Star Odyssey Chapter 755: Purple snow and white snow

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Suddenly, Lu Yin shouted, “Stop.” Gwen paused and looked at the light curtain. Inside the light curtain was still Luo Shen, but this photo was a group photo of Luo Shen and other people.

Lu Yin stared closely at the corner of the photo. There was a figure there that made him disbelief and joyful. It was a profile, and it was also a woman. Although it was only a profile, it did not hide her stunning beauty at all, which attracted him all of a sudden. Yes, that’s Bai Xue.

“Where is this Luo Shen?” Lu Yin asked, his tone urgent.

Gwen smiled and said, “Your Highness, there is no need to worry, I will arrange it.”

Lu Yin glanced at him sharply and said, “Say.”

Gwen was startled, sensing something was wrong with Lu Yin, and said, “In the Purple Jade Trading Company, Luo Shen has been the jade goddess of the Purple Jade Trading Company for the past five years. She has been the spokesperson for the Purple Jade Trading Company. This time, she is going to be in the Zhenyu Star Purple Jade Company.” The trading company performed to build momentum for the Purple Jade Trading Company.”

Lu Yin’s body disappeared directly and went to the Purple Jade Trading Company.

Purple Jade Trading Company is now crowded with people. Luo Shen is popular in half of the outer universe. Even Lu Yin is amazed by her beauty, not to mention other people, even women are attracted to her.

Due to the arrival of Luoshen, the entire Purple Jade Trading Company was in a state of excitement. The security level was raised to the highest level, but it still could not stop the frenzied crowd. Countless people held up photos of Luoshen and shouted wildly. Fans of Luoshen were everywhere, even Zi The staff in the Jade Trading Company all looked to the top floor expectantly, hoping that Luo Shen would appear and allow them to get up close and personal.

On the top floor of Purple Jade Trading Company, in Purple Immortal’s office, Luoshen is sitting on the pink sofa, half buried in it very lazily, “It’s so comfortable, Immortal, you are still leisurely, I am too busy ”.

Across the way, Zi Xianxian was sitting behind the desk and said casually, “Why leisurely? I’m annoyed to death by being troubled by my eldest brother all day long.”

Luo Shen laughed and said, “Brother Zi Fang is a sharp-tongued person. He will scold you a few times at most, but he won’t take any serious action against you.”

Zixianxian raised his head, “How dare he, second brother won’t skin him?” After saying this, Zixianxian frowned and looked towards the window sill, where there was a beautiful figure, “Where is second brother?”.

Qianying turned around, her beautiful appearance made the office a little brighter, “I don’t know.”

Luo Shen looked at Qianying in confusion, “Sister Zixue, Brother Zirong will report to you wherever he goes. Why, he didn’t report to you this time?”.

The woman named Zixue said indifferently, “I have nothing to do with him.”

Zixianxian rolled her eyes, “Come on, wherever you go, my second brother will follow you wherever you go. He can’t get rid of you. Sister Zixue, just obey. When will I call you second sister-in-law? Haha.”

Zixue did not respond, looking outside with complicated eyes, not letting the two women behind see her.

At this time, there was a knock on the door, and Zi Xianxian frowned, “It’s strange, who said they won’t accept guests today?”

“It’s me” Lu Yin’s voice sounded.

In an instant, Zixue’s body shook at the window sill, but no one noticed it.

Zixianxian was surprised, “Lu Yin? What are you doing here?”.

Luo Shen stood up and looked at the gate curiously. Lu Yin, this name has been spread throughout the outer universe along with the legend. She has heard it countless times and has seen photos of this person. He is the most powerful person in the outer universe today. One, the leader of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.

“Can I go in?” Lu Yin asked.

Zixianxian rolled her eyes and said, “Come in.”

When the door opened, Lu Yin first saw the Purple Immortal, and then he saw Luo Shen sitting on the pink sofa. Seeing him in person was different from looking at the photo. Luo Shen was sitting upright, which made Lu Yin once again surprised. But he was not here to look for Luo Shen this time. He glanced past Luo Shen and looked at the window sill. There, the beautiful figure with her back to him looked familiar. Although he had not seen her for several years, Lu Yin could not forget Bai Xue. This person who originally walked out of the earth together, but was taken away and disappeared by the hidden underground organization.

Lu Yin and Bai Xue are not very familiar with each other, and there is no emotional entanglement, but Bai Xue followed him out of the earth after all. He has always been worried about these people. Zhang Dingtian is in the sea of ​​falling stars, Xu San, Shi Wuzhang No news, Snow White, right in front of you.

Lu Yin walked into the office and looked at the window sill.

There, the woman named Zixue turned around and looked at Lu Yin calmly.

Lu Yin said, “Bai Xue, long time no see.”

The office fell into a brief silence, and Zi Xianxian spoke, “Baixue? Lu Yin, who are you talking to?”

Lu Yin just looked at the opposite side, his appearance unchanged at all. He suddenly remembered how Zhou Shan described Bai Xue back on Earth. Her beauty was like clouds in the sky.

Luo Shen blinked curiously, looked at Lu Yin, and then looked at the window sill.

“Leader Lu admitted the wrong person. My name is Zixue, not Bai Xue.” The woman on the window sill spoke in an indifferent tone, as if strangers were not allowed to enter.

Lu Yin frowned, “Zixue? Are you not Bai Xue?”.

Zixue said indifferently, “No.”

Zixianxian’s eyes flashed and she said, “Lu Yin, you have recognized the wrong person. Her name is Zixue, and she is my second brother’s fiancée.”

Luo Shen is interested, right? The plot is so bloody? Is Brother Zi Rong’s fiancée related to the legendary Lu Yin? Sister Zixue is the Bai Xue he calls? Then he lost his memory and was rescued by Brother Zirong? Suddenly, she imagined countless plots in her mind, and her eyes turned sympathetic to Lu Yin.

Lu Yin didn’t believe it. This woman looked exactly like Bai Xue. “Have you lost your memory?”

Zixue frowned, “No, my name is Zixue. It has been this name since I was a child.”

“You were not born on Earth?” Lu Yin still didn’t believe it.

Zixue was impatient, “Leader Lu, let me tell you one last time, my name is Zixue, I am not the white snow you mentioned, and I have not lost my memory.”

Lu Yin stared at Zixue’s appearance, still in disbelief.

Zixianxian walked out and stood in front of Lu Yin, “Lu Yin, I can prove that Sister Zixue has not lost her memory. What else can you do? If nothing happens, please come back.”

Lu Yin looked away, how could it be possible? The two people looked exactly the same, and their names were both Xue.

No amnesia? Could it be that the memory has been tampered with? It’s not impossible, he looked at Zixue, “Can we talk alone?”.

Zixianxian was angry, “Lu Yin, you have gone too far. Sister Zixue is my second brother’s fiancée. Do you think it is appropriate to meet her alone?”.

Lu Yin’s eyes turned cold, and huge pressure came on, causing Zixian to suffocate immediately, “I’m talking to her.”

Suddenly, another huge pressure came, condensing in a radius of one meter, and slammed into Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, and he moved his body to relieve the pressure. In front of him, Zi Rong’s figure appeared, glaring at Lu Yin angrily, “Leader Lu, what do you want to do?”.

Lu Yin took a deep breath and said, “Sorry, I lost my temper.”

Zirong stared at Lu Yin closely, narrowed his eyes, and looked at Zixianxian, “What’s the matter?”.

Zixianxian said what happened just now.

Zirong was surprised and said to Lu Yin, “Leader Lu, I can assure you that Zixue is Zixue, not Bai Xue. You have recognized the wrong person. Her memory has not been lost or tampered with.”

Lu Yin and Zi Rong looked at each other for a moment, then looked at Zixue and said apologetically, “I guess I got the wrong person. I’m sorry, Brother Zi.” After saying that, he left absentmindedly.

Zixianxian was indignant, “Who is he? I think he’s pretty good, but he comes to strike up a conversation because he’s pretty, and he wants to use force.”

Zirong said, “Don’t talk nonsense, Alliance Leader Lu is not that kind of person.”

“What, you know him very well?” Zi Xianxian rolled her eyes.

Zirong said with emotion, “This man is a proud man of heaven. I had a drink with him yesterday. I think I have a good eye for people. He must have mistakenly recognized the wrong person. Immortal, don’t worry about it.”

Zixianxian snorted.

Zirong nodded to Luo Shen, then walked to Zixue’s side, “Sorry, I frightened you.”

Zixue said indifferently, “It’s okay.”

“Don’t worry, Alliance Leader Lu must have admitted the wrong person,” Zi Rong said.

Zixue was indifferent, “it doesn’t matter.”

Zirong looked at Zixue’s beautiful face, his eyes burning. He has liked this girl for several years. He has been deeply attracted to her since the first time he saw her. “Zixue, us”, he has not finished speaking. He was interrupted by Zi Xianxian, “Second brother, we are all here, be careful what you say, don’t make us disgusted.”

Zirong turned around and glared at Zixianxian, and stopped talking.

Walk out of the Purple Jade Trading Company, Lu Yin has been thinking, Huo Qingshan admitted that it was the Diyin organization that took Zhang Dingtian and others to the inner universe, Bai Xue should be in the inner universe, and this Zixue, he just checked the information, She was adopted as the adopted daughter by Zi Tianchuan, the chairman of Zi Jade Trading Company, a few years ago. She has been in the outer universe for several years, but no one knows her previous experience.

Lu Yin still doesn’t believe that this woman is not Bai Xue. He must find out if there is anyone who looks so similar. By the way, Luo Shen and Luo Sheng are not the same person, but Bai Xue’s original title on earth was Luo Sheng. Very similar to the title of Luoshen, it is inevitable that this title of Luoshen was not proposed by Bai Xue.

Zirong came to Zhenyu Star to protect Zixue and Luo Shen. In two days, Zi Jade Trading Company set up the stage for Luo Shen’s performance.

This is the habit of Purple Jade Trading Company, performing on an open-air stage inside the trading company.

As for the publicity, they had already done it a month ago. This month, many people came to Zhenyu Star, all for Luo Shen.

Lu Yin has not harassed Zixue in the past two days. He is checking the information of Zijite Trading Company.

That night, Luo Shen’s performance began under the spotlight.

Lu Yin sat in the front row, next to some big figures in the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, and some merchants who cooperated with Zi Jade Trading Company sat in the second row.

The name of Luo Shen has spread throughout half of the outer universe. In addition to her appearance, her dancing posture is also the reason why she can attract countless people’s attention. Her dancing posture can make people addicted.

Lu Yin originally came to observe Zixue, but as the Luo Shen dance unfolded, he was attracted in.

The sound of the heavenly palace echoed, and Luo Shen looked back and smiled. There was only one person on the stage, a green flute, white clothes, and blond hair, but he danced to the fairy music. Everything around him did not exist. A beam of light illuminated Luo Shen. Looking at Lu Yin, he felt that there were only himself and Luo Shen in the world, and there was no one else. This was not a business stage, but a heavenly palace.

The pearls rotate and the stars shake, and the flower vines vibrate and dragons and snakes move.

The bright eyes conveyed a touch of softness through the long sleeves of the white clothes, conveying a shock that echoed deep in the soul.


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