Star Odyssey Chapter 754: Luo Shen

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Lu Yin looked at Zi Rong, then at Cai Qiang, “Do you know each other?”.

Cai Jianqiang nodded, “I met him a few times when I was young, so I don’t think we’ve known each other before.”

Zirong said bitterly, “This **** has defeated everyone of our generation. Even the Ten Jue at that time, no, there was no Ten Jue at that time, even the Youth Council members were no match for him. I was unlucky, too. I was a member of the Outer Universe Youth Council, and he beat me up.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Are you a member of the Youth Council of your generation?”.

“He is a member of the Outer Universe Youth Council,” Zirong corrected.

“Do you know Kong Shi?” Lu Yin asked.

Zirong said, “I’ve heard of it, but I’m one generation older than Kong Shi. I’m from the same generation as Cai Qiang, and Kong Shi is one generation younger than us.”

“Then why is her combat power higher than yours?” Lu Yin wondered.

Zirong’s mouth twitched and he looked away. This guy didn’t know how to chat.

Cai Jianqiang laughed, “Kong Shi is a member of the Youth Council of the previous generation, and he is just a member of the Youth Council of the outer universe of the previous generation. Just like the difference between Wendy Yushan and Shi Jue, although it is not that exaggerated, there is still a gap, but The difference is only in combat power. In a real fight, Kong Shi may not be his opponent.”

Zirong rolled his eyes, “Don’t judge the difference based on status. The members of the Council of our generation are all about the same strength. It’s not like now, any one of the ten finalists can sweep past generations of Youth Council members, like me. I don’t even have the qualifications to let the Ten Jue take action.”

“Yes, times have changed, even I can’t deal with those monsters in Shijue,” Cai Qiang said with emotion.

Lu Yin looked at Xiang Cai Qiang curiously, “Speaking of which, I have never seen you attack with all your strength. You are synonymous with invincibility in the hearts of a generation.”

Cai Jianqiang waved his hand, “I am similar to this guy. There is no difference. Don’t listen to outsiders’ nonsense. I am more interested in understanding the language than practicing.”

Zirong snorted coldly, “Leader Lu, don’t be fooled by this guy. This guy’s true strength can scare a bunch of people to death. It’s not like he has never beaten the Enlightenment Realm.”

“Don’t talk nonsense” Cai Jianqiang glared at Zirong.

Lu Yin was amazed. He actually defeated the Enlightenment Realm. He probably didn’t rely on external objects. This is amazing. How strong will he be once he breaks through the Enlightenment Realm? Speaking of which, this person may be similar to Shi Jue, a benchmark. If he can fight head-on with Cai Jianqiang, he may have a power close to Shi Jue. Thinking of this, Lu Yin felt a little excited.

He has always had no idea about the power of Shijue. From the beginning to the end of the melee in the ruins of Daoyuan Sect, he was either beaten or rescued. He had no power to fight back against the Zhenwu Night King. Now he has a benchmark in front of him. When his strength improves, Just look for this benchmark to confirm.

Cai Jianqiang took out three jars of wine from the Ningkong Ring. They were really filled with jars. “It’s been a long time since I had a good drink. Come on, cheers.”

“Is this a cup?” Zirong’s eyes widened.

Cai Jianqiang took a quick sip and wiped the corner of his mouth, “Don’t be ignorant, this is the best wine I got from a planet that just got rid of slave civilization. You can’t buy it outside.”

Lu Yin took a sip. It was spicy and choked his throat. It was very refreshing. After drinking it, there was a lingering sweet smell. After drinking it, it felt like fire was burning, but it quickly became cool. It was a very contradictory feeling, but it was very Comfortable, “good wine”.

The “knowledgeable” man has a strong talent and appreciates Lu Yin more and more. If he is not someone he recognizes, he will not entertain him with this kind of wine.

Zirong took a sip and said, “Not bad, where did you get it?”.

Cai Qiang said calmly, “Don’t tell me.”


“You are from Purple Jade Trading Company. I told you that this kind of wine is common.”

“Wouldn’t that be better? You can drink it more often.”

“Things are rare and valuable”.

“This sentence has nothing to do with eating and drinking, it’s about objects.”

“Same truth”.

“What a stupid person. He obviously has excellent talent in cultivation, but he likes to explain whatever he likes and has never achieved anything in his life.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Lu Yin took another sip of wine and felt a sense of tranquility as he watched the two quarreling. He only met these two by chance, but they got along very comfortably.

“Hey, tell me, I, Zirong, never interfere in the business, you know.” Zirong looked forward to being strong.

Cai Jianqiang glanced at him and said, “I remember you don’t like drinking. Why are you so actively asking for the source? Why don’t you tell the trading company?”

Zirong grinned and took a big sip depressedly.

Lu Yin put down the wine jar and said, “I rarely drink, it’s a pleasure.”

Cai Jianqiang smiled and said, “Whenever I don’t understand the language well, I drink some. Drunk will solve a thousand worries, don’t use stars to resolve them.”

Lu Yin looked at Xiang Cai Qiang and said, “To be honest, why are you pursuing Jie Yu so much?”.

Cai Jianqiang said longingly, “This is a dream.”

“Fut’s dream, you just don’t want to lose to your brother” Zirong mocked.

Cai Jianqiang said in a low voice, “It was like this at first, but when I successfully interpreted the language for the first time and saw something that had been dusted in the universe for countless years, I felt like I was robbing the universe of treasures. This feeling will not People who understand language will never understand it.” As he said this, he looked at Lu Yin with bright eyes, “I really hope to have your language interpretation talent, but, eh.”

This person really likes to interpret words. Lu Yin doesn’t know how to comfort him. He has a talent for interpreting words? Does he have it? I don’t know, but he relies on his Heavenly Star Skill, his eyes, and his control of star energy to interpret words. These are not bad qualities, but he just can’t interpret words well. Who’s to blame? What a sin!

Lu Yin looked at Zirong again, “Why don’t you want to get involved in the business?”.

Zirong took a sip of wine and said, “It’s so annoying. How can I have fun practicing?”

Cai Qiang said, “He is just afraid of being annoyed, so he doesn’t practice other techniques at all. He concentrates on practicing Killing Thousands of Armies with just one sword. He has been practicing for decades.”

Lu Yin was stunned, “Isn’t it because of perseverance?”.

“It’s because he’s lazy”, the strong man mocked him mercilessly.

Zirong retorted, “Don’t talk nonsense, you must have perseverance, otherwise how could you persist for decades.”

Lu Yin was speechless. He had a feeling that subverted the three views. Things are inevitable and have cause and effect. Zirong has been practicing Qianjunzhan for decades. Even though he is lazy, he still has great perseverance. But this motive makes people uncomfortable. , he just felt this perseverance that he almost worshiped, and his blood went cold.

Some things really can’t be said. It’s simply not what they say. Just make up your mind.

“Leader Lu, I know what you are here for, and I want to tell you clearly that I cannot represent Purple Jade Trading Company. I can’t help you with Aegis,” Zi Rong said.

Lu Yin was not surprised. He knew it was inevitable when he saw thousands of troops being killed. “It doesn’t matter, your sister is also quite helpful to me.”

Zirong suddenly approached Lu Yin and glared at him, “Don’t have any ideas about my sister, she will marry a scholar in the future.”

Lu Yin blinked, “I am a scholar.”

“Literacy does not mean being a scholar,” Zirong said solemnly.

Lu Yin didn’t know how to answer. Do you want to compose a poem on the spot?

Not long after, the three of them drank all the three jars of wine without using star energy to relieve their hangover. It was obvious that several of them were drunk.

Cai Jianqiang was holding a wine jar and explaining something, crying crazily.

Zirong was slashing with the knife, one after another. He didn’t know whether he was drunk or sleepwalking.

Lu Yin fell to the ground, recalling the past scene by scene, but he could not remember what happened nine years ago. His only memory was these nine years, one year with his eldest sister and the others, and one year of living peacefully on the earth. Many, plus the nearly seven years of cultivation, he only has these memories, and nothing further forward.

He is like a duckweed without roots, the earth is barely his root.

The next day, at Zishan Palace, Lu Yin rubbed his head. He drank too much yesterday, but luckily he knew how to get back.

The stars can move around the body, making the brain clear and much more comfortable.

I don’t know what happened to the two of them. One of them was explaining things like crazy, and the other was wielding a knife like crazy. They probably didn’t get into a fight out of nowhere. Fortunately, I left first.

As soon as they reached the courtyard, Gwen asked to see her, with a look of urgency and excitement on her face.

“Your Highness, good news, Luo Shen has come to Zhenyu Star. Do you want to meet him?” Gwen said excitedly, with an inexplicable look in his eyes.

Lu Yin was confused, “Luo Shen? Who?”.

Gwen was surprised, “Your Highness, don’t you know Luo Shen? She is the most popular jade star in the outer universe today, the Emerald Goddess. It can be said that she is popular in half of the outer universe. Haven’t you heard of it?”

Lu Yin shook his head, “What does a star have to do with me?”.

Gwen whispered, “Luo Shen wants to dance with her on the True Universe. If Your Highness is interested, I can invite her to perform a dance for His Highness alone. With His Highness’s current status in the outer universe, I believe that Luo Shen Won’t refuse”.

Lu Yin looked at Gwen in surprise. There was something wrong with the old guy’s eyes. Didn’t he want to unspoken rules for himself? He knew how to flatter her. Lu Yin laughed, “Is she that beautiful? You can’t even control it, Lord Gwen?” .

Gwen sneered, “Your Highness is joking, I am not lucky enough to watch Luo Shen’s dance alone, by the way.” As she said that, Gwen opened her personal terminal, and a woman appeared in the light curtain in front of her, “Your Highness, please look at this She is Luo Shen, the jade goddess chosen by the Purple Jade Trading Company.”

Lu Yin looked at it with surprise in his eyes. He was really shocked.

The woman in the light curtain is only about twenty, with waist-length blond hair, soft but not dazzling, elegant and refined appearance, extremely beautiful and pure, with an indescribable attraction, with a faint smile, like an angel coming, even if she is Lu Yin had seen Ming Yan, Bai Xue, Nalan Yaojing and other stunning beauties. Judging from the eyes, this Luo Shen’s beauty was also rare and different from any beauties he had ever seen.

This woman has an intoxicating appearance and a healing smile.

Her smile seemed to light up dark corners.

Gwen looked at Lu Yin carefully and saw his bright eyes, so she whispered, “Your Highness, do you want to meet alone?”.

Lu Yin withdrew his gaze and asked, “Can we see him alone?”

Gwen said, “Of course others can’t, but with the status of His Highness, I can invite you.” As he said that, he also opened other photos of Luo Shen.

Just now, Lu Yin was just looking at her appearance and was immediately amazed. He didn’t pay much attention to this woman’s figure. It has to be said that beauties basically have good figures. The same goes for this Luo Shen, who has features that are inconsistent with her pure appearance. Breasts, really breasts, so big.


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