Star Odyssey Chapter 752: The domineering Mavis

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After half a month of peace, on this day, a piece of news shocked the outer universe, and even Lu Yin was shocked.

The Mabis Bank was attacked. Not one bank, but more than a hundred banks in the outer universe were attacked, and nearly half were destroyed.

This was a long-planned attack, targeting Mabis Bank.

When Lu Yin heard the news, he couldn’t believe it. Someone actually attacked Mabis Bank so quickly, and it was a large-scale attack.

Any branch of Mabis Bank has a strong defense force. Even the hunting realm may not be able to attack it, but nearly half of it was destroyed, which proves that the attacker’s strength is extremely terrifying. You know, Gwen saw one with his own eyes. A strong man from the Hunting Realm was torn apart by the big tree at the Mabis Bank branch. An ordinary branch has the power to kill the Hunting Realm. Could it be that there were hundreds of strong men from the Hunting Realm who attacked Mabis Bank this time? Can’t?

This is impossible.

Thinking about it, Lu Yin immediately went to the Purple Jade Trading Company to meet the Purple Immortal.

At this moment, Zi Xianxian was sitting on the pink sofa, looking at the Three Rings Continent in the sky and not knowing what she was thinking.

When Lu Yin arrived, she was still in a daze.

“I want to buy all the information about the attack on Mabis Bank,” Lu Yin said.

Zixianxian looked at Lu Yin, “Chenghui, five cubic stars can crystal marrow.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. This was his first real transaction with the Purple Jade Trading Company. It had to be said that the price was too expensive. Five cubic meters of crystal marrow equaled half a million cubic crystals.

“Don’t look at me like that. Mabis Bank blocked the news immediately after the attack. No one can get the specific situation, except us. It’s up to you whether you want to or not,” said the Purple Immortal.

Lu Yin gave Zixian Xian five cubic crystal marrow. Zixian Xian threw a chip to Lu Yin. Lu Yin plugged it into his personal terminal and looked at it carefully. The chip recorded detailed information about the attack on Mabis Bank. , and some videos.

Most of the attackers were from the Exploration Realm, less than twenty from the Cruising Realm, and even fewer from the Hunting Realm. The Mabis Bank that was attacked was very strong at first and killed nearly half of the attackers in an instant. As Lu Yin knew Yes, that big tree killed all the attackers. The attackers had no ability to resist. It was a big tree that could instantly kill a strong hunter.

But suddenly, the big tree quickly withered, and the defenses of Mavis Bank disappeared in an instant, causing nearly half of the bank to be destroyed, and the remaining banks were robbed, if not destroyed.

Lu Yin carefully looked at the analysis of the Purple Jade Trading Company. These attackers must come from different forces and are very mixed. Most of them are casual cultivators. They are simply fish. Lu Yin compared it and found that his two hundred transformers could All of these attackers were wiped out. Even these miscellaneous fish actually robbed Mabis Bank and succeeded.

It was very weird, the whole process was weird, especially the big tree guarding Mabis Bank withered. He didn’t see anyone destroying the big tree.

Lu Yin looked at Zi Xianxian in confusion. Before he could speak, Zi Xianxian said, “Don’t ask, Zi Jade Trading Company has sold you everything it knows. If you don’t know, we don’t know either.” “.

“Like that big tree?” Lu Yin said.

Zixianxian looked at Lu Yin seriously, “Mebis Bank dominates the universe economy. No one knows how powerful they are. Any branch has the power to kill strong men in the hunting realm. This is common sense. But now common sense is shattered, and to be honest, we don’t know why, and we want to know why more than you do.”

“Who is the attacker?” Lu Yin asked.

Purple Immortal said, “As I said, you know what we know, and what you don’t know, we don’t know either. The speculations about the attackers are all written on that chip.”

“There is someone behind the scenes. This is your guess. You really don’t know who the controller is?” Lu Yin frowned.

Zixianxian rolled her eyes, “Don’t insult our expertise. Our Purple Jade Firm is always neutral. If you spend money, we can tell you everything we know. We won’t hide it. We can’t lie to you if we don’t know.”

Someone would actually take action against Mabis Bank. This was something Lu Yin could never have imagined. Wei Rong had made a bad start. Lu Yin had guessed that the next person to be dealt with would definitely be the behemoth that spans the inner and outer universe. , but I never expected it to be Mabis Bank.

Among the many behemoths, Mabis Bank is at the top. Even with Kirlov’s Interpreter Research Society, Lu Yin did not think he could be higher than Mabis Bank. But now he was attacked inexplicably. , the key was successful.

Back at Zishan Palace, Lu Yin’s eyes suddenly brightened, and he immediately contacted Gui Ci and asked him to spread the news secretly, saying that the people who attacked Mabis Bank were from Aegis, and that Aegis was behind everything.

Aegis may be planning to strike him with a thunder blow now, let’s see if Mavis can expose them.

Lu Yin does not expect Mabis to deal with Aegis. Mabis Bank is not stupid. It is impossible for him to let others publicize it. Mabis Bank believes it. All he wants is news about Aegis, regardless of Mabis Bank. Believe it or not, there are too few people in the outer universe who have the ability to attack them. Aegis happens to be one of them, and it has been very popular recently. Mabis Bank will definitely confirm it.

Aegis is like a poisonous snake hiding in the darkness. Lu Yin hopes that Mavis Bank can illuminate it, even if it is just a little bit, at least it will disgust Aegis.

Of course, he didn’t have high hopes, he was just trying, and it didn’t matter if he didn’t succeed.

Lu Yin had the mentality of trying it casually and wanted to disgust Aegis, but the result surprised him.

An executive of Mabis Bank directly destroyed an Aegis base, shocking countless people.

Domineering, unreasonable, and arrogant were originally descriptions of Aegis, but at this moment, these words all converged on Mavis.

Aegis has a reputation for being domineering, but Mavis is actually even more domineering than him. Regardless of whether Aegis is the mastermind behind it, destroying a base first, and it is a relatively important base, forced Aegis executives to step in. Talk to Mabis Bank.

Mebis acts simply and rudely, just like Aegis acts towards other forces. This is looking down upon, or in other words, ignoring.

For countless years, Mabis Bank has had a good attitude towards customers, provided first-class services, and has always received good reviews. But who would have thought that once it took action, it would subvert countless people’s perceptions.

Mabis Bank is like an honest man who seems easy to bully. Once he resists, his enemies will not even have a chance to apologize.

This is what happened to Aegis. The base was destroyed and they were forced to go to Mabis Bank to communicate in person to resolve the misunderstanding.

This is Mabis Bank, a real behemoth with terrifying power that Aegis doesn’t even have the courage to fight against.

Lu Yin finally saw it.

He originally just wanted to test Aegis, but he didn’t expect to test out Mavis Bank. This is the real behemoth. Even Aegis has to reason with him, and it depends on whether Mabis is willing. Be reasonable.

It was too low-key. Lu Yin looked at the starry sky map, which showed the locations of thousands of Mebis Bank branches. It was too low-key. Although he had always felt that Mebis Bank was scary, otherwise it would be impossible to dominate the universe’s economy, but he didn’t The thought was so scary.

The inner and outer universes are isolated, and Aegis is becoming more and more domineering, but it still doesn’t dare to compete with Mabis Bank.

Believing this test, those behind the attack on Mabis Bank no longer dare to make any plans against them, and I can be considered as indirectly helping that person.

Could it be Wei Rong? Lu Yin guessed.

At this time, Ke Yi arrived, “Your Highness, the first team reported that there is a battle on the deserted planet outside Shuiling Star. The combat strength detection exceeds 100,000, and he is a strong hunter.”

“Do you know who it is?” Lu Yin asked.

Ke Yi said, “I don’t know, the people who detect it don’t dare to approach.”

Lu Yin said with grace, “I understand,” and then left Zishan Palace and headed for Shuiling Star.

He is not worried. Shui Lingxing has Delin, many interpreters, and is strong. It will only be a threat unless a strong person in the Enlightenment realm takes action. Its defense is not much worse than that of Zhenyuxing.

Shui Lingxing and Zhenyuxing were not far apart from each other. When Lu Yin came outside the desolate planet, he saw a boundless blade slashing out from top to bottom. Even in the starry sky, he could feel the thousands of troops. With the power of ten thousand horses, this blade was filled with boundless fighting spirit, tearing open the void, causing the planet to tremble. When the blade fell, the cold light illuminated the starry sky, and the spacecraft instruments monitoring the desolate planet in the distance were directly shattered.

Lu Yin retreated subconsciously, with a solemn look on his face. This sword was terrifying, as majestic as a mountain, and had the power to cut through everything.

Immediately afterwards, the violent star energy surged up, and the cold light blade actually cracked and failed to fall completely. It eventually turned into fragments, pierced through the void, and shot in all directions.

Lu Yin’s eyes were dazzled. This was Cai Jianqiang’s power. Someone was actually fighting against Cai Jianqiang. And judging from the number of runes, he had reached the peak of the hunting realm and was only a little short of the enlightenment realm.

As the blade completely dissipated, the number of runes of the person who wielded the sword rapidly weakened, and finally stabilized at around 150,000 combat power.

Lu Yin stepped out, leaped across the starry sky, and headed towards the desolate planet.

A huge crack opened on the desolate planet. In the distance, turbid gases formed tornadoes one after another. This kind of planet is filled with toxic gases and is not suitable for ordinary people to survive. From time to time, there are huge thunders passing by.

A loud laugh came. Lu Yin looked around and saw a man on the ground carrying a big knife. His face was strong, his strong muscles bulging, and there was a faint halo. He looked strong and strong, and the ground under his feet was already strong. It was completely shattered, but was condensed by his star power.

“Brother Cai, I haven’t seen you for more than ten years, but you are still so strong. Even if I have practiced Qianjunzhan to the present point, I am still no match for you. Hahahaha, you are worthy of being the first person of our generation.” The man laughed, After saying that, he suddenly raised his head, stared at Lu Yin with a sharp gaze, and slashed out with his sword, “Where does this young man come from?”

Lu Yin’s eyes were dazzled, and he raised his hand, compressing the star energy layer by layer, turning into superimposed strength and releasing it instantly. He directly grabbed the sword light with the force of the claws of the heavenly beast. With a bang, the sword light shattered and turned into a point of light. dissipate.

The man below was surprised. Although the sword he just issued was at will, it still had the power of the hunting realm. The man was only in the exploration realm, but he was able to block it and shatter his sword light. It was interesting.


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