to hire old smokers, and I can always kill all the killers of Aegis. Destroyed,” Lu Yin said firmly.

Nalan Fairy hung up the communication and went to contact Aegis.

Not long after, a strange communication came, and Lu Yin answered the call, with the same cold voice, “Your Excellency, Lu Yin, do you want to join our Aegis?”

“Not bad,” Lu Yin said.

“Can I ask why? Most people join our second management team to avoid being assassinated by us. You don’t have to worry about that.”

Lu Yin said calmly, “Not only do I join the second management team of Aegis, but I also want to meet Star Fox. I want to be able to influence some of Aegis’s decisions.”

“Why?” said a cold voice.

Lu Yin said, “Just because I can hire the old smoker at any time, just because I, Lu Yin, am the leader of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, and just because I have the Hall of Glory behind me.”

The other person was silent for a while and said, “I am Star Fox.”

Lu Yin was not surprised, “So, what’s the answer?”.

“You can join Aegis, or you can propose some decisions appropriately, but I can’t guarantee that they will be adopted. Once our Aegis encounters something that cannot be solved, I hope you can help as much as possible. Is that okay?” Star Fox road.

Lu Yin agreed, “No problem”, and after speaking, hung up the communication.

Joining Aegis was something I only thought of a few days ago. He can threaten Aegis with the old smoker, but it is impossible to eradicate Aegis. The potential power of Aegis is too huge. Even now, he doesn’t know about Dongjiang. How many other forces in the alliance are affected by Aegis.

Weirong initially attacked Taiyuan Planet to unite Aegis. He was worried that Weirong would gradually affect Aegis, or even dominate Aegis. He could only do this without being sure of eradicating Aegis, at least to ensure that Aegis would not help maintain Aegis. Deal with him.

Given the choice between him and Weirong, Lu Yin believed that Aegis would rather give up Weirong than become his enemy.

In this tug of war, Lu Yin completely let the universe know him. Even Aegis was forced to leave the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. Countless people were shocked by Lu Yin’s methods and ruthlessness, as well as his determination.


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